2018-01-16 11:44:03

Lewis Hamilton We need less safe turns

Pilot believes that championship is more risky sections on . "the has done a wonderful job in the part of improving safety on the road. But the work turns and the security zones, it was time to stop.Not to cut the corner and not lose time. Before, if you traveled outside of , it definitely was a waste of time. Now you can approach the turn, knowing that if you go to 5 more than possible, you can pass it widely and to get back on track without losing speed. I don't like it.I used to like Oulton Park and Donington. In t old Hairpin was a nightmare - you have to use downforce, abandoning the brakes and using only the gas pedal. There is always the gravel outside the white line. Catching the gravel, you is definitely not able to leave.Pass to the limit in a turn Donington - a feat. There's all the turns harder than in the Formula-1".



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