2018-01-14 13:44:03

Sportowe Fakty Sirotkin was faster than Kubica

The Polish newspaper posted on its pages an overview of the reasons that did not return to , although he was incredibly close to this.Sportowe Fakty "the Team reported that the results on was the main reason for the signing of the with Sirotkin.It turned out that the s" class="posttag">s in Abu Dhabi were crucial. Kubica also said that he had problems with the tires . It was difficult to adapt to them after a certain number of circles. decided not to risk it. We probably now will never see Kubica in . Moreover, Sirotkin was able to provide the widow a large sum of hip than Robert.But actually money is just a bonus from the pilot. If Kubica was twice as good Sirotkin, he'd be in the car this season. No one seems to remember that has stopped working with Robert for the same reasons as . It sounds harsh, but these are facts.Almost no one in the paddock did not want to see Robert on the grid. He is one of the grea unfulfilled talent in the history of the sport.It would be great PR for and would have brought the championship a lot of new , and also saw a benefit and lobbied for his candidacy.Obviously, it was a hard decision for the . Now they are criticized all over the world, and some say that the Stroll-Sirotkin - the worst pilots . Are they right Only time will tell.But when making decisions in there is no place for sentimentality".



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