2017-12-17 12:34:03

Jean Todt Formula-1 too reliable

The President of the , the recently reelected for a third term, believes that the level of reliability has become too high.He noted that cars often can go a full season without mechanical problems, that shows how much money on development and parts have been spent.Referring to , the President told Auto Bild "He didn't commit any mistakes, but he was also extremely reliable and efficient car. Even if wasn't always the fas, Lewis scored points in 20 of the 20 . The cars are too reliable. also impressed me. and were very reliable, and it cost a lot of money. Tests, simulation is too much. We don't need all this for interesting racing.The current s are too expensive, too complicated and too quiet. But we have to work with them. We are currently talking with the producers about the evolution of existing s".



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