2018-02-19 18:37:32

Moniz, Kaltenborn returns to the world of Motorsport.

The former head of the Moniz, Kaltenborn creates a new to race in Formula 4 in Italy and .The will be called the KDC after her business Emily di Comberti. The will with a Swiss licence and will be based near .Monisha Kaltenborn " racing was and still is my big passion. I occupy a responsible position for nearly 20 years, so for me it is logical to continue to work as a leader.I see Formula-4 as an exciting new racing series in which there is a great potential and future.There were all the organizational, personnel and financial prerequisites. We have already enlisted a well-known , and soon we will be able to inform you about our pilots.My main responsibility will be to prepare talented young drivers for a future career in . My experience in the Royal races here will be useful".



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