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Formula 1

2017-11-23 15:54:04

Lewis Hamilton Last race in a beautiful car

Lewis Hamilton Last race in a beautiful car

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton once again noted that the machine of Formula 1 with the Halo system, which will become mandatory next season, will lose its appeal.Lewis Hamilton "we have a Abu Dhabi- the last race on the beautiful cars. Next season things will change, cars will become less privlekatelnym. Well, at least the security will be higher".

2017-10-28 12:34:04

Kevin Magnussen could miss the race in Mexico

The Haas team appealed to the FIA with the request to allow Kevin Magnussen to miss Saturday briefing pilots because of ill health.In the FIA went against the American team, however, before the start of Saturday's practice Magnussen will have to communicate with the medical delegate of the FIA. If Kevin will have to pass a qualification and race, his place will be Antonio Giovinazzi.In the beginning of the season, Giovinazzi already spent two races in the composition Sauber, where he replaced injured Pascal Wehrlein.

2017-10-26 10:14:04

Max Verstappen I've calmed down

Max Verstappen I've calmed down

The pilot of Red Bull Max Verstappen has admitted that he no longer hold a grudge against a decision of the stewards Grand Prix of the United States.Max Verstappen "It was said in the heat of passion, I was really excited of what happened. Of course, I didn't mean to offend anyone.I'm not angry anymore. I had a supergene, and now is the dominant feeling. But I called the steward is an idiot, and I can't turn back time to correct his words.But I still think that the decision was simply unjust, and I, or Red Bull, couldn't even appeal. This is ridiculous, and this needs to change.It's my duty as a pilot to indicate that something in the Formula-1 is carried out incorrectly. This is a big mistake".

2017-10-04 10:44:03

Haas wants to get compensation from the FIA

Haas wants to get compensation from the FIA

During Friday practice in Malaysia novel Grosjean got into a serious accident after hitting loose on the bars of the drainage system. The car received serious damage, and now at Haas want to get from FIA compensation.Gunther Steiner, head of Haas "We intend to appeal to the FIA. It was not our fault. We lost three quarters of a million dollars that someone forgot to weld the bars.Together with the FIA we will look for a solution. They have insurance for such cases. Let's see what happens".

2017-09-28 13:44:03

Halo will cost the teams at 24000 euros

Halo will cost the teams at 24000 euros

Teams surprised by the high cost of security system Halo, which will become mandatory in the season of 2018.According to Auto Motor und Sport, currently three companies appealed to the FIA with a proposal to sell their version of Halo teams.Auto Motor und Sport "Those companies that meet the requirements, will be able to put Halo the teams of Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula E. But the big problem is the price. There is information that one system Halo will cost somewhere between 13000 and 24000 Euro."Technical Director of the Force India Andy green commented "It is very expensive. We need to order five Halo for each machine, as well as several pieces for tests of the FIA".

2017-08-29 11:24:03

Helmut Marko Renault really asked us for Sainz

Helmut Marko Renault really asked us for Sainz

Racing consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko said that the representatives of Renault really appealed to him and was interested in buying Carlos Sainz.Helmut Marko "Yes, they approached us. But Carlos has a contract with us. We need to find a solution that will satisfy us, because we have invested heavily in its development. We don't want to just give its pilots, which has invested much effort and money".

2017-06-16 09:54:10

The President of the FIA Formula 1 will never be completely electric

The President of the FIA Jean Todt believes that formula will never give up gasoline, so reunification with the Formula-E will not.Jean Todt "It's impossible. Formula 1 is a completely different discipline. And I'm glad that Formula 1 has chosen the path of hybrid technology. This is a huge step forward compared to what we had before.As for Formula E, we have a dozen producers who want to participate in the championship and appealed to them some of the largest cities in the world.Today, there are brands like Renault, which are present in Formula 1 and Formula E. I am Sure that one day Ferrari will follow suit".

2017-04-13 09:54:04

Gunther Steiner Team should have the right to appeal against decisions of stewards

Director Haas Gunther Steiner believes that it is necessary to change the rules in the direction that stewards Grand Prix did not have unlimited power in making decisions to punish pilots.Gunther Steiner "Now you can't appeal the decision of the stewards. Pilots can't appeal, because of race, but they have a right to know what they did wrong.I think that if the stewards are in doubt, they should call someone from the team with the data and to check everything, and not to come to conclusions independently, thinking that so-and-so the pilot did something, and it means to deny a couple of positions at the finish of the race.

2017-03-05 11:14:03

Chapter Haas We are happy with the way the FIA has dealt with pendants

Director Haas Gunther Steiner said that his team is satisfied with effective against FIA against the illegal designs of pendants.Gunther Steiner "we Have a clear understanding of what we can't do. Our small team would never have gone on such a dangerous risk as the violation of the rules.I don't know what other teams, but the FIA appealed each stable with explanations. I think no one dares to go to the start of the Grand Prix of Australia for illegal suspension. If someone dares it will be a direct challenge to the FIA that will not allow it. The right to protest have in any team, but only if their technology within the rules".

2017-02-05 17:34:03

Kevin Magnussen the New rules for me

Kevin Magnussen the New rules for me

The pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen believes the new rules should be ideally suited to his style of piloting.Kevin Magnussen "It's great, I'm really happy. I like the idea that this year we will fly, possibly the fastest car in Formula 1.And I think that the new rules now will appeal to all pilots. We need tyres that are more durable. And if the machines do get more level of adhesion with the track, then we will be able to attack more.The new rules are perfectly suited to my style of piloting. I always attacked the track at the limit, and in recent years in Formula 1 has forced me to restrain myself and its speed.The new cars will fit my aggressive style of piloting".

2017-02-01 12:25:41

Niko Hulkenberg New cars are incredibly fast

Niko Hulkenberg New cars are incredibly fast

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg believes that the new machines will appeal to all his speed.Nico Hulkenberg "the New cars look more "tough". It seems that the 3rd and 10th turns Catalunya we're going to pass "gas". It will make all the teams, and last year about this, we have demonstrated only Red Bull and Mercedes.I am sure that the effect of DRS will become much more pronounced than in 2016. Rumors and criticism is absolutely unfounded.The only problem will relate to Monte Carlo, where overtaking will not be exactly. No. You physically without contact just can't outrun race cars. Cars have become wider, and it will be enough just to go in the middle of the route for the protection - that's all".

2017-01-30 13:54:03

In Haas never mind the early payment of the Force India

In Haas never mind the early payment of the Force India

Like a year ago, the team Force India appealed to the leadership of the championship with a request ahead of time to pay part of the prize money last season to pay their suppliers. This required the agreement of all teams, but Haas opposed.But now the team Haas withdrew its protest. It turned out that the Americans were pursuing their own goals.Each new team of Formula-1 is obliged to put on Deposit FIA 20 million returned in two years. Of course, if the team survives to this date. At Haas has asked the FIA to repay that amount, since it is obvious that the existence of the American team is not in danger, and she will hold his second season. Only after the FIA went against Haas, the Americans withdrew their protest against the early repayment of the rivals of Force India.

2017-01-26 13:04:03

Pirelli the Pilots will be happy

The head of Pirelli, Paul Hembery assured that the new bus will appeal to all pilots of Formula 1.Paul Hembery "I Think that pilots will enjoy the new tires, because with that level of grip can not be otherwise. The pilots will be new task of unraveling the work of the tires, and it will take them some time.Now the leads will not affect the tire, and the efficiency of the cars as all.If the efficiency of the machines close to each other, then overtaking is possible, if not, it will turn into a motorcade".

2017-01-20 11:54:04

Sergio Perez I was surprised by the decision of Hulkenberg

Sergio Perez I was surprised by the decision of Hulkenberg

The pilot Force India Sergio Perez admitted that he was stunned when he heard about the departure of Nico.Sergio Perez "to be Honest, I was completely stunned by this news. I knew Nico was in the list of Renault, and in high place. Also know that if I refuse their proposal, they will appeal to Nico. Well, they took excellent pilot.Now time will tell who made the right decision. I am very happy with three seasons, who have been with Force India. I think that we will continue to develop and fight for podiums".

2016-12-23 11:34:03

The new owners of Formula 1 is ready to change the format of the race weekend

In early 2017, the American company Liberty Media will have full control over the championship. According to the publication iNewspaper, there already was thinking about changing the format of the race weekend.There is a proposal to hold two races a sprint on Saturday and main on Sunday. The distance of Sunday's race will be considerably reduced. It is not excluded that the Friday workout completely canceled.It is believed that this format will appeal to an American audience.

2016-12-10 16:04:04

Nico thank you and happy holidays

Nico thank you and happy holidays

The pilot Force India Niko Hulkenberg next year will be the pilot of Renault, but now he congratulates his fans with the end of the season and upcoming holidays.Nico Hulkenberg "I Now appeal to all fans of the Force India These are the best fans I have ever seenI thank you for your support, you for years helped me to believe in myself to achieve results. After a Christmas party I will not return to base in Silverstone, so I say thank you and all the employees of the Indian team.Next year we'll see each other again on the tracks of the world Meantime, merry Christmas and happy New Year".

2016-11-16 10:54:04

Chapter Mercedes Rules should be simplified

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff believes that the current rules of Formula 1 should be more understandable for fans.Toto Wolff "it's No secret that the championship was too difficult to understand by fans. I think that it is necessary to simplify the rules. The rules became so numerous that the audience needs to understand the voluminous writings to stay up to date with what's happening.Moreover, it is difficult not only to fans, but the stewards, because sometimes it is unbearably hard to make a choice penalize the pilot or not. Yes, and teams very often find workarounds to read the rules otherwise and this appeal before the stewards".

2016-08-15 05:04:06

Las Vegas implored to Formula 1

Soon the calendar of Formula 1 may be another race in the United States.In Las Vegas we found that Chinese investors willing to invest in the business 150 million. Now the organizers appealed to Hellmund TAVO, the Creator of the Grand Prix in Mexico city and Austin, as well as to the contact organizer Cregan Richard, who helped to organize the stages in Abu Dhabi and Sochi.It is expected that the race will take place on the streets of Las Vegas, near the famous casino.

2016-07-11 17:34:04

The chances of Mercedes to contest the fine minimum

The Mercedes team filed an appeal against the decision of the stewards Grand Prix of great Britain, who have punished Nico Rosberg for the tip of the boxes. Edition Auto Motor und Sport believes that the chances of the German team to regain second place is minimal.According to Auto Motor und Sport, the stewards upheld the advice of the team regarding the modes of transmission. These instructions are allowed to continue the race, and prevented from gathering in the distance.The stewards didn't like the moment when Nico Rosberg began to clarify it to use only the lower six gears or switch through the seventh. This team wasn't supposed to respond, however, the race engineer pilot reported "Nico, pull through seventh gear" And this is a direct violation of the limitations of radio, and to defend his position at Mercedes is unlikely to succeed.

2016-07-10 20:44:07

Nico Rosberg fined

Stewards Grand Prix of great Britain has fined the pilot of the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg for clues teams received at the end of the race. The German lost the second place in the race, but has kept leadership in the championship.In a statement, the FIA said "after Hearing the appeal the race Director, after examining the testimony of pilots and representatives of commands, and having heard the recording of conversations, the stewards came to the conclusion that rules have been broken.The team handed over the pilot information permitted by the user manual 014-16. However, the pilot received instructions not permitted by paragraph 27.1 sporting regulations."Rosberg received a ten seconds penalty and fell back to third place, behind max Verstappen. In the championship the advantage Nico had dropped to 1 point.

2016-06-22 16:14:04

Daniil Kvyat I like dangerous road

Daniil Kvyat I like dangerous road

The pilot Toro Rosso Daniel Quat admitted that he appeal to the track where you want a lot of risk.Daniil Kvyat "While there are trails in Baku, to fly and to make interesting. I like dangerous road, where the pilot test of nerves and courage. It's great that there are still tracks where mistakes are very expensive.Modern racing is too safe, and these tracks are always allocated on their background. It would be great if the championship was tracks such as Zandvoort, Mugello and Imola".

2016-06-12 16:54:03

Fernando Alonso In Baku will appeal to strong teams

Fernando Alonso In Baku will appeal to strong teams

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso is the official representative of the Grand Prix of Baku, and the Spaniard believes that strong teams like the new track.Fernando Alonso "I remember Flavio Briatore called me and offered to promote the stage in Baku. He also asked for permission from McLaren to use me in this work. I agreed, since both me and the team benefited from it. I can tell you that the race will be just fine.I liked Baku, I like to share experience with people. The race should appeal to strong teams, the fight will be very acute. Our team track is not suitable, so we do not claim great rewards".

2016-06-11 22:54:06

Lewis Hamilton I am pleased to win

Lewis Hamilton I am pleased to win

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton showed the best result in the qualification of Grand Prix of Canada.Lewis Hamilton "I'm very happy to achieve victory in this qualification. The team worked hard to find the speed for this session. In the morning we were hard at work, and it gave the result.We are very close in speed to the Scuderia, and my partner was incredibly close to me today, although this is my favourite track. It speaks of the struggle that will be tomorrow. I am very happy. Again, the pilots Ferrari this time is very good. They just have a crazy race car, high speed. I earnestly preparing for the race, which will definitely appeal to fans of Formula 1.

2016-05-14 10:44:02

In the Red Bull dissatisfied with the agreement between the FIA and car manufacturers

The FIA and manufacturers agreed on the regulations on the engines, on measures to reduce costs and on the delivery of client engines. However, the head Red Bull Christian Horner unhappy with the agreements.Christian Horner "the Agreement between the FIA and the manufacturers is very weak. It concerns the cost of engine, but does not affect the obligation of manufacturers to supply client engines. It is a pity that not managed to achieve more, but it's better than nothing."Earlier, the FIA has established a procedure for supplying customer engines to avoid a situation in which the Red Bull team at the end of last year, when Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda refused to supply her with their power plant.So, if one team remains without a motor, it shall have the right to appeal to the FIA. FIA will appoint the supplier of engines, with the least customers. If these suppliers would be few, and the die is cast. The price of motors, chosen in such a way, limited by the strap 12 million euros.

2016-05-11 13:34:03

Sergio Marchionne In Formula 1, you may receive the factory team Alfa Romeo

Sergio Marchionne In Formula 1, you may receive the factory team Alfa Romeo

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne stated once again that Formula 1 can return the Alfa Romeo brand. The rate is likely to be made on the factory team.Sergio Marchionne in an interview with F1 Today "the Alfa Romeo may return to Formula-1. But this will require considerable investment, and for that you need to sell more cars. While we are only at the beginning.If Alfa Romeo will return to Formula 1, only as a factory team. Last year Red Bull has appealed to Alfa Romeo, but they only needed the engine. But we are not a Honda.

2016-05-07 11:14:06

Kimi Raikkonen too noisy at home

Kimi Raikkonen too noisy at home

According to reports in the Finnish press, confirmed by the management of Kimi Raikkonen, the Finnish pilot only with a quiet mind at home and can afford the extra noise. Neighbors of the champion of the world complain of excessive noise, which comes from the estate of Raikkonen on the exclusive Peninsula Porcelanium.The cause of the noise lies in the motocross track, which Kimi was built on the site. Recall that Raikkonen has organized his own team in motocross, which stands at the world Championships. But the level of noise from the new highway, not like the inhabitants of nearby houses, so the neighbors and appealed to the government to resolve this situation. On the one hand, the track is built on private property, on the other - the noise level exceeds permissible limits, and the permission for the construction of a sports facility Kimi did not receive.

2015-11-26 17:44:04

Lotus cars are not tested in Abu Dhabi

Thursday FIA traditionally conducts technical inspection of cars, which will be used during the race weekend. Lotus machine check did not pass.Due to financial difficulties, machines and other equipment arrived at the Lotus track in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. The team appealed to the stewards with the request to postpone the inspection until a later time, and now the test will be held on Friday morning.

2015-11-20 14:44:03

The Williams team did not contest the disqualification of the Mass

Stewards Grand Prix of Brazil after the end of the race was disqualified Felipe Massa for non-compliance of the recommendations of Pirelli in terms of the temperature and pressure in the tires. The Williams team was going to appeal, but eventually decided not to challenge the decision to disqualify.In Brazil, the early team secured third place in the constructors ' championship. The results of consideration of the protest will not affect the situation, but it will have to pay court costs. The team decided not to challenge the decision, although stresses that confident in her position.In a statement Williams said "the Team has decided not to challenge the decision of the stewards, although I do not agree with it and have sufficient evidence of his innocence. The hearings most likely would have passed after the end of the season, and the team doesn't want to spend the time focusing on the preparations for the new season. In addition, an appeal can lead to unnecessary expenses, in this case, the position of the team in the constructors 'championship it will not be affected".

2015-11-16 06:34:06

Felipe Massa disqualified

Williams driver Felipe Massa was excluded from race Protocol Grand Prix of Brazil. The reason is violation of the recommendations of Pirelli on the pressure and temperature of tires.The measurements taken before the start of the race, showed that the temperature of the front tyre is +137 C, while the Pirelli tires allowed to warm up to +120 C. the pressure in the tire proven 20.6 psi, which is 0.1 psi above the minimum level.Having heard the report of the technical delegate FIA Joe Bauer and listened to explanations of representatives Williams, stewards Grand Prix of Brazil decided to exclude Felipe Massa of Protocol home race.In Williams intend to appeal.