2018-02-19 18:37:30

Timo Glock I'm glad Halo has a competitor

The ex-pilot of said that he was glad to develop the system Aeroscreen, which is being ed in the IndyCar series. According to German, it can be an alternative to Halo implemented this year in all formula series. "Halo really affect the aesthetics of the machine, and I'm sorry that happened. For security it the right way, but the appearance is awful. And all the cars will look like".However, Indycar is moving in another direction, ing the system with the windscreen Aeroscreen, which, according to most, looks better than Halo. "I think the danger is part of the sport, so I would be happy if the found another solution. Aeroscreen can be an option. One thing is certain with Halo will be very hard to love ".



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