2017-12-05 10:54:03

Sean Patch We will prove that the new logo will prosper

Commercial Director of the championship Sean Bratch said the new logo, will be a success in and business.Sean Patch "This is a difficult change because we have changed the corporate . The current logo has been around for several decades, and he copes well with the recognition in the sport.It seemed to me that the logo change will be an important part of the new trend in the League. I completely agree with chase that it had to be the first step.In my opinion, the old logo did not reflect the direction of where to move this sport. People have an opinion, and everyone is different. But, as leaders of the championship, we have to follow all innovations.In the end, we will demonstrate to the market that this will flourish. We understand that any change in the logo, be it a small modification or a complete change, people will have different opinions. And it's good for the sport.Everyone has an opinion about Formula-1. I didn't think that we will avoid criticism".



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