2017-11-12 21:44:04

Riccardo Daniel it was hard to Break

Pilot Riccardo during the launch became a member of the incident and took a step back. But the n managed to get to sixth position.ricciardo "the Start was very difficult. In the first turn I decided to walk on the left side of , because that is how I was able to achieve a maximum break, but someone suddenly bumped into me. The car was damaged, and had to go to the pits. Fortunately, the safety car helped to catch up with the peloton and a breakthrough.It was a difficult breakthrough, I fought as best I could. The last 15 laps were difficult because of the tires. Problem ed unexpectedly. Max even had to call in for an additional pit stop. We are always working to the limit, and so will run to the checkered flag in Abu Dhabi. I think that everything should be fine".



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