2017-12-05 16:24:04

Egor Orudzhev Level Strolla not yet at the level of Formula 1

Russian Egor Orudzhev, who plays several years in Formula 3.5, says that lance Stroll doesn't deserve a place in Formula-1.Egor Orudzhev in an with Sport FM "the Level of lance Stroll not yet at the level of . About all the pilots of Formula-1, we can say that they are in that they are on the level. But lance Stroll somehow drops out of the list. When the Stroll doesn't pass even the first segment of qualifying, and Massa manages to pass in the third - that says a lot. Fighting for points is always Mass, and lance behind. Perfect composition for Kubica and Sirotkin. Kvyat and Sirotkin Well, or Sirotkin and OrujovOf course, it's a question of money. Without money Stroll they would probably not have made a competitive machine".



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