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January nomeromania 28 - Clay Regazzoni, 1979

January nomeromania 28 - Clay Regazzoni, 1979

First win for the Williams team in 1979 brought Clay Regazzoni. Were the Swiss in the season by car with the number "28".At the end of 1976, Frank Williams after a dispute with partner Walter wolf sold to his old team and together with Patrick head founded new under the name of Williams Grand Prix Engineering, which still exists today. In 1977, the team used a customer March 761 chassis, and a year later appeared a head designed FW06 chassis. The only pilot team was then Alan Jones, but in 1979 his partner was a 39-year veteran of Formula 1 Clay Regazzoni, Vice-champion in 1974.The beginning of the season-1979 team played with FW06. Only at the fifth stage there is a new machine with newfangled FW07 ground effect. A couple of races left for the development of new technology. At the seventh stage in Monaco Regazzoni finished second. And then it was home to the Williams Grand Prix of great Britain. Pole position on the British track was won by Jones. He was leading most of the race, but lost due to the failure of the water pump. Second in that time it was Regazzoni, who eventually won.

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January nomeromania 6 - Keke Rosberg, 1982

January nomeromania 6 - Keke Rosberg, 1982

Finn Keke Rosberg made his debut in Formula 1 in 1978. Four season he played in weak teams, while in 1982 has not received a proposal to replace Williams in champion 1980 Alan Jones.Rosberg nominally was the second pilot and were on the car with the number "6". But suddenly after two stages Williams left Carlos Reutemann, and Rosberg was the leader of the team.The 1982 season was accompanied with scandals, suspensions, deadly accidents, and it is quite a tight fight. Suffice it to say that in the 16 races won 11 pilots Quite a long time the winners could not get and Rosberg, although occasionally he finished on the podium third in Holland and Germany, the second in long beach, Belgium and Austria - in the latter case, he lost to the winner Elio de Angelis just 50 thousandths of a second Finally, Keke managed to win the Grand Prix of Switzerland, and this victory allowed us to become one of the leaders of the championship, for two stages before the end of the season.

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Daniel ricciardo moved to Williams

Daniel ricciardo moved to Williams

This week on the track Paul Ricard Australian pilot Red Bull Daniel ricciardo tried out classic car Williams FW07B, where his countryman Alan Jones became the champion of the season-1980.Daniel ricciardo "It's fantastic I did not expect that the car is so good, it brakes great I quickly got used to the controls, but now I understand that better if it worked with the gearbox, it could break later. The car reacted perfectly to my movements, the sound of the engine is unmatched, and I am grateful to the organizers for this great opportunity".

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Bernie Ecclestone Las Vegas is open to question

Bernie Ecclestone Las Vegas is open to question

The head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone said that the race in Las Vegas, which he negotiates with the organizers, is open to question.Bernie Ecclestone "we Have had difficulties. I want to race took place right on the main street of Las Vegas where the main casinos. We need to make people understand, including the stream that is Las Vegas.While I'm negotiating, but there are difficulties. If you do not come here - will try other cities.Grand Prix of Las Vegas was conducted in 1981 and 1982 on the track, laid on a giant Parking lot. In both cases the stage was closed for the season, and in both cases it was determined title holder. In 1981 the race was won by defending champion Alan Jones, but the title went to Nelson Piquet. In 1982, the victory was celebrated by Michele Alboreto, a champion was Keke Rosberg.

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Stats Some interesting facts after the race in Bahrain

For Nico Rosberg to win in Bahrain was the 16th in his career. And according to this indicator, the German caught up with the star of the 1950s by Stirling moss, who holds the record for most victories among those who never won the title.At the same time, this victory was the fifth in a row for Nico since last year's Grand Prix of Mexico. First is managed only seven pilots, and they became Champions.For the second year in a row the second finish in Bahrain Kimi Raikkonen. For Finn this is the eighth podium in Bahrain five times he climbed the second step, three times - the third.Stoffel Vandorn for the first time this weekend got behind the wheel of a McLaren MP4-31 and immediately earned one point. The last time the representative of Belgium finished in the points zone in 1992, when Thierry Boutsen consisting Ligier finished the race fifth in Australia.In Australia Roman Grosjean finished sixth and in Bahrain - fifth. The last time the U.S. team pilot has earned points in two races in a row 30 years ago. Then a part of the Haas it was a completely different team Alan Jones finished fourth in Italy, and then the sixth in Belgium.Sebastian Vettel retired because of engine failure is already on the warm-up lap. For the first time in his career, which has 160 Grand Prix, the German was unable to participate in the race.The second race in a row Williams both pilots were able to finish in the points zone. This managed only Mercedes.

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Bernie Ecclestone dreams of a race in Las Vegas

Bernie Ecclestone dreams of a race in Las Vegas

The head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone has admitted he would not mind to return to the Royal race in Las Vegas.Bernie Ecclestone "It would be great to race in such a unique city as Las Vegas We can only wait for proposals from the organizers. The problem is in the contract that is ready and waiting for signatures.How will this affect the number of Grand Prix Will have to think get rid of one, or leave 22".Grand Prix Las Vegas was held in 1981 and 1982. In both cases, the stage of the closed season, and in both cases it was determined the winner of the world title. In 1981 the race was won by defending champion Alan Jones, but the title went to Nelson Piquet. In 1982, the victory was celebrated by Michele Alboreto, a champion was Keke Rosberg.

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Offensive misfires in Monaco

It's a shame to miss out on winning the race, it is doubly insulting in such a prestigious race like the Monaco Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton is not the first, who lost in the streets of the Principality, having a solid advantage. We remembered a few episodes.1970 goddessthe champion Jackie Stewart was in the lead throughout the first twenty laps, but failed the engine. The race was headed by Jack Brabham, who played for his own team. Ten laps before the finish, the Aussie had the advantage of ten seconds over the pilot Lotus Jochen Random. At the end of the race the Austrian rapidly added a couple of times and set the lap record. But all went to the fact that Brabham will win the race.At last, 80th, circle Jack left in the lead, having a couple of seconds. In the last corner he decided to overtake lagging on the circle of opponent, left on the dirty part of the track and he shoved his nose into the barrier. While three-time champion backed into it, flew past Rindt.1981 fit for most of the race was in the lead pilot Nelson Piquet Brabham. A little sluggishly started the race the defending champion Alan Jones by mid-race had tightened to the opponent. Sharing the best circles, the pair broke away from the peloton for thirty seconds. On the 56th lap, twenty laps to go, Piquet made a mistake when overtaking circular Patrick Tambay and went off the road.Competitors, Jones remained, but for the first nine laps before the finish on his Williams had problems with the fuel system. Alan visited the pits and returned to the track leader, however, the engine on his car continued to run rough. Three laps before the finish he caught up and walked Gilles Villeneuve from Ferrari. Jones came to finish second.1982 godgory was marked by intense struggle Alain Prost from Renault, Ricardo Patrese from Brabham and Didier pironi from Ferrari. Almost the entire distance, this trio was a single "train". At three laps to go Simple mistake on the exit of the tunnel and crashed the car.Patrese led the race. On the penultimate lap, the Italian launched at the hairpin. Leadership passed to me " happy, but on the last lap he ran out of fuel Forward unexpectedly left Andrea de Cesaris from Alfa Romeo and Derek Daly Williams. But they were not destined to reach the finish line the first one ran out of fuel, the second after colliding refused gearbox.Meanwhile, Patrese managed to get back on track and eventually crossed the finish line first. On the second and third places were classified pironi and de Cesaris.1988 yearon qualifying Ayrton Senna won a second and a half from his partner Alain Prost McLaren. Senna took the lead in the race from the first lap and quickly pulled away from Simple, which is stuck behind Gerhard Berger from Ferrari. Only at the 55th round Simple has managed to reach the second position, but by this time the advantage Senna was more than fifty seconds. Allen a couple of times to set a record lap, Ayrton decided to answer, but for 12 laps before the finish overdone and took off on the descent to the tunnel.Frustrated Brazilian two days looking for the representatives of McLaren. In Monaco, Senna never made a mistake and won all five races in which managed to participate.1992 yearon the year on all routes dominated Williams pilots. Here in Monaco and Nigel Mansell with the launch went ahead. For the first eight laps before the finish, the Briton felt the puncture and having a 30-second advantage over Ayrton hay from McLaren, decided to come into the pits. But there he was not expecting.Pit stop was delayed, and on the road Mansell returned the second. In a few circles Nigel on fresh tires eliminated the 5-second gap. But ahead of McLaren Brazilian, barely standing on the track, and could not.2004 gtmichael Schumacher quite easily won the first five races of the season. Only in Monaco, the pilot Ferrari has met with considerable resistance in the face of representatives of Renault's Jarno Trulli and Fernando Alonso. A pair of Renault led for 40 laps, while in the tunnel not crashed his car Alonso. Using the emergence of the safety car, the leaders made pit stop, and it was quicker mechanics Ferrari Schumacher got ahead of Trulli.The safety car was preparing to leave the track. Michael decided to warm up the tires and brakes, habitually accelerated, then braked sharply. But this maneuver was unexpected for Juan-Pablo Montoya, who followed the German, playing with a circle. From hitting the back of the Ferrari of Michael crashed into the wall of the tunnel, and then bounced to the opposite side.The lead went back to Trulli, who eventually won the only career victory.

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Danny Sullivan is the third steward Grand Prix Russia

Danny Sullivan is the third steward Grand Prix Russia

Former racer Tyrell, champion Indycar series and the winner of "the 500 miles of Indianapolis" Danny Sullivan invited on the role of the third steward of the Grand Prix of Russia.

With him contentious issues will be dealt with Dr. Gerd Ennser, representative of the German Association of the DMSB and the Secretary General of the autoclub of the Czech Republic, member of the world Council of FIA Motorsport Radovan Novak.

This year the role of the third steward also performed Emanuele Pirro in Hungary and Belgium, Martin Donnelly in Malaysia, Adrian Fernandez in China, Danny Sullivan Spain, Derek Daly in Canada, Tom Kristensen Austria and Germany and Nigel Mansell in the UK, Derek Warwick Italy, Alan Jones in Singapore, Mika Salo in Japan.


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Mika Salo - third steward Grand Prix of Japan

Mika Salo - third steward Grand Prix of Japan

Mika Salo, a former F1 driver, now actively cooperating with the Russian program SMP Racing, FIA invited on the role of the third steward Grand Prix of Japan. Finn was already working in that capacity at the Bahrain championship 2013.

With him contentious issues will be dealt with President of the Swiss Motorsport Federation Paul Gutiar and Vice-President of the FIA Jose Abed.

This year the role of the third steward also performed Emanuele Pirro in Hungary and Belgium, Martin Donnelly in Malaysia, Adrian Fernandez in China, Danny Sullivan Spain, Derek Daly in Canada, Tom Kristensen Austria and Germany and Nigel Mansell in the UK, Derek Warwick Italy, Alan Jones in Singapore.


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Alan Jones is the third steward Singapore Grand Prix

Alan Jones is the third steward Singapore Grand Prix

World champion 1980 Alan Jones invited the FIA on the role of the third steward Singapore Grand Prix. Aussie for the fifth time to participate in the analysis of incidents - after Korea'10, Suzuki'11, India'12 and Spain'13.

With him contentious issues will be dealt honorary President of the Swedish Federation Lars Osterlind and President of the Commission of the FIA along and autoclub Canada Roger Peart.

This year the role of the third steward also performed Emanuele Pirro in Hungary and Belgium, Martin Donnelly in Malaysia, Adrian Fernandez in China, Danny Sullivan Spain, Derek Daly in Canada, Tom Kristensen Austria and Germany and Nigel Mansell in the UK, Derek Warwick in Italy.


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Alan Jones believes in the championship Riccardo Daniel

Alan Jones believes in the championship Riccardo Daniel

Australian champion Formula 1 Alan Jones is confident that his compatriot Daniel Riccardo may soon be competing for the title."I see the potential of their compatriot, " said the champion of the season-1980. - Guy, will secure the title. This year the first place he had no chance, anyway, because pilots Mercedes extremely strong, but as soon as his hands were caught fastest car, he will fight for his first titulaire him now the engine of the Mercedes, and it is better just take in the German team, and now he will take the first place".

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Alun Jones Riccardo capable of winning the title

Alun Jones Riccardo capable of winning the title

World champion 1980 Australian Alan Jones is confident that Daniel Riccardo able one day to win the world title. According to Jones, all doubts on this account completely disappeared after the race in Hungary, consist Riccardo had just brilliant.

Alun Jones "Riccardo capable of winning the title, no doubt about it. Of course, he will not be able to do it this year, because in Mercedes has had great advantages. But give him a good car in the next season. If his Red Bull to install the engine Mercedes, he will be able to fight for the title. Or transpose it into a Mercedes, because it proved that they are able to consistently finish in the top four.

He can compete with the best racers. He never went off the track and misses the accident. I think in Hungary aerobatics Daniel was exemplary. He had excellent control tyre condition that shows its maturity. To come out on top, Daniel spent a stunning overtaking Fernando Alonso.

Some believed that, in Canada, he was just lucky to win after the problems rivals, but in Hungary it really deserved to win. He's just very good piloted. I think he's a great rider, and great strengthened its position in the team.

I call him "killer with the face of a child". Not without reason on his helmet is RATEL despite its small size, medoedy considered one of the most aggressive animals of Africa - approx. He is very friendly, amazing guy, he's always smiling, but when it gets in the car, completely changed".


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Mark Webber was pleased with the achievements Riccardo

Mark Webber was pleased with the achievements Riccardo

Australian ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber admitted that he was pleased to observe what progress reaches his compatriot Daniel Riccardo."I completely satisfied with where I am and what I do, " said Webber. - I am glad the new page in a career pilotato concerns Formula 1, I with great interest observe the confrontation in the Red Bull, I really like what you have achieved Daniel. Riccardo well does the job, making the minimum of errors throughout the season. Victory brought the guy confidence, so now only forward.Riccardo became the fourth in the history of Formula 1 Australian won the Grand Prix. Before it managed to make the Jack Brebemi, Alan Jones and Mark Webber. The first two Champions.

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Grand Prix of Canada Press conference on Sunday

Grand Prix of Canada Press conference on Sunday

1. Daniel Riccardo Red Bull Racing

2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes

3. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing

Interview on the podium

Question Jean Alesi Daniel, what a race The final laps I was through with you Tell us about your first victory.

Daniel Riccardo I'm still a little freaked out Thanks to the fans for their incredible support, because there are many Australian flags The situation in the race picked up noticeably in the last 15-20 circles, when we saw that Hamilton had problems. Then Rosberg was losing speed on the straights, but I found it very difficult to anticipate Perez - Force India is a great car, it has a very high speed on the straights, although in turns I chased him.

In the end I managed to get through the last Chicano, before the first turn I spent a good maneuver and fell behind Nico, which allowed to use DRS. So now I feel great joy - thank you all

Question Jean Alesi Nico, in the beginning of the race you had a good speed, you fought with a partner. Tell us about it.

Nico Rosberg In the course of the whole race was an intense struggle. I started poorly, but the first corner was occupied by the best position. I was lucky to maintain leadership. We Lewis fought among themselves, but I managed to keep the advantage before the second pit stop.

At the pit stop arose delay in getting the result I lost position. After that I don't fully understand what was happening. Motor power fell, the machine has seriously lost in speed in a straight line. I have made every effort to remain in the race, and drove circles in the qualifying mode, but it did not help in the fight against Daniel Riccardo.

Question Jean Alesi Sebastian, it seems, place Mark Webber the team came a good racer, what would you say

Sebastian Vettel Yes, he is very good - my congratulations, today is his day As Daniel says, race revived closer to the finish line. Today we, unlike past weekend, helped troubles Mercedes, but most importantly, we were able to use this chance.

The situation was difficult, we were stuck for Force India I Nico Hulkenberg, Daniel - Sergio Perez. On direct lacked the power that did not help the implementation of our strategy. However, the day ended positively - the first victory of Daniel, the first success of Renault in a new era of turbo engine. Motorists have returned to the fight, but much remains to be done, because today Mercedes were much faster on the straights. In any case, a good weekend, and again my congratulations to Daniel

Question Jean Alesi Daniel, ahead of the race but the Austrian highway, which can be called for you home. What do you expect from the forthcoming stage, and are you happy now

Daniel Ricardo I am in a good mood I will prepare for the next race, because Grand Prix Austria is home to Red Bull. And if me and Sebastian once again be able to climb the podium - it will be good There was a huge work on the reconstruction of the track and infrastructure update Austrian racing circuit, I am sure that in two weeks we expect another interesting weekend

Press conference

Q Daniel, you joined the club of winners of the Grand Prix Formula 1 How does it feel

Daniel Riccardo Wonderful It all seems some miracle, but really, it's great I was not in the lead throughout the race, I have not had time to realize that I claim victory - it all happened in the last laps, because you need time to put in order all the thoughts in my head.

Race revived closer to the finish line for Mercedes have problems, and we have been able to approach. I struggled with Sergio Perez, but I was really difficult to forecast them Force India car very fast on straight, and Sergio perfectly passed turns, biting my onslaught. Finally, I was able to successfully emerge from the last Chicane, and I spent the attack at the entrance to the first bunch of turns. I was very close to the bug, slightly dropped to the grass, but everything turned out, and then I crept to Niko.

Not sure if all is in order with the riders, faced on the last lap, but I would like to see this before we can celebrate. I hope they are normal, and I am very pleased with your results

Question no, as noted Daniel, today at Mercedes had problems. Your partner withdrew, allowing you to extend our lead in the championship to twenty-two points. However, you had to try, when the pace of the cars has sharply fallen. We heard about the problems with the brakes, the need to conserve fuel. How hard could this race

Nico Rosberg On my machine refused ERS, braking energy is no longer accumulated, brakes overheating. This was only one problem. Had to actively cool the brakes, the car lost in speed on the straights. However, I got to go in circles in the qualifying pace until the last two laps to stay ahead of the big group of riders. In this regard, the result is good, I gained a significant number of points.

My congratulations to Daniel, the first victory is fantastic A great day for him, not the best for me, but we must continue and become immune to problems with reliability.

Question Sebastian, at some point you told the team that he would like to try to play by tactics. You obviously did not like to go for Force India. Tell us about it and about the clash on the last lap. Judging by the repeat saved you some fifteen meters.

Sebastian Vettel Approximately twentieth circle - don't remember exactly, somewhere after the first pit-stop for a couple of laps before I caught up with the first of Force India cars, my race was almost ruined. I could not carry out the attack, and as you can see, in principle we could not overtake on straight.

Rivals with Mercedes engines were too fast " in addition, we hardly reflected the pressure from Williams. Because I was asked to do something with the strategy. The guys on the pit wall, the situation is better visible, but they could not help me to realize our speed. In the end, I spent a pit stop and lost a place to Daniel.

Closer to the end, I was able to use the problems with the brakes in a car Perez, I drew up close and still held overtaking. Again, you could see that even with activated DRS cost me to get out of the "air bag"as Force India started to pull out. Then on the way to the first turn I saw that Felipe and Sergio are coming very close to each other, after a moment noticed something white in the rear view mirror and at the last second shifted a little to the right just at the moment when attacking Sergio machine Felipe flew up into the air. Incredible, but I was really lucky that he did not touch me - I still time for it to be noticed.


Question Mike Dodson - Auto Action Daniel, you mentioned error on the part of the Peres, but still we were very close to him and probably planned the attack. Despite the significant difference in the maximum speed of whether space on the highway, where you expected to spend overtaking You planned the attack just when it actually took place

Daniel Riccardo behind Sergio, I always tried to do something, looking for opportunities, but he flew flawlessly, confidently left turn, and I wanted a mistake on his part. At some point he drove too close to the Rosberg, missed the point of braking before the last chicanos, I approached him at the exit, took advantage of the "air bag" and used DRS.

I knew that in the first turn we fast enough, because only appeared on the outer radius, decided to move and brought it to the end. Yes, I expected to overtake in the place, tried to do it many times, and the chance yet presented itself. Believe me, I certainly did not sit

Question Christopher Joseph - Chicane Daniel, I spoke with Alan Jones, and he said that he had to moderate their ambitions when he moved from Australia to Europe. What qualities have you purchased this season that we were able to achieve today's win

Daniel Riccardo Confidence. The more time I spend in the Formula 1, the more comfortable you feel. In any sport much faith in their own strength. If you really believe in the result, all will turn out. I knew that with me a great team, I believe that I can achieve excellent results. I enjoyed first victory

Question Paolo Ianieri - La Gazzetta dello Sport was Calculated whether you achieved the first victory so early By the way, today in many respects, a landmark for the Red Bull Racing because the team extended the contract with Adrian Newey for several years - even if its involvement in Formula 1 will be slightly less.

Daniel Riccardo Success came suddenly after all, Mercedes from the beginning of the season was a great speed, and they -- you Know, I still expect to win a complete victory. Don't get me wrong, but today the problem rivals helped us to achieve the goal. On the other hand, it's nice that we could take a chance - it would be a shame if even with malfunctions Mercedes managed to stay ahead.

News Adrian too pleasant He is an excellent specialist, and our cooperation should continue. We understand that we have to do a lot of work, but today I'm really happy for the team. We have earned a lot of points, let's enjoy this moment

Q Livio Origio - Universo Online Question for Sebastian and Daniel. Adrian Newey remains in the Red Bull Racing. When this news was announced in previous times, you, Sebastian, extended the contract with the team. Will the recent decision on your prospects in Red Bull Racing Daniel, on your opinion will influence

Daniel Ricardo I am just beginning his career with the Red Bull Racing and more than satisfied with the situation. It's great that Adrian left in the team because I barely started to work with him. We know that our machine is competitive enough - Yes, there are areas that need attention, but the news is good, and. you Know, I do not expect any quick changes

Question Sebastian

Sebastian Vettel My contract is long enough, and now the main task is to try to catch up with Mercedes. As noted Daniel, our machine is quite competitive, but its speed is still not enough to catch up with the leaders and regularly surpass them. Today we were lucky, but it's still a good reward to the whole team after a difficult start to the season and many problems to bring both machines are on the podium and to get ahead, at least one of the riders Mercedes. Good day, and in the future I think short term.

Q Chris Midland - Nico, what emotions prevail The fear is that Red Bull Racing is gradually approaching, the disappointment from the lost victory or positive sense of increased advantage over Hamilton

Nico Rosberg Today we really was hard work, and finish second. I never even knew what took the second place, I was informed about it after the race was over, perhaps, this was the main positive. Increased advantage in the League, of course, important, but we understand that Red Bull Racing is a very strong team, they do their best to try to get us. Therefore we try to keep the same attitude and motivation, what we had a year ago, when we were behind RBR half a second with a circle. We are striving to increase their advantage.

Q Dan Knutson - Auto Action/National Speedsport News Daniel, you have got the company of three to your compatriots, who had a chance to win the Grand Prix Formula 1. What does it mean for you it is a victory for your country

Daniel Riccardo That's amazing, I'm still trying to understand what happened. It's great that I was able to take a chance. When between me and Nico drove Peres, I realized if I could go Force India, I can anchor and Mercedes. Awareness of success, probably, will come later, but I was very proud to hear today the Australian national anthem. Since my previous victory in the race it was several years - I think it was in the World Series, in 2011-meters long time since I climbed on top of the podium and I miss that feeling

Question Massimo Lopez Pegna - La Gazzetta dello Sport Nico, for the first time since the beginning of the season Mercedes won the race. How annoyed you miss a win on the last lap

Nico Rosberg At that moment I did not know his position and was rather pleased with the situation as he saw behind the line of cars and they rejoiced that remain ahead. Yes, one opponent managed overtaking, but the other I resisted. Now I'm annoyed because of the loss of victory, it is a serious disappointment for the team. With such a fast machine not to win the Grand Prix and lead to the finish just one machine on the second place - a disappointing result. Our goal is winning the double, we will try to provide it in the next race in Austria.

Question Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport Nico, what is the problem was more difficult to cope with the loss of power or subsequent overheating of the brakes

Nico Rosberg In the case of power I chose other braking points, because drove to turn more slowly, and then this problem I'm not too bothered, whereas with the brakes, the situation was more complicated.

I had to shift the balance of brakes on the front axle, in order to make greater use of the front wheels, and, moreover, it was difficult for me to deal with their lock. I had to circle passing in the qualifying pace, and with the balance brakes, shifted forward, it is extremely difficult.

Q Chris Midland - Daniel, in the beginning of the season, you said that your goal is to secure their first victory. Now, when this item is made, what will be your next task

Daniel Riccardo I'll just try to enjoy the moment and I will not look far. I had to return to Europe tonight, but not sure I want to spend on the plane the night after the first victory. See what you can do

Question Sean Gregory - Globe and Mail Daniel, what's it like to give the victory to his race engineer, Gavin ward, in his home race

Daniel Riccardo This is awesome After the ceremony, I called him to the podium and poured champagne Gavin is canadian, I am pleased to give him the victory.

Translation Valery Kartashev


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Mark Webber Jack Brabham always inspired me

Mark Webber Jack Brabham always inspired me

Today died three-time world champion Jack Brabham. Former F1 driver mark Webber has expressed condolences to the family countryman, he became a close friend.

Mark Webber "I am very upset to hear of the death of Jack, he was the embodiment not only rider, who won several titles, but this Aussie. He was a pioneer, and selecting the most difficult path, has simplified the way for others. When I think about Jack, I remember the strong man, a real hard worker. For him there were no rules, no instructions - he made them himself. His achievements in the fight against the world's best racers and the conquest of one of the titles driving your own car is legendary.

For me personally, Jack was the most famous man in our family. He inspired us. My father followed his career since then, he has performed in Australia, and then did everything not to miss his achievements when he left Australia to compete with the best.

I was lucky to be presented to Jack up my departure from Australia, 17 or 18 years old. I felt awed by being near him. For many years he supported me, found the Board, became a close friend, but regretted having heard that I can go to Ferrari. Then he said he would be disappointed if I would sign a contract with them, as deemed perfect betrayal, because the desire to stay ahead always motivated him.

Jack and Margaret were always ready to give me time, and I was proud to give them a reason to rejoice, having won some of the most prestigious races, although I was not able to thank them for their support and to join the Champions, along with Alan Jones.

Margaret, Jeff, Gary and David and your loved ones - we are thinking of you at this sad time. Jack was a legend in the true sense of the word, his Australian fighting spirit became a source of inspiration. He will remain forever in our memory".



2014-03-21 13:54:02

Daniel Riccardo I want to climb the podium

Daniel Riccardo I want to climb the podium

Daniel Riccardo finished second in the Grand Prix of Australia, but after several hours after the race was excluded from the Protocol for exceeding the permitted limit fuel consumption 100 kg/H. In an interview to the press-service of the Red Bull Racing Daniel said to be on the podium, and then get the disqualification is better than to go the distance because of problems with the machine.

Question How would you describe your first Grand Prix with Red Bull Racing

Daniel Riccardo I Definitely well spent Grand Prix. Great to start from the first line after a difficult qualifying session. At the start, I kept quiet, well-traveled section of the highway up to the first turn, and held the second position. After that I went at my own pace and controlled the situation. Of course, cars Mercedes was a terrific rate, so that the second place was the most that I could count, so really happy with this result. When I crossed the finish line, all the fans rose to their feet and applauded - it was something special and different from how I imagined it.

Question the impression that you like on the podium

Daniel Riccardo I'm not sure that «like» is the right word. Interview on the podium with Alan Jones was from the area of surrealism. It was truly an indescribable moment that I cant forget.

Question And then we heard the disqualification.

Daniel Riccardo Yeah, not the most fun end of this fine day. Not as I imagined marking his first podium in the Formula 1. I still came out to celebrate it with a few friends, but my mood was not so cheerful, what could be.

Question What are the positive points can be noted in the last race

Daniel Riccardo actually, mostly positive. I did a great job on the road and stood on the podium at the Grand Prix of Australia - nobody will take away my emotions that I experienced. Further development of events did not depend on me, but honestly, it would be worse if I dropped out of the race because of mechanical problems. Anyway I would have preferred to come to the podium, even if this was followed by disqualification.

Question What do you propose to do now

Daniel Riccardo After the race at albert Park again I want to come to the podium and I think we have good chances. In winter, we focused on the reliability of the machine, not speed. Only in Melbourne, we have the opportunity to work on settings. Machine RB10 surprised us with its competitiveness on dry and very good speed in wet conditions. The situation was much better than we expected, and in the next race will try to catch up with the teams who were able to travel a greater distance on the tests.

Question In your opinion, how competitive RB10

Daniel Riccardo At the moment we intend to fight for second place in the Cup of designers. Of course, this is not exactly the positions that I would love to take, but it is above expectations, which were the team a few weeks ago. I think as soon as we can start to work with the settings, it will reduce the backlog from Mercedes. Of course, they too will be added, but I think we are in a good position and can count on more successful performance.

lyrics Mikhail Smirnov


2014-03-16 19:44:02

Grand Prix of Australia Press conference on Sunday

Grand Prix of Australia Press conference on Sunday

1. Nico Rosberg Mercedes

2. Daniel Riccardo Red Bull Racing

3. Kevin Magnussen McLaren

Interview on the podium

Question Alan Jones Nico, an excellent result You can hardly wish for a successful start of the season and such spectacular beginning of a new era in Formula-1

Nico Rosberg Everything was great, and the support of the Australian public did weekend totally unforgettable Think of Daniel Riccardo ached more than for us, but that is OK A fantastic day, I am in the seventh heaven of happiness after all the work our team has done in the winter, and now I receive huge pleasure, piloting this machine Today she was incredibly fast, reliable too, no problems arose, the start of the season turned out just perfect. Thanks Mercedes, they worked perfectly

Question Alan Jones Yes, it seems that all efforts are justified.

Nico Rosberg Today - exactly

Question Alan Jones Daniel, do you doubt that you will be able to finish, not to mention the podium

Daniel Riccardo Two or three weeks ago I would have put all that we will not be able to climb the podium. The result today is completely merit of the team. Incredibly, they were able to change the situation. I don't understand how they did it, but they succeeded. Thank you, guys, and, of course, thanks to Australian fans. It's fabulous. I have no words. I'm intoxicated by success.

Question Alan Jones For you are very pleased about your countrymen

Daniel Riccardo I Think I can dedicate a result of the success of Mark Webber I am very glad to be here the first Australian, who was on the podium in Australia is very nice

Question Alan Jones Thank you, you gave us a reason for pride Go to you, Kevin. A great day - the first Dane to the podium Formula 1

Kevin Magnussen it's hard To believe Unreal situation. In the race, the car was better than ever, just as I needed. The preparation that we spent last winter brought excellent results. I never played in Formula 1, the tests were very limited, thanks to the team for doing such an amazing job

Question Alan Jones Your father this weekend, too, participated in races - obviously, he has a reason to be proud of you

Kevin Magnussen I Think they have already passed the race - we have to see what results. I wish dad were here tonight - it's a great day

Question Alan Jones And you certainly look forward to the next stage

Kevin Magnussen of Course, the main achievements are yet to come

Question Alan Jones Nico, what are you doing to the next step in Malaysia

Nico Rosberg After the race, you need to thoroughly analyse all the information gathered for this weekend, after all, we still have work to do. And we need to maintain the momentum, because the rivals want to catch up with us. Next week the team will do little to improve the car, then we allow ourselves a couple of output, and then go to Malaysia.

Press conference

Question Niko the start, which are, what race, what a brilliant victory

Nico Rosberg At the start of the machine shot like a bullet - more precisely as the «Silver arrow» Thanks to Ewan - my engineer responsible for the start procedure. Well, then W05 was fantastically rapid, in which the merit of our entire team. The motor worked flawlessly, no worries about fuel consumption, reliability, too, did not fail - just fantastic It is unlikely that someone from the side is, how did you guys and members of other teams, so the victory is the best reward, especially in the first race and in such a dominant style

Question Yes, the distance from the pursuers came out great. Car went very quickly, and you discussed the increase in the length of the second segment - apparently, it would not have work for you.

Nico Rosberg In the middle of the race I had a strange situation - front tires started to granulirovanija and lose the temperature, I became more difficult to control the car, and I thought that I was soon waiting for a pit stop, but the team said «Try to stay on track» Soon the bus was cleansed of pieces of rubber, and I was able to pick up the pace.

Q Daniel, you said that you managed to reverse the situation. The result exceeded expectations from the first race for the Red Bull Racing

Daniel Riccardo If you remember our form three weeks ago - definitely Until today we have not been able to go the full distance of the race, and we were not sure that we can just run to the finish, not to mention the chances of a podium.

That said Niko about your team, can be applied to Red Bull Racing. In winter guys worked tirelessly, and were able to offset a substantial lag. Yes, we don't have speed Mercedes, but the result today will help to make progress. I am very glad, that's an incredible day

Question We heard your emotions after the finish. Tell us about support from the Australian fans.

Daniel Riccardo It was incredible and belonged to the entire Formula 1. Australians love the national Grand Prix, and when the racers come to the racetrack, all welcome them, every fan trying to get an autograph. This year I am the only Australian in the peloton, and emotions of the stands were more focused on me, but I did not expect such a huge support. Now everyone knows who I am, but it's good

Question Kevin, in 2013 McLaren failed to earn a single podium. You brought the team the podium in his debut race. On Thursday you wanted to pinch myself when you were sitting at a press conference in the company of world Champions and well-known racers, and today you are a star

Kevin Magnussen Niko said to me «dude, you three» However, I still cannot believe it. I won the race, but this podium equivalent victory. Last season was difficult for McLaren, they wanted to return to the fight, did everything possible to prepare me, the beginner with no experience, to debut in the championship, and today I felt very comfortable.

Question Tell us about the last laps of the race. You began to get closer to Daniel, then a little behind.

Kevin Magnussen Fight in the last laps We Daniel rode in the same pace, but with the new engine can actively work to attack, then slow down, save energy, a little to save fuel, and then attack again. From the outside it looks very cool - riders opportunities for overtaking, but today the car did not have the speed to fight for second place.


Q Heikki Cult - Turun Sanomat Nico, congratulations What's it like to lead in the championship for the first time in his career Your father Keke the Rosberg is managed in 1982.

Nico Rosberg Here it is, a statistics guru Honestly, I don't think about it and just enjoy the moment. Today I was incredibly fast and extremely reliable machine, which is very pleasant to manage. It's a great feeling, because I look forward to the next stages. Of course, the task remains difficult, reliability, not 100, we have to do a lot of work, but the beginning is great, I am delighted with the result and I dedicate this success to the whole team

Q Dan Knutson - Auto Action Daniel, I think you have always believed that we can fight for podiums, and today it is proved. This result will add confidence

Daniel Riccardo Of Course Nice to finish on the podium. Yesterday at the press conference after the training I was glad that he was in the top three, and today.

You know, a little funny feeling Fully expect to see here Niko, but in the case with Kevin - as if we were back in the days of performances at the World series Renault It might seem unbelievable, but tomorrow we are fully aware of the reality of what happened.

Of course, the added confidence, I am very pleased with how was your weekend. We did a really good job and on dry and wet road, demonstrated good pace. We need to continue in the same spirit, and now the team can be satisfied that it does now.

Question Ian Parkes - Press Association Niko, you talked about the reliability of the machine, but it failed your partner in the first session and in the race today. Does this concern in a Mercedes and you personally Perhaps W05 not so perfect, what was on the tests.

Nico Rosberg I don't know what exactly happened with the machine Lewis, however, that the issues of reliability remain. The command worked perfectly, giving me a fantastic tool for this race, but to do so much more. We have two weeks, you need to understand what we ought to add - before beginning this weekend machine was significantly improved, and all this was done not for one race. In addition, at the end of the pre-season tests, we also had some problems, here we have played well, but a number of points that needs attention.

Question Jakob Polychronis - Daniel, this weekend has started the next season of the Australian football League, but you have managed to outshine its performance in this event, let our foreign colleagues do not quite understand how this is amazing and unbelievable. What does it mean for you in a moment of becoming a sports heritage of Australia

Daniel Riccardo Yes, I have actively supported this weekend, but the support extended to the entire Formula 1 championship were devoted to the headlines of many Newspapers. Fans welcomed all riders, not only me, demonstrated tremendous enthusiasm, and if there is any doubt that the Grand Prix of Australia will remain in the calendar, today tribune has clearly stated their attitude to this issue. Sure, the race will retain a place in Formula 1, and I was glad to be part of it

Question Leonid Novozhilov - F1 Life Kevin, today you had any problems with the machine

Kevin Magnussen No problems that would be unexpected for us. Frankly speaking, we did not know what to expect, but we had no incidents that we could not cope, so thanks to the whole team and Mercedes for such a reliable motor For the first year of turbary it's very impressive

Question Leonid Novozhilov - F1 Life fuel Consumption not serious

Kevin Magnussen Perhaps, in the beginning of the race I even saved a little more fuel than was needed, but, on the other hand, this resulted in the end of the race to put pressure Daniel. I will try better insight into this question and find the right rhythm.

Question Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport Nico and Daniel, today you first started on the six-cylinder turbo engine. How it was different from the start to naturally-aspirated V8

Nico Rosberg There are some differences in the kick-off procedure, the snatch and shifting gears, but the difference is not so significant. I personally today has been amazing start

Question Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport Daniel, and you not so often practiced the start procedure before beginning this weekend.

Daniel Riccardo Yes, you are right. Start could not ideal, but, obviously, Niko today was the only one who really cool started. With the torque, which have new turbo engine, it has become harder to avoid slippage when increasing transmission, today, many faced it. My effort was enough, however, and we need substantial progress in this area.

Question Frederick ferret - L'equipe Daniel and Niko how difficult it is to control the flow of fuel during the race Or for you it was easy task

Nico Rosberg Pretty easy. Our engineers, who created this power unit worked great. Yes, now you want a little more control than a year ago, but the whole approach still, it was not difficult, even in the most complex from the point of view of fuel track. Fabulous

Daniel Riccardo At the moment the situation was unclear, then for a few rounds, I attacked, not thinking about fuel consumption, and already then, after creating the gap started saving. Today we got the experience, for the first time passed the distance of the race - team will make the right conclusions, but in General, I think our system of control over consumption, very effective, especially if to consider, that we are not worked on it. Today we did very well.

Question don Kennedy - Hawkes Bay Today Nico, one Mr. Ecclestone said that you will win this championship. I think, today the result justifies such favouritism

Nico Rosberg Nice to hear this from Bernie, I am grateful to him for saying that, but I try not to think about it. Ahead of a long season, and today was just a great day, a great victory and a bright beginning of the championship, let us look at it this way.

Question Tony Sribni SEN Radio Nico earlier stages in Australia and Malaysia shared one week, and this week or two. For you, this can be considered an advantage, or Vice versa, because opponents have more time to modify machines

Nico Rosberg I don't know, it is an advantage or not, but personally we plan effective use of time to make the car faster and more reliable.

Question Sam McClure - Radio 3AW Daniel, today you have achieved that failed to Mark Webber - podium at home race Today you have become the face of Australian Motorsport - what do you feel

Daniel Riccardo I don't know. Of course, it's nice, but when I flew to Melbourne, I am a little confused my portrait on the big banners. Support is great, but, apparently, you need to get used to popularity. However, it is nice to give their fans what they expect - yesterday they were incredibly happy when I nearly won the pole, and I was able to treat them to a podium. I think, here came the half of the residents of Perth I asked my family to stay away from the boxes, so as not to distract me from work - I think we'll meet tonight for a pint of beer and a little rest before sending it in Malaysia.

Question Silvia arias - Parabrisas Nico, during the traditional parade of racers you danced under the song «Get Lucky» - obviously you were confident, although the pole went to Lewis.

Nico Rosberg I was optimistic that just because we are very well prepared for this race. I knew that we have the power to act cool, and from the start, everything was in my favour.

Q Heikki Cult - Turun Sanomat Kevin, McLaren leads in the Cup of Designers. I believe, with debutant and world champion, the team is able to stay on this position

Kevin Magnussen Why not We are doing the maximum, the team focused on victory, and it should be at the top of Formula 1. I'll be working at the limit, as the whole team, but we'll see.

Q Chris Midland - Daniel, today you were driving very stable. To what extent are you able to reduce the backlog from Niko

Daniel Riccardo I Hope that the gap will decrease, and not Vice versa. Many things need to be analyzed, and as soon as things quiet down, I will go meet the engineers. Now I am full of emotions, but soon I will start to pay attention to those moments in which we need to add, because I have to help our guys. Of course, I would like to catch up to Niko today he was far ahead, and let the second place is a good result, it would be great to see a Mercedes at least direct.

Question Ralph Bach - RampB Kevin, one question. At Mercedes very good motor. Would you like to save it in the next season

Nico Rosberg Caution Ralph is able to ask provocative questions, so it is better not to answer «no comment».

Kevin Magnussen No comment.

Nico Rosberg Exactly. When he asks the question, the answer is «no comments».

Kevin Magnussen I am happy to work in a McLaren. Together Mercedes and McLaren have achieved outstanding success, but look what awaits us in the future.

Translation Valery Kartashev


2014-03-12 16:34:03

Riccardo sure of equal status with Vettel

Riccardo sure of equal status with Vettel

Grand Prix of Australia will become the first race for Daniel Ricardo with Red Bull Racing. Another Aussie, speaking earlier this team, mark Webber, has repeatedly hinted on unequal relations within the team, and claimed that Sebastian Vettel, thanks to the support of Helmut Marko, has the status of the first issue.

In an interview to a local Sydney Morning Herald last Australian champion Formula 1 Alan Jones expressed fears that Riccardo'll face the same fate as Red Bull Racing, in his words, «a little German. However, Riccardo sure that he will receive equal status with four-time world champion.

Daniel Riccardo «Our relations with Helmut Marko not a bad thing. I know its a very long time, he knows me, and given that he fully supported me from day one, I have no doubt that everything will be all right.

I am 100 sure - I will provide the same features as Sebastian. Although mark, for some reason, doubted in his equal status, in my case, this will not happen. I come with a positive attitude.»


2014-02-20 12:24:02

Riccardo hopes to please Webber

Riccardo hopes to please Webber

Riccardo Daniel hopes to be able to perform well in the upcoming Grand Prix of Australia and please his compatriot Mark Webber, whom he succeeded with Red Bull Racing. Webber finished his career in Formula 1 will be the first to comment on this race as part of a brigade of the Australian TV channel Network Ten together with Alan Jones, world champion in 1980.

«I'm impatient to see when the Australian flags on the stands, knowing that this time they were for me, because before when I saw them, I thought that all they Brand quotes Riccardo Agency AAP. - I hope, I tried to make him happy, and he will be proud of me, like many other Australians.

On the eve of the home race, you are always surrounded enthusiasm, though nervous, too. If I say that quietly rode at the starting field it will be a lie. Who are some of the riders are not nervous But perhaps I'll worry more, than in previous years. I'm sure this time I will be more comfortable than in the day of my debut in albert Park.

Mark Webber in Melbourne will not only perform the work of a newscaster, but also take part in the action devoted to the start of the recovery programme Champion Edge aimed at popularization of sports and healthy lifestyle among Australian youth aged 13 - 18 years. In the framework of the action on March 11 former racer Red Bull Racing run in a circle around the track in albert Park.

«This time, when I come to Melbourne for the Grand Prix of Australia, all for me will be different, " said Webber. - I will not act in the race, but I wonder run a circle on the highway, though not with such a high speed.»


2014-02-15 22:04:02

Jacques Villeneuve will return to the place of the sports glory of the father

Jacques Villeneuve will return to the place of the sports glory of the father

Upcoming debut Jacques Villeneuve in the world championship on rally-cross is notable for the fact that one of the stages of the season will be held in the canadian city of Trois-Rivieres, went down in the history of motor racing as it began thank Gilles Villeneuve.

In the middle 70-ies on the streets of this city was the stages of the canadian national Championships, and in 1973 Gilles Villeneuve made his debut in Formula Ford 1600, starting his career in motor racing at once with a victory, although it was a machine two years ago, and the race was held under a torrential rain. Witnesses of the first performances of the future legend of Formula 1 were amazed by the incredible style of piloting, which is demonstrated by Gilles. It should be noted that prior to this he succeeded in snowmobile races, and this is partly affected the manner of driving it took turns in a controlled drift.

After the first success in Formula Ford in 1974 Villeneuve moved in Formula Atlantic, but in that year the street circuit in Trois-Rivieres, he was not lucky he is not the best qualifications held, after which got involved in the incident that happened at the first lap of the race.

In 1975 he was preparing his car to race in Trois-Rivieres, although compete with the pilots had to play in teams with big budgets. However, in the qualification showed the third result, losing only to the racers of Formula 1 Jean-Pierre and Patrick in those years was a tradition to invite to Canada European stars of Motorsport.

Gilles overtook already at the start and for many circles rode on the second position, while in his car, not brakes failed. But his fearlessness and racing talent did not go unnoticed in the next season Villeneuve were ready to invite the best teams in Formula Atlantic. Gilles chose'ecurie Canada and was not mistaken, for he soon began to win almost all the races in a row.

If in Canada he was very popular in Europe almost nobody knew. But it so happened that at the end of the season on a street circuit in Trois-Rivieres, there was held traditional race of the Formula Atlantic, which have attended several contemporary stars of Formula 1, in particular, James hunt, then it's five minutes champion of the world, and Patrick . Both were invited to speak on the machines team'ecurie Canada, i.e. they became companions of Villeneuve.

Hunt provided a completely new chassis, and he was somewhat surprised when at the end of the first training of the lost canadian least half a second. The next day the hunt went faster, adapting to the car, however, the lag from Gilles only increased. The racers of Formula 1 and tried to catch up with Villeneuve, but he was inaccessible - speed seemed incredible. Of course, Gilles won Tu street race, at the same time still ahead and Alan Jones, who was later to become one of his rivals in the championship of the world.

Hunt, back in England, said in a McLaren about canadian nugget, and the team in 1977 offered him a job backup racer. That season was held sensational debut Gilles Villeneuve in Formula 1 the British Grand Prix, held at Silverstone, driving last year's machine M23 he almost finished 4th, if not a technical problem. In any case, Gilles Villeneuve was already on the threshold of world popularity.

It remains to recall that in 1977 Jacques was eight. Two decades later, he would continue the glory of the father in Formula 1 will become the champion of the world.


2014-02-09 20:24:03

Hesketh by James hunt will be sold at auction

Hesketh by James hunt will be sold at auction

At auction in Monaco will be offered for auction a unique machine Formula 1 - Hesketh 308. This model, which became the first machine commands Hesketh own production, built in 1974 the then young designer Harvey . Hesketh, like most of the other cars of the time, was equipped with a motor Ford Cosworth DFV. And the only pilot team was James hunt.

Just was built four of these chassis, and on sale the first of them, 308-01. His debut took place on Champions Race at brands hatch, and James hunt created a small sensation, winning it the pole. In the race, held under the rain, he, however, came after four rounds. The next start also unsuccessful - Grand Prix South Africa hunt occupied the fifth place, but never got to finish due to technical reasons.

However, this was followed by race at Silverstone, where hunt won the pole position, but due to a bad start, rolled back, and then again was able to beat opponents, including a leader Ronnie Peterson on the Lotus. This is the first victory for the team Hesketh, and the first for the hunt racing Grand Prix.

In the future this chassis is used several times in the race world championship as the main or test. In 1975, for his steering wheel sat a different future champion, Alan Jones, who was playing for Harry Stiller Racing.

Currently the machine is estimated at 400-650 thousand euros. Auction will be held on may 10, in the framework of the history of the weekend of the Grand Prix of Monaco - he will be held two weeks before the world Cup.

Three years ago at an auction at Silverstone was billed chassis Hesketh 308-02 on which hunt won his first victory in the world championship and only for the team Hesketh.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-02-02 22:04:03

If the double points in the final race of accrued always

If the double points in the final race of accrued always

Unusual nose cones of new cars of Formula 1, as well as the failure clients Renault test in Jerez, overshadowed innovation 2014, which caused the most controversial responses from fans and experts double points in the last race of the season.

Journalists of the German Motorsport-Total analyzed the results of the Championships of Formula 1 history, and told how would change the results of the previous seasons, if this rule applied from the very beginning.

So, if in the 1950s for the last race accrue double glasses, Stirling moss would be a twice champion of the world, winning titles instead of Mike in 1958 and Juan-Manuel Fangio in 1956-m Fangio, however, would still have the fivefold world champion, as he managed to win the championship in 1953, the winner of which in reality has become Alberto Askari.

In 1970 Jochen could not become the only posthumous world champion, as the title went to would jacquie his host. In 1979, became the winner would Gilles Villeneuve, not his partner on the Ferrari jodie . In 1981 title win Alan Jones, not Nelson Piquet, so both would double Champions of the world. But Alain Prost would turn into a five time champion, as in 1984 ahead would Nicky .

The number won Championships Simple just one title lagged from Michael Schumacher as to when such a scoring system would not manage to win in 2003. Instead he would have won Kimi Raikkonen, and was now twice champion of the world. And the champion of 2008 instead of Lewis Hamilton would Felipe Massa.

Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel to the beginning of the current season would come up with the same number of won Championships to his titles in 2005 and 2006, the Spaniard added would win in 2012, because thanks to the victory in Brazil could beat the Germans, who finished only sixth.

The results of the Championships with double the amount of points for the final Grand Prix

The year - Winner in double-glasses - Real winner

1953 - Juan-Manuel Fangio - Alberto Askari

1956 - Stirling Moss, Juan Manuel Fangio

1958 - Stirling Moss - Mike Hawthorn

1970 - Jacquie X - Jochen

1979 - Gilles Villeneuve - Jodie

1981 - Alan Jones Nelson Piquet

1984 - Alain Prost - Niki Lauda

2003 - Kimi Raikkonen - Michael Schumacher

2008 - Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton

2012 - Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel

text Elmir Valeev


2014-01-17 03:34:03

Evolution Ferrari 312 T5, 1980

Evolution Ferrari 312 T5, 1980


History of Ferrari is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only team, who participated in all seasons of the world championship, and the first single in Maranello racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Ferrari Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the Formula 1.

The success of the 1979 proved force of the Italian team, but at the same time demonstrated that the concept embodied in machines Ferrari generation exhausted. For ten years the powerful 12-cylinder boxer engine to provide team definite advantage against the British teams, most of which all these years has used a compact and reliable motor Ford Cosworth DFV. But the layout and dimensions of this powertrain imposed serious constraints on the development of aerodynamics machine, and the newly emerging deprived of Italians superiority in power.

In , however, do not hurry to refuse the acquired schemes, and this was the cause of their catastrophic defeat in 1980. The team is still one of the most powerful engine almost all contenders still enjoy the DFV, but the difference in the level clamping force is too great. Trying to recoup, designers is even used for blowing machine wind tunnel Pininfarina, that in those years was a rarity, but all in vain.

In addition, a big problem for Ferrari became quickly and progressive team Renault with its turbo engine. And business not only that the French cars are already faster Italian, but that Renault too used tyres Michelin. Guided by national priorities, French adapted their products to the specifications of turbocharged engines, and as a result of its rubber ill suited to cars Ferrari. Seeing all this, the designers already during the championship began to prepare a new car 126 equipped with a turbo engine, and it was even used in the qualification before Grand Prix of Italy, but the start was not issued.

Ferrari 312 T5 was the last model of the series 312 T. However in the history of there was still another project, 312 T6. It was developed in 1977 and received its name because it was chassis. On this idea Italian designers prompted Tyrrell P34, however, unlike the British machine, 312 T6 there were only two wheels, and behind - four, and they were placed on the same axis Of course, such a machine is not conformed to the regulations, as its width exceed the maximum allowable dimensions. However, the Scuderia held its large-scale trials, in which accepted the participation of both its pilot of those years - Niki Lauda and Carlos . The results, however, were disappointing - 312 T6 poorly managed and did not differ in reliability. After a dangerous accident, which got the experimental machine , the project was scrapped.

Ferrari 312 T5

double success 1979, Ferrari presents a new model designed for the next season, after a few days after the previous one, convinced that could keep the one on the sides of their cars within a few years. Never has the forecasts were not so wrong 312 T5 was hopeless project and in 1980 ignominiously completed technological cycle models T with transversely located transmission.

312 T5 not enough speed, its aerodynamics significantly inferior to the best representatives of the epoch wing-car coupe put a lot of restrictions. gained only a few points in the championship of the world, second160 Williams, Ligier, Brabham and Renault. The poor performance 312 T5 also influenced the behavior of tyres Michelin-optimized machine Renault equipped with .

Due to this fiasco Enzo Ferrari decided to abandon the development of the atmospheric engines, focusing on the original 6- engine with turbocharger, work on which began in Maranello.

The results of performances Ferrari 312 T5 in Formula 1 races

Ferrari 312 T5 were an updated version of last year's car. But if in 1979 pilots Ferrari, jodie and Gilles Villeneuve, competed for the title only with each other, in 1980, only five times managed to score points, and their best result in race became the fifth place. During the championship, the situation was getting worse and worse, and on the penultimate stage, which took place in Canada, couldn't even qualify. He took part in the final race of the season, but after that ended his career.

By the end of the season in the Cup of designers of Ferrari received only 8 points, finishing in 10th place behind there was only Alfa Romeo, returning to Formula 1. Victory in both standings of the championship confidently won a team Williams, advocated by Alan Jones, Vice became the champion Nelson Piquet at Brabham.


Grand Prix

Launches in



Best result








Winter project 2013-2014, «the Evolution of cars of Formula 1 on the example of the Ferrari».

copy and Paolo d39'alessio. Managing editor Elmir Valeev.


2014-01-13 18:54:02

Whiting "We find excellent stewards among the racers"


Starting from 2010, the FIA attracts former pilots to work during race weekends. During this time, visiting stewards were Nigel Mansell, Tom Kristensen, Danny Sullivan, Derek Warwick, Mika Salo, Alan Jones and others, and the practice has proved very effective. Race Director and FIA technical delegate Charlie whiting, commented on the situation on the magazine Autosport International Show.

«I am very pleased that we find excellent stewards among the racers, " said Charlie whiting. - They are perfectly cooperate with the main stewards, which is extremely important assistance. When a racer pushes the opponent outside the track, a former pilot notices nuances that do not see the usual stewards. Moreover, the current racers respect of more experienced colleagues.

Sometimes pilots complain and say that it is not saw a car opponent. However, their colleagues involved in judging a race, have not lost the skills of managing a racing car, they have a long and successful experience of participation in competitions. They piloted by modern machines, but, in fact, since then, nothing has changed».

In addition, whiting told about the situation around the Grand Prix of Korea, who left the calendar this season. According to him, the Formula 1 is not expected that the project will fail.

«Bernie Ecclestone sincerely hoped that the Grand Prix Korea will turn out successful, " he commented. A peculiarity of the country, and, in his opinion, this race was to be of interest to many. In addition, the presence of the Formula 1 in Korea should have been beneficial to the teams. Why plan didn't work There is an impression that the track is too far away from Seoul. I think we expected much more from the ».


2013-07-23 20:24:02

Alan Macneish - third steward Grand Prix of Hungary

Alan Macneish - third steward Grand Prix of Hungary

Former Formula 1 driver and three-time winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans» Alan Macneish invited to the role of the third steward Grand Prix of Hungary. Together with him the race will judge the Vice-President of the FIA Jose Abed and Deputy President of the FIA Harry Connelly.

In this season of visiting stewards were Danny Sullivan , Derek Warwick Malaysia, mark Blundell China, Mika Salo Bahrain, Alan Jones Spain, Tom Kristensen Monaco, Martin Donnelly Canada, Nigel Mansell UK and Emanuele Pirro Germany.



2013-07-03 14:34:03

Emanuele Pirro - third steward Grand Prix of Germany

Emanuele Pirro - third steward Grand Prix of Germany

Former F1 driver and five-time winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans Emanuele Pirro invited to the role of the third steward Grand Prix of Germany. Two other steward member of the world Council, Secretary General motoring Czech Republic Radovan Novak and member of the world Council, President of the Swedish Federation of automobile Lars .

This year in Melbourne third steward was Danny Sullivan, in Sepang - Derek Warwick, in Shanghai, mark Blundell, Bahrain Mika Salo, in Barcelona - Alan Jones, Monaco - Tom Kristensen in Canada - Martin Donnelly, and in Silverstone - Nigel Mansell.



2013-06-28 15:34:04

Alun Jones mark had a great time in Formula 1

Alun Jones mark had a great time in Formula 1

Former racer of the Formula 1 world champion in 1980, Alan Jones, a few years said that mark Webber will be the third awarded the title of Australia, but the expectations were not fulfilled, this weekend mark announced his resignation. Commenting on the decision Brand, Jones said that his countryman has achieved a lot.

Alun Jones «mark had a great time in Formula 1, has achieved a lot - some other pilots can only dreamed about. Mark earned a lot of money, won several Grand Prix and felt the strength to face a new challenge.

Friction in the Red Bull Racing In sport it is inevitable. I often say that when talking about the big money of different nationalities and selfish interests, conflicts cannot be avoided. However, there is no better team than the one that won three League titles in a row - many would give all for the sake of transition in the Red Bull Racing.

At some point it became clear that the atmosphere in the team has deteriorated so much that continuing performance became impossible to Webber. The question is, where can he go if he wants to stay in Formula 1. Options were, but mark decided to do what gives him pleasure, stay and live in Europe and to act as a competitive car. In this situation a contract with Porsche is a good choice.

If a little luck, we can track the performance of other Australians Riccardo Daniel. I have already said, it has the potential to get a place in the top-team, but you need to make a maximum effort, because now his partner Jean-Eric has a small advantage. First Daniel was a little ahead, then reverse the situation in their favor - Riccardo should make conclusions».


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Nigel Mansell - third steward of the British Grand Prix

Nigel Mansell - third steward of the British Grand Prix

Champion of 1992 Nigel Mansell in the fourth time in a row invited to the role of steward of the British Grand Prix. Together with him in the refereeing will participate the President of the Swedish Federation of automobile Lars and a member of the Italian Commission and the automobile club of Milan Paolo .

This year in Melbourne third steward was Danny Sullivan, in Sepang - Derek Warwick, in Shanghai, mark Blundell, Bahrain Mika Salo, in Barcelona - Alan Jones, Monaco - Tom Kristensen in Canada - Martin Donnelly.


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Williams is preparing for the 600-th race

Williams is preparing for the 600-th race

The next weekend at Silverstone Williams will hold a 600-th race in its history. The team officially started its history since 1977, and during this time the pilots Williams 297 times climbed on the podium, won 114 races, 7 titles in the individual competition and 9 in the Cup of designers. World Champions as part of the British team became Alan Jones, Keke Rosberg, Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Damon hill and Jacques Villeneuve. To honor the anniversary date on the side pontoons machines displayed «600» and the names of 691 employee Williams.

Frank Williams, the founder of the team «For independent commands, such as Williams reach 600 races in higher racing category - a remarkable achievement. Since our company was founded in Formula 1 has come and gone 78 teams - this indicates the kind of effort put thousands of people to our team could have lasted so long. It seems quite logical that we will celebrate this milestone on a home Grand Prix together with our dedicated England fans».

Claire Williams, Deputy head of the team «Williams was never organization, lived in the past, but this weekend we rightly celebrate our heritage and remember the defining moments of the last 36 years. For us it is a good opportunity to take stock and to look forward, to make sure that we have all we need to do the following 600 races equally memorable.