2017-12-24 13:24:03

Esteban I asked for advice from Toto

The pilot Esteban Windows told me that she had asked Toto how to behave in conflict with .Esteban Windows "this was Probably the first thing I did at the time asked for advice Toto. already have experience in such situations, when they fought on the periphery Lewis and Nico.It is always good to evaluate a situation from different points of view, but especially from the perspective of . They're world Champions, so they know what they are talking about.I can't go into the details of the Council, but it was just a very good help. Good advice you always be happy".Windows, which took eighth place in the standings, said he and Perez left the incident in the past.Esteban Windows "it is Important that we respect each other and the , it is important that inside there was a good atmosphere. We work together to properly develop a new car. We may not gather together to go on vacation, but get on well with each other".



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