In 2003 there were rumors that BMW is going to come into Formula 1 throughout his team. Rumors rumors, but in 2005, BMW offered a controlling stake in the Swiss company "Sauber" and at the end of the year, "Sauber" became a division of BMW, and a new team called BMW Sauber. The impetus for this step for the German manufacturer was a break with the "stable" Williams, a BMW supplied engines. The cause of rupture was dissatisfaction with Mario Theissen - Director of BMW Motorsport, the fact that BMW is the owner of a stake in Williams. Complaints about this were expressed by the great Sir Williams, who not only agreed to the terms of Theissen, but he was very angry about his statement that gradually led to the rupture. Recall that for BMW race - not a new occupation, and has a bright history of victories and success. Formula - 1 to the inception of the new team has already presented his 19 Grand Prix. For his first season in 2006 invited a team of Nick Heidfeld - the German pilot from Williams, as well as Canadian Jacques Villeneuve. The latter concluded his speech at the German Grand Prix, leaving not only the team but also the Formula 1 in general. At the stage in Hungary, he was replaced by Robert Kubica and Heidfeld in a team with riders continued performance, then their contract was extended until 2008. In 2006, the team created a car F1.06, who brought her to the podium in Hungary and Italy. And in the Constructors' Championship, they took fifth place. The following season, BMW Sauber in 2007 ranked third in the team, mainly because of its new F1.07. By the way, if disqualified, "McLaren", third place was the second. Then for the first time the team scored more than a hundred points. In general, the championship was rich in events: there were problems with the gearbox, with Robert Kubica in Canada at the Grand Prix accident, Heidfeld got a podium in Montreal and Budapest. Even in the 2008th team looked pretty strong and had plans for the future is very serious. However, it ceased to participate in the races at the end of last year, explaining that at the moment the main problem of concern is its sustainable development and the development of new avtotehnology.
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Formula 1

2018-01-04 12:54:04

January nomeromania 4 - Robert Kubica, 2008

January nomeromania 4 - Robert Kubica, 2008

In 2008 Sauber owned by BMW, and thanks to the cooperation with the Bavarian minders were able to challenge Ferrari and McLaren. As part of the Swiss team under the number "4" was made by Robert Kubica.Early in the season the pilots Ferrari and McLaren often made errors, allowing Kubica several times on the podium. And on the seventh stage in Canada Robert does win, then suddenly became the leader of the championship. But then problems and mistakes of rivals became less, and the results Sauber has fallen markedly in the remaining races pole only three times finished in the top three. In the end, Kubica finished the season in fourth position, behind Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen.

2017-12-12 15:54:03

Robert Kubica Before and after the accident

Robert Kubica Before and after the accident

Robert Kubica's life was divided into two parts before and after the unfortunate accident in early 2011. But now he claims a place in Williams, and we decided to recall the development of career Polish pilot.2006 2005 Kubica with a huge advantage won the World series by Renault, for which he received a reward in the form of test driving the French Formula 1 race car. Many of the teams drew attention to Robert, but the first contract test pilot for 21-year-old pole has signed with BMW-Sauber. He trusted the tests and Friday practice, during which he showed good results. All went to the fact that in the season of 2007, Kubica will become a combat pilot of this team.However, the debut took place in 2006 when leader of the BMW-Sauber Jacques Villeneuve fell out with the leadership and left the team. In the first race in Hungary Robert ahead in qualifying experienced partner nick Heidfeld finished seventh, but from-for underweight and was disqualified. But a month later, at the Grand Prix of Italy in Monza, Kubica climbed to the third step of the podium.

2017-10-20 12:14:03

Nico Rosberg is not eager to become a team leader

Nico Rosberg is not eager to become a team leader

Champion of the season in 2016 Nico Rosberg said that does not exclude the possibility of working as a team leader, but only in the distant future.Nico Rosberg "No, I don't want to be associated with his father's championship team in the DTM. But to visit a party in honor of the title was great. I've seen a lot of people who played a huge role in my own career when I went to Team Rosberg in the Formula 3 and Formula BMW.It was a wonderful time, we did a lot of thinking. Now I'm not looking for a post of the head. But of course, I consider all options. Racing is my passion, especially Formula 1. That's why I commented on the Grand Prix in Japan, as well as in the career of Kubica. I support it in return in any way possible".

2017-10-03 11:54:04

Kubica and di Resta will conduct comparative tests

The Williams team is considering two candidates for a possible replacement for Felipe Massa. It's Robert Kubica and Paul di Resta.Both candidates for a place in Williams in October will carry out a comparative test driving cars 2014. The first tests will be held at the British Silverstone, and then both pilots will go on the Hungarian Hungaroring.Kubica competed in Formula 1 in 2006-2010 for BMW-Sauber and Renault. His career in the championship was interrupted after a serious accident in a rally in early 2011. Di Resta played for Force India in 2011-2013 this year, he spent one race, replacing Williams Executive Felipe Massa.

2017-09-25 11:34:04

Champions Cup RDS at the Sochi Autodrom, a brand new format, the strongest participants

Champions Cup RDS at the Sochi Autodrom, a brand new format, the strongest participants

6 and 7 October, the Sochi Autodrom will host the Champions Cup RDS-2017. The legend of drift best Russian racers will compete under the spotlights - the season finale will be held in the format of a night race.Friday from 19.00 to 22.00 there will be training on Saturday with start 19.00 pair runs.In the composition of the judging panel will include the famous Japanese Hiroki Furuse nicknamed Sleepy, CEO of RDS Dmitry Dobrovolsky and pilot from Moscow Alexander Sivertsev.Two more members of judicial team of RDS at this time will be the participants. To fight for the Champions Cup will have the Creator of the European school of drifting, the Italian champion Federico Serifo known for his unsurpassed skills and math calculation. Competition the legendary Italian will be Timothy Kosharny is one of the founding fathers of the Russian Drift Series champion 2009 master of uncompromising drift and dangerous maneuvers.The participants also declared the champion of season 2017 Gocha Chivchan of the team, "Striker Auto", the silver medalist RDS 2017 Pavel Busygin, representing the team, "Toyo Tires x Gorilla Energy", the winners of the 2017 in the team standings, the drifters team "Tuning Factory / AIMOL" Alexey Bobrovsky champion RDS 2014 Andrew pesegov and four-time champion RDS in the far East, Ilya Fedorov.The competition will be attended by the winner of the RDS 2016 and winner of the Japanese drift championship 2014-2015 driving a Silvia S15 bright "Tiger" Fedor Zeitz, Amateur extreme uridashi of the VAZ-2105 Fedor Vorobiev, Arkadiy Puchinin from St. Petersburg, acting on a BMW E30 in police livery with flashing lights, and other famous drifters.

2017-08-24 11:04:04

Nico Rosberg Formula E is the future

Nico Rosberg Formula E is the future

Champion of the season in 2016 Nico Rosberg, who prophesied to the post of head of Mercedes in Formula E, believes that an electric championship is the future.Nico Rosberg "This is the future of the world and it would be great to see when all the manufacturers will lay out their cards on the table Mercedes, Audi, BMW and others. It would be great".

2017-07-28 12:34:03

Sauber extended the contract with Ferrari

Sauber extended the contract with Ferrari

The Sauber team will continue to use Ferrari power plant. The contract is signed for a few years.Frederick Wasser, the head of the team "I am Happy to report that we continue to cooperate with Ferrari. We signed a multiyear contract to supply engines.Cooperation with Ferrari will help to achieve serious progress in the work on the car in 2018. I am confident that together we will achieve significant results".Frederic Vasseur became the head of the Sauber a couple of weeks ago, and the first thing he terminated the contract with Honda has signed former team principal, Kaltenborn Monisha.Sauber uses Ferrari engines since 1997. Only in 2006-2010, the team enjoyed the support of BMW.

2017-07-21 12:44:05

Chase Carey We need more German teams

The head of Formula-1 chase Carey believes that the championship is not enough German manufacturers.Chase Carey "we Have a champion of Germany, a German car, too, the champion, the Germans are fighting for the title this year, but we would like to have more German teams.The German Grand Prix has a long history, and we want to fight to make this story continued.Our goal is to companies like BMW, Porsche or Audi, took part in the championship. That is why we adjust the technical and economic conditions".

2017-05-12 11:54:04

Timo Glock to Return to Formula 1 Are you kidding me

Timo Glock to Return to Formula 1 Are you kidding me

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock stunned the Internet with his photo in the cockpit of the car racing series. This photo German as if hinting at its return to the Royal race. However, it turned out that it was a picture from the simulator.Timo Glock "It was a joke, which is picked up by the media. I did and never replaced. The news spread across the world like a rocket I wasn't expecting it Be calm. I will remain in the DTM, where will fly over the BMW with such a great partner like Deutsche Post, so don't worry.Glock competed in Formula 1 in 2004, 2008-2012, On account of the German three podium in the team Toyota.

2017-02-07 12:44:03

BMW is not going to return to Formula 1

BMW is not going to return to Formula 1

Unit for the production of McLaren road cars has started cooperation with BMW. In this regard, there were rumors that the German company intends to return to Formula 1 with its hybrid technology. However, the Bavarians were quick to assure that to return to the championship they are not going.The press service of BMW, said "When we decided to withdraw from Formula 1 in 2009, it adopted a long-term solution. Resources from Formula 1 we've seen the development of a hybrid power-plant, and soon became leading manufacturers of electric cars of premium class.We follow the development of the Formula 1, but in the near future do not plan to return to this championship".

2016-11-07 22:14:03

Jrg Zander is the new technical Director of Sauber

The post of technical Director of the team Sauber, which had remained vacant after the departure of Mark Smith in March of this year, next season is Jorg Zander.Currently, Zander is the technical Director of the Audi team represented in the championship WEC. However, the German company decided to leave endurance racing, and 52-year-old engineer got the opportunity to return to Formula 1, which has already worked with Toyota, BAR, Williams, Honda and Brawn. Had Zander to work in Sauber in 2006 and 2007 he was the chief designer of the team, which at that time belonged to BMW.Moniz, Kaltenborn, head of the team "We are delighted that Jorg Zander will become technical Director at Sauber. We are proud that we have managed to convince so an experienced engineer to become a part of our team. This is a very important step in the history of Sauber, and he will succeed.Zander knows the world of Motorsport and Formula 1. He will oversee all technical processes and be responsible for all technical departments. Sure, together we will succeed".Jorg Zander "I'm glad to be back in the Sauber and in Switzerland, a country that became for me almost native. After many years of experience in endurance racing, I am pleased to return to Formula 1. Enters into force the new regulation which provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate technical capability.My goal is to create efficient technical organization that will be able to design a competitive machine of Fomrula-1. But first we need to gain a foothold in the middle of the peloton. This is a very interesting challenge and I look forward to the new season".

2016-03-24 12:14:04

Robert Kubica I want to return to Formula-1

Robert Kubica I want to return to Formula-1

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica again looking for an opportunity to return to the Royal race.Robert Kubica "it is a Pity that in modern Formula 1 this is just a lot of time to be in the pits, waiting out on the road. We have to save tires, the engine, to monitor the accuracy of flying. But both want to attack to the limitBut I still want to return to Formula 1. This is the most prestigious racing series among all series, although its dominance is starting to lose its position".Kubica came into Formula 1 in 2006-2010. for BMW-Sauber and Renault. In early 2011, the pole was involved in a severe accident during a rally race and injured his hand. Injury prevented to pursue a career in Formula 1.

2016-03-17 12:54:03

Debutantes of the season Rio Haryanto

Debutantes of the season Rio Haryanto

Rio Haryanto is obviously not the most talented and not the most promising of all the debutantes of the season-2016. But the richest - his contribution to the budget of the Manor is estimated at 15 million.Traditionally Haryanto career began with karting. At the age of 15 Indonesian debut in the formulas behind the wheel of a car series, Formula Asia 2.0. In 2009 he won the local championship Formula BMW Pacific, after which he moved to Europe.In 2010-2011, Rio competed in GP3 in the composition of Manor Racing and won three races. In 2012, Haryanto moved to GP2. First three seasons were very dull, but in 2015 the Indonesian pilot, won three races and finished fourth in the championship.

2015-10-08 11:14:03

Mercedes and Force India Formula 1 will survive without Red Bull

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff said that the departure of Red Bull from Formula 1 will not affect the future of Formula 1.Toto Wolff "of Course, it is important to keep all the commands. Lately a lot of teams came and went. So, a few years ago within a few months of the championship left Toyota, BMW and Honda are the three major car manufacturers, but Formula 1 has survived.Red Bull is a famous brand, and we should try to save it. But if it does not work that Formula 1 will survive without them".Similar opinion is shared by the Deputy head of the Force India Robert Fearnley.Robert Fearnley "it Will be sad if Red Bull will go away, because they did a lot of good for the championship. But Formula 1 will exist without them. Six months and nobody will remember about Red Bull".

2015-09-17 11:34:07

BMW does not want to Formula-1

General Director of BMW Harald Krueger said that his company does not wish to return to Formula 1.Harald Kruger "We are busy in the DTM, where there is a tight battle between us, Audi and Mercedes. This series is a good advertisement for the brand and model M4.We are not considering a return to Formula 1 even in the long term. We're not interested".

2015-08-28 16:24:07

Daniil Kvyat Kubica introduced me to the paddock

Daniil Kvyat Kubica introduced me to the paddock

Pilot Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat told that Robert Kubica for the first time introduced him to the world of Formula 1.Daniil Kvyat "When I won one of the races in the Junior series, I gave tests in Formula 1. When I arrived at the track, we met there a Kubica, who invited me to visit the BMW boxes.Robert showed me the pits, the paddock, the car was introduced to the wheel and switches. When I was only 15 years old, and this was my dream Good times - I still remember all this.".

2015-08-13 11:14:03

Williams We can win without a huge budget

Head of technical Department Williams Pat Symonds believes that his team is capable of winning races over mastertime teams and without additional costs.Pat Symonds "We are fighting, and quite successfully, against teams, budgets and capabilities that surpass our two and a half times. To win, we do not necessarily need to match their capabilities.Even with such resources, we can achieve victories. It's not unfounded comments. If you work really hard and do everything right, we will be able in a couple of years to achieve the level of leaders of the championship. Gradually we will be able to step up and win."The last time the Williams team claimed the championship title back in 2003, when tightly cooperated with the German company BMW.

2015-07-01 11:34:03

Force India With the departure of Red Bull all strive for perfection

Deputy head of the Force India Robert Fearnley believes that with the departure of Red Bull from the championship will start making the right steps.Robert Fernley "If you remember, when the championship left Honda and BMW, we all immediately began to think and do the right steps. Then the race became more interesting than they were. The same should happen now. We all must once again sit down at the negotiating table to try to solve the General problem, instead of thinking only about yourself and your business.Red Bull could leave, and I even encourage it, because the care of such a large team can lead to major changes in the League, positive growth series".

2015-04-28 22:24:02

Chapter Sauber We are looking for a rich sponsor

Head Sauber monisha Kaltenborn said her team needs in partnership with a wealthy investor.Monisha Kaltenborn "Any team is happy to cooperate with a rich sponsor on an ongoing basis. In past years, competitors were able to estimate how much we can achieve, give us a little more money. We were even able to compete with the top teams. And now, in an effort to fight for wins and podiums we are looking for a rich company that will agree to cooperate with us.We don't transirem money, and when they were factory team, we've achieved success without unnecessary spending".In 2006-2009 the Sauber team collaborated with BMW and during this period won one race and took 2nd place in the constructors ' championship.

2015-04-04 12:34:10

Daniel ricciardo In Shanghai insanely long straight

Daniel ricciardo In Shanghai insanely long straight

Red Bull's driver Daniel ricciardo noted that direct Chinese road so long that driving a car can be good to relax.Daniel ricciardo "It's a very long straight, the longest in the championship. It is so long that even behind the wheel of a Formula 1 you can manage to drink a can of Red Bull. Many very bored on this line, many pilots of Formula 1 complain of its excessive length and this boredom. But try to drive here on the Formula BMW. I had such an experience. I will tell you, the jars will not be enough, then you can read an interesting book

2015-03-25 09:24:03

Carlos Sainz Sepang I have the most pleasant memories

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz admitted that he likes the track Sepang, where this weekend they host the Grand Prix of Malaysia.Carlos Sainz "I have previously spoken here, so know a lot about the track, and her profile I like. I remember when I first played on the car open wheel, it was in Formula BMW. Then I got second place in the race. After that I had a couple of races on this ring.Remember that it is very humid, hot, stuffy and hard to pilot. This will be for all of us, beginners, a good test of endurance".

2015-03-06 13:24:15

Sebastian Vettel about how he came to Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel about how he came to Ferrari

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel admitted how he actually got to the Scuderia.Sebastian Vettel "I was 16 years old, and I snuck into boxes Ferrari. It was at the Nurburgring. At that time I competed in the Formula BMW. It was something special Ferrari, Schumacher, Formula 1.Later, in the 2012-2013 season, I went on secret negotiations with Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo. A year ago, I already spoke with Mattiacci, then Manager of Michael, Sabine Kehm. Sorry, that is not itself Schumacher. So I came in a Ferrari".

2015-03-02 11:24:05

Marcus Ericsson At the age of 17 I was not ready for Formula 1

Pilot Sauber Marcus Eriksson believes that at the age of 17 he was certainly not ready to participate in the Formula 1 championship.Marcus Eriksson "I was not ready that's for sure. In 17 years I skated only one season in Formula BMW, and move on to the Formula 1 I have no experience. It took me years to feel ready for the Royal race".Recall that, coming at the start of the Australian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen will become the youngest pilot in the history of Formula 1.

2014-11-06 12:44:02

The Porsche has no contract with Jenson Button

All goes to the fact that Fernando Alonso will be the pilot of McLaren and will take the place of Jenson Button. There were rumors that the British had already signed a contract to compete in the championship WEC with factory Porsche team. But there is tricouri Enzinger, program Manager of Porsche LMP1 "I know the forces at work in the BMW in 2000 the button played for Williams-BMW - primed. This is a good guy and a great pilot. But at the moment we have no contract with him IN this year Porsche used two machines. Next season, the German company is ready to expand its presence in the WEC for up to three cars. Accordingly, there will be three more vacancies protoname that for a year as part of Porsche is another ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber.

2014-10-20 13:34:03

Marco Wittmann will conduct the tests in the Toro Rosso

Marco Wittmann will conduct the tests in the Toro Rosso

Marco Wittmann, factory racer BMW, champion series DTM in 2014, won the right to sit behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso on the official tests, which will take place on 25-26 November in Abu Dhabi immediately after the season finale.

Jens Marquardt's, head of BMW Motorsport "Marco Wittmann had a great season and it was a great pleasure BMW Motorsport. I am very glad that we fulfill his dream to take part in tests of the Formula 1. Thanks to the cooperation with our premium partner with Red Bull, we have the opportunity to organize the tests in the Toro Rosso. We are looking forward to when he will sit behind the wheel of this car."

Marco Wittmann "Coming in may for the first race of the season in Hockenheim, I never imagined that I could win on this track title in the DTM. In addition, I extended the contract with the factory BMW team and had the opportunity to test in Formula 1 - it's my dream. Of course, test driving a Toro Rosso will be an incredible experience".160


2014-10-18 20:14:03

Kaltenborn things are slowly starting to improve

Kaltenborn things are slowly starting to improve

Sauber spends his worst season in Formula 1 for the three races before the end of the championship on her account no points. However, the head of the Swiss team Moniz, Kaltenborn no doubt that in the future the situation has changed for the better.

Question We could call this the most difficult season for all your work in this team

Moniz, Kaltenborn I'd say he's the worst Look at the position which we occupied, we do not have any points. The Sauber before the season, when the team for quite a long time was on the last or next to last place in the Cup of designers, but I am willing to admit that it is difficult to do something no points, which is associated with a number of situations where we were not able to influence circumstances. So, I agree, this is our worst season.

Question What do you as the leader of the team can make the team believe next season will be better

Moniz, Kaltenborn First of all, I must say that our team over the years not much has changed. Not to say that it remains the same as 40 years ago, but there are still many employees who were here back in those days, when Sauber debut in Formula 1 in 1993. They have seen a lot, witnessed and successes, and failures, and understand, what we do is difficult, especially when you consider that our team is private.

I'm just trying to give them hope and faith and try to show that whatever the results, together we can improve the situation. She is slowly starting to improve, and it's the only way to maintain a cohesive team.

Question How important is it for Sauber to go into 9th place in the Cup of designers, if we talk about the next season What will be the consequences if you fail

Moniz, Kaltenborn First of all, we need to talk about the psychological attitude if we succeed, we will be able to overcome the disappointment that already, of course, felt, and team spirit will rise up. Of course, it will also help to improve our finances, because you're looking at millions and a lot of money. In General, this would be a positive signal for the team and would help move towards improvement.

Question are You not surprised that so much time has passed and you still earn points When Marussia got their first points in Monaco, you probably thought "Nothing, it's unlikely for us to significantly affect"

Moniz, Kaltenborn well, we knew that we would have a hard time, but I did not expect that the team will be in such a difficult position. We had several chances, and for different reasons to use them failed. After Monaco we made mistakes, and not once, but, in my opinion, in the last few races we looked better already.

Now we can't promise that they will be able to earn points on their own. The best we can, given the capabilities of our machines, is leaving at the start of the race, try not to make mistakes, and if possible, take advantage of it.

Question If you go back to the economic consequences, you are not just quite frankly spoke on the topic situation, which was the team, and in General about the direction of development of Formula 1. Don't you think that a larger team, Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA not really listen to your warnings

Moniz, Kaltenborn I have No doubt that listen, but now it is actually important not to listen, and to do something. In my opinion, the main thing now missing is some common ground. Before the picture was different. More recently, we have been factory team, and together with other similar teams watched that were not infringed upon the interests of other participants of the championship, have more limited opportunities.

Today we were in a different role. But even before the period of cooperation with BMW, our team was average, while remaining private, so we went in different situations. Compared to those times now not even the minimum conditions for agreement for cooperation. I don't think valid today such statements that "if you can't afford to compete in the Formula 1, don't do it". Because all commands, no matter what part of the peloton as they were, had invested serious money to get the chance to play in the championship at this level.

And you cannot give an argument that in the last 20-30 years many teams have left the championship, so the current situation is no different. Then was a completely different situation. In those years in the League were mainly private teams, people come, just because I wanted to race, so such a comparison would be incorrect.

Thanks to the owner of the commercial rights of the championship, who brought Formula 1 at such a high level, we are also at this level, so you need to try to find good examples from other sports, comparable to ours, and try to find a mutually acceptable solution. We must save all the commands we need this diversity, because that is what makes F1 what it is.

Question How many teams do you think are in a good financial position

Moniz, Kaltenborn I don't think much.

Question Some teams are willing to talk about this issue, but some prefer to remain silent, and you believe that the situation is worse than it seems The average fan sees that on Sundays, as usual, races, and thinks that everything is in order.

Moniz, Kaltenborn I don't think everything is in order. I guess there are people who would like to think so, but actually the situation is abnormal. Bad if we have to wait, unless there is a really dramatic event before you respond.

What are the team's financial situation, good or bad, it is very difficult to judge, even if we talk about the factory teams. Not so long ago, the Sauber was also such a status, and financial support we have received from the automaker. But the race for the automaker were not the primary business, so financially it was necessary to enter Formula 1 in his plans. And no one wrote us checks and did not say "Spend as you wish". All our expenses were within budget, and we had to stick with it, and if needed additional amounts needed to clearly explain what they will be. And there was no guarantee that we will get the money.

So in those days we were very dependent on automakers, and you remember what happened when they decided to leave Formula 1. I think we should be very careful assessments of the financial condition of the commands.

Question In this context, how realistic do you think the prospect that some teams will have to put at the start of the three machines

Moniz, Kaltenborn it's Hard to say how realistic is it because we have no reliable information about all the teams, but, in my opinion, the priority for now should be one thing we need to keep those teams that are in the Formula 1. Should stay this diversity, and we must act very carefully before you attempt to change the system. We quite often held discussions on a third machine, this is nothing new to Formula 1, but every time we quickly found themselves in a situation where it became clear that to implement such a plan will be extremely difficult.

How to decide what commands to give a third machine Perhaps this is the simplest of problems, but more important thing how to work with this third machine What impact this will have on the scoring system, who will sit behind the wheel of a third machine, how to prevent undesirable consequences of the presence of this car on the track during the race

And imagine what might be the consequences, if the season will emerge as this year. How should it look if the team is clearly dominating in the championship, will have three cars If we consider that the benefit is primarily due to the capabilities of the power plant, then the following three places will take the team with the same engines - here are the first six positions are occupied. If you are weaker, you are guaranteed a place in the tail. How will fans react So you need to be very very careful before you decide on such changes.

Question How confident are you that next year Sauber will be released at the start of the championship, and will be in a better position than it is now

Moniz, Kaltenborn We believe that next year will continue to compete in the Formula 1, and our form will certainly be better.

text Andrew Elk


2014-10-13 18:54:02

Alex Zanardi overcame the distance of the Ironman triathlon

Alex Zanardi overcame the distance of the Ironman triathlon

Former Formula 1 driver Alex Zanardi last weekend to list their achievements in sports added another he took part in the triathlon version of Ironman and overcame the distance only by force of arms.

In 2001, the Italian lost both his legs in a terrible accident that occurred during phase series CART, but was able to return to sport, played in the touring car races for the team BMW car with manual control, and in 2012 became the champion of the London Paralympic games by a manual bike. Now on the first try160 it has successfully coped with another difficult test, which is considered the famous Hawaiian triathlon, held in Kailua-Kona.

During the swim, Zanardi used a life jacket to stay afloat, then moved on to hand the bike of his own design, and the marathon portion of the race overcame in a special wheelchair. The result in the triathlon - 9 hours, 47 minutes and 14 seconds, and little Alex was not enough to get in the top 10 of athletes.

"It was great, and I will remember this day for the rest of my life, " said Zanardi. For the last 300 meters cost to start this competition. Don't know whether all the audience greeted the same way, but when I was driving along the narrow corridor before the finish, I felt an incomparable emotions. It was incredible. I could hardly hold back the tears. I am not so sentimental, but it was a unique feeling."


2014-10-09 22:54:02

The big interview Esteban Gutierrez

The big interview Esteban Gutierrez

In an interview Esteban Gutierrez spoke about his early career, moving into Europe and the situation in which they found themselves now.

Question Esteban, seven years ago you crossed the ocean to pursue a career in Europe. What are your memories of that time

Esteban Gutierrez I had a chance to go after a speech at the American Formula BMW. I knew that the next step in any case, you need to do in Europe. There are more competitive Championships, the best pilots, the best benchmarks for myself. Only in Europe can you understand what he is capable of.

Was it a difficult decision No, at that age, I immediately said, "I'm going". I was 16 years old, I did not even think about what might be difficult.

Question But you are quite well spoken in English

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, I taught it in school in Mexico. But I really helped that we lived in France with my family when I was 11-12 years old.

Question How did you get there

Esteban Gutierrez My parents wanted to try something new, to show children different culture, a different lifestyle. We spent a year and a half.

Question You went to a French school

Esteban Gutierrez No, American. And it was there that my English became better.

Question so, you move to Europe was not such a serious test

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, I think so - at the first stage, everything was fine.

Question did You go alone

Esteban Gutierrez Yes. First - in Madrid, where he lived in a normal Spanish family. Rented a room in their house. There I spent the first year after moving to Europe.

Question they were children

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, the guy who was older than me. We got along nicely. It was very helpful. I chose Spain for moving, so it was easier to adapt, so you can talk in your native language. I had to see how everything will turn out and then decide what to do next. Spain was the appropriate place.

Question do You still see these people

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, every year I try to visit them. When we have tests in Jerez and Barcelona before them, I always come to visit, we meet.

Question You never knew these people before you move

Esteban Gutierrez No. But now they are my good friends. I am pleased to return there, they are very very kind to me.

Question Then you have to go to France.

Esteban Gutierrez Yes. I spent probably about four years in Paris. Came in 2009. Yes. Four years. In Switzerland, I moved to 2012

Question What do you especially like in each country

Esteban Gutierrez In Spain - the weather smiles. Plus, Madrid is a very beautiful city. People open, very good. But Paris is my favorite city. I like to walk through the streets. There everything is permeated with history. But I must admit, the service leaves much to be desired laughs. This particular difficult to get used to, but the city itself will compensate for all the accompanying disadvantages.

Question do You speak French

Esteban Gutierrez Yes. Not to say that fluent or know it perfectly, but I can maintain a normal conversation.

Question What is attractive about Switzerland

Esteban Gutierrez I live in Lucerne, near Zurich. There's a magnificent nature. This is a very peaceful place, it is always a pleasure to return to after long journeys. To rest, to recover. The city relieves stress. All is quiet, easy is the main thing that I like.

Usually we travel in very large cities with many kilometers of traffic jams, not the clean air and so on. This is a nice feature of our lives, we visit many interesting places, but to return home - if there relaxed and comfortable is always very nice. You can't life at such a pace, you need to relax.

Question Do you, perhaps, not so many friends outside of the paddock Holding it most of the time, sometimes you just want to relax and to spend a few days alone.

Esteban Gutierrez I Have two different lives, two different circle of friends. When I travel, I talk all the time with people from the Formula 1, with his mechanics, engineers. I like it. But when I'm in Europe, I have many friends in different corners. Most of them one way or another belong to the world of motor sport. Plus, I often communicate with friends, family, and when I get back home in Mexico, always meet with those with whom he studied in school.

Question did your career a role, Joe Ramirez

Esteban Gutierrez Only recently. He has many ties in this world, it is always a pleasure to talk to, to discuss certain things. He has a lot of examples on all occasions. He helped me to get acquainted with Didier I, who is now my Manager.

Question How did you get into the program'escuderia Telmex

Esteban Gutierrez It happened in 2009. They were my sponsors ever since, supported me every season. With them always convenient and easy to operate. I would say that they show the necessary flexibility, listened to my opinion, and I'm very thankful for that. There is not only a commercial interest, the more important personal relationships. We have a common passion. I was lucky in that all my sponsors - and even my friends. Together we are doing great projects when I'm in Mexico. This pleasant cooperation from all sides.

Question To all costs assumed family I read that as a child you had to persuade your father for years, he allowed you to start go-karting. It was really so difficult

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, difficult laughs. First had to convince his father. I had a lot of Hobbies. I was fond of motorcycles, Cycling, mountain Biking, and many other things, and the father always supported me. But when I came to him with another idea, he said, "Boy, you're crazy. Will suffice. Concentrate on something one.

Question so he did not believe that you will be engaged in racing seriously

Esteban Gutierrez I don't know. Probably. He's always loved racing, but to convince him, took some time. But the kart did my older brother . He was passionate about this sport, and just said, "Okay, dad, I'll take care of Esteban. Don't worry, you do not need". He agreed, and when we started, the father began to ride with us on the race, he liked it.

But later, when it was time to do the next step in your career, the problems started already with my mother laughs. In the beginning it was the opposite. She supported me, and father had to persuade, but when he was caught, it is not too much. She said, "Hey, stop. Are you serious"

Question She was trying to dissuade you from your professional career

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, before my first season in Formula BMW, she came up to me and said, "You seriously want to be a pilot Okay, we'll give you a chance. Got a year. You will fulfill your dream, but if you fail, you go back home and go to University." She even made me sign a paper laughs.

We arrived at the first race - pole on the second pole on the third pole. Parents were confused. They didn't understand what you want for I have won, or to return home, began to live a normal life laughs. But then slowly they began to understand the sport, to understand what was happening. They saw how everything develops, my prospects, and eventually gave me full support.

Question Where now the paper that mom made you sign

Esteban Gutierrez she. Together with a cheque for my first card, which we bought. She made me fill out all the papers himself, and she still kept all copies laughs.

Question They often came later in Europe

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, they came, but not for long. It was something to do in Mexico. The father of your business. But they always played an important role in my career. In everything I did. This is a family project. It was so from the very beginning and it continues still. Father is watching me very closely, brother Andreas is also involved in this process. Around me many people that can help, including Didier.

Question have You ever thought to stop It really was not difficult moments, away from home, when you said to yourself "No, it's too hard"

Esteban Gutierrez Never. Not to the same extent. When I came to Europe, I sometimes caught myself thinking "What am I doing here" There are days when you begin to analyze what is happening, to understand whether you do that the correct path was chosen. But I always came to the same conclusion. I became even more motivated. It's always been a great and very interesting adventure, and I don't think to stop. I struggle, I am very motivated, hungry for success, and this hunger makes me move on. I plan to continue in the same spirit for many years.

Question Now the most difficult period in your career You are used to in Junior series to fight for victory, the titles, but at the moment the machine sometimes can not even count on glasses.

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, it's hard. It is a challenge. But for me is very important my personal achievements are those that I see, but difficult to show the rest of the world. I don't have the opportunity to show what I have done, how much better as a pilot. Of course, this additional pressure.

This is a new experience, I've never had to be in a similar situation. But personally, I look at everything as a preparation for the future. Such moments make you progress, make you a full-fledged pilot. I know I have won Championships in his career, I have achievements, and I still have the same plans for Formula 1 to succeed. I will continue to fight and try to climb as high as I can.

Question When we spoke in the summer, you said that you try again to start to enjoy what you are doing.

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, and this is one of the most difficult tasks. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, stress is inevitable - it is unpleasant, I must admit. But from reality nowhere to hide. We have to accept it for what it is, try looking for the positive. Now you often can see the smile on my face. Together with the team we continue to fight.

Question We talked with johnny Herbert about you in Hungary. Try again to get pleasure from work - it's his Board, right

Esteban Gutierrez Yes. When I approached him, he read my face. I even asked the Council. He said "Esteban, relax, try to have fun. Forget about seconds. Forget about what people say. Just try again to feel all the things you like about this sport. Trust instincts".

This is what I am trying to do. I think it goes well. The approach works, and I have to thank johnny. It was good advice.

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2014-10-03 17:04:04

Sebastian Vettel the Rain can help us

Sebastian Vettel the Rain can help us

According to the results of Friday's workout Sebastian Vettel showed the 5th result, yielding only to riders whose machines are the power plant of Mercedes. The current world champion does not exclude that if the weather turned bad, its chances to succeed in Suzuka can increase.

Question You four times already won at this track - presumably, you have a special relationship to Suzuka. What are the specifics of this route, why racers talk about it with aspiration

Sebastian Vettel It is one of the best tracks of the calendar, but for me it's simply the best. What is the reason This is a classic ring with fast and complex turns, the first sector is simply gorgeous, but it is also necessary to note such twists, like the Spoon, 13-th and 14-th. As soon as you cross the finish line, you want again to start.

Question with this fast track will cope not the most powerful engine of Renault Or are you counting on your experience

Sebastian Vettel you can Always use one or the other situation. Much will depend on weather conditions. I would have preferred the rain Why not. I think he can help us.

Question But today's result looks good, though the weather was good.

Sebastian Vettel I Think we still have hidden reserves, but I agree, today everything went well, although we lost some time. Hopefully tonight we will be playing with the machine and will be able to find a couple of tenths. In Suzuka with ultimate loads works not only rubber, but all of the machine - this track is for real riders. Here it is necessary not just to go as fast as possible, but also to constantly monitor tire wear. In addition, it is better to avoid mistakes, avoiding neither spreads nor smoothly, no crashes.

Question this season you have already used five engines, and it can be expected that some of the remaining races will have to go to sixth. Therefore, you can not avoid the penalty in loss of starting positions.

Sebastian Vettel apparently, it is impossible to exclude and other penalties as may have to change other parts of the power plant. But when the moment comes, we do not know.

Question This may occur already in Japan If the weather turned bad, you might decide to use it and take the risk

Sebastian Vettel Here we do not plan to change anything. I want to make full use of the chance to show good results. But in Sochi or Austin, the situation may be different.

Question If you remember Singapore, there you are finished second, and this is your best result this season. Does this mean that you have managed to turn the tide

Sebastian Vettel there is still a lot of work, because it's still not the first place. But I agree, the Singapore weekend was one of the most successful, especially when you consider that it is not started very well. We have something to strive for, but we are glad that during the race we didn't have too much difficulty.

Question Today, on such a difficult track like Suzuka, held a "baptism of fire" max Verstappen, although he is only 17. What will you say about this

Sebastian Vettel It does not affect my preparation for the week-end, but I remember in 2006 when for the first time took part in the morning as part of BMW-Sauber, it was a real adventure. In Suzuka need some time to adapt, especially difficult to find a approach to Eski. But chase here is always fun.

Question In the fight for the title you had to compete with team-mate - you know what it is. Do you think that now we see in Mercedes - this is the highest stage of this competition, or should we expect new twists of intrigue

Sebastian Vettel I Hope I will be able to watch this fight from the first row laughs We'll try to catch up with Mercedes - that is our task for the remainder of the race. That's the main thing. If to speak about what is happening inside of this team, then I apologize for straightforward wording I don't care. The season for us was difficult, so am glad to see some signs of stabilization - this to me is really interesting. The rest I don't care.

Question it May be that you will only benefit from the competition of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

Sebastian Vettel it's very simple. If they come across me when I'm going to go third, the victory will be mine And then I say, "Thank you, guys" But they are Mature professionals, and will not allow it.

Question Helmut Marko has made it clear that the power plant Renault will give Mercedes before the first race of the European phase of the next season. How do you feel about that

Sebastian Vettel Accurate predictions difficult. But, of course, if there were easy ways to change the situation, we would have done it long ago. We need to be patient.

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