2018-01-12 14:04:03

Mario Isola Kubica takes time to adapt

Sports Director of Isola admitted that he still believes fas driver.Isola "Robert is a very experienced pilot. Although he had not acted in , it still remained necessary skills. When I asked him about the tires, I clearly told about peculiarities of their behavior.But I must admit that one should not expect miracles from the pilot, who was in a serious accident and missed several seasons. Naturally, he lost to the pilot who was driving a modern a lot of s" class="posttag">s.Kubica will need time to adapt. I still consider him the fas driver".Earlier, the expert from BBC's Andrew Benson said that Kubica lost to Sergey Sirotkin in the fight for a place at because of problems with the new tyres .Andrew Benson "the Main problem of Robert speed in qualifying mode. In the car with empty tanks he has failed to achieve a significant improvement in time. He complained to his Manager on the problems with the tires".



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