2017-12-06 10:14:03

Vettel and Hulkenberg doubt the return of Kubica

The pilot admitted he was not sure that will return to . "I think that accident was very tragic. He was considered a future champion, but I don't understand why he now seeks to return.Why didn't he do this sooner For him it would be a good story, but, on the other hand, his return would have blocked the way for other young pilots, more decent work in the Formula-1".The pilot of 's Hulkenberg agrees that the return of Kubica will be a great story for .Hulkenberg "During s" class="posttag">s we saw that the speed Robert has. But, we don't know how it will manifest itself on the first lap in or Singapore.I hope that he will be able to race at the highest level. But we will see only next year. I estimate the chances of him returning as 50 to 50".



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