2018-02-19 18:37:06

Ross Brawn F1 needs DRS

Sports Director of the Ross Brawn believes that now is the championship most in need of the system of reduction of head resistance to the air flow DRS.Liberty Media recently bought the la model of the aerodynamic tunnel of the and began to work on how you can improve the number of leads in the future.Ross Brawn "In the short term we will continue to work with DRS. I hope that the cars will be developed so efficiently that the system is no longer needed, but so far are we without DRS can't.First of all, we must improve the race, we need to understand what is happening. We can follow our instinct, but that's not good enough when you to think about how everything is complicated in this championship.Speed plays an important role, and the want to see the fas cars. But if we see ways to improve the quality of the race, then I'm willing to sacrifice some speed".



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