2017-12-20 12:34:03

The McLaren will not be the title sponsor

without a title sponsor. Will not be the title sponsor in the coming years.Zac brown, the head of "I don't think we need a title sponsor, although large s we need. In now rarely use the name in the name. We - , and not ABC. We are not going to sell its name.You know, in NASCAR the pilots are required to, getting out of cars, said something like "I Want to thank my car Ford Chandon". But in that will not happen.We signed an agreement with some major , which will be announced in 2018. But work in this regard is still going on".During 1972-1974, the title sponsor of the performed cosmetic company Yardley, 1974-1996 from tobacco Marlboro, 1997-2005 - one tobacco West, and in 2007- the title sponsor was snaches telecommunications company Vodafone.



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