2017-11-27 10:44:03

Sergio Perez Not the most interesting race

The pilot in the race of Abu Dhabi finished seventh. At the same position Mexican finished and the championship. "It was not the most exciting race for me, but I had a very busy first lap, when I was fighting with Hulkenberg. I think he got his penalty is deserved, because I was ahead of him and he just cut off the turn, getting a great advantage. He had plenty of opportunities to avoid the penalty, he could just give me the position, as he did with Grosjean later.I'm happy with the result and it was important for us to end the year on a high note. This is my first year in the without the catwalks, but I think we made a big step forward. I scored one point less than last year, with only 20 races in the season instead of 21. Overall, the result is excellent the seventh in the drivers ' championship and fourth position in the standings. I don't think we could do something better. I just hope we can continue this path to 2018".



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