2018-02-21 10:24:27

Nick Chester and Remy about the new Renault RS18

technical Director Nick Chester and chief er Remy Taffin told about the preparations for the new season.Nick Chester "RS18 we have significantly modified the suspension, so the machine is more stable and predictable. During the season we plan to seriously work on the aerodynamics, and this applies not only increase downforce. We need to make the machine more easy to control, so the pilots could fully use all its potential."Remy "this season each competitor will receive three power plants, and the number of modules MGU-K and is reduced to two, so the main attention was paid to reliability. A new version of the power plant we began to develop more in 2016, when already knew about tightening the limit the use of s, so that the amount of work being done on the stands was much higher than before".



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