2018-02-19 18:37:34

Robert Kubica, looks set to be occupied in 2018

Despite the disappointment felt by , losing the ability to speak during the season 2018 , it will be very busy this year.This week, the pole will a prototype LMP1 in in. "I will regularly get behind the wheel of racing cars throughout the year. It may not be what everyone was hoping for, but it returns me to the battle, providing good opportunities to work on .I won't have much time to pilot the car of , but still have a good chance at this. I think that this opportunity will open other paths to return to the Royal race in the future.I would prefer to participate in the race, but 12 months ago nobody could not have imagined that I will fight for this opportunity. I know better than anyone where to find what I need, what I need to work."It is also known that Kubica will hold in the three Friday practice.



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