2017-12-19 11:24:03

McLaren We have been giving Honda six months

The head of Zach brown said that after the winter s" class="posttag">s his gave the Honda mechanics six months for a solution to their problems.Zach brown "We knew that we have problems, even on the s" class="posttag">s in , and we have worked very hard for six months to try to find solutions that will make us much more competitive in 2018. Eventually, after trying many different things and many different ways, we felt that we will not be able to fight with Honda for the victory.Three years in for a long time, so we needed to change direction, to return our to the top. Honda is a great company with excellent staff. The relationship between us was always strong and remains strong, so do not rule out new cooperation. We wish them the best, but we had to make some decision in our interests.The relationship was much stronger than was expected by the people. We worked hard, we were disappointed together, but we never yelled at each other".Next season will use the power plant of .



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