2018-02-22 13:14:24

Willi Weber Liberty can transform the Formula-1 in a series about Mickey mouse

Putin is the champion Former Manager of is concerned that Liberty Media runs the risk to transform the Formula-1 in a series about Mickey mouse.Earlier this week, the Internet has spread the rumor that Weber, who was the Manager of , died at the age of 75 years. paper'ner-Express found that the rumor was false. "fortunately, I'm healthy, even though I'm still recovering from surgery.As for Michael, I didn't hear anything about him from Corinna. Drop Michael was four years ago, and we all know that it was not a broken leg.Weber said he hopes to attend the opening of the collection cars in Cologne in April, and "Maybe then we'll know if he felt better."As for the future of the formula, Weber admits that he is worried. "This ugly system of Halo is just disgusting. Safety is important, but it was a mistake, .The fact that there are no more grid girls, also does not add pluses to the championship. They provide the necessary glamour races.New owners should be careful not to turn in series Mickey mouse club".



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