Adrian Sutil

Adrian Sutil was born on 11.01.1983 in the German-Uruguayan family. His parents were musicians. Adrian Sutil himself up to the age of 14 and studied music and was a pianist. At age 14, a gifted pianist, began karting and then started numerous national and international victories. It gave Adrian an opportunity in 19 years to move into Formula Sports. In the debut, the driver was involved in the Swiss Formula Ford Championship in 2002 and the first time won all the races and got the title. It was a brilliant result of 10 pole positions and 10 victories, all with 10 stages. That same year, won 5 races in Formula Masters Championship in Austria. In 2003, with many achievements, he finished sixth in the formula BMW. The following season, Adrian participated in the Euroseries Formula 3. As a result, took 17th place. 2005 was very successful for the young rider. By participating in the 18th stage, Adrian was 11 times on the podium and secured the title of Vice Champion has four races before the end, but in the fight for the title lost to Lewis Hamilton. That same year, Sutil of Germany in favor of the team in Serie A1 Grand Prix, but to no avail (in 6 races has not risen above 12 seats). In 2006, the Arian Sutil was able to achieve even greater results. He won the championship in Japan Frmuly-3, finished third in the Macau Grand Prix. Adrian is also in the three stages have tried their hand at driving a car in the Midland Formula 1 as a test pilot. The results of these races like the leadership of Midland and it was on the team. The season 2007 was for Adrian's debut in Formula 1. He has performed at the wheel of Spyker (bivshey Midland). Sutil had a good all season and eventually earned a point-goal at the Japanese Grand Prix. 2008 was for Adrian Sutil is not so good luck. The most that he can achieve is the thirteenth place in the race. Bad luck to him on the Monaco Grand Prix, when he came in fourth place, but lagging in terms of Kimi Raikkonen knocked it off the road. However, the most successful in their careers may be called the German season in 2009. Adrian, being a pilot, Force India, scored 5 points in seventeen races and finished 17th place in the championship.
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Formula 1

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Qualifying score after eighteen stages

After eighteen qualifications equal status is observed only in the Sauber and McLaren. On the contrary, Ferrari and Lotus appears solid advantage of one of the pilots.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg 7-11Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel - Daniel Riccardo 7-11Williams, Felipe Massa - Valtteri Bottas 6-12Ferrari, Fernando Alonso - Kimi Raikkonen 16-2McLaren, Jenson button - Kevin Magnussen 9-9Force India, Niko Hulkenberg - Sergio Perez 12-6Toro Rosso, Jean-Eric Verne - Daniel Quat 7-11Lotus, Roman Grosjean - Pastor Maldonado 14-4Sauber, Adrian Sutil - Esteban Gutierrez 9-9Marussia, Jules Bianchi Max Chilton 12-3Caterham, Kamui Kobayashi - Markus Eriksson 11-4Caterham, Andre Lotterer - Markus Eriksson 1-0.

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Guido van der garde My plans for next year have not changed

Guido van der garde My plans for next year have not changed

Spare pilot Sauber Guido van der garde believes that he still has a chance to be in the team of Formula 1 in the following Guido van der garde "the Fact that the team took Eriksson, does not affect my plans for the future. I have a very close and good relationship with Sauber, so I relaxed, the more that the team know all my faculties. We have a chance for success in collaboration, so I sleep well, not nervous. For me, everything has remained as it was On the days the team Sauber has announced the signing of a contract with Marcus Ericsson. On the second place are applying for Adrian Sutil, Esteban Gutierrez, Guido van der garde and Sergey Sirotkin. Obviously, the pilot will be the one who will bring more money.

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Adrian Sutil In Brazil, a great track

Pilot Sauber Adrian Sutil believes that the track in Brazil is the best in all of South Americain Sutil "no doubt, the route of Interlagos is the best in all of South America. By the way, from South America originally and my father So, partly, I think the race in Brazil, his home. I have great respect for Interlagos, and race here work is always very entertaining and zahvatyvayuschaya the track is very short, probably one of the shortest in the League, but pass the ring is pure and without fault is not so easy. Our team is going to be a tough weekend, and that says it all"On account of Stila six races in Brazil. In 2011, as a pilot Force India, the German finished sixth.

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Haas We need an experienced pilot

Director Haas gnter Steiner said that his team is looking for one experienced pilot of Formula 1 and one American freshman. On the role of the latter it may be appropriate, Alexander Rossi, test pilot Marussia. Steiner "We will be a completely new team, so, naturally, we need an experienced pilot with a good track record. It is likely that it will be Adrian Sutil, if it will be replaced in the Sauber. Also exempt pilots Marussia and Caterham, so the choice is there. While I can't name, who we choose, it's confidential, but we are already looking at possible candidates.Haas makes his debut in Formula 1 in 2016.

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Adrian Sutil It was a short race

Adrian Sutil It was a short race

Pilot Sauber Adrian Sutil again told about what happened in the first laps of the race in Seedrian Sutil "unfortunately, it was a short race for me. I had a good start and was in a promising position. Unfortunately, Sergio crashed into my car, I almost knocked Raikkonen and came down himself. This is very disappointing because we missed a great chance to earn their first points".

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Adrian Sutil I'm waiting for an apology from Perez

Pilot Sauber Adrian Sutil in the race Grand Prix of the USA claimed the glasses, but already in the first lap he was knocked out Sergio Presidian Sutil "I spent just a great start, I never missed a day in front of her, none of the contenders. But after a short time in the third sector, for a couple of turns before the start line, I flew Perez. I felt a strong blow, and this race was completed. Perez was almost knocked out and Kimi Raikkonen I think that Sergio behaved just cheeky Today I was able to finish in glasses, but now I am waiting for an apology from Perez. Let him pluck up the courage and explains to me".

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Chronicle of the race Grand Prix USA

224611 - Welcome to the live broadcast of the race Grand Prix of the USA224658 - the third time in the history of Formula 1 takes the track in Ostine4745 - Two years ago the first race at Road America was won by Lewis Hamilton, then representing McLaren.224808 - a Year ago at the first step of the podium went Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull.224849 - Today the main contenders for victory are Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton - pilots Mercedes will start with the first linii4939 - Niko is the ninth pole position of the season. By this measure it ahead of teammate. But in the individual competition loses 17 ochkov5009 - Second row entirely occupied pilots Williams Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa5126 - Third row Daniel Riccardo and Fernando Alonso5153 - Fourth row Kevin Magnussen and Kimi Raikkonen5213 - Completing the top ten Adrian Sutil and Pastor Maldonado5240 - last Maldonado started from the top ten two years nazad5320 - with regard to Sutila, for the first time this season pilot Sauber was held in final5336 - Next Perez, button, Hulkenberg, Verne, Gutierrez, Grosjean, Quat, Vettel5405 - BTN qualified seventh, but because of the replacement transmission has lost five positions.225442 - the Penalty for the new engine got Daniel Quat. In this part of the fine will go to the next Grand Prix Brasilia5511 by car of Sebastian Vettel completely replaced the power unit, resulting in the German will start from the pit-lane5539 - At the start of a total of 18 cars. Unfortunately, due to financial problems in Austin came Marussia and Caterham.225618 - these Two teams will miss the Grand Prix of Brazil. And a very small chance that they will appear in Abu Dhabi5642 - available pilots two independent zones DRS.225718 - Pirelli brought to this stage two medium types soft and medium.225747 - the First nine should start on the softer softe5848 - Pirelli predicts a strategy with two or three pit scopami5941 - the Track is dry and rain is not ozhidaetsya0011 - On the medium will start only three pilots Hulkenberg, Quat and Fettel0021 - Machine go to the warm up Krug0237 - Pilots take up space on the grid, Vettel at the exit pit lane0308 - ready start0338 - START230421 Rosberg, Hamilton, Massa, Bottas, Alonso.230452 more Magnussen, Riccardo and Raikkonen0502 - Riccardo passes Magnussen0531 - Collision Sutil and Perez230548 - On the road safety car230637 - Magnussen, Hulkenberg, button, Gutierrez, Vettel in the pits.230646 - Broken machine Sutil on tracce0657 - Perez with a broken suspension hops in boxy0827 - the repetition shows how Perez caught Raikkonen and flew into the car Sutela0847 - On the road a lot oblomkov0928 - 2 lap Rosberg, Hamilton, Massa, Bottas, Alonso, Ricardo, Raikkonen, Maldonado, Verne, Grosjean, Quat, Magnussen, Gutierrez, Vettel, button, Hulkenberg0955 Incident between Sutil and Perez will be investigated after gonki1017 - Vettel again in boxoh1145 - 3 circle pozadi1154 - Machine security is preparing to leave trass1259 - RESTART231341 Rosberg, Hamilton.231354 Bottes tried to pass a Lot, but without uspeha1403 - But Riccardo overtook Alonso1523 - 144.162 - best lap Rosberg1603 - 5 circles Rosberg - 0.7 - Hamilton - 2.1-with - Weight - 0.7, Bottas - 0.7 - Riccardo - 1.7 - Alonso - 0.6 - Raikkonen - 1.1 - Maldonado - 0.5 - Verni - 0.3 - Grogan1703 - 144.090 - best circle Rosberg1724 - 6 laps Rosberg, Hamilton, Massa, Bottas, Riccardo, Alonso, Raikkonen, Maldonado, Verne, Grosjean, Quat, Magnussen, button, Hulkenberg, Vettel, Gutierrez1849 - 143.589 - best lap Hamilton1950 - 7 circles Rosberg - 0.6 - Hamilton - 3.1 - Weight - 0.7 - Bottes - 1.4 - Riccardo - 3.6 - Alonso - 1.5 - Raikkonen - 1.4 - Maldonado - 0.8 - Verni - 0.4 - Grogan2013 - Gutierrez, Maldonado and the button has exceeded the speed mode of the machine bezopasnosti2050 - 143.270 - best lap Rosberg. Hamilton - 143.458232300 - 9 circles Rosberg - 1.0 - Hamilton - 3.9 - Weight - 0.8, Bottas - 1.9 - Riccardo - 5.5 - Alonso - 2.1 - Raikkonen - 1.8 - Maldonado - 1.3 - Verni - 0.6 - Grogan2354 - day attacks Verna, but he pushes it on obcina2416 - Verne, incidentally, also exceeded the speed mode of the machine bezopasnosti2435 - button - without punishment excess skorosti2505 - 10th lap Rosberg - 143.655, Hamilton - 143.720232531 - Gutierrez received 5 seconds for exceeding skorosti2550 Maldonado also got 5 second2611 - Verny also gave 5 second2731 - 11 laps Rosberg - 0.8 - Hamilton - 5.0 - Weight - 1.4, Bottas - 1.4 - Riccardo - 6.9 - Alonso - 2.2 - Raikkonen - 2.2 - Maldonado - 1.4 - Verni - 0.9 - Grogan2850 - 12 th circle Rosberg - 144.211, Hamilton - 144.259232917 - the 13th lap Rosberg - 144.406, Hamilton - 144.674232941 - Hamilton dropped out of the zone DRS233036 - 13 circles Rosberg - 1.1 - Hamilton - 6.2 - Weight - 1.5 to - Bottes - 0.7 - Riccardo - 7.9 - Alonso - 3.3 - Raikkonen - 1.9 - Maldonado - 1.4 - Verni - 0.7 - Grogan3048 - Riccardo pressing Bottas3107 - Mass and Riccardo in boxes after 14 kruga3152 - Riccardo has shoes in the medium, the Mass remained on site3215 - 14 lap Rosberg - 144.138, Hamilton - 144.963233229 Rosberg in the pits after 15 kruga3239 - Hamilton - leader gonki3246 And Bottas in boxoh3313 - Maldonado and Verne in boxes. Both another penalty 5 second3404 - Stewards studying unsafe release of Magnussen and Gutierres3420 - Riccardo was Bottas3439 - Hamilton and Alonso in the pits after 16 kruga3451 - Grogan3644 Hulkenberg stood on the track. For Force India race zakonchilas3704 - Raikkonen in the pits after 17 kruga3828 - 17 laps Rosberg - 2.4 - Hamilton - 5.1 - Raikkonen PIT - 1.5 in Weight - 1.4 - Riccardo - 0.9, Bottas - 5.8 to - Quat - 2.0 - Magnussen - 0.9 - button - 3.0 - Alonso3920 - 18 laps on the track Rosberg, Hamilton, Mass, Riccardo, Bottas, Quat, Magnussen, button, Alonso, Vettel, Raikkonen, Gutierrez, Grosjean, Verne, Maldonado3945 - Only Quat was not yet in boxoh4028 - 19th lap Rosberg - 144.678, Hamilton - 143.988234126 - 19 laps Rosberg - 1.8 - Hamilton - 6.5 - Weight - 1.9 - Riccardo - 1.9 to - Bottes - 8.7 - Quat - 1.8 - Magnussen - 1.2 - button - 1.4 - Alonso - 2.6 - Vettel4148 - 20th lap Rosberg - 144.373, Hamilton - 144.011234209 - Alonso overtook Button4236 - incident Magnussen-Gutierrez will not be nakazanie4302 - Gutierrez in boxoh4335 - Alonso attacks Buttona4353 - Two champion side by side are a few twists, but Jenson has remained vperedi4411 - Another attack, and again without uspeha4423 Quat in boxes after 21 kruga4500 - Hamilton caught up to the Rosberg, he's already in the usage area DRS234602 - 22 lap Rosberg - 0.7 - Hamilton - 7.7 - Weight - 2.1 - Riccardo - 3.3 - Bottes - 15.0 - Magnussen - 2.4 - button - 0.4 - Alonso - 2.4 - Vettel - 1.2 - Raikkonen4616 - Hamilton already on the tail Rosberg4703 - 23rd lap Rosberg - 144.156, Hamilton - 144.178234716 - And Alonso again attacks Buttona4758 - Another attack, Fernando pritormazhivaet and goes vpered4813 - Hamilton attacks Rosberg234828 And passes partner Mercedes. Almost was kontakta5000 - Grosjean and Verne were Raikkonen5011 - 24 lap Hamilton - 0.8 to - Rosberg - 7.1 - Weight - 2.2 - Riccardo - 3.7 to - Bottes - 18.3 - Magnussen - 2.6 - Alonso - 1.4 - button - 1.3 s - Vettel - 0.4 - Grogan5106 - one circle Hamilton won from Niko pulsecode5246 - Grosjean passed Fettes5253 - And then Verne was Fettes5316 - Vettel in the pits after 26 circle for German is the third pit stop5357 - 26 laps Hamilton - 1.2 - Rosberg - 6.4 - Weight - 2.8 - Riccardo - 3.5 - Bottes - 23.9 - Magnussen - 0.2 - Alonso - 2.9 - button - 0.5 - Grosjean - 1.2 - Verni5410 - Alonso passed Magnussen5435 - Magnussen in boxes after 27 kruga5550 - 28 laps Behind the middle distancia5655 - Grosjean passed Button5706 - and then Verne, after which the button is turned in boxy5720 - 28 laps Hamilton - 1.4 to - Rosberg - 5.8 - Weight - 2.6 - Riccardo - 4.0 - Bottes - 26.4 - Alonso - 3.6 - Grosjean - 3.5 - Verni - 1.6 - button PIT - 0.1 - Maldonado5800 - Grosjean in boxes after 29 kruga5816 - And Verne. Two Frenchmen are vmeste5920 - Bottas in boxes after 30 kruga0104 - 30 laps Hamilton - 2.0 - Rosberg - 4.9 - Weight - 2.3 - Riccardo - 5.0 - Bottas PIT - 27.6 - Alonso - 8.4 - Maldonado - 2.3 - Raikkonen - 2.9 to - Quat - 7.2 - Magnussen0149 - Riccardo in boxes after 31 kruga0208 - Mass is now in the pilot rate Mercedes000244 - Mass of boxes after 32 kruga0445 - 32 lap Hamilton - 2.7 - Rosberg - 5.5 - Mass - 20.1 - Riccardo - 4.9 to - Bottes - 10.3 - Alonso - 10.2 - Maldonado - 1.6 - Raikkonen - 2.4 - Quat - 6.9 - Magnussen0453 - Hamilton in the pits after 33 kruga0513 - 142.831 - best lap Riccardo0558 Rosberg in the pits after 34 kruga0645 - On the track he returned behind Hamilton0902 - Maldonado in boxes after 35 kruga0915 - In the fight for 11 place Vettel passed Grogan0932 - 35 laps Hamilton - 3.6 - Rosberg - 3.9 - Riccardo - 1.8 - Weight - 6.0 - Bottes - 11.3 - Alonso - 12.3 - Maldonado PIT - 1.7 - Raikkonen - 2.4 - Quat - 5.0 - Magnussen0946 - 142.381 - best lap Rosberg1020 - For one round Niko played one secundo1118 - Alonso, Raikkonen, Quat stopped only once. All other twice and bolee1239 - 37 laps Hamilton - 2.8 to - Rosberg - 6.0 - Riccardo - 1.8 - Weight - 6.6 - Bottes - 13.5 - Alonso - 14.4 - Raikkonen - 2.8 to - Quat - 4.3 - Magnussen - 0.6 - Vettel1244 - 19 laps to finish1337 - 38-th circle Hamilton - 143.072, Rosberg - 142.823001448 - Engineer Rosberg said, his rubber excellent rabotaet1506 - the 39th lap Hamilton - 142.603, Rosberg - 142.473001522 - Maldonado was speeding on pit lane1631 - 39 laps Hamilton - 2.4 - Rosberg - 7.6 - Riccardo - 2.5 - Weight - 7.1 - Bottes - 15.3 - Alonso - 14.7 - Raikkonen - 3.2 - Quat - 3.7 - Magnussen - 0.6 - Vettel1651 - 142.351 - best lap of Hamilton. The Rosberg - 142.443001711 - Maldonado got a 5 second penalty for exceeding skorosti1728 - pilot Lotus this is the second penalty in this gonce1757 - Gutierrez in boxoh1826 - Vettel tried to pass Magnussen, but too widely emerged from povorot1843 - 142.127 - best lap of Hamilton. The Rosberg - 142.301001939 Quat in boxoh1954 - 41 lap Hamilton - 2.6 - Rosberg - 9.7 - Riccardo - 2.7 - Weight - 7.9 to - Bottes - 17.0 - Alonso - 15.7 - Raikkonen - 3.9 - Quat PIT - 1.9 - Magnussen - 0.7 - Vettel2012 - Hamilton on lap ahead of Gutierrez2046 - Grosjean made a mistake, and he immediately went Batton2108 - Raikkonen in the pits after 42 kruga2134 - 42-th circle Hamilton - 142.755, Rosberg - 142.519002152 - Vettel passed Magnussen2232 - Alonso in the pits after 43 kruga2328 - 43 lap Hamilton - 2.4 - Rosberg - 11.7 - Riccardo - 3.0 - Weight - 7.6 - Bottes - 20.7 - Alonso PIT - 19.7 - Vettel - 1.1 - Magnussen - 4.5 - button - 2.0 - Grogan2427 - Alonso drove out to the highway right behind Fettes2618 - Alonso passed Fettes2649 - 45 laps Hamilton - 2.4 - Rosberg - 13.6 - Riccardo - 3.1 - Weight - 6.8 - Bottes - 43.5 - Alonso - 1.3 s - Vettel - 1.2 - Magnussen - 3.9 - button - 0.9 - Grogan2657 - 11 laps to finish2720 - 46-th circle Hamilton - 142.875, Rosberg - 142.371002823 - 19-m turning ripped out a large piece of artificial travy2857 - 46 laps, the order on the track Hamilton, Rosberg, Riccardo, Weight, Bottas, Alonso, Vettel, Magnussen, button, Grosjean, Verne, Maldonado, Raikkonen, Quat, Gutierrez3008 - 141.474 - best lap Alonso3019 - 47 laps Hamilton - 2.0 - Rosberg - 16.4 - Riccardo - 2.5 - Weight - 5.9 to - Bottes - 44.0 - Alonso - 4.7 - Vettel - 2.0 - Magnussen - 3.4 - button - 0.5 - Grogan3037 - behind the Button three machine3120 - Hamilton set a record first sector3131 - Vettel in the pits after 48 kruga3140 - This is the fourth pit stop for nemca3207 - Raikkonen was quata, but Daniel immediately otigralsia3406 - 49 laps Hamilton - 2.5 - Rosberg - 18.7 - Riccardo - 1.9 - Weight - 5.6 with Bottas - 46.4 - Alonso - 8.3 - Magnussen - 3.9 - button - 0.5 - Grosjean - 0.4 - Verni3421 - behind Button for five machin3453 - Verni attacks Grogan - there is a small contact3505 - But Verne vperedi3522 - 141.379 - best lap Fettes3545 - Quat made a mistake, and it was Raikkonen3737 - Maldonado was Grogan3738 - 51 range Hamilton - 2.4 - Rosberg - 20.1 - Riccardo - 1.4 to - Weight - 5.2 - Bottes - 48.4 - Alonso - 10.2 - Magnussen - 4.1 - button - 0.6 - Verni - 0.4 - Maldonado3752 - Quat in boxoh3811 - Vettel passed Raikkonen3815 - 5 laps to finish3846 - Attack Verna on Grogan will be considered by the stewards after the finish Genki3901 - Raikkonen in the pits after 52 kruga3924 - Verne was Buttona4053 - Maldonado was Buttona4104 - And Vettel passed Button4122 - 53 lap Hamilton - 2.9 to - Rosberg - 20.7 - Riccardo - 1.6 - Weight - 5.2 - Bottes - 55.4 - Alonso - 6.4 - Magnussen - 3.7 - Verni - 1.3 - Maldonado - 0.5 - Vettel4130 - 3 circle to finish4201 - button loses speed - not enough rubber to finish4236 - Hamilton on lap passed Buttona4254 - Vettel passed Maldonado4324 - 55 laps behind, Hamilton spent the last Krug4417 - Vettel as the missile flew past Verna and Magnussen4427 - 55 laps Hamilton - 2.0 - Rosberg - 21.9 - Riccardo - 1.9 - Weight - 4.3 to - Bottes - 64.5 - Alonso - 1.8 - Vettel - 1.4 - Magnussen - 1.9 - Verni - 0.5 - Maldonado4506 - Hamilton wins the Grand Prix of the USA004530 - This is the fifth consecutive victory for Luisa4535 - Rosberg vtoroy4651 - Riccardo third, then two pilots Williams004701 - FINISH Hamilton - 4.3 to - Rosberg - 21.2 - Riccardo - 1.3 to - Weight - 4.0 - Bottes - 64.2 - Alonso - 0.5 s - Vettel - 4.9 - Magnussen - 2.1 - Maldonado - 0.9 - Verni4759 - But Maldonado 5-second penalty, and he rolled 10 mesto4816 - the Pastor is the first point in this stone4841 - 15 cars reached the finish line Hamilton, Rosberg, Riccardo, Weight, Bottas, Alonso, Vettel, Magnussen, Verne, Maldonado, Grosjean, button, Raikkonen, Gutierrez, Quat4911 - To 24 points increases the gap between the Hamilton from Rosberg4924 - the Next stage - the Grand Prix of Brazil, next week.

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Marcus Ericsson has signed a contract with Sauber

After the Grand Prix of Russia's bankruptcy was announced by the team Caterham, one of the pilots was Marcus Eriksson. But without the work of the Swede remained a short time, the benefit he has a solid sponsorship. Next season, Eriksson will be a pilot Sauber. Eriksson "At the end of a busy week I received a gift from Sauber in the form of a contract for the next season. I am proud, because this team is one of the best in terms of working with young pilots. I will do my best to make progress and to help the team return to the top".Moniz, Kaltenborn, head of the team Sauber "We are pleased to announce a new contract. We have closely followed by Marcus. His first season in Formula 1 is very difficult, but in such circumstances, he was able to make progress. We are confident that the contract will give motivation to our team"You say with certainty that Adrian Sutil who do not have good sponsorship, would have no place in the Sauber. Will he keep his place Esteban Gutierrez, the same question. It may displace Max Chilton, who also was left without a team for next year. Obviously, the second place in the Sauber will get the cash pilot, and in such conditions the chances of Sergey Sirotkin almost none.

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Adrian Sutil Excellent skills

For the first time this season pilot Sauber took place in the final qualification. Adrian Sutil qualified tenth, but after the fine of Jenson Button will start the ninth. The second driver Esteban Gutierrez showed in qualifying 16th resultaten Sutil "Excellent qualifications In the morning we had a good free practice, and I felt comfortable in the car. Track temp and asphalt has risen slightly compared to the morning, but the balance of the car was still good. We have achieved high performance today and deserved to be in the finals for the first time this year. The whole team did a great job, thanks a lot for this. I am happy for all the team, especially in our current situation. This is an important result, which is crucial for the motivation of staff"Esteban Gutierrez "It was a tough qualification for me. We tried to find the best compromise in the settings of the car. However, the team could not extract the maximum from the soft tyres. Adrian has done a good job and has shown excellent results on these soft rubber compositions. We now look forward to the race and believe that all things are possible.

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The starting field SE USA

The starting field SE USA

The starting field SE USA differs from the results of the qualification 1. Nico Rosberg Mercedes2. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes3. Valtteri Bottas Williams4. Felipe Massa Williams5. Daniel Riccardo Red Bull6. Fernando Alonso Ferrari7. Kevin Magnussen McLaren8. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari9. Adrian Sutil Sauber10. Pastor Maldonado Lotus11. Sergio Perez Force India12. Jenson button McLaren - punished by the loss of 5 seats for the replacement CPP. Niko Hulkenberg Force India14. Jean-Eric Vertigo Rosso15. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber16. Roman Grosjean Lotus17. Daniel Quat Toro Rosso - punished by the loss of 10 seats for the replacement motor. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull - start from the pit lane for the replacement of the entire power plant.

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Qualifying score after seventeen stages

After seventeen qualifications is approximately equal to the situation observed only in the Sauber and McLaren. On the contrary, Ferrari and Lotus appears solid advantage of one of the .Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg 7-10Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel - Daniel Riccardo 6-11Ferrari, Fernando Alonso - Kimi Raikkonen 15-2Force India, Niko Hulkenberg - Sergio Perez 11-6Williams, Felipe Massa - Valtteri Bottas 5-12McLaren, Jenson button - Kevin Magnussen 8-9Toro Rosso, Jean-Eric Verne - Daniel Quat 7-10Lotus, Roman Grosjean - Pastor Maldonado 13-4Sauber, Adrian Sutil - Esteban Gutierrez 9-8Marussia, Jules Bianchi, Max Chilton 12-3Caterham, Kamui Kobayashi - Markus Eriksson 11-4Caterham, Andre Lotterer - Markus Eriksson 1-0.

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Austin still Sunny, the air +16C, asphalt +32.Q1 weight pilots went on the Medium, and later passed onto Soft. Red Bull lingered in the boxes, and went to soft resines "rush" nowhere, he starts in any case, with the pit lane and 1st segment ended on the penultimate masten 18th - Roman Grosjean, failed qualification, errors, nearly collided with Gutierrez.But his companion showed excellent aerobatics and 8th result was dalshena 13th, Vern - 15 th - and failed in Q2,Q2 racers were in this order Hamilton Weight of Bottas Rosberg, Alonso Magnussen button Maldonado Raikkonen Riccardo still Hulkenberg Quat Q2 all tyres are Soft.The Rosberg complained team on understeer, Hamilton - vibration.On the 2nd attempt I decided not to go to Hamilton, Alonso, button and Magnussen.occupied after 1 attempts respectively 2-3-4 places.AND for hitting the 10 developed this barbares struggled desperately, but a small mistake cost him the final, but broke on the 9-th position Adrian SutilThis is his first season, reaching the final qualificationDanya, unfortunately, only the 14th, plus fine - the starting position will be very nisgav finale Rosberg, Hamilton Weight of Bottas Ricardo Alonso button the Magnussen Raikkonen Stalinallee pilots, except Sutila, left on 1st attempt.After the 1st attempt Rosberg, Hamilton, Bottes Mass of the button the Magnussen Alonso Ricardo Raikkonen Catilina final attempt left everything, including Stillen tense standoff, of course, primarily between pilots Mercedes and Nico was faster, remember how in practice was leading the pole was won by Nico Rosberg 13th time in his career and 9th in stonehealth 2nd, Williams also compete among themselves, Bottes once again bilinear it should be an interesting raceThe Results Kvalifikacija Time Otst. T1. The Rosberg 136.067-2. Hamilton 136.443 +0.3763. Bottas 136.906 +0.8394. Mass 137.205 +1.1385. Riccardo 137.244 +1.1776. Alonso 137.610 +1.5437. Button 137.655 +1.5888. The Magnussen 137.706 +1.6399. Raikkonen 137.804 +1.73710. Sutil 138.810 +2.74311. Maldonado 138.467-12. Perez 138.554-13. Hulkenberg 138.598-14. Quat 138.699-15. Verne - -16. Gutierrez 139.555-17. Vettel 139.621-18. Day 139.679-Starting field of SE USA, as it is known, will be different from today resultatet places will lose the button for the replacement transmission Quat lose 10 seats for use on 7-th of the engine, Vettel will start from the pit lane, as for the replacement of the engine.

2014-11-01 10:44:05

Adrian Sutil The usual Friday

Adrian Sutil The usual Friday

Pilot Sauber Adrian Sutil showed the following practice for the Grand Prix of the USA 16-th result. His partner Esteban Gutierrez finished the day 17-madrian Sutil "It was an ordinary Friday. We have done our software without any problems. We tested on the machine both sets of tires, and have only until tomorrow to get a little more speed. Otherwise we are ready to race"Esteban Gutierrez "It was quite a difficult day, but it was a positive for the team as a whole, because the entire program is scheduled for Friday, was made from and to. On the other hand, I had some issues that we are still trying to solve it. The balance of the car in General good, although we were allowed myself to experiment with rubber. Conditions were not the most simple today, because it was very windy. We must take this into account when working in qualifying. As for the tires, then everything is fine. As expected, gentle composition degrades faster. Race should be rich in tactical decisions".

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Gutierrez the Track in Austin is one of my favorite

Gutierrez the Track in Austin is one of my favorite

Sauber not lay great hopes on the upcoming Grand Prix USA - chief race engineer Giampaolo Dall Ara said that the team stopped working on the machine s. However, according to Esteban Gutierrez and Adrian Sutil, they race in Austin - special.

Esteban Gutierrez "I'm getting ready for the Grand Prix of the USA - it's great to come back to Austin. For me it is a special stage the track is not far from my native country, and I will support the Mexican fans that gives us extra motivation. Normally, the program American racing weekend is very busy, and it takes a lot of energy.

The track in Austin, one of my favorites, I like to fly on it, especially on160 the first sector with its quick turns this part of the track like Silverstone. Since the car is not fast enough on the straights, we have heavily on the second sector and the third is quite skilled with slow turns. In General, this route it is important to choose the correct settings and efficient aerodynamics".

Adrian Sutil "Grand Prix of the USA is an amazing event held in the country in which the Motorsport attach great importance. I once was in Austin - this is a very interesting and varied route. After a slow first turn is a combination of left and right turns, reminding me of "Eski" Suzuki. It is very interesting to fly. Of course, to be fast on this track, the machine must have an effective aerodynamics and powerful engine.

During the race in the stands a lot of fans, and Austin is a nice city. Some of my American friends will come to the track. Of course, we will do everything possible to achieve the maximum from the car."

Giampaolo Dall Ara, chief race engineer "After two free race weekend we went to Austin, getting extra battery power. The team is ready for the final stages of the championship. At this stage of the season we are no longer engaged in refining machine, so it is important to stay focused and try to get the most out of the technology that is at our disposal.

From the point of view of the engineers on the road in Austin have to solve interesting problems on the 1st sector is affecting the speed direction of the wind, 2nd sector - a long, straight, 3-m machine should be effective on acceleration, and tire to provide a good grip. Asphalt is not very abrasive, and although Pirelli refused to use more than hard rubber compositions by Austin Medium and Soft, we do not expect that this will lead to an increase in the number of pit-stops".


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Teams 2015 Contracts and rumors

Teams 2015 Contracts and rumors

In 2014 the team started quite early to confirm riders for next season is already in the summer Lotus announced the contract with Pastor Maldonado and Mercedes for several years extended the agreement with Nico Rosberg. But autumn was not without surprises Sebastian Vettel has announced the departure of Red Bull Racing, and its place taken by a young Russian rider Daniel Quat.

Upon confirmation of contracts this material will be updated, the current version - October 21, 2014.

Mercedes AMG

In the champion team will retain the composition. The contract of Lewis Hamilton will expire at the end of 2015, with Nico Rosberg signed a new agreement for several years.

160Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg - contracts confirmed

Red Bull Racing

Sebastian Vettel ahead of schedule completed cooperation with the team, which has won four League titles, using a clause in the contract allowing the possibility of separation in case of insufficient good results. Next year, Vettel will replace Daniel Quat, which will become a companion of Daniel Riccardo.

160Daniel Riccardo and Daniel Quat - contracts confirmed

Williams Martini Racing

The British team was one of the first confirmed squad for the next season. Williams satisfied with the work of Valtteri of Bottas and Felipe Mass, these racers and will continue to play for the team from grove in the new season. The contract Valtteri up to the end of 2015, the contract Felipe - until the end of 2016.

160Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa contracts confirmed

Scuderia Ferrari

The leader of Ferrari in recent years, Fernando Alonso, is likely to leave the team, despite the contract. According to rumors, it will be replaced by Sebastian Vettel.

The Kimi Raikkonen has a contract for next season. Ferrari has not yet made a statement about the composition of 2015, but there is little doubt that Finn will continue his career in Scuderia.

160Candidates Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel

Sahara Force India

In Force India have extended the contract with Nico Hulkenberg, and his companion, most likely, will remain Sergio Perez, who brought the team's only podium this season. Mexican sponsors are important for Force India.

160Niko Hulkenberg contract confirmed

160Candidates Sergio Perez, Daniel Juncadella


In 2015, McLaren goes for a power plant Honda, and, according to rumors, the Japanese companies want one of the racers of the team was Fernando Alonso. The Jenson Button, as Kevin Magnussen, has no contract for next season, but Jenson has repeatedly talked about the desire to continue cooperation.

Kevin joined McLaren in place of Sergio Perez with the personal support of Ron Dennis, but McLaren have another fast rider from youth programs - Stoffel Vandorn, which might also be driving in 2015

160Candidates Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Kevin Magnussen, Stoffel Vandorn

Scuderia Toro Rosso

In the Toro Rosso in August announced that Jean-Eric will leave the team after the end of the season, next year it will be replaced by Max Verstappen. However, this announcement was made before he became aware of the care team Daniel quata, so Verne may still remain.

However, do not rule out the possibility that Toro Rosso will completely change the composition of the seated behind the wheel of two young riders.

160Max Verstappen - contract confirmed

160Candidates Jean-Eric Verne, Carlos Sainz Jr, Pierre went out, Alex Lynn

Lotus F1 Team

Solid sponsorship from oil company PDVSA has helped Pastor Maldonado to get a contract for next season. Who will be his companion is still unknown. Roman Grosjean considered various options, but will likely remain in the Lotus.

160Pastor Maldonado - contract confirmed

160 Candidates Roman Grosjean, Jolyon Palmer

Marussia F1 Team

The team were pleased with the pair of pilots Jules Bianchi, Max Chilton, but a severe accident, the French racer Suzuka has canceled all plans. In addition, the difficult financial situation puts into question the existence of the team. However, in addition to Chilton, other applicants for a place in the Marussia can be considered a current backup drivers Alexander Rossi and will Stevens.

160Candidates Max Chilton, Alexander Rossi, Will Stevens

Sauber F1 Team

Last winter, Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez received a one-year contract extension which depends on the financial component. The team needs a budget for next season, especially if it will not achieve more than tenth place in the Cup of designers. The Gutierrez on the negotiations helps support the Mexican billionaire Carlos slim.

160Adrian Sutil, Esteban Gutierrez, Guido van der garde, Sergey Sirotkin

Caterham F1 Team

Possible extension of contracts with Kamui Kobayashi and Marcus Erickson discussed before Tony Fernandes sold the team to a consortium of Swiss and middle Eastern investors. Kobayashi dominated in the internal team fight, but Erickson brings more money.

Next year in Caterham any options if the team will start.

160Kamui Kobayashi, Marcus Erickson, Roberto Mary

text Mikhail Smirnov


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Felipe Nasr negotiating the contract for 2015

Felipe Nasr negotiating the contract for 2015

GP2 racer Felipe Nasr, occupying before the final round of the series in second place in the individual competition, plans to be in Formula 1 next season. The Brazilian, supported by Banco do Brasil, currently has a contract reserve pilot Williams and is considered one of the contenders for a place in the first team.

However, most likely this place will be released only after leaving Felipe Mass, because the contracts of both pilots Williams for next year already confirmed. At the same time, 22-year-old Nasr did not intend to wait. He wants to start in 2015, and in an interview with Brazilian Globo said that in talks with multiple teams.

Felipe did not elaborate on what the teams in question, but available places not so much. Of course, Nasr cannot claim a place in the top team, as well as in the Toro Rosso. It is unlikely that waiting for him in the Lotus. In Force India have confirmed the contract with Hulkenberg, and special reasons to be unhappy with Sergio Perez, given its speed and support Mexican sponsors at them too.

Remain just three options - Sauber, Caterham and Marussia. But the future of the last two commands is a serious concern. And even if they come out at the start of the next season, it is extremely unlikely that they will be able to claim something more, than struggle in the tail of the peloton.

As for Sauber, Hinfile desperately need money, so neither Adrian Sutil, neither the Esteban Gutierrez extension of the contract is not guaranteed. At the same time, in their places there are at least two serious contender - the current backup drivers Guido van der garde and Sergey Sirotkin. Especially great are the chances of van der garde - the Dutchman already have experience, good sponsorship, and he proved himself during Friday's training.

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Villeneuve In Formula 1 should not only be fast on the track

Villeneuve In Formula 1 should not only be fast on the track

Career Fernando Alonso is one of the main themes in recent months. Actively discuss the variants of its transition in a McLaren or Lotus, or you might miss the season. In an interview with Spanish newspaper As their scenario suggested champion 1997 and now a Sky Sports commentator Jacques Villeneuve.

Q Jacques, how do you feel about the care of Vettel of Red Bull Racing

Jacques Villeneuve Alonso is not the best poker player.

Question Explain

Jacques Villeneuve the Formula 1 need not only to be fast on the track. This Alonso cope better than others isn't it But sometimes you have to be able to read the combination and this Fernando is not always good.

Question So, now he is in a disadvantageous situation

Jacques Villeneuve as for Vettel, bad, what about his departure was announced Red Bull Racing, adding that his goal is Ferrari. It is not good for Fernando.

Question do You like the Union of Vettel and Ferrari

Jacques Villeneuve Yes. He can be productive. Sebastian calmly comes to the team he's already won four titles he has time. This combination can be very successful. 'll see. They are able to make a competitive car.

Question Fernando Alonso failed in a Ferrari

Jacques Villeneuve No. Why

Question what will It take, and not winning the title.

Jacques Villeneuve Yes, but driving not competitive machines Fernando proved that he is a great racer. These years have made it better.

Question What do you think will be its fate

Jacques Villeneuve it looks Like he will return to McLaren, but I don't know.

Question McLaren with new engines Honda is a good option

Jacques Villeneuve No, I don't think so.

Question McLaren is a good racing team.

Jacques Villeneuve Yes, but Honda. I don't know them well and I don't think they'll succeed, and Fernando should immediately begin to win.

Question He may miss the season.

Jacques Villeneuve I don't think he would do that. In this case, after a couple of months Fernando will not know ctem to do. He really wants to chase.

Question And last, Jules Bianchi struggling for life in a Japanese hospital. After the accident, Adrian Sutil was on track to leave the car security

Jacques Villeneuve Yes, you need to change the rules of the safety car. But then journalists or fans will say that the race is boring. Perhaps it would have prevented the accident Bianchi. I hope that he will recover.

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In Marussia refute rumors

In Marussia refute rumors

The press service of the Marussia F1 Team has published the release refuting rumors that appeared this week in some of the tabloid media.

"On Tuesday, October 14, in some media articles appeared about that

1. In Suzuka Jules Bianchi is not slowed in the area of the double yellow flags that appeared after the departure of Adrian Sutil.

2. The team asked Jules to go faster at a time when there were double yellow flags to keep Marcus Erickson behind.

In the Marussia F1 Team are shocked and outraged by these allegations. At that time, as our rider is in hospital in critical condition, and the team has made it clear that the main priority is to take care of Jules and his family, we are concerned about the need to refute the rumors. However, because they are completely false, and there is no other way.

Regarding the first paragraph. Jules slowed in the area of the double yellow flags. It is an undeniable fact, evident by the telemetry that the team gave the FIA. At a press conference organised by the FIA in Sochi October 10 race Director Charlie whiting confirmed that the team has provided these data, he personally researched it and saw that Jules slowed.

Regarding the second paragraph. A full copy of the radio between Jules and the team of the FIA provided in the form of an audio file, and in decrypted form. It is obvious that the team was not asked Jules to go faster and not make any comments that could be interpreted as such a request.

The team sincerely hopes that, explaining these facts, it can avoid further distraction from the main task - support Jules and his family."


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The next race without points for Sauber

The next race without points for Sauber

After qualifying in Sauber hoped to take advantage of an unusual situation in the race, but on Sunday there were no retirements and car safety, and the riders of the team finished in a worse position than you started.

Moniz, Kaltenborn, team principal "We knew that if the race will take place according to the standard scenario, to achieve a good result it will be difficult, therefore, chose a strategy that could pay off in the event the vehicle has been safety. The risk did not work, in the end, we were not able to fight for points.

Esteban Gutierrez 15th "We were almost sure that for the first stint of the race will receive a safety car, so the maximum delayed pit stop. Not a perfect strategy, we risked in the hope of getting the advantage, but the safety car departed.

The behavior of the car and tires me completely satisfied, in the race without problems, so the finish is only on the 15th place upsets. We will fight till the end of the season to earn points".

Adrian Sutil 16th "to Start on the Medium compound tyres was not easy - clutch was not enough, and some competitors who started the race behind, used Soft on the first segment, having the advantage. In the first turn, I had nowhere to go, had to concede. The car was sliding, I lose time in each turn, so we decided early to go to the softer tyres.

After that the race took place without major incident, although closer to the finish line grip again deteriorated. We knew that the start on the Medium associated with the risk, if you do not receive a car security, in the end this did not happen. With our speed, it is difficult to rely on glasses, but need to give their all in the remaining races.


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Lotus didn't have enough grip

Lotus didn't have enough grip

Sunday in Sochi racers Lotus could not achieve an acceptable grip of the tyres on the road. The result of the weekend for the team was 17th place Roman Grogan and 18 Pastor Maldonado.160

Roman Grosjean 17th "Today, the car behaved much better, which has become a significant progress compared to the previous days and the testimony of the great work done by the team over the past week. The most difficult moment of the race was the start in the first laps it was so difficult to warm up the tires, I even thought I got a puncture.

Then the race was quiet, except for the incident with Adrian Sutil. He was riding on softer tyres and at the entrance to the third turn had the best grip. To exit the turn narrows, Adrian did not want to stray far from the path, I already braked at the last moment, and our cars touched. I think all this racing incident - it didn't matter. We go to Austin with hope for a better result."

Pastor Maldonado 18th "Problems with balance seriously complicated the race. I started on the harder tyre, which impeded progress in the first laps. Later we switched to Soft, but even to the end of the race lacked grip. Because of trouble on Saturday we lost a lot of time and failed to improve the balance of the car is a shame, because I really wanted to compete at a fantastic track in Sochi. I look forward to returning here next year with a faster machine and other rubber compounds - at this stage a great future"

Federico Gastaldi, Deputy head of the team "Our performance today was no comparison with the quality of infrastructure and the welcome extended to the Formula 1 in her first visit to Russia. The circuit in Sochi is amazing - I am sure that in the next years we will see here a lot of fantastic racing.

Both of our driver kept focused and brought the car to the finish line, but we share their disappointment with the lack of speed. Until the end of season three races, but all our attention is now compelled to 2015, in which we want to return to competitive form.

Alan Permane, race Director "We used a different strategy options, but in both cases failed. It is no secret that this track doesn't quite fit our car, and with the proposed composition of rubber, it was difficult to achieve any acceptable result. Pastor prevented skipping yesterday's workout, and the novel has received a 5-second penalty. I hope in the last three races, the results will be better."160160


2014-10-12 17:44:03

Roman Grosjean received two penalty points

Roman Grosjean received two penalty points

During the race in Sochi Roman Grosjean was penalised by the stewards for a collision with Adrian Sutil in the second turn. His final time was added 5 seconds, which, however, did not affect the results of the race.

In addition to this punishment, he got 2 penalty points. For a Novel it is the first penalty of the season. If he gets 12 points within 12 months, you will be suspended from participation in the race.

Penalty points in the season 2014

Racer - Team


MErickson - Caterham


Bianchi - Marussia


Palgunadi - Lotus


Cygnused - McLaren


Vbatts - Williams


Astil - Sauber


Rgreen - Lotus


Gwern - Toro Rosso



2014-10-11 18:24:08

Moniz, Kaltenborn the Main thing is not to make mistakes in the race

Moniz, Kaltenborn the Main thing is not to make mistakes in the race

This year racers Sauber has not yet earned points, but had good skills in Sochi - Gutierrez showed 14th time, and Sutil - 15-E.

Moniz, Kaltenborn, team principal "We are still in Friday knew I can count on. The qualification results match the expectations, now the main thing - not to make mistakes in the race and be ready to use any opportunity".

Esteban Gutierrez 14th "the Fight was interesting. In the morning I have lost a lot of time due to technical problems in the third exercise we continued to experiment with the settings and qualifications I progressed with each trip to the track. It was important for a good lap at the end of the second session. We have with Adrian serious competition, we both attack at the limit, what makes you jittery".

Adrian Sutil 15th "qualifying went well, although to warm up the rubber was very difficult. I made a mistake on the last lap and was unable to achieve the maximum from the car, but I hardly played if more than one position in the current situation we can't wait for more. In the race, you need to implement any chance we get".


2014-10-10 23:34:02

Briefing FIA in Sochi on the incident with Bianchi

Briefing FIA in Sochi on the incident with Bianchi

On Friday evening the representatives of FIA President Jean Todt, race Director Charlie whiting, senior medical officer Jean-Charles Drinks and coordinator of a team of rescuers Jan Roberts - held a press conference dedicated to the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka.

The press conference lasted for almost an hour and a half. The journalists were shown the footage of the cameras in the seventh rotation, which shows that Sutil and Bianchi flew off the track in one place, but Jules was not deployed, he tried to catch the car - in the end it made straight with locked wheels directly to the tractor. Filming in the hall is strictly prohibited, and those who still tried to shoot lost their cameras and phones.

Representatives of the FIA commented on the actions of the administration of the race and marshals on the track, but the first to press asked Jean Todt.

Jean Todt of Course, all still overwhelmed with emotion. We wanted to hold this meeting with you, to comment on the tragedy that occurred this past weekend in Suzuka. You know its consequences Jules Bianchi at the moment continues to battle for his life in hospital near Suzuka, mie province. We feel that it would be appropriate to share information with you, to answer your questions.

To start with I would like to give some explanation, then my people will be able to answer your questions. I asked Charlie Whiting, the race Director of the FIA, to make a detailed report about what happened last weekend. I got it this morning. He will comment on it for you. I also asked the Chairman of the security Commission to establish an expert group to comment on the report and make suggestions to similar to what happened last Sunday, is never repeated.

We know that motor sport is dangerous. Thanks to the huge efforts in recent years, there were no serious incidents, except for what happened with Felipe Massa in Budapest in 2009. What happened with Jules last Sunday, perhaps the most difficult in recent years the incident.

To the left of me sat Professor Jean-Charles Drinking and Dr. Jan Roberts. As you know, they were involved in the decision making process before the race. Ian Roberts, when the accident occurred, was with Jules in the car on the way to the hospital. They both remained in the hospital until Tuesday. Tuesday Gerard Sayan, President of the FIA Institute, arrived in Suzuka and worked closely with Japanese doctors, along with another Italian Professor, who helped to coordinate efforts with the family Jules. This is the situation today.

Now I would like to give the floor to Charlie Whiting that will acquaint you with various aspects of what happened.

Charlie whiting showing members of the press on the screen shots from fixed cameras on the track in Suzuka we have a couple of videos that we would like to show. We ask you to postpone mobile phones, not to shoot. We want to show you the record from stationary cameras.

The first camera 11, this is the first part of the seventh rotation, which can be seen as went off the track Adrian Sutil. You can see that the trajectory drier than the rest of the painting, but due to the increased rain water begins to flow and trajectory. When the cars drove a little wider in this place. You see that Adrian came to this part of the canvas and lost control of the machine. It hurt a little more wet part of the track. At this moment he is behind Jules - he loses control on machine and it expands.

If we flash a picture on a lap later, we will see that Jules happened something very similar.

You can see that Jules loses control of the machine. He arrives on the same wet area, but it does not expand as Adrian. It begins to slide, but it adjusts the machine, and then the car moves along a slightly different trajectory.

This video shows the beginning of two incidents. You see how the machine Jules starts to go sideways, and then he corrects.

With this camera we will show both the incident. You saw the beginning of the departure of Adrian, you will now see an accident. We scroll through the video, you will see the tractor. Let's see all the videos. In the background you can see fluttering flag and yellow. At the moment we haven't replaced him on a double yellow.

When the tractor starts to move, we changed the light on "double yellow" on the scoreboard. Now you can see and actually double yellow flags. As the tractor and the machine Sauber is on this side of the post 12, the yellow flags. Because the incident occurred after it. But, as you can see, as soon as they lift the car, move back, and he passes the post, the signal changes from yellow to green.

Now you see the green flags, because the post is already after the incident site. Now you will see a machine Jules.

This is the video that was available to us. I thought it would be constructive if you will see him. Now I can answer your questions, but first I wanted you to see it.

Question Charlie, can you explain what is the difference between the conditions when you decide that enough double yellow flags, and those in which you release the car security Because much has been said about the fact that it could appear on the track.

Charlie whiting We put double yellow flags, because they thought that with the consequences of an incident could cope without the use of machine safety. The next step is, of course, the issue onto the machine security, but because the machine Adrian Sutil was away from the road, this was a natural decision on our part in similar circumstances. We did not see the need to release the track car security at the moment.

Question have you ever Seen a telemetry with this machine Dropped if he speed under double yellow flags on this sector, in the area of the double yellow flags What was his speed, when he flew off the track

Charlie whiting I know what speed he flew off the track. We have seen data from all machines.

A lot of cars drove through the sector with double yellow flags, but not all slowed down so. Some slowed down quite a bit, some slowed down much. I don't think we will go into detail how much slowed Jules compared with others. We have these data. He slowed down. There is a matter of degree.

Question do we Know how fast he crashed into a tractor

Charlie whiting it is Impossible to get accurate data when the machine is flying through the gravel. You can only use the GPS data, but to count on them really hard. This is not a good idea to analyze such datauntil until a full investigation into the incident, a detailed analysis of the video as well as GPS data. So far we are not able to speak with confidence about what was the speed at the moment of collision with a tractor. It would be too early for us to tell you the exact figures.

Question it is Clear that retroactively make decisions much easier, but in retrospect, do you feel you could have done something differently And knowing what you know now, what lessons you can learn

Charlie whiting Yes, I think there are some conclusions that we need to do. We want to involve all teams and all pilots to ensure that it will be a good, well-designed and realized during many years of ideas. I think one of the most important aspects is that it might be better to pick up the pilots the right to determine how much they need to slow down in the event of such incidents.

It is better to create a system that is understandable for all, which would determine the extent to which the machine is set to slow in such conditions. On this we are now working. Tomorrow morning will be a meeting with all teams to discuss this possibility and method of use a kind of speed limit. Most likely, it will not be a specific limit, but, as I see it, a way of controlling the speed of pilots with clear rules and boundaries.

Question Charlie, if you manage to develop a system that could control the speed of vehicles, does it mean that the safety car will leave the track much less

Charlie whiting Yes, I think it's possible. But it would have the same effect. If you force all drivers to slow down to a certain temp, they will retain their positions relative to each other - so that would be about the same as the first two rounds at the check-out safety car. If Directorate of race requires "a short intervention, then perhaps in such cases, you can get by without car security.

However, in some situations, the safety car will be necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to control the speed of vehicles in certain areas of the track.

Question In a situation like in Suzuka, when the rain is getting stronger, how difficult is it to determine whether pilots react to signals in a changing environment

Charlie whiting This is harder, but not impossible. The system that we have, uses data from previous circles, comparing them. She "knows"how the tempo slows down or speeds up. We try to analyze the last few laps, the system can detect and show us pilots who, perhaps not enough has slowed in the current circumstances. We can then explore the situation in more detail. If the race is dry, you can trust this data with greater confidence. But because the conditions Suzuka has changed, we would have to analyze the data after the race in any case.

Question Who decided to send a tractor on the highway, and who decided to post a green flag

Charlie whiting the Tractor was sent to the scene by the race direction. If the machine is stuck in the gravel, obviously it should be taken therefrom. This was done immediately. The marshals were instructed to enter the ring and begin to evacuate the car.

The solution for the green flag was made by the Marshal on duty. As soon as the tractor with the machine Sauber was behind this point, the correct signal is green. He was yellow until, as the tractor was still ahead of the post, and changed to green when he was behind. These decisions are always taken by the flag marshals.

Question Charlie, two questions. The first is why it was decided to hold the race, if you knew about the approaching Typhoon Second - Felipe Massa said that was screaming on the radio that the race was stopped. Did you hear that

Charlie whiting For a start. The start time of the race is not a matter of discussion by the FIA. I suggested to the organizers to consider moving the start to an earlier time in order still to hold her, because the forecast was worse than the weather turned out to be actually. They didn't want to do that. I warned them that we will not hold the race if the conditions are unsafe, and that the probability that they will not race. They said, "No, we want to leave the start time at three o'clock". For me, the start time of the race in no way connected with the incident we are discussing.

The second question was about Felipe Massa. No, we have not heard that he was screaming on the radio. We now have pereslushala all that Felipe said. I think what he said to you, not entirely true. I have not heard that he was screaming on the radio. He mentioned only that "conditions on the road worse." It was the only thing he said on the radio. I don't think it means "to shout on the radio". He said that conditions were deteriorating, but we usually.

We don't listen to all the messages on the radio that the pilots pass - it's just impossible, so we rely on team who are informed if their pilots have something important to tell us. I'm sure they give us isn't all that said pilots For example some pilots have any concerns about visibility, after he had left the safety car and before the race was stopped, but only two teams told us that the visibility of their pilots have serious problems.

Question One Williams

Charlie whiting Yes, one of them is Williams. But, as far as I know, Felipe said that conditions deteriorate even before the appearance on the track machine security, and treated his comments rather to the fact that increased rain. The message about the poor visibility was later.

Question On various roads you use the tow truck of different manufacturers, some of them large balances that are just at the level of the head of the racer. You are not going now to change the approach For example, to only use cranes

Charlie whiting this is not so simple. As you know, the wrecker - in this case, the tractor must be heavy enough to lift the machine, it should be high enough ground clearance. He has opposed or not depends on the design. Such tractors we have successfully used for over 20 years, or even longer, and I don't think they should be changed urgently.

We had an hour discussion with riders, but we've discussed this issue, and one option that was suggested - this equipment evacuators kind of protective skirts. This option is worth considering, and we will do it.

As for the cranes, their range is limited. For example, in the 7th rotation Suzuki we'd need four or five taps are guaranteed to cover the entire area. If you remember Montreal, there is a crane in the area of exit of the 4th turn. But he can act only 50 metres from the wall, so sometimes you have to manually push in the area of his reach. For example, on the track in Monaco a lot of taps, but there and marshals a lot, and there is a danger that someone could be hit by a car. So the complexity is, therefore, we believe that all these issues require detailed discussion.

Question do You think that show a green flag was a mistake

Charlie whiting No, it was absolutely the right signal, since this flag was found after the accident. You must understand it does not mean that as soon as you see the green signal, you should start to attack in full force. You can do that at the moment when at head with a green flag. The same applies to yellow flags if on the first turn yellow flags, it does not mean that you should drop the speed, while with them, not at head. So you can prabhavati speed and begin to overtake only when it reaches the green flags.

Question please Explain the situation with the delivery of Jules medical center. We saw the helicopter rose into the air, but the driver was taken by ambulance.

Jean-Charles Drinks Usually on the road should be two helicopters. In the first two days of the week-end problems with the helicopters was not, but on Saturday night we were informed that the helicopter could not stay on the track at night in connection with a potential risk of damage due to the approaching Typhoon. The helicopter flew to Nagoya.

Early Sunday morning we received news that he was unable to return due to bad weather conditions. In accordance with our rules, we held a meeting and decided to make a major medical center hospital mie Prefecture, which is located 15 km from the road. Under normal conditions this way can be done in 25 minutes. This decision was taken on Sunday before 10am.

Closer to 11.30 helicopter was able to get back on track. But it was the decision to hold the race, even if the helicopter is not. All this is fully in line with our policies.

Such cases have already been earlier, for example, in 2009 and 2010 When the accident happened with Bianca, it was found that the helicopter can fly up from the road, but to land near the hospital does not allow the weather conditions. Therefore, we used the original plan, which was adopted early in the morning, and the driver was taken to medical center by ambulance. In those specific circumstances, it took 32 minutes.

Question I'd Like to hear your expert opinion did this delay on the state of Jules Bianchi

Ian Roberts the Total time spent on transportation racer, was 37 minutes, during this period was carried out detailed monitoring of his condition, and he was taken to hospital in absolutely the same physiological condition as it was at the time of shipment from the highway.

Question When FIA was last discussed the revision of safety standards, and how often you return to this theme

Charlie whiting I don't remember when the last time it was discussed protective skirts for tractors, but it was a long time ago. Subject head protection rider, the use of closed cockpits has recently been discussed and this discussion continues. As you know, it was after the incident with Felipe Massa and Henry Certicom. We spent quite in-depth study of this topic, a lot of experimenting, and the study is not completed.

It is very difficult to find a solution that would provide sufficient strength, but at the same time not interfere with the driver to work in the cockpit that the presence of such a system is not reflected. It is not easy. Meeting on security issues will be held next Thursday, and the solver will continue.

Question it was Not possible to postpone the start of the race at an earlier time, primarily to ensure that it is finished when it was still relatively light

Charlie whiting From my point of view, it would be useful. The organizers of the race was able to move it to an earlier time, but I don't think we are faced with a situation more complex than it could be. I do not think that the visibility was in serious trouble. I have already said that the race was conducted in strict accordance with the schedule, which we usually adhere to. This does not affect security. If it is too wet, we would simply not have it to spend.

Q You presented to the President of the FIA preliminary or final report, and whether it is in the public domain

Charlie whiting I would say that this version is close to the final. Need to add some information, but we are not yet fully decided who will be available this document. When reporting, we wanted to gather as much information, and must first submit it to the Commission on security, and it will select the group of experts who will examine all the issues raised. But I can't yet say who will have access to this report.

Question Tomorrow you will be meeting with teams on security issues. Is there any chance that in this weekend will be introduced some adjustments in the mode yellow flags and speed limits

Charlie Whiting It Is Unlikely. I have no doubt that we will be able to negotiate, but the machine consists of a huge number of different systems, it is very difficult to quickly achieve operability of such decision. Moreover, it is extremely important that the new system worked exactly the same on all machines. I think we should not rush to implement any changes as early as this weekend.

Question You talked about testing some solutions aimed at protecting the head of the racer. You know the results of these experiments. If to speak about the incident at Suzuka how you think, whether in the foreseeable future to appear a solution that can withstand such a blow

Charlie whiting I Think a clear answer to this question to give yet. But as I said, we had a solution to protect the rider from impact without wheels. There are preliminary signs that the forces acting on the car when hitting the fence route, or as was the case with the machine Jules, much larger than those with which we dealt in the course of the tests. We try to accurately estimate the impact energy, but I suspect that in this case, under these particular circumstances, it would be extremely difficult to find a solution that would protect the head of the racer.

Question Given the consequences of the accident, you are not going to make any special crash tests, which simulated the collision of the machine with an obstacle, like the tow truck

Charlie whiting This depends on the results of the analysis of injuries machine Jules, I do not exclude that it is necessary to consider the possibility of giving additional strength to the existing security structures. Again, I think it would be inappropriate to attempt to consider the circumstances of this particular accident. We try, whenever possible, to take into account the experience of all incidents, for example, a few years ago in Suzuka accident in which Timo Glock has hurt her leg, and then we had to deal with injuries of the chassis, which did not work. On the experience of similar accidents we learn. So shall it be in this case.

Question Charlie, could you tell me when will the changes made to the rules governing the appearance on the track tractors This will happen at the beginning of the next season

Charlie whiting Actually, if we are talking about such changes, at the beginning of next season, Yes.

Question According to Adrian Sutil, he was not asked about what happened, about what he saw from his point. You spoke with him

Charlie whiting No, not yet.

Question But will it

Charlie whiting Yes, we definitely will discuss what he saw. But I guess he had little to add, because we have the video of the evacuation of the entire incident. He was there, saw that, probably, would not like to see. No, we haven't discussed yet. Perhaps, while it is not the best time.

Question Charlie, I would also like to know how fast you received information about the incident

Charlie whiting With a little delay. Because the car hadn't been seen. My first thought when we looked at the screen with a tractor, was "the Evacuation took longer than I expected." It didn't look normal, it is usually the marshals in Suzuka work very quickly. Then they said "the Car crashed into a tractor." This is what they gave with the post, but I haven't seen her for a tractor. It took us some time to consider another camera that there really is a machine.

But it was impossible to understand wounded anyone, and the condition of the pilot. When we know, we sent the track the safety car and medical car. You couldn't see, it was not shown live, and on the camera, the image with which we looked, this was nowhere to be seen. With the camera 11 we could not be seen, and the camera 12 has been rotated in the wrong direction. As soon as we launched, we could see the car. But it took some time. Probably not more than 20 seconds, but for some time we remained in ignorance.

Question Jean, you talked about the expert Council, which will review the circumstances of the accident, which will include Charlie. Who else will it contain You said that to attract the best experts.

Jean Todt I know that you are familiar with the organization of the FIA. Of course, you know that security Commission headed by Peter Wright we have medical Commission there is Charlie in the technical Committee and several high-ranking people. That's why I asked Peter Wright to gather expert advice from qualified professionals. Everyone knows Peter and his strengths, I expect that he will help in this question.

Question How long will it take expert advice in order to come to conclusions. Do you have a deadline to which you are waiting for them

Jean Todt the Chairman of the expert Council Peter Wright today received my request, after this morning I received a report Charlie. I have to meet with Wright on Wednesday in Geneva. There will be a meeting, which is always done after serious accidents.

Question How to work a helmet and HANS Did you manage to get some information after this incident

Charlie whiting it is still too early to draw any conclusions. You can look at the helmet and to assess the damage.

We have several experts, in particular Andy Mellor. This is a very detailed and brilliant engineer. He was responsible for the design of the helmet, the so-called specifications 8860 - it is now used for the racers. The investigation began after the death of Ayrton Senna, and his creation took a long time.

Now we must be very careful to analyze. Andy is well able to restore the circumstances of Avaria, we will provide all data and photos. Then we need to understand how received damage and what needs to be done to prevent such things.

To put it all together is quite a complex process. But it will be done, and all that we can learn will be useful in improving the design of the helmet. The processes are the same as in the days when we worked with Mizoram after the accident Felipe Mass in Hungary in 2009 the result is a Kevlar band, which is now all use.

Question is there Enough of the expert or you do not have any specialists

Charlie whiting No, at the moment I don't think so.

Question Charlie, you have the opportunity to tell drivers that they are traveling at too high a temp

Charlie whiting No, it goes through the team. We cannot communicate directly with racers, but we often ask the team to send a message to the driver. And then can verify that they did.

Question Given that not all riders slowed double yellow flags, how strong was the impact

Charlie whiting If you look at the first data on the speed of the car. There was a barrier of three layers of tires, the accident would have been comparable with the incident of Heikki Kovalainen in Barcelona in 2007 But this is a very approximate information, I can't say for sure. But given that the barrier of the three layers of the tires and it was already the machine, at such a speed that the accident was of the same order.

Question Charlie, do not feel that their role could be played by coating the security zone If there was asphalt, it would be stronger to slow down

Charlie whiting This is the fact that on all routes, we played asphalt security zone in any condition better the gravel traps. That is why all new routes are mainly used asphalt security zone.

On older tracks don't, but this does not mean that they are unsafe, we performed tests on all routes, not just the new. But it is a fact that in most cases the asphalt better. However, in this particular case, we cannot say that everything would be different if there was asphalt, because we don't know for sure. But in most cases the asphalt better.

Question According to the received information can you talk about any mechanical problems with the car before the incident, which could cause a crash

Charlie whiting At the moment there are no signs of any mechanical problems.

Question Jean, how was this week for you personally emotionally

Jean Todt I am familiar with Jules since then, when he was 15 years old. While racing, I sometimes talked with his great-grandfather Lucien Bianchi. In addition, I remember that together with Mauro Bianchi went to the French hospital, specializing in burns, because he got a very serious injury. It so happened that he is familiar with my son. Nicolas works with Jules from 15 years of age and strongly believe in it.

Of course, on the one hand, my priority is to lead the FIA, which has two main areas of work - road and sport. But like any human, I have emotions, and I had a hard time. But I must say that every accident is deeply touches me. I had to leave Japan, but I five times per day to check how the situation is developing. That is why now our main responsibility is to analyze what happened and make sure that this will not happen again. But, as I said, racing is dangerous and can not absolutely guarantee that accidents won't happen. However, we will never be satisfied, for we will always be important to achieve greater security.

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2014-10-10 19:24:03

Gutierrez the Level of grip is quite high

Gutierrez the Level of grip is quite high

On Friday in Sochi Sauber was just three riders - in addition to Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez on the track worked Sergey Sirotkin, who showed the seventeenth time in the first session.160

Adrian Sutil 15th "it is Interesting to race on the new track, here are a few exciting twists. In General, the balance of the car is still insufficient, however, we performed planned program without any problems. Will try to add tomorrow, but I don't think we'll be able to make huge progress. However, we will try to optimize the car and squeeze the maximum out of it. In addition, I can try to reset several tenths on this new circuit."

Esteban Gutierrez 18th "After missing the first session of the afternoon was quite productive for me. It was important to catch up, and we are slightly surprised by the condition of the road - tires work effectively, though the level of grip is quite high. We squeezed out of the car much more speed than expected, and will try tomorrow to work the same way. I like the new track, I enjoy flying

Otherwise, I want to say that in this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers for Jules Bianchi and his family. The main thing is that he felt our positive energy. I am willing to help him all we can, and want to support him and his family. Let's pray for him."

Sergey Sirotkin 17th in the first session "Good session, I liked the track and liked to control C33. At first, I was not attacked, tried to gain confidence, as he was not in the cockpit for almost half a year, but then quickly felt the car. On the last fast lap I was a little unlucky with traffic, tires not reached the optimal temperature that was worth the loss of time. The machine has the potential, because I wasn't driving at the limit.

The track is wonderful, but difficult. First turn looks like it can go at full throttle, but I was surprised when on the first round missed the apex at one place there was a very irregular asphalt. However, after a few laps quickly get used to the characteristics of the circuit."

Giampaolo Dall Ara, chief race engineer "overall the day was good, we performed a planned program. In the morning the racers and engineers studied the track, we got the first idea about how the tyres will behave on the asphalt. The results were improved rapidly, and should be considered when selecting settings.

With one of the cars we have worked Sergei, he played well, not made a single mistake and gradually picked up speed. But Esteban had to miss a session, because in the afternoon we adjusted his program, so he was able to work longer on settings, while Adrian was his usual rating of the tires."


2014-10-10 14:14:02

Sergey Sirotkin I am ready for the next step

Sergey Sirotkin I am ready for the next step

In Sochi Sergey Sirotkin for the first time took part in the official session of the weekend of the Grand Prix, sitting in the first training session behind the wheel of the machine Esteban Gutierrez. After training pilot Sauber shared his impressions.

Question Sergey, as picatiny

Sergey Sirotkin the First impression is great I half't driven this car, so snachala was a bit unusual. To be honest, there was a feeling that I was actually the first time behind the wheel. It took some time to get used to, but then I showed good pace.

Unfortunately, during the last series of circles, which was supposed to be the fastest, I every time fast lap interfere with traffic. As a result I lost a lot of time, and the circle, which turned out to be the fastest, was the last - rubber was already pretty worn out. Moreover, in the last sector I was driving one of the cars Lotus, which resulted in the loss of approximately five-tenths. Unfortunately, we failed to realize the full potential, but the task was not.

Together with the team we have conducted a series of aerodynamic tests, checked the mechanical adjustments and made some conclusions. It is much more important than the free races.

Question However, you are not so much lost to Adrian Sutil.

Sergey Sirotkin you Can say that at some point, at least, I was not lost, but it's actually not so important.

Question were You nervous before the session

Sergey Sirotkin I was not worried. It's just the free races, not race. I am confident in myself and I have no doubt that you can show a good time at the range. Most important of all was quiet to do their work.

Question are You satisfied with how it worked out session

Sergey Sirotkin Yes, of course. I'm actually a little surprised that not much behind Adrian, because it is not attacked by 100. I feel ready for the next year.

Question are You ready to race

Sergey Sirotkin I feel more than ready for it.

Question What is your impression of the track

Sergey Sirotkin the Route is very interesting configuration, quick, one-third turn. Yes, there are some moments, but overall the track is decent. Yesterday I was afraid that the asphalt will be very slippery, you have problems with the clutch, especially in the beginning of the session, but this problem did not exist. There are several interesting twists. For example, very hard braking before the second. The configuration I like.

Question How do you think, what is the probability of a crash in the second turn during the launch

Sergey Sirotkin This is not the most difficult place asphalt around the security zone. If anything, you can always go to them. I don't think that will be something serious, although braking before the turn of the machine can be dispersed, at least up to 300 km/H.

Question But this is the main place for overtaking

Sergey Sirotkin Yes, this is a good turn for overtaking, and back straight. Places to fight enough, on the third sector in "Eske" you can try to do something. I think the race will be interesting.

Question can You elaborate on what worked in this session

Sergey Sirotkin the Main attention was paid to the work settings. We evaluated how the different options affect the behavior of a machine, heating rubber and so on.

Question Recently imposed restrictions on the communication between driver and engineer. This complicates the work

Sergey Sirotkin I these limitations did not prevent. Yes, today I first worked on this track, sometimes I would like to clarify certain points, but, for example in World series by Renault we do not have online-telemetry. If it were possible, I'd a couple of times something asked the engineer, but not a fact.

Question What is the future plan of your work during the weekend

Sergey Sirotkin I drove free runs, got some experience, in the course of the weekend I will attend all briefings. I think the team is satisfied with the gathered my information. Will try to analyze to help the Esteban Gutierrez, who will sit behind the wheel in the second session.

Question Debut in the official session of the Grand Prix behind. What's next

Sergey Sirotkin Prospects for the positive, but until I can make statements. I have a good opportunity, and I think not much time left to wait.

Question it seemed that the entrance to the pit lane is very narrow.

Sergey Sirotkin Yes, narrow. On the one hand this is good, the other bad. The entrance is very technical. The speed limit is 80 km/h, and at the entrance is a 90-degree turn - he, first, the blind, and, secondly, very narrow. When the race go to the limit and attempt to play every tenth, in this place, problems can occur.

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2014-10-09 20:24:02

Sergey Sirotkin We have been preparing for this all year

Sergey Sirotkin We have been preparing for this all year

On Friday Sergey Sirotkin for the first time will participate in formal session of the Grand Prix - the first training session, he will be replaced behind the wheel of the Sauber of Esteban Gutierrez. On the eve of the Russian told reporters in Sochi their experiences and plans for the future.

Question Joe, what are you feeling on the eve of the first Grand Prix of Russia and the upcoming debut

Sergey Sirotkin Emotions stunning. We whole year was prepared for this. And the whole country worked hard to see the Grand Prix on its territory. Of course, we were waiting for, and that day is getting closer and closer.

Question have You walked along

Sergey Sirotkin Yes, this morning went with the team. A very good impression. Interesting, quick configuration, smooth floor - maybe even too smooth, that will complicate the heating of the rubber. Perhaps I will be able to say more after a workout, but so far everything is very positive.

Question they Say, you can very easily attack the curbs.

Sergey Sirotkin you can Attack, but to cut corners is impossible, because the curbs are installed speed bumps. So you need to comply with the measure.

Question What is the task before you put the command, and what you are putting themselves

Sergey Sirotkin of Course, the priorities of the team is more important. This new track, information about it yet no one, so first we are going to understand how here behaves machine. Then we will test this model new and different variations of mechanical adjustment. Will work on medium-sized series of circles. As for me personally, I just try to help the team.

Question How, in your opinion, it's easy to overtake

Sergey Sirotkin I Think, to overtake here is where it is promoted by two DRS zone. But if this is so going to see on Sunday.

Question are You someone came to support

Sergey Sirotkin Yes, my parents. They will watch a training session in the stands, access to the paddock to get to them has failed. But in General, familiar faces, a lot, because it is the home stage.

Question You were here a year ago, participated in the show-arrivals. How everything has changed

Sergey Sirotkin Then the track was being built, it was difficult to see what eventually happens. But already at the Olympic games, it became clear that a serious scale. Coming here now, we made sure everything looks good, and infrastructure, and track.

Question How tomorrow's workout can affect your future

Sergey Sirotkin I Think my future is more affected by the performance in the World series by Renault. But of course, this is another chance to show what I am capable of, to prove that I am ready.

Question But is there a way to show themselves given that this year's results at Sauber not

Sergey Sirotkin of Course you can - I will try to contribute to the operation of the machine and settings. It is difficult to judge, as all tomorrow goes, but I will do what I can.

Question Why, in your opinion, this season the team that bad things are going

Sergey Sirotkin Formula 1 is a complex sport, a lot depends on funding. It was a year of great change, and I think that with regard to those funds that were available to the team, she made the most of it. But step by step the team progresses, the machine is improved. From the outside it is not so noticeable, because the rivals also not standing still, but in General positive trend is, it's not so bad.

Question How often do you meet with Adrian Sutil and Esteban-Gutierrez

Sergey Sirotkin we Cannot say that we are close friends and every day and call each other, but, of course, we communicate - and not only with them but with the whole team, with engineers, regularly go to the base.

Question is it Possible your participation in the training course other Grand Prix of the season

Sergey Sirotkin This issue is being discussed, there's nothing I can say. Maybe, maybe not - we're working on it. Much depends on the situation with the following season.

Question Certainty contract for next season yet

Sergey Sirotkin No, but there are a few options that are fairly well developed, and soon certainty will appear. Then, after a month and a half, we all declare, but I can't talk about the details.

Question we are Talking about Sauber, or are you considering other teams

Sergey Sirotkin of Course, my priority is Sauber. With other teams, we also work, I would not want to remain without a contract, but with Sauber in my contract, so for us it's the first option.

Question No problems with getting superlicense

Sergey Sirotkin No. In fact, all the requirements I have already done the tests in Bahrain, the rest of the time was occupied by various formalities. In addition, it makes no sense to get a superlicense to that moment when you really want to get behind the wheel.

Question What do you think about contract Daniel quata with Red Bull Racing Some believe that now he will be able to compete for the title.

Sergey Sirotkin Red Bull Racing is a very strong team, so the potential to win the championship. For my part, I can only wish him good luck. Will try to do everything, so he would have someone to fight, and to complicate his task laughs.

Question How much progress you have made in the course of this season, as far as tomorrow's workout will help you in this regard

Sergey Sirotkin Progress is huge - maybe not from the point of view of pure speed, but in General. I became more Mature as a pilot. Participation in free practice - a new experience for me, I too will help, but I already spoke on this process have a greater influence performances in Formula Renault 3.5. This year we had a lot of problems with electronics, with other elements, and that, despite this, to fight for points, I had to achieve maximum, and the error could not be discussed. It really makes you work. Given all this, the fact that I currently occupy fifth place in the championship - worthy result.

Question How big push will give Grand Prix Russia, the development of motor sport in our country

Sergey Sirotkin of Course, this step will give a huge boost, but we've been waiting for this moment for a long time. I think gradually the development was before, but this year will be special for us.

Question what is the machine you have flown for more superlicense differs from the one on which you have to work tomorrow

Sergey Sirotkin of Course, during the season the team is progressing, and what the difference is sure to be another aerodynamics, other settings, but basically it's the same chassis, so nothing radical will not change.

Question What do you think about the accident Bianchi, and what needs to change to prevent this from recurring

Sergey Sirotkin It's a horrible situation, I was in shock. Let's hope that Jules and everything will be okay, he will recover, and soon we will see him in the cockpit. As this change is not for me to decide. The right people will draw conclusions, and I just want to wish Jules health.

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2014-10-08 20:14:03

Accident Jules Bianchi questions and answers

Accident Jules Bianchi questions and answers

A journalist of the German Auto Motor und Sport Michael Schmidt talked with representatives of the FIA and safety experts to find answers to some of the questions that arose after the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka.

Why not publish data about the accident

About the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka written a lot, but much is not true. This is partly due to the fact that documents evidence deliberately not published. FIA does it for protection but not ourselves or employees of the circuit, and the Bianchi.

Recording and telemetry data can show that the driver is solely to blame for the incident. One of the representatives of the Federation commented "It would be unfair to Bianchi, because now he can't defend itself."

Fact the video of the accident have. This is not a video of one of the spectators, who filmed what happened in turn Dunlop and posted the recording on YouTube. And not official telecasting - TV cameraman turned the camera at the critical moment.

But the camera placed in the corner all recorded. And on this record it is seen that the machine Bianchi, unlike Adrian Sutil, not rotating before the collision. Marussia enters, Bianchi too sharply reacts, and the machine at high speed in a straight flying in tow.

If there was a lack of double yellow flags

One of the widely discussed issues in recent times - why, after the departure of Sutil on the track did not appear car safety, and the FIA has limited double yellow flags The reason is that the machine Sauber was far outside of the track, in the wall of the tires. The staff at Suzuka very opyty to evacuate the car they need less range.

If the operation of evacuation required more time, or if Sauber pushed to the edge of the track, the race direction has released the safety car. But in the situation of double yellow flags were quite effective, according to experts.

Green flags were shown ahead of time

Others were of the view that the green flag on the 12th post, which was located at the place of departure of Sutila was shown too early. Amateur video shows that the green flag was there for 15 seconds before Bianchi crashed into a tow truck.

However, testimony clarify two time. Bianchi could not see the green flag at the time of departure, as it was situated in a blind turn. But if he even saw it, it didn't matter. He would have the right to step on the gas only after pass from the 12th post on his steering wheel is lit if the green indicator. That is, after he passed the scene of the accident.

Why you used the tow truck, and stationary crane

You can often hear accusations against the organisers in connection with the fact that they used for the evacuation of the machine Stila archaic tractor, not a faucet that could be located outside of the track. But now that responded to this expert on security issues

"Then three or four of the Marshal would have to work with the machine in front of the barrier. In this case, they would have died. And if it had been confirmed that the driver was driving too fast, whoever he was, he would be suspended from playing for a long time.

You cannot require marshals to work with risk to life. There is a certain gradation level of protection from risks. In the first place is always the safety of spectators. Then follow the marshals, and only the third place racers, because only they can influence the situation".


2014-10-08 20:04:02

Grand Prix of Russia the Schedule of press conferences

Grand Prix of Russia the Schedule of press conferences

The FIA has announced the official schedule of press conferences in the days of the Grand Prix of Russia.

On Thursday, the press center will visit Fernando Alonso Ferrari, Jenson button McLaren, Daniel Quat Toro Rosso, Felipe Massa Williams, Adrian Sutil Sauber and Sebastian Vettel Red Bull.

On Friday, representatives of the leadership teams John Booth Marussia, Eric Bulle McLaren, Christian Horner Red Bull Racing, Marco Mattiacci Ferrari, Moniz, Kaltenborn Sauber and French Toast Toro Rosso.

Saturday and Sunday's press conference dedicated to the three leaders on the day. The translations we traditionally publish on

text Dmitry Bukharov


2014-10-07 17:44:03

Will the accident Bianchi revising the rules

Will the accident Bianchi revising the rules

After the accident, Jules Bianchi in the Grand Prix of Japan began a discussion about whether acted Directorate of the race Not whether it was necessary to release the safety car immediately after the departure of Adrian Sutil Respected British journalist James Allen talks about whether to change the rules

James Allen "After a dramatic incident with Jules Bianchi in Suzuka have any questions about the role of vehicle safety in modern Formula 1. Opinions are divided. Someone thinks that because of the deteriorating weather conditions, the safety car had to release onto the 43rd round, when the marshals were evacuated wrecked car Adrian Sutil. Some believe that the mere fact of being in the relegation zone heavy tractor should automatically lead to driving safety.

The problem with the regime yellow flags is that it is not said, to what speed racer is set to slow in the area of their actions. The Formula 1 engineers tell us that, in practice, pilots to share a moment let go of the gas pedal, and then dispersed again. While the safety car, racers must travel at a given speed, which is determined at the beginning of the weekend.

As in the case of any accident, FIA began the investigation of the incident. There were many arguments in favour of that issue at the moment on the track the safety car the weather conditions deteriorated, decreased visibility, and some riders, such as Bianchi and Sutil, on the intermediate shank drove more than 20 laps, they were badly worn. The engineers say that in such conditions, when it rains, worn intermediate tyres very quickly, on each round, losing temperature, and then the level of clutches drops sharply. In addition, the marshals worked in the relegation zone on a very wet part of the track.

In our days, the race direction has very sophisticated equipment to track any situation on the road this radio communication with the marshals at every turn, service and television cameras, sophisticated software that analyzes data from sensors, GPS and so on. The race direction control signal system that displays on the wheel and on the scoreboard to track information about yellow flags. In addition, there are marshals with flags. In the twilight it was hard not to notice this light indication. In this case, the usual flags - is secondary.

This season we have seen several controversial episodes. For example, in Hockenheim car safety does not appear on the track after machine adriana Stila blocked directly opposite the pit lane. And in Singapore, as it is considered a safety car for a very long time remained on the track, while the marshals were removed from the road debris machines Sergio Perez.

So it is necessary to revise the rules about where on the track the safety car after what happened in Suzuka World champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve says Yes.

"Rules governing the operation of safety car must be changed, - says Villeneuve. When I participated in the race and got into an accident, every time it was disturbing, does not crash if me someone else. Even if the route yellow flags, even if the riders are dropping speed, still something can happen, for example, puncture or breakage of the suspension. The accident occurred on the highway came the safety car. Everything is simple, as it should be. American racing has always been like this".

Former F1 driver and now a television commentator Martin Brandl got into a similar accident at Suzuka in 1994 he nearly crashed into a tow truck, but was hit by one of the marshals.

"I almost lost my life, but I managed to avoid a collision with a tractor, although I knocked the Marshal, " says Martin Brandl. The tractors are too high and the driver is in the car too low. I have spent many years talking about it. If you are flying in for the turn, then crash into the barrier. The racer is no possibility to change the situation, because this place is a very high speed.

Having studied Amateur video of the crash Bianchi, it becomes clear that he is lucky if the trajectory of the machine took place at five meters to the left, he would hit the Marshal, and then would have flown under the tractor. However, even if there was no tractor accident still could be very serious, because the impact of the barrier of the tire would happen at a very high speed.

It is difficult to eliminate all risks, but the question is, what is the direction of Formula 1 should work to reduce the likelihood of similar accidents Obviously, the emphasis should be shifted towards the clarification of the rules of the yellow flags. In Formula 1 should respond to the events, but it is important to avoid over-reaction.

If you accept the change that stands Jacques Villeneuve, Formula 1 will be completely different, because the safety car will appear on the track more often. This will lead to the reduction of lead in the peloton that can help in those years, when one of the teams has a dominant advantage. The race will become more unpredictable, especially if the safety car will appear on the track at an awkward moment for the leader, when his opponent has just made a pit-stop.

Usually four or five cars't get to finish, although at the end of the era of V8 engines due to the increased security number descended was less. With the development of hybrid power plants in the coming years, the reliability will return to the previous level. Sometimes, after detecting a technical problem, the pilots returned to the boxes, and do not stop on the track. Some modern tracks so large security zone that seems pointless to release the safety car after each flight, because the marshals are far from the path. In addition, the need to review the new rule restarts from the place after leaving highway vehicle safety, and to increase the time limit of the race.

From the point of view of their influence on the course of the race, the emergence in the mid-distance car safety always complicates the work of strategists commands, because you need to quickly decide whether to stay in boxes or to stay on track. Of course, there are cases that the pilot on the strategy of one pit stop and still did not stop, then there is no problem of choice, but these days such races not so much.

Excluding severe weather conditions, it is usually now the safety car appears on the track in the area of open pit-stops", because before and immediately after stops in boxes pilots were attacking in full force. Considering the difference in the effectiveness of the rubber near the cars on the track, this leads to clashes. A good example is the emergence of the safety car in Singapore because of an accident Sergio Perez".