2017-12-21 13:24:03

Gary Anderson Williams choose Sirotkin

Expert Anderson, who had to work the chief designer in various s of the championship, commented on the situation with the choice of the second pilot .Anderson " is facing a difficult choice. They have lance Stroll, who spent just one season in and do not count. is a risky choice. He was a fast driver, but now have doubts about his abilities. Daniil Kvyat has experience, but last season caused a lot of issues. Sergey Sirotkin has experience in the and during Friday's practice, although to him also have questions.I think we should choose between Sirotkina and Cuatom - in the future, they both can be good pilots as well and Stroll. Obviously, will select the pilot, which will bring more money."According to available information, the have signed a preliminary with Sirotkin who suggested hip contribution of 15 million.



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