2017-11-28 10:54:03

The President of the FIA Rules of Halo will not be revised

The President of the has dismissed that the controversial concept of Halo will be canceled in anticipation of the 2018 season.During the s" class="posttag">s in the pits in Abu Dhabi, Valtteri Bottas couldn't get out of the of the with Halo for 7 seconds.Against the background of existing concerns about aesthetics and the fact that the extra weight will make the car next year, slower to move on the highway, there was a that Halo can be canceled. "there is No turning back. Halo will, he remains. Why Because it will give us more security.Disappoints me what was written about it. Halo is just part of the natural continuity of . Of course, this will not be the final solution. If we find a better solution, we will present it".



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