2018-01-11 13:14:03

Mark Webber Alonso is making a big mistake

The ex-pilot of mark Webber believes is making a mistake by agreeing to speak at the same time in different series.Webber "No, this is a mistake. These are two completely different series that is clearly going to absorb a lot of energy. I think that if you act in , you can't afford to be distracted. is so specific that it does not allow to do something else."However, a couple of years ago Hulkenberg proved that it can win during a full season of .But Webber said "It was in the middle of the of . The pressure is different. In addition, he came in already prepared for the that simplified the task.If he wins at Daytona, that would be awesome. He is a talented pilot, seriously surpassing many in this world. It will be fantastic, but it will give him nothing".



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