2017-11-30 15:44:03

Yusuke Hasegawa Honda was not ready for a top team

The head of Honda said that his company just wasn't ready to work with top .Yusuke Hasegawa "the worst year was undoubtedly the first, but the third year was difficult.But I think we were able to recover slightly faster than in previous years. is everything to Honda, is part of our DNA. We know that the race is sometimes difficult, it is a difficult task from the point of view of productivity and technology, that motivates us. So it makes no sense to throw all half way, it does not correspond to our mentality. is more flexible for us. Exchange opinions with them easier. - the best , but Honda was not ready for the best . It is a fact.The new rules technically difficult, and it gets even harder. But we already work very closely with .Very important for us to stay in . We must continue to dream of becoming world Champions. This is our motivation and what keeps us".



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