2017-12-02 10:54:03

Mario Isola New tires will help the car manufacturers

The head of Isola believes that softer new tires for 2018 will create new opportunities for the design of the cars.Isola "the Feedback from the pilots after s" class="posttag">s were positive, and Gipersoft was one second faster than Ul.The other compounds were slightly closer to each other in speed than we expected, but it's not a problem because we don't have to enter similar compounds in the race, and to miss one of the ts means a more flexible strategy from the s.We wanted to leave the door open for one pit stop per race. It's right for sports.We believe that these tyres will allow the designer to freely explore two directions of development of the car make the car very quick, but merciless to the tires, or more meleney, but effectively working with the tyres".



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