2017-12-21 11:14:03

Toto Wolff asks Ross Brawn to cease to provoke Ferrari

Head of warned Liberty Media that they are too aggressive and provoke the President of Sergio Marchionne.In recent days, Marchionne has intensified its threats to withdraw from , accusing Liberty that they don't want to make concessions on new s beginning in season 2021.Sergio Marchionne "currently, we have a powerplant, which is the most powerful and efficient racing .With the new on the s we have the ability to optimize the powert. But to develop a new that does not meet the high-tech aspects of electrification, efficiency and power, that is, to develop some sort of archaic , we have neither the time nor the desire." "I'm not afraid of threats Marchionne, but it should be taken seriously. I relaxed because is and is . But if I was the new promoter of Liberty Media, would not provoke Marchionne unacceptable proposals, requirements, or meaningless changes.I am also opposed to Formula-1 turned into a cheap shopping sport. should remain as it is. We are ready to evolve and become acquainted with new media, but we need the right evolution.I'd like to have three or four years ago, realized the impending changes and has not lost its power. His experience and enthusiasm, his knowledge of the pilot and businessman helped create a great sport".



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