2017-11-06 16:44:03

Nico Hulkenberg Brazil is a special place for racing

The pilot of Niko Hulkenberg told about his attitude to the of Brazil, who should go this weekend.Hulkenberg "It's a special place for me, one of my favorite tracks on the calendar.So Paulo is a crazy city and I love it. The food, the people - everyone is really attractive, and familiarity with the world is a unique experience.The road is just a huge story, we often put the fate of Championships. You can feel the history and emotions that rage here during each race. The track is very short, difficult and bumpy, so a good result here is incredibly difficult."In , Hulkenberg, then the debutant of the , won the pole in Brazil, driving a . Two years later, Nico, then the pilot , and led the race, but lost his chances for the podium after a collision with .



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