2017-11-06 16:34:04

Riccardo Daniel I'm in awe of the Grand Prix of Brazil

Pilot Riccardo admitted that it is always with great love belonged to the race at the Interlagos circuit.ricciardo "I really like South America in General, so I'm always excited about racing in Brazil. Last year on a wet track was fun, and I don't mind getting a little this year, because I know that I can fight for the victory. I am confident that I can achieve a good result, but so far I have not had a successful race in Brazil. Hopefully that will change this year.The track itself is not one I like. Then a few high speed turns, which I usually like. There's a lot of slow and short corners, which is not so exciting, but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying to achieve a strong result."On account of Riccardo six races in Brazil, but only two times was able to finish in the points zone tenth in and eighth in 2016.



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