2018-01-19 10:54:03

Toro Rosso conducts classes in Japanese culture for employees

In expect to avoid some of the mistakes made during the ill-fated ship of -Honda. The head of the Italian Franz Toast said that his staff acquainted with the Japanese culture of communication.Franz Toast "For a better understanding of Japanese culture our staff attend interesting seminars.We all know that Japan has its own culture, and it's one of the really challenging task is to synchronize it with our own culture. If we were not sure that this can be achieved, we would never have gone to this agreement.The number of employees is a sound basis for a successful future. Therefore, the additional jobs will help us to move forward. A realistic goal for us for the season is a place in the centre of the peloton.Actually, I don't expect big changes. I still think that will be unbeatable, but of course I hope that and will interpose in this fight for the title. And to be honest, I hope more on than a ".



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