2017-11-03 13:04:03

Kimi Raikkonen every steward his opinion

Pilot Raikkonen said that the decision of the stewards often depend on their personal view of the situation.Raikkonen "Sometimes it works against you, sometimes it helps you, but I am sure that no pilot will not be happy if the decision is to be made against him. There are several different stewards, and everyone has their own opinion about the situation.I do not see that the situation has changed. Even if we will always have the same stewards, you still will be satisfied when the decision is made in your favor, and unhappy when the decision will be directed against you.No incident is like another, so the end result will not always be the same, because there will always be differences in how to address the incident.Unfortunately, that's part of racing, we will always discuss this, but if you look at MotoGP or something else, everything is exactly the same".



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