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2018-01-27 15:44:04

In the Mercedes ready to reduce the number of engines

In the Mercedes ready to reduce the number of engines

Technical Director of Mercedes Andy Cowell said that his team is ready to restriction of three engines for the season.Andy Cowell "the move to three engines means that you need to pass the seven races of each power unit.This is a reasonable step forward, but over the past 10 years, our engineers have achieved a serious breakthrough. Every detail can now go much longer distance than in previous years. This is not new science, it's just a different number of engines".

2018-01-26 13:04:03

Aston Martin eyeing the project for Cosworth in Formula 1

Aston Martin eyeing the project for Cosworth in Formula 1

The company Aston Martin has stated that it is open for cooperation with Cosworth to supply engines for Formula 1.The British automaker is now the title sponsor of the Red Bull, but his interest is more simple and more affordable versions of the engines after 2020.And CEO of Aston Martin Andy Palmer is interested in the relationship with Cosworth, a former independent supplier of engines for Formula 1.Andy Palmer "Cosworth is one of our key partners in the project road cars Valkyrie, and we work closely with them to create a new V12 engine.The extension of this cooperation to the project in Formula 1 will make sense, and this proposal, which we would like to explore."The last time the Cosworth engines were presented in 2013 on the machines Marussia. With the advent of turbo engines in 2014 the company left the Formula-1.

2018-01-16 13:24:03

Chief mechanic Mercedes Three engines for a season is insane

Chief mechanic Mercedes Three engines for a season is insane

This year the limit of use of the engines during the season will be shortened from four to three. Andy Cowell, head of Mercedes, responsible for the creation of motors, believes that this will lead to a considerable increase in costs.Andy Cowell "Three engines for the season is insane. We will have to redesign many of the nodes to increase their reliability.Will not be any savings. We have to collect about 80-100 engines, then to stand to take three or four engine with better characteristics. The cost of the mechanics will increase significantly".

2017-12-01 13:31:18

Aston Martin working on the engine of a Formula 1

Aston Martin working on the engine of a Formula 1

Aston Martin began development of the concept of the engine of the Formula 1 according to the rules of 2021. The project is led by a former motorists of Ferrari Luca Marmorini and jrg Ross.Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin "We hired Luke for a full working day, to help us in the development of the concept of the engine of Formula 1. In addition, we already have Joerg who previously worked at Ferrari. These two specialists will work on our project Formula-1".Earlier, the Aston Martin has said it is ready to come into Formula 1 in 2021, when will come into force a new regulation on the engines. In the meantime, the company will be represented in the championship as a title sponsor of Red Bull.

2017-11-02 14:54:04

Aston Martin still eyeing Formula 1

Aston Martin does not exclude its participation in Formula 1, if in 2021 will appear suitable for her schedule.Andy Palmer, head of Aston Martin "Our representatives were present at a recent meeting of the FIA, they take part in the discussions on the future rules of Formula 1.We like the direction in which it moves the championship. We studied the possible participation. It will be crucial to cost control, otherwise independent engine suppliers will have little chance of success".At the moment Aston Martin is present in Formula 1 as a sponsor of the team Red Bull.

2017-09-28 13:44:03

Halo will cost the teams at 24000 euros

Halo will cost the teams at 24000 euros

Teams surprised by the high cost of security system Halo, which will become mandatory in the season of 2018.According to Auto Motor und Sport, currently three companies appealed to the FIA with a proposal to sell their version of Halo teams.Auto Motor und Sport "Those companies that meet the requirements, will be able to put Halo the teams of Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula E. But the big problem is the price. There is information that one system Halo will cost somewhere between 13000 and 24000 Euro."Technical Director of the Force India Andy green commented "It is very expensive. We need to order five Halo for each machine, as well as several pieces for tests of the FIA".

2017-09-26 11:04:04

Force India will bring to Malaysia a new aerodynamics

Team Force India for the Grand Prix of Malaysia is preparing a new aerodynamic package. In addition, both pilots will receive the latest version of the power plant of Mercedes.Andy green, technical Director of Force India "For the Malaysian Grand Prix, we are preparing new components. These new items will be relevant in the next season, so we continue to work on them.Our goal for this season - the regular finish two cars in the points zone".

2017-09-19 11:44:05

Pirelli to make softer tyres for next year

Pirelli has agreed to supply softer tyres to the teams and pilots of Formula 1 in 2018.Despite the fact that this year's tyres have become wider from the pilots is criticism of the most solid compositions.Technical Director of the Force India Andy green "Hard compound so misplaced for this generation of racing cars that I don't know a single pilot who wants to see them on the car."The head of Pirelli Mario Isola responded to the criticism by promising to opt out of hard compounds of tyres, scheduled for the upcoming races, including Sepang, Suzuka and Brazil. And he also promised that the tires of 2018 will be more soft.Mario Isola "All change to some degree. What was the Ul next year will be the Supersoft, Supersoft will become Soft, and Soft will become Psychic. All it means is that we, of course, developing all new tires Ul.We will have a bus ready for commands that can be checked during the tests in Abu Dhabi".

2017-08-25 11:14:03

Halo rules introduced too late

Engineers of Formula 1 is concerned that the official rules for Halo announced too late, as the machine of the season-2018 are in full swing.Auto Motor und Sport reports that the device protecting the driver's head not only looks unsightly, but will have a big impact on the design of the cars next year from the point of view of aerodynamics and weight.Michael Schmidt "the Exact rules for the Halo will only be available from September".Technical Director of the Force India Andy green "it's Too late. From the point of view of the monocoque the time ends".Technical Director Toro Rosso James Ki "the Center of gravity will rise now, and the weight distribution will move forward.We also need to strengthen the sides of the monocoque test load, and this means that in the appropriate places will be used another structure of carbon".However, FIA, fearing protests from the teams made it possible to form the upper part of the Halo at its discretion.James Key "It will help to minimize the disadvantages of aerodynamics".

2017-07-26 16:44:03

Aston Martin eyeing Formula 1

Aston Martin eyeing Formula 1

British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin may receive in the Formula-1 after 2020, unless the power plant will become easier and cheaper.Now the brand Aston Martin is present in the championship as a sponsor of Red Bull. In addition, the group of designers Red Bull, led by Adrian Newey took part in the creation of a sports car Aston Martin Valkyrie.Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin "We have already in some measure present in Formula 1, because in cooperation with Red Bull and Adrian Newey have developed a sports car. But do we need our own team Given that Ferrari is our direct competitor, then the answer is obvious.At the same time, we don't want to spend 350-400 million dollars a year to develop engines. If this amount is significantly lower, then we will think about participation in the championship. We participate in negotiations, and while everything is moving in the right direction".

2017-02-24 11:54:05

Andy green Protests in Melbourne possible

Technical Director of the Force India Andy green believes that the protests due to some technical solutions to different teams quite possible in Melbourne.Andy green "Yes, I can with some confidence say that the protests in Melbourne possible. However, if it touches us, we ought first to hear, then to respond.We tested different concepts, each of which has its advantages. We really want to see and understand how the tires and some of our system of mechanical impact on downforce.I think the FIA should give us more clarification on tires and suspension, as this area formed a huge gray zone".

2016-08-15 05:04:03

Maximum speed in Formula 1 will be reduced

Despite all the changes, the regulations on the season 2017 Formula 1 is ambiguous. In particular, we are talking about clamping force, which will increase by 35, and the maximum speed will drop to 20 km/h up to 330 km/h. the engineer of the Force India Andy green added that turns the cars will pass much more rapidly. This will allow the circle to 3 seconds.

2016-08-13 22:04:04

Andy green the Cars will be better

Andy green the Cars will be better

Race engineer Force India Andy green said that the new cars of the season-2017 will be faster and better.Andy green believe me, the new cars will be much better. Their appearance will be more aggressive, they even remind you of a classic era of the 80s. It will be a mix of the 80s and 90s, if to assess the situation more accurately. I like new cars, their tyres, their new aerodynamics. In the beginning of the season the downforce is increased by 25, and by the end of 2017 it will have more than 35. This is a huge increase in the clamping force, I used to with such figures didn't work".

2016-02-24 16:24:04

Force India We are waiting for modernization

Technical Director of the Force India Andy green said that his team prepares for the start of the season some modernization, which will test in the remaining days of tests.Andy green "We will not even talk about the alignment of forces in the peloton. We know that we have made progress, but all the other teams were also able to take a step forward. We are satisfied with Mercedes as they updated the power plant is impressive in its capabilities.Now we are facing a difficult time, because the team has prepared some novelties, which will be transported on the road and identify which ones suit us. This is a complex never ending process, but it depends on the end results".

2015-12-24 10:34:03

Aston Martin has refused to return to Formula-1

Aston Martin has refused to return to Formula-1

Aston Martin considered the possibility of his return to Formula 1, becoming a partner of the team Force India. But this idea was eventually abandoned.Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin "We came to the conclusion that it makes no sense to invest in Formula 1. The only true way for our brand - this is a demonstration of the technology in racing road cars. I don't understand how the participation in the Formula-1 can increase the number of sales of our machines".In 1959 and 1960 in Formula 1 races were attended by the team of David brown, then owner of Aston Martin company. Brand this machine took part in six races. Best result - 6th place Roy Salvadori in the British Grand Prix 1959 after starting from second place.

2015-10-21 11:34:04

Three exhaust pipe for improved sound engine

Three exhaust pipe for improved sound engine

Next season on the Formula-1 cars will be two extra exhaust pipes. This will be done for the sake of increasing the sound level of the engines.Now the exhaust gases pass through the turbine, which decreases the volume of the engine. Next year there will be two additional pipes, in which the exhaust gases will go past the turbocharger, thereby significantly increasing the sound level.Andy Cowell, head of Mercedes engines "This decision will significantly raise the sound level of the engines. It will be much better.".

2015-08-15 09:34:03

Force India We have done only half the battle

Technical Director of Force India Andy green said his team was working only half of the upgrades that have been prepared for the machine.Andy green "We got a fast car, but it is only half the battle. In the future we plan to gradually bring the matter to mind. This will happen in the coming races. Now it is important to evaluate the potential of the car at a racetrack in Spa to Singapore to achieve greater efficiency of the machine. In Singapore, the car will be ready eventually, this development will stop and will begin preparing for next season.In the update will include new front and rear spoilers, underbody, a diffuser and lots of small add-ons".

2015-08-11 11:04:06

Force India Retirements in the race will be more

Force India Retirements in the race will be more

Manager of Force India's Andy Stevenson believes that racing, starting with the Grand Prix of Belgium, gatherings for technical reasons will be more.Andy Stevenson "the issue of the work of adhesion very difficult. I think that gatherings will be very much, given the fact that the start of the race depends on many factors the temperature, the condition of the track, engine, rubber, grip.If the clutch overheats even on the warm-up lap, the start will turn out bad and the gathering will be provided. It would be terrible, indeed, because of stuff like this race may be a failure for the whole team.

2015-07-30 09:44:03

Force India are perplexed by the accident hlkenberg

Technical Director of Force India Andy green said his team is still busy with the analysis of the accident hlkenberg during the race in Hungary.Recall that the speed of 306 km/h on a straight start-finish at the German lost the front wing, which led to a nasty accident. Fortunately, everything worked out without injury to Niko, but the situation forced the team to reflect on the causes of the incident.Andy green "It was a completely new front wing, exactly like we used at Silverstone, where the load from the air flow even higher. If we are on a fast track, all was well, then in Hungary and even more so was supposed to do.While we're doing an internal investigation and study all of the readings, videos. The wing came off at the closing of the DRS on the straight, in peak time load.It seems that the reason for this is tough curbs on which the cars go this route for a long time. This vibration at high speeds can result in complex damages, suspension and front wing".Recall that during practice on Friday, the breakage of the rear axle of the car led to the accident Sergio Perez, presumably due to too aggressively attack the curbs.

2015-07-16 09:54:03

Force India Mercedes doing something wrong

Technical Director of Force India Andy green believes that Mercedes come up with something to bypass the rules that allows them to dominate in the championship.Andy green "I carefully watched all the replays and recordings with on-Board cameras from the race Grand Prix of great Britain. Mercedes pilots simply destroyed their opponents, but were fast and in the last two turns. Where all the teams had problems with rubber and clutch, Mercedes cars worked super-efficient. I was struck by the unusual move of front axle. It is wide, and it helped when attacking the curbs. However, the car was still pressed to the ground, and it's weird - there's something wrong".

2015-07-06 16:24:03

Aston Martin can become an affiliate of Williams or Force India

During the British Grand Prix started talking about a possible appearance of the brand Aston Martin in Formula 1. As possible partners called for Williams and Force India.A small portion of shares in Aston Martin is owned by Mercedes, which is why as potential partners are teams using German engines. Obviously, possible cooperation will be limited to a simple rebranding of the engines. Simply put, engines and machines instead of the three-pointed star appears the British company logos, and the power plant will continue to assemble the Mercedes engineers.Aston Martin does not hide the interest in Formula 1.Andy Palmer, the head of the company "We want to make the brand more recognizable Aston Martin and for this we use an endurance race. However, we are considering other options."In 1959 and 1960, the team Aston Martin was presented in Formula 1 and spent a total of five races. In the Grand Prix of great Britain-1959 Roy Salvadori finished sixth after starting from second place. In Portugal the same year Salvadori repeated his success.

2015-02-18 10:34:07

Mercedes still thinks the engine is new or old

Mercedes still thinks the engine is new or old

Mercedes still lost in conjectures, what engine to bring it to the start of the season in Australia an updated or last year.Chief engineer of Mercedes Andy Cowell "in making this decision, we will build on how successful the tests in Barcelona, and as will show the updated engine. Rule 32 points gives us the opportunity to spend on the development of the vital nodes of the power plant. We have a lot of interesting ideas related to combustion and friction. Also a lot of new things we learned about energy recovery. In General, we have two weeks and we will see".

2015-02-03 17:44:03

Mercedes the Engines were not louder

Managing Director of Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Andy Cowell believes that the new engines not become louder as they say journalists.Andy Cowell "Our engines have not become louder in comparison with the previous year. Yes, measure the sound we were not, but believe me, the louder they become simply nowhere. Obviously, all already missed the Formula 1, because everyone seems to be nicer and louder.Our goal was to make the engines more powerful, and fireballs faster. Fuel consumption is limited, the speed is limited within 10500 rpm. The increase in speed will lead to a high level of friction, but together with Petronas, the problem is partly solved".

2015-01-23 12:04:05

Niki Lauda I am constantly in touch with the team

Niki Lauda I am constantly in touch with the team

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda admitted that even in the holidays, was constantly aware of all the latest events in the life of the team.Niki Lauda "every day I am in touch with the team. Three times a week talk with Wolff and Lowe. Also talk with the chief engineer Andy Cowell's and other specialists. Also once a week, fly to the base. Try to keep everything under control.I worry that this year we will not have tests in hot countries. It's strange, because in Spain it is very cold, and after this country we go to Australia This is a concern, as the team will fly into the unknown".

2014-10-10 23:34:02

Briefing FIA in Sochi on the incident with Bianchi

Briefing FIA in Sochi on the incident with Bianchi

On Friday evening the representatives of FIA President Jean Todt, race Director Charlie whiting, senior medical officer Jean-Charles Drinks and coordinator of a team of rescuers Jan Roberts - held a press conference dedicated to the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka.

The press conference lasted for almost an hour and a half. The journalists were shown the footage of the cameras in the seventh rotation, which shows that Sutil and Bianchi flew off the track in one place, but Jules was not deployed, he tried to catch the car - in the end it made straight with locked wheels directly to the tractor. Filming in the hall is strictly prohibited, and those who still tried to shoot lost their cameras and phones.

Representatives of the FIA commented on the actions of the administration of the race and marshals on the track, but the first to press asked Jean Todt.

Jean Todt of Course, all still overwhelmed with emotion. We wanted to hold this meeting with you, to comment on the tragedy that occurred this past weekend in Suzuka. You know its consequences Jules Bianchi at the moment continues to battle for his life in hospital near Suzuka, mie province. We feel that it would be appropriate to share information with you, to answer your questions.

To start with I would like to give some explanation, then my people will be able to answer your questions. I asked Charlie Whiting, the race Director of the FIA, to make a detailed report about what happened last weekend. I got it this morning. He will comment on it for you. I also asked the Chairman of the security Commission to establish an expert group to comment on the report and make suggestions to similar to what happened last Sunday, is never repeated.

We know that motor sport is dangerous. Thanks to the huge efforts in recent years, there were no serious incidents, except for what happened with Felipe Massa in Budapest in 2009. What happened with Jules last Sunday, perhaps the most difficult in recent years the incident.

To the left of me sat Professor Jean-Charles Drinking and Dr. Jan Roberts. As you know, they were involved in the decision making process before the race. Ian Roberts, when the accident occurred, was with Jules in the car on the way to the hospital. They both remained in the hospital until Tuesday. Tuesday Gerard Sayan, President of the FIA Institute, arrived in Suzuka and worked closely with Japanese doctors, along with another Italian Professor, who helped to coordinate efforts with the family Jules. This is the situation today.

Now I would like to give the floor to Charlie Whiting that will acquaint you with various aspects of what happened.

Charlie whiting showing members of the press on the screen shots from fixed cameras on the track in Suzuka we have a couple of videos that we would like to show. We ask you to postpone mobile phones, not to shoot. We want to show you the record from stationary cameras.

The first camera 11, this is the first part of the seventh rotation, which can be seen as went off the track Adrian Sutil. You can see that the trajectory drier than the rest of the painting, but due to the increased rain water begins to flow and trajectory. When the cars drove a little wider in this place. You see that Adrian came to this part of the canvas and lost control of the machine. It hurt a little more wet part of the track. At this moment he is behind Jules - he loses control on machine and it expands.

If we flash a picture on a lap later, we will see that Jules happened something very similar.

You can see that Jules loses control of the machine. He arrives on the same wet area, but it does not expand as Adrian. It begins to slide, but it adjusts the machine, and then the car moves along a slightly different trajectory.

This video shows the beginning of two incidents. You see how the machine Jules starts to go sideways, and then he corrects.

With this camera we will show both the incident. You saw the beginning of the departure of Adrian, you will now see an accident. We scroll through the video, you will see the tractor. Let's see all the videos. In the background you can see fluttering flag and yellow. At the moment we haven't replaced him on a double yellow.

When the tractor starts to move, we changed the light on "double yellow" on the scoreboard. Now you can see and actually double yellow flags. As the tractor and the machine Sauber is on this side of the post 12, the yellow flags. Because the incident occurred after it. But, as you can see, as soon as they lift the car, move back, and he passes the post, the signal changes from yellow to green.

Now you see the green flags, because the post is already after the incident site. Now you will see a machine Jules.

This is the video that was available to us. I thought it would be constructive if you will see him. Now I can answer your questions, but first I wanted you to see it.

Question Charlie, can you explain what is the difference between the conditions when you decide that enough double yellow flags, and those in which you release the car security Because much has been said about the fact that it could appear on the track.

Charlie whiting We put double yellow flags, because they thought that with the consequences of an incident could cope without the use of machine safety. The next step is, of course, the issue onto the machine security, but because the machine Adrian Sutil was away from the road, this was a natural decision on our part in similar circumstances. We did not see the need to release the track car security at the moment.

Question have you ever Seen a telemetry with this machine Dropped if he speed under double yellow flags on this sector, in the area of the double yellow flags What was his speed, when he flew off the track

Charlie whiting I know what speed he flew off the track. We have seen data from all machines.

A lot of cars drove through the sector with double yellow flags, but not all slowed down so. Some slowed down quite a bit, some slowed down much. I don't think we will go into detail how much slowed Jules compared with others. We have these data. He slowed down. There is a matter of degree.

Question do we Know how fast he crashed into a tractor

Charlie whiting it is Impossible to get accurate data when the machine is flying through the gravel. You can only use the GPS data, but to count on them really hard. This is not a good idea to analyze such datauntil until a full investigation into the incident, a detailed analysis of the video as well as GPS data. So far we are not able to speak with confidence about what was the speed at the moment of collision with a tractor. It would be too early for us to tell you the exact figures.

Question it is Clear that retroactively make decisions much easier, but in retrospect, do you feel you could have done something differently And knowing what you know now, what lessons you can learn

Charlie whiting Yes, I think there are some conclusions that we need to do. We want to involve all teams and all pilots to ensure that it will be a good, well-designed and realized during many years of ideas. I think one of the most important aspects is that it might be better to pick up the pilots the right to determine how much they need to slow down in the event of such incidents.

It is better to create a system that is understandable for all, which would determine the extent to which the machine is set to slow in such conditions. On this we are now working. Tomorrow morning will be a meeting with all teams to discuss this possibility and method of use a kind of speed limit. Most likely, it will not be a specific limit, but, as I see it, a way of controlling the speed of pilots with clear rules and boundaries.

Question Charlie, if you manage to develop a system that could control the speed of vehicles, does it mean that the safety car will leave the track much less

Charlie whiting Yes, I think it's possible. But it would have the same effect. If you force all drivers to slow down to a certain temp, they will retain their positions relative to each other - so that would be about the same as the first two rounds at the check-out safety car. If Directorate of race requires "a short intervention, then perhaps in such cases, you can get by without car security.

However, in some situations, the safety car will be necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to control the speed of vehicles in certain areas of the track.

Question In a situation like in Suzuka, when the rain is getting stronger, how difficult is it to determine whether pilots react to signals in a changing environment

Charlie whiting This is harder, but not impossible. The system that we have, uses data from previous circles, comparing them. She "knows"how the tempo slows down or speeds up. We try to analyze the last few laps, the system can detect and show us pilots who, perhaps not enough has slowed in the current circumstances. We can then explore the situation in more detail. If the race is dry, you can trust this data with greater confidence. But because the conditions Suzuka has changed, we would have to analyze the data after the race in any case.

Question Who decided to send a tractor on the highway, and who decided to post a green flag

Charlie whiting the Tractor was sent to the scene by the race direction. If the machine is stuck in the gravel, obviously it should be taken therefrom. This was done immediately. The marshals were instructed to enter the ring and begin to evacuate the car.

The solution for the green flag was made by the Marshal on duty. As soon as the tractor with the machine Sauber was behind this point, the correct signal is green. He was yellow until, as the tractor was still ahead of the post, and changed to green when he was behind. These decisions are always taken by the flag marshals.

Question Charlie, two questions. The first is why it was decided to hold the race, if you knew about the approaching Typhoon Second - Felipe Massa said that was screaming on the radio that the race was stopped. Did you hear that

Charlie whiting For a start. The start time of the race is not a matter of discussion by the FIA. I suggested to the organizers to consider moving the start to an earlier time in order still to hold her, because the forecast was worse than the weather turned out to be actually. They didn't want to do that. I warned them that we will not hold the race if the conditions are unsafe, and that the probability that they will not race. They said, "No, we want to leave the start time at three o'clock". For me, the start time of the race in no way connected with the incident we are discussing.

The second question was about Felipe Massa. No, we have not heard that he was screaming on the radio. We now have pereslushala all that Felipe said. I think what he said to you, not entirely true. I have not heard that he was screaming on the radio. He mentioned only that "conditions on the road worse." It was the only thing he said on the radio. I don't think it means "to shout on the radio". He said that conditions were deteriorating, but we usually.

We don't listen to all the messages on the radio that the pilots pass - it's just impossible, so we rely on team who are informed if their pilots have something important to tell us. I'm sure they give us isn't all that said pilots For example some pilots have any concerns about visibility, after he had left the safety car and before the race was stopped, but only two teams told us that the visibility of their pilots have serious problems.

Question One Williams

Charlie whiting Yes, one of them is Williams. But, as far as I know, Felipe said that conditions deteriorate even before the appearance on the track machine security, and treated his comments rather to the fact that increased rain. The message about the poor visibility was later.

Question On various roads you use the tow truck of different manufacturers, some of them large balances that are just at the level of the head of the racer. You are not going now to change the approach For example, to only use cranes

Charlie whiting this is not so simple. As you know, the wrecker - in this case, the tractor must be heavy enough to lift the machine, it should be high enough ground clearance. He has opposed or not depends on the design. Such tractors we have successfully used for over 20 years, or even longer, and I don't think they should be changed urgently.

We had an hour discussion with riders, but we've discussed this issue, and one option that was suggested - this equipment evacuators kind of protective skirts. This option is worth considering, and we will do it.

As for the cranes, their range is limited. For example, in the 7th rotation Suzuki we'd need four or five taps are guaranteed to cover the entire area. If you remember Montreal, there is a crane in the area of exit of the 4th turn. But he can act only 50 metres from the wall, so sometimes you have to manually push in the area of his reach. For example, on the track in Monaco a lot of taps, but there and marshals a lot, and there is a danger that someone could be hit by a car. So the complexity is, therefore, we believe that all these issues require detailed discussion.

Question do You think that show a green flag was a mistake

Charlie whiting No, it was absolutely the right signal, since this flag was found after the accident. You must understand it does not mean that as soon as you see the green signal, you should start to attack in full force. You can do that at the moment when at head with a green flag. The same applies to yellow flags if on the first turn yellow flags, it does not mean that you should drop the speed, while with them, not at head. So you can prabhavati speed and begin to overtake only when it reaches the green flags.

Question please Explain the situation with the delivery of Jules medical center. We saw the helicopter rose into the air, but the driver was taken by ambulance.

Jean-Charles Drinks Usually on the road should be two helicopters. In the first two days of the week-end problems with the helicopters was not, but on Saturday night we were informed that the helicopter could not stay on the track at night in connection with a potential risk of damage due to the approaching Typhoon. The helicopter flew to Nagoya.

Early Sunday morning we received news that he was unable to return due to bad weather conditions. In accordance with our rules, we held a meeting and decided to make a major medical center hospital mie Prefecture, which is located 15 km from the road. Under normal conditions this way can be done in 25 minutes. This decision was taken on Sunday before 10am.

Closer to 11.30 helicopter was able to get back on track. But it was the decision to hold the race, even if the helicopter is not. All this is fully in line with our policies.

Such cases have already been earlier, for example, in 2009 and 2010 When the accident happened with Bianca, it was found that the helicopter can fly up from the road, but to land near the hospital does not allow the weather conditions. Therefore, we used the original plan, which was adopted early in the morning, and the driver was taken to medical center by ambulance. In those specific circumstances, it took 32 minutes.

Question I'd Like to hear your expert opinion did this delay on the state of Jules Bianchi

Ian Roberts the Total time spent on transportation racer, was 37 minutes, during this period was carried out detailed monitoring of his condition, and he was taken to hospital in absolutely the same physiological condition as it was at the time of shipment from the highway.

Question When FIA was last discussed the revision of safety standards, and how often you return to this theme

Charlie whiting I don't remember when the last time it was discussed protective skirts for tractors, but it was a long time ago. Subject head protection rider, the use of closed cockpits has recently been discussed and this discussion continues. As you know, it was after the incident with Felipe Massa and Henry Certicom. We spent quite in-depth study of this topic, a lot of experimenting, and the study is not completed.

It is very difficult to find a solution that would provide sufficient strength, but at the same time not interfere with the driver to work in the cockpit that the presence of such a system is not reflected. It is not easy. Meeting on security issues will be held next Thursday, and the solver will continue.

Question it was Not possible to postpone the start of the race at an earlier time, primarily to ensure that it is finished when it was still relatively light

Charlie whiting From my point of view, it would be useful. The organizers of the race was able to move it to an earlier time, but I don't think we are faced with a situation more complex than it could be. I do not think that the visibility was in serious trouble. I have already said that the race was conducted in strict accordance with the schedule, which we usually adhere to. This does not affect security. If it is too wet, we would simply not have it to spend.

Q You presented to the President of the FIA preliminary or final report, and whether it is in the public domain

Charlie whiting I would say that this version is close to the final. Need to add some information, but we are not yet fully decided who will be available this document. When reporting, we wanted to gather as much information, and must first submit it to the Commission on security, and it will select the group of experts who will examine all the issues raised. But I can't yet say who will have access to this report.

Question Tomorrow you will be meeting with teams on security issues. Is there any chance that in this weekend will be introduced some adjustments in the mode yellow flags and speed limits

Charlie Whiting It Is Unlikely. I have no doubt that we will be able to negotiate, but the machine consists of a huge number of different systems, it is very difficult to quickly achieve operability of such decision. Moreover, it is extremely important that the new system worked exactly the same on all machines. I think we should not rush to implement any changes as early as this weekend.

Question You talked about testing some solutions aimed at protecting the head of the racer. You know the results of these experiments. If to speak about the incident at Suzuka how you think, whether in the foreseeable future to appear a solution that can withstand such a blow

Charlie whiting I Think a clear answer to this question to give yet. But as I said, we had a solution to protect the rider from impact without wheels. There are preliminary signs that the forces acting on the car when hitting the fence route, or as was the case with the machine Jules, much larger than those with which we dealt in the course of the tests. We try to accurately estimate the impact energy, but I suspect that in this case, under these particular circumstances, it would be extremely difficult to find a solution that would protect the head of the racer.

Question Given the consequences of the accident, you are not going to make any special crash tests, which simulated the collision of the machine with an obstacle, like the tow truck

Charlie whiting This depends on the results of the analysis of injuries machine Jules, I do not exclude that it is necessary to consider the possibility of giving additional strength to the existing security structures. Again, I think it would be inappropriate to attempt to consider the circumstances of this particular accident. We try, whenever possible, to take into account the experience of all incidents, for example, a few years ago in Suzuka accident in which Timo Glock has hurt her leg, and then we had to deal with injuries of the chassis, which did not work. On the experience of similar accidents we learn. So shall it be in this case.

Question Charlie, could you tell me when will the changes made to the rules governing the appearance on the track tractors This will happen at the beginning of the next season

Charlie whiting Actually, if we are talking about such changes, at the beginning of next season, Yes.

Question According to Adrian Sutil, he was not asked about what happened, about what he saw from his point. You spoke with him

Charlie whiting No, not yet.

Question But will it

Charlie whiting Yes, we definitely will discuss what he saw. But I guess he had little to add, because we have the video of the evacuation of the entire incident. He was there, saw that, probably, would not like to see. No, we haven't discussed yet. Perhaps, while it is not the best time.

Question Charlie, I would also like to know how fast you received information about the incident

Charlie whiting With a little delay. Because the car hadn't been seen. My first thought when we looked at the screen with a tractor, was "the Evacuation took longer than I expected." It didn't look normal, it is usually the marshals in Suzuka work very quickly. Then they said "the Car crashed into a tractor." This is what they gave with the post, but I haven't seen her for a tractor. It took us some time to consider another camera that there really is a machine.

But it was impossible to understand wounded anyone, and the condition of the pilot. When we know, we sent the track the safety car and medical car. You couldn't see, it was not shown live, and on the camera, the image with which we looked, this was nowhere to be seen. With the camera 11 we could not be seen, and the camera 12 has been rotated in the wrong direction. As soon as we launched, we could see the car. But it took some time. Probably not more than 20 seconds, but for some time we remained in ignorance.

Question Jean, you talked about the expert Council, which will review the circumstances of the accident, which will include Charlie. Who else will it contain You said that to attract the best experts.

Jean Todt I know that you are familiar with the organization of the FIA. Of course, you know that security Commission headed by Peter Wright we have medical Commission there is Charlie in the technical Committee and several high-ranking people. That's why I asked Peter Wright to gather expert advice from qualified professionals. Everyone knows Peter and his strengths, I expect that he will help in this question.

Question How long will it take expert advice in order to come to conclusions. Do you have a deadline to which you are waiting for them

Jean Todt the Chairman of the expert Council Peter Wright today received my request, after this morning I received a report Charlie. I have to meet with Wright on Wednesday in Geneva. There will be a meeting, which is always done after serious accidents.

Question How to work a helmet and HANS Did you manage to get some information after this incident

Charlie whiting it is still too early to draw any conclusions. You can look at the helmet and to assess the damage.

We have several experts, in particular Andy Mellor. This is a very detailed and brilliant engineer. He was responsible for the design of the helmet, the so-called specifications 8860 - it is now used for the racers. The investigation began after the death of Ayrton Senna, and his creation took a long time.

Now we must be very careful to analyze. Andy is well able to restore the circumstances of Avaria, we will provide all data and photos. Then we need to understand how received damage and what needs to be done to prevent such things.

To put it all together is quite a complex process. But it will be done, and all that we can learn will be useful in improving the design of the helmet. The processes are the same as in the days when we worked with Mizoram after the accident Felipe Mass in Hungary in 2009 the result is a Kevlar band, which is now all use.

Question is there Enough of the expert or you do not have any specialists

Charlie whiting No, at the moment I don't think so.

Question Charlie, you have the opportunity to tell drivers that they are traveling at too high a temp

Charlie whiting No, it goes through the team. We cannot communicate directly with racers, but we often ask the team to send a message to the driver. And then can verify that they did.

Question Given that not all riders slowed double yellow flags, how strong was the impact

Charlie whiting If you look at the first data on the speed of the car. There was a barrier of three layers of tires, the accident would have been comparable with the incident of Heikki Kovalainen in Barcelona in 2007 But this is a very approximate information, I can't say for sure. But given that the barrier of the three layers of the tires and it was already the machine, at such a speed that the accident was of the same order.

Question Charlie, do not feel that their role could be played by coating the security zone If there was asphalt, it would be stronger to slow down

Charlie whiting This is the fact that on all routes, we played asphalt security zone in any condition better the gravel traps. That is why all new routes are mainly used asphalt security zone.

On older tracks don't, but this does not mean that they are unsafe, we performed tests on all routes, not just the new. But it is a fact that in most cases the asphalt better. However, in this particular case, we cannot say that everything would be different if there was asphalt, because we don't know for sure. But in most cases the asphalt better.

Question According to the received information can you talk about any mechanical problems with the car before the incident, which could cause a crash

Charlie whiting At the moment there are no signs of any mechanical problems.

Question Jean, how was this week for you personally emotionally

Jean Todt I am familiar with Jules since then, when he was 15 years old. While racing, I sometimes talked with his great-grandfather Lucien Bianchi. In addition, I remember that together with Mauro Bianchi went to the French hospital, specializing in burns, because he got a very serious injury. It so happened that he is familiar with my son. Nicolas works with Jules from 15 years of age and strongly believe in it.

Of course, on the one hand, my priority is to lead the FIA, which has two main areas of work - road and sport. But like any human, I have emotions, and I had a hard time. But I must say that every accident is deeply touches me. I had to leave Japan, but I five times per day to check how the situation is developing. That is why now our main responsibility is to analyze what happened and make sure that this will not happen again. But, as I said, racing is dangerous and can not absolutely guarantee that accidents won't happen. However, we will never be satisfied, for we will always be important to achieve greater security.

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2014-10-09 19:44:03

Lotus confirmed the transition to the motors Mercedes

Lotus confirmed the transition to the motors Mercedes

Thursday night Lotus F1 Team has confirmed the transition to the motors Mercedes - season 2015 until the end of the current generation of power plants.

Matthew Carter, Executive Director of Lotus F1 Team "We are delighted with the signing of a contract for the delivery of efficient power plants of Mercedes. We want to return to the group leaders, to win the race, and this contract is one of the steps towards this goal. The power plant of Mercedes-Benz has proven, now for the team from Enstone new era begins.

We would like to thank Renault - this company was closely linked with our team, together we have achieved great success".

Andy Cowell, managing Director of Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines "We are delighted to welcome Lotus F1 Team among our customers in 2015. They have a strong technical staff, excellent equipment - I am sure that together we will make a step forward next season.

In 2014 we proved that we can support three client teams to the highest standards, in addition to the factory. We are pleased that in 2015 we will be able to save a number of teams and strive to make further progress in the efficiency and reliability".


2014-10-01 11:44:02

Grand Prix of Japan the Schedule of press conferences

Grand Prix of Japan the Schedule of press conferences

The FIA has announced the official schedule of press conferences in the days of the Grand Prix of Japan.

On Thursday, the press center will visit Jules Bianchi Marussia F1, Jenson button McLaren, Roman Grosjean Lotus F1, Niko Hulkenberg Force India, Kamui Kobayashi Catarham F1, Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing.

On Friday, representatives of the manual Yasuhisa Arai Honda, Andy Cowell Mercedes, Pat fry Ferrari, Paul Monahan Red Bull Racing, Jonathan Neale McLaren, Remy Taffin Renault Sport F1.

Saturday and Sunday's press conference dedicated to the three leaders on the day. The translations we traditionally publish on


2014-09-30 18:14:02

Andy green New nose cones less effective

Andy green New nose cones less effective

The design of the nose fairing was criticized this year due to the unsightly appearance, but in the next year, due to changes in technical regulations, the "bills" will remain in the past.

By design, nose cones will remind those that are now being used in Mercedes and Ferrari is wide and flat, but the appearance will change and their effectiveness. According to chief designer Red Bull Racing Rob Marshall, loss of clamping force will be significant. His words are confirmed and technical Director of Force India Andy green.

Andy green "the First tests in the wind tunnel showed a decrease in the efficiency of the nose fairing 20 compared to the current version. We have a lot of work to compensate for these losses, and Mercedes and Ferrari will be an advantage.

The one who decides to build a nose cone, like Mercedes, for a start will pass the crash test, although Mercedes is not the first time were able to do it, and one attempt is worth 10 thousand pounds. If you look at the decision of the Ferrari, you have to completely change the philosophy of the aerodynamics of the car. In General, teams have a lot of work".


2014-09-26 22:54:02

Demerol We are aware of any new highway

Demerol We are aware of any new highway

Before the Grand Prix of Russia in less than two weeks, but this time will be pretty busy for the teams of Formula 1, because they have not only successfully spend a weekend at Suzuka next weekend, but also to prepare for the race on unfamiliar route. About these difficulties, told in an interview to the press service of the Red Bull Racing technical coordinator team Andy Gameroom.

Question how Much information do you get when in the calendar of the championship there is a new track

Andy Demerol we have access to a large amount of information about the route before you go on a race. Architects trails provide it to all the teams, so we will have a good understanding of the configuration.

Question What information do you use when modeling the track on the simulator

Andy Demerol We can model the track on the simulator, as well as using the available images and video to create a model of the stands and surrounding buildings - this helps the riders to get an idea how it looks. So, going to a new track, we already know its configuration and use of the simulator trying to find the most suitable settings, so you can do a lot and try to prepare well.

Question Can you predict in terms of working with rubber, based on the available knowledge about formulations that will be used

Andy Gameroom Before the race we know what the rubber compositions will bring the tire, but we don't know about the abrasiveness of the pavement until you reach the place. Only after the first workout, better poireti route and its features.

Question will Change anything in the relocation of the team from one Grand Prix to another

Andy Gameroom As a rule, we arrive at a new track a day earlier than usual to settle on the ground, in boxes and so on. Grand Prix of Russia will not only be a novelty for everyone, but with dual stage in Japan.

When you arrive at a new racetrack, your expectations based on virtual representations about the track, because neither of us had been there before. Of course, my interest and enthusiasm will be meeting with Sochi Circuit.