2017-11-22 11:14:03

Renault wants to keep modern engines in 2021

does not approve the Liberty Media plans for for the introduction of the new on s with season-2021.In other words, has joined and opposed the proposed format is much more cheap and simple s.The head of , Cyril Abiteboul "We will get a new . For example. This means new development, new project, maybe more people, more investment.The second problem is that we don't know how a car will look like in 2021 chassis, weight, what are the measures for distribution of funds - we don't know the whole picture.We have a concept of the , but we can only gossip about it until other pieces of the puzzle will come together.Today I don't like the MGU-H. But by 2020, we will solve this problem. The new s offered by Liberty, will be cheaper for manufacturers and customers, and will again from scratch with a new concept .And again there will be manufacturers that will find right and wrong decisions, again ing field will be divided into two groups, so I see no reason to deviate from the existing concept".



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