2018-01-21 14:54:05

Stoffel Vandorn McLaren under huge pressure

While race Director Eric bulge calms the press, talking about the complete indifference of the to handle the pressure next year, its pilot Stoffel Vandorn decided to add fuel to the fire.Stoffel Vandorn "In 2018, the pressure on the will be very large, because we have strong rivals to compare progress.I still have work to do to become a pilot. I'll have to quickly understand how this machine works. The speed I have, if it is correct to put all components of the weekend.I don't aim for the season. For me, my point of comparison, . The results last year were not such as I expected, but now I am much stronger.I was able to open in a , to understand my ers and mechanics, and I also learned from Fernando how to adapt to the car, which are not always effective, how to handle problems during the season.I already had my first day of work in the simulator with the ers and we were able to discuss a lot about the new car. First impression - the of the was a really good fit. All are interested in to begin your s" class="posttag">s and see what we can do on .View already in , as we are right in their calculations".



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