2017-11-28 11:14:03

Petrobras will sponsor McLaren in 2018

, it seems, intends to announce a new sponsor for 2018. Earlier this year we reported that with the departure of from Petrobras, a Brazilian multinational company may move to in 2018. And now in Abu Dhabi there are new .Brazilian television said in Abu Dhabi that Sette Camara, Petrobras and already connected transaction for the year 2018.Also in Abu Dhabi Executive Director of Zac brown hinted that the British is working on some key deals.Zach brown "Commercially we had a good year. We have signed s with two , which we haven't announced yet, so I think next year we should expect to see more big s on a race car the ".At the end of , the company Vodafone has left , and since then the British is running without a title sponsor. Let's see whether he will appear in 2018.



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