2017-12-30 13:14:03

Lewis Hamilton, Magny-Cours better than Paul Ricard

In 2018, the of France will return to the calendar with at Paul Ricard. But the pilot admitted that he would race in , where the French stage was conducted in 1991- "to be Honest, I really liked the circuit. It is to be honest with yourself.Paul Ricard is in a great location, but I personally do not like. It's not as good and exciting as in .I think the most important thing that we have now the of France, because it is an important part of Europe, is an important part of the European tour.In France so many beautiful trails, for example, , and for some reason we are still there. It would also be great."Hamilton has participated twice in the of France in 2007 he finished third in 2007- the tenth.



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