2018-01-01 17:54:03

Helmut Marko Work on the new engines going in the right direction

Sports consultant to said that on new s for the season-2021 going in the right direction. "it Seems that the situation is developing in the right direction. It is clear that things can't stay the same as it is now. The rules are too complex for understanding and implementation. Yes, the should be king, but the current rules are not able to give us what they should give. I am sure that in 2021, things will change for the better. At least all this goes.Of course, I also share the point of view of Toto, because if he loses his , he will lose most of their benefits. So he's fighting for his version of the rules. How will it end I think we will get a more technically simple s, less expensive but more noisy. We are moving to this".



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