2017-12-11 09:54:04

The head of Red Bull Liberty are doing a lot right

Head said that Liberty, the new owner of , perfectly copes with his work in the championship. "You need to invest in a business in order to save money, and I think that Liberty in this respect was a very good year.They spent a season, hiring new professionals, they formed new rules of the game for 2021.It is very easy to criticize the counting of votes or the level of spending, it's just a different mentality, not like . was a very closed shop. He was marketing Department, he was s and it was just the same type of show.Liberty, acquiring a business, built a new structure. They also want to make a lot in the championship, and this involves costs.Inevitably there will be investments that will have impact for 2018 and maybe even 2019, but we expect that in two years everything will return back".



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