In 2003 there were rumors that BMW is going to come into Formula 1 throughout his team. Rumors rumors, but in 2005, BMW offered a controlling stake in the Swiss company "Sauber" and at the end of the year, "Sauber" became a division of BMW, and a new team called BMW Sauber. The impetus for this step for the German manufacturer was a break with the "stable" Williams, a BMW supplied engines. The cause of rupture was dissatisfaction with Mario Theissen - Director of BMW Motorsport, the fact that BMW is the owner of a stake in Williams. Complaints about this were expressed by the great Sir Williams, who not only agreed to the terms of Theissen, but he was very angry about his statement that gradually led to the rupture. Recall that for BMW race - not a new occupation, and has a bright history of victories and success. Formula - 1 to the inception of the new team has already presented his 19 Grand Prix. For his first season in 2006 invited a team of Nick Heidfeld - the German pilot from Williams, as well as Canadian Jacques Villeneuve. The latter concluded his speech at the German Grand Prix, leaving not only the team but also the Formula 1 in general. At the stage in Hungary, he was replaced by Robert Kubica and Heidfeld in a team with riders continued performance, then their contract was extended until 2008. In 2006, the team created a car F1.06, who brought her to the podium in Hungary and Italy. And in the Constructors' Championship, they took fifth place. The following season, BMW Sauber in 2007 ranked third in the team, mainly because of its new F1.07. By the way, if disqualified, "McLaren", third place was the second. Then for the first time the team scored more than a hundred points. In general, the championship was rich in events: there were problems with the gearbox, with Robert Kubica in Canada at the Grand Prix accident, Heidfeld got a podium in Montreal and Budapest. Even in the 2008th team looked pretty strong and had plans for the future is very serious. However, it ceased to participate in the races at the end of last year, explaining that at the moment the main problem of concern is its sustainable development and the development of new avtotehnology.
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Formula 1

2014-10-01 18:04:02

Berger denies rumors that he may lead McLaren

Berger denies rumors that he may lead McLaren

Recently there were rumors that the team McLaren can lead the former Toro Rosso co-owner Gerhard Berger, the more that a few months ago, the Austrian admitted the possibility of returning to Formula 1.

In particular, in may in an interview with AutoBild Motorsport he hinted that under certain conditions could become the leader of the team "After I had worked at BMW, I was co-owner of Toro Rosso, and still believe that it is better to be the owner of the team - if we did this we were talking. Becoming a father recently, I completely forget about everyday life. But if I had a specific proposal, which would have involved the automaker, I would have thought".

According to the German edition, part of the McLaren shareholders interested in the team headed exactly Gerhard Berger, but, apparently, the official proposal of the Austrian did not.

"On my Desk there is nothing, so since our last meeting in my office in Monaco, nothing has changed," said Gerhard Berger, communicating with a journalist AutoBild.



2014-09-23 19:54:02

Graham Loudon We want to start in 2015

Graham Loudon We want to start in 2015

In recent time there are rumors of a possible retirement from Formula 1 a few teams that are in difficult financial situation. Sports Director Marussia F1 Graham Loudon says that the team does everything to start in 2015.

Graham Loudon "we have certain obligations, but if you are not sure that you will be able to comply with them, you should stop. Do we have any plans to sell the team or its transfer to other company No. But if we didn't think that can compete in the championship, we wouldn't be here.

We don't want to create a false impression, saying that everything is in order, because participation in this business is a difficult challenge. I can say that we have funding for this season.

No one can confidently say that going to race next year. No one on the pit lane can't say. Remember Honda, Toyota and BMW - they went without hesitation. These companies have the funds, but they refused to participate.

We are pleased with the achievements and progress and do everything that should be done at this stage. In addition, our team is no different from the rest. The results are difficult times, but we continue to participate in the championship, go to start and fight. The team makes every effort to start and in 2015".


2014-09-23 18:54:08

Moniz, Kaltenborn We have always been able to recoup

Moniz, Kaltenborn We have always been able to recoup

Rumors about the difficult financial situation in Sauber did not stop for a second year. This season an additional challenge for the Swiss team sports have become weak results - Sauber occupies the tenth place in the Cup of designers, yielding even Marussia.

In an interview with the official website of the championship leader Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn spoke about how the team plans to solve the problems, and what changes might occur in the near future.

Question Moniz, in the last couple of years about selling Sauber told more often than on the sale of any other team. What is the situation

Moniz, Kaltenborn of Course, after Peter Zauber bought the team from BMW, it was clear that we are looking for a new strong partner. In the past we have always had a strong partner, Credit Suisse, Red Bull, Petronas, even if they were not shareholders in the classic sense, so this is nothing new. We also know that today, in order to be competitive, private team needs a strong partner. And several times we were talks about this, that's all I can say.

Question Now there was information that a canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll ready to buy a team of Formula 1. This is exactly what you need Sauber

Moniz, Kaltenborn As I said, a strong partner is always a good thing, but at this point I can't comment on that.

Question What happened with the Russian deal", associated with Sergei Sirotkin Looks like after the big hype last year, she suddenly collapsed and disappeared from sight

Moniz, Kaltenborn It is not collapsed. The problem is that everything takes time, and there's no way we can affect it. And, maybe, for the other hand some things just have a higher priority. In Russia, the distinction between private and public is very thin. Some political situations also affect the partnership - in our case, that's exactly what happened. We just have to wait.

Question is it Possible to say that you are ready to sell a stake in the team, but want to avoid a full absorption

Moniz, Kaltenborn Let me answer this way with a strong partner, we will be able to become more competitive.

Question How will the business model Sauber in the future There are no indications that in the near future will be able to reach agreement on the issue of spending cuts. If costs are not reduced, you need to increase the budget

Moniz, Kaltenborn We negotiate, and if the limit budgets will not appear - that would be very sad for the sport, because will have a negative impact on our image, then, of course, we will need to work to increase income through investment or sponsorship. In our days this is no easy task.

Question Can you name three reasons why Sauber attractive to sponsors

Moniz, Kaltenborn We are a team with great experience. We have decent infrastructure, excellent basis to perform at a good level - including at the highest, if we get sufficient funding. With this basis, we need less money than some of the others to reach that level. The best proof is that BMW bought a controlling stake in the team a few years ago. To a company like BMW, you purchased your securities and history all must be perfect.

Question frankly, the team's results this year were a disaster. The good news is that as we saw in the case of Williams, the level of performance may be cyclic in nature. Are there any signs that Sauber will be in 2015 to go the same way as Williams

Moniz, Kaltenborn Yes. We have not forgotten how to build good cars. This year we are not the best machine, but not the worst We know why it happened. We know where I went wrong.

We also see that this year play an important role powerplant is evident in the performances of all teams. We are not very competitive power plant, which seriously complicates the situation for a team like ours, because of lack of resources it is hard for us something to compensate. But we have to live with it, and I am sure that our supplier of engines makes everything possible, because Ferrari suffer from it. So both of our teams have to go through that.

Question You have said that Ferrari suffer from it. What does this mean for Sauber

Moniz, Kaltenborn we Have a long history of relations. We walked together through successful, and through bad times, now they are just hard But you need to believe in their partners. Maybe they realized that they did not - but we can't judge, because not participate in this process. Yes, we see the flaws, we see that the engine should be improved - they are working on it.

Question Will your main task in the remaining races to keep important financial 10th place in the Cup of designers

Moniz, Kaltenborn We must achieve maximum ability. It is also worth noting that there were races such as Monaco, where, it seemed, we will be able to earn points, but this did not happen. So no need forecasts, we should try to do everything possible within our resources.

Question What are your plans for the pilots Began the season transitions - are you going to participate

Moniz, Kaltenborn we have several options, we plan to announce the composition of the remainder of the season. Until then, we won't speculate names.

Question what about Jules Bianchi It supports a Ferrari, and those two points that he brought Marussia, can be considered a good recommendation.

Moniz, Kaltenborn Ha, nice try But I said, no names, and as far as I remember, Jules Bianchi is the name.

Question In Singapore by car there are new elements of aerodynamics, but apparently they were not the magical tool that you were waiting for.

Moniz, Kaltenborn Adrian Sutil said that the machine is more stable. But we were not able to fully appreciate the difference, because there were problems with the power plant. The energy recovery were not as they should have been.

Question This is the last service pack for Sauber this season

Moniz, Kaltenborn Yes, if we talk about the complex updates, but might some novelties.

Question If the machine 2014 you could not what to expect, how things are going with the project next year How far along are you

Moniz, Kaltenborn Process goes. Historically Sauber always had trouble with major changes in the regulations, but we always managed to add in the next season. Just remember the story of the banning of double diffusers in the first year we were plagued with failures, but next season we have earned a couple of podiums. I'm sure with the new machine we do not repeat the mistakes made this year.

Question In Singapore, you may have had the best chance to earn points, what about the other tracks Basically it is a high-speed race tracks.

Moniz, Kaltenborn We must accept what is. You want to avoid errors. We can't jump over your head, but should try to use the mistakes of others.

Question In Singapore again raised the topic of third cars - what do you think about this

Moniz, Kaltenborn Think we need to do everything to maintain the diversity - this is the DNA of Formula 1. If for some reason this cannot be done, then the third machine is a much better solution than the client team. The idea of the third machine is nothing new - it was in the past, so this option can be used to a reasonable extent.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-09-23 17:14:02

Sauber would like to keep the Swiss base

Sauber would like to keep the Swiss base

In recent time there are many rumors about the financial position of Sauber and Caterham, and even their eventual Union. Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn does not exclude such a possibility when saving a Swiss residence permit.

Moniz, Kaltenborn "Whatever the deal, she must have sense, and because we are in Switzerland, it is difficult to come to a team and say "Let's work together". If something like this happens, this team should understand that we will remain in Switzerland and will not move, say, to England - we can't pack our wind tunnel and go along with it.

The base will still be there, it is unwise to lose what we have. We are a highly efficient team, we are not moved even during the cooperation with BMW, even though they were just at a distance of about three hundred kilometers. They kept our structure for high efficiency. So if one day that happens, we must leave our base in the same place, but we'll see that the other team will be able to give us".


2014-09-22 14:54:02

The winners of the competition "Car of the year" have received awards

The winners of the competition

on July 24 the journal "Cars" for the tenth time gathered the latest sports car that way of testing to find the best. The event was attended by 16 cars, divided by the price sign on the category of "Expert", "Prestige" and "Premium".

Expert 1.5 million - the Prestige from 1.5 to 3.5 million - Premium over 3.5 million

KIA Ceed GT - Audi S3 - Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Mini Cooper S BMW M235i - Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Renault Clio RS - BMW M3 - Jaguar XFR-S

Skoda Octavia RS - MB A45 AMG - Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

VW Golf GTI - Subaru WRX STI - Porsche 911 Turbo S

160 - 160 - Lamborghini Huracan

To compete for the right to be called the best could any automaker, which over the years led to the Russian market a new model or modify positioned as a sports.

The expert jury consisted racers from around the world. The jury assessed the vehicle 10 criteria on a 10-point system. When the lap time is not taken into account, because we are talking about "civil"and not specially prepared for competition racing machines.

On the opening day of the Moscow International motor show 2014 were announced the results of the event and the winners were awarded with cups on the stand of the magazine "auto".

In the group of "Expert" won the VW Golf GTI. Pierre Butene - head of the VW brand in Russia - had personally received the Cup from the hands of the Chief editor of the magazine "Cars" Alexander Kobenko. In the "Prestige" won the BMW M3, the Cup was awarded to Wolfgang Slime - Director of BMW Group Russia representative of the company Toyo Tires, which is the Official partner of the Award "Sportscar of the year".

Absolute champion became the vehicle of the group Premium, scored maximum points - Lamborghini Huracan. He received the title of "Best sports car of the year 2014". Cup Grand Prix was awarded to the Representative of the Lamborghini brand in Eastern Europe and CIS countries Konstantin Sychev CEO of Mobil oil lubricants, Sven Arne.

A full review of tests of all 16 cars of the participants, with detailed findings and opinions of the jury will be published in September No. 9, 2014 issue of "Cars" and on the website in section SPORTCAR.


2014-09-19 21:24:04

Verne Speed long series looks promising

Verne Speed long series looks promising

Daniel Quat acted in Singapore once, four years ago in the Pacific Formula BMW, in fact, he had to start from scratch. Jean-Eric Verne in the first session there were problems with ERS, he missed part of the session, but the pilots Toro Rosso looked on the Singapore track is very confident and optimistic about their prospects.

Daniel Quat 10th "a Good session. The car did very well, although we hope for a higher position. Usually we're pretty good at data analysis on a Friday night, so will do everything possible so that I can be in better shape and with a faster machine.

Jean-Eric Verne 11th "I am quite happy with the present day, although in the first session there was a problem somewhere in my program. But the feeling was good, I am sure that this weekend our car will be competitive.

Lap time is not quite this reflects, as, besides the loss of time in the garage, I was unable to get a perfect circle, but the speed at long distances looks encouraging. Now we are going to do our usual work in order to Saturday and Sunday to improve already good speed machines.

Phil Charles, chief race engineer "a Good day. Although Daniel was once played on this track in the Junior series, it was difficult to study, but he coped well with this task, quickly demonstrating his speed. Jean-Eric is having difficulty in the first session because of problems with the machine. Despite this, in General we have fulfilled a large part of the planned program with both machines.

We are a little disappointed with the pace at short series, it has yet to work. With regard to a long series, the speed of Jean-Eric was good, and Daniel could still improve. Hopefully the situation will improve".


2014-09-18 15:14:03

Daniel Quat it is Strange to change the rules in the middle of the season

Daniel Quat it is Strange to change the rules in the middle of the season

On Thursday, Daniel Quat spoke with reporters about his experience of playing in Singapore, races in artificial light and changes in the rules.

Question Daniel, you were here four years ago in the Formula BMW. Then your session was held in the afternoon

Daniel Quat we had a night qualification. It was very cool.

Question How different impressions from the road day and night

Daniel Quat I really like to hunt at night. In Bahrain this year very much. Normal people sleep at night, but we are all very unusual smiles.

Question Here we have to sleep during the day and awake at night. Easy transition to such a schedule

Daniel Quat Nothing special. Feeling unusual, but quickly get used to it. I think that happens all the time when people sleep in the afternoon, and at night - no.

Question What do you expect from a race

Daniel Quat Nothing special. Will work, as always, trying to achieve the maximum. On Friday we will try to understand what settings suit our car, much will depend on me. Sunday will see where that leaves us in the end.

Question do You like urban trails

Daniel Quat Depends on the track. In Monaco I liked. Here four years ago was also interesting. In principle, Yes, the city tracks I like, but this one especially. Here you will get a good shot of adrenaline when driving.

Question From a physical point of view this is one of the most difficult races. Especially difficult, as they say, in the last half hour. You coach was once preparing You can even do anything special to prepare for this

Daniel Quat I Think not. The time will come when it will be difficult - you will have to just bite the bullet and go. It was also in Malaysia. Just had to go. I don't think this can especially be prepared.

Question top stories of the last days - a ban on the discussion of certain topics on the radio. How do you personally feel about that

Daniel Quat it is too early to judge. But I would not like to have too much of any restrictions. May be that will be interesting. In any case is the rule, and we need him to adapt.

Question How much did you receive information, which is now forbidden

Daniel Quat I never, for example, did not ask about where my companion is going faster than me or where I need to play time. Never. As I understand it, the ban caused just such negotiations.

Of course, if we talk about information on batteries and so forth, Mercedes a slight advantage, because they have several systems that do everything for the pilot. We have more to regulate themselves. From this point of view we will be not so easy. But we will find a approach.

Question That is, especially you are not worried

Daniel Quat This is a step into the unknown for everyone, but all in equal conditions.

Question wouldn't it be better to change the rules at the end of the season

Daniel Quat Of Course. I think it's not even very well - to change the rules in the middle of the season. It was better to give the teams time to prepare for such changes. I'm not against change, but when they occur in the middle of the season - Yes, it's weird. But again it is not for me to decide.

Question the Fact that there are so many twists and turns, complicates the task

Daniel Quat I Think, Yes. For example, in Monza more time to do something else besides piloting. On urban routes will be heavier.

In General, there are many positive aspects, there are many negative. There are no ideal solutions. Just have to adapt. I don't think there is any sense now very angry. Naturally, there are some nuances as you said, changes were made in the course of the season - and that is not a pleasant fact, it seems to me, for many. But there is something that is. We will adapt.

Question the Experience of Jean-Eric Verne will help him Are there any procedures, for example, when working with the wheel, which he, for example, is brought to perfection, and you have to spend extra time

Daniel Quat No, this will not be a problem. I have no difficulties in working with the wheel. I heard that newcomers will supposedly lose more, but I don't think so. Lose those who are least prepared. If the newcomer of well-trained, he doesn't care what rules. So it's all nonsense.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-09-15 14:14:02

Daniel Quat Night racing should be more

Daniel Quat Night racing should be more

The pilot Toro Rosso Jean-Eric Verny had no luck in Singapore in his first race at this track he collided with Michael Schumacher, and a year later he finished only 14-M. Daniel Kwiat, on the contrary, had success on the famous urban ring speaking in 2010 in the Pacific series, Formula BMW, he won the pole position and second place in the Saturday race. However, the next day was out of the race, occupying the third position after starting sixth.

Jean-Eric Verne "the Singapore Grand Prix is perhaps the most difficult weekend for the rider it's a very long race on a difficult track in hot conditions. On the pavement many bumps, so that the driver have a hard time, but that the complexity of the route, and that's why I like it.

This weekend we will have several new products that increase the efficiency of the machine, and I hope that they will help us to step forward and to achieve a good result. The fact that this is a night race, does not affect our work, because of problems with visibility no - actually, the lighting is so bright that the transparent visor even not used - instead, I choose the one with a medium darkness.

Chase the night great It is unusual to go to bed at five in the morning and get up at two o'clock, continuing to live on French time. Here the important physical preparation the temperature is very high, so we train in the most hot conditions, you can find the European summer, and I don't expect any problems."

Daniel Kvyat "I raced on the Singapore route in 2010, when he played in the Formula BMW, but the power of that motor was only 140 PS, and this year - several times Therefore, this time I'll get a totally different experience, and I'm eagerly waiting for him.

I really like this track, it is much faster than, for example, Monaco, Sota too urban. Not so long ago I had the opportunity again to go, but only on the simulator, and I had a good feeling. Although fences are very close, the track itself is quite broad.

I like to hunt at night, and after the Grand Prix of Bahrain this year I said that night racing should be more, because they are accompanied by a great atmosphere. I am sure that physical activity is high, but I'm ready for it .

If to speak about our prospects, because pure power is not so important, it can be expected that STR9 will be more competitive here than on long straight Monza, where he spent the previous race. We'll see how things develop, but theoretically, it looks more optimistic, even if we were able to really fight in Italy".



2014-09-14 22:34:02

Antonio Felix da Costa is no longer dreams of the Formula 1

Antonio Felix da Costa is no longer dreams of the Formula 1

Antonio Felix da Costa parted with a dream to get into Formula 1 and intends to fully focus on DTM.

Portuguese is long in the youth program of Red Bull, he has experience flying machines Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing on the tests, but this season he made his debut in the German touring championship DTM team BMW.

"In the beginning of the season I still had hope to go to Formula 1, but I soon parted with it, - quotes the words of Antonio Swiss edition Speedweek. - I'm only 23 years old, and, of course, from dreams to give up sooner, but I have to decide on what to focus, and this DTM".

According to da Costa, he calmly took the news about the upcoming debut of 17-year-old max Verstappen in the Formula 1 "I'm not upset. I really like the DTM, and if I can be here 10 years, you'll be very happy. That's my goal. Max is a very good racer. I can only say that I was at his age did not possess such qualities. Of course, he has a unique talent.

But I sympathize with Carlos Sainz Jr. He is a graduate of the Red Bull, they pretty much gave him, and now he became a professional racer and ready to go in the big leagues. I hope next year he will have his chance, and we will see in the Formula 1 and max, and Carlos".

This year da Costa should also debut in the new Formula E world championship race cars. Because of the DTM race in this weekend he had to miss the first race of the season, but in November he will start in Malaysia "I'm going to be starting with Malaysia. Beijing race was more interesting than many expected. I want to quickly gain experience in Formula E, which in the future can turn into a prestigious championship.


2014-09-12 22:44:03

Memory check Sergio Perez

Memory check Sergio Perez

The pilots of Formula 1 are famous for the art of racing machines and physical training, but as they have memory Official site of the championship, decided to find out and publish a series of interviews with riders, which will help to know them better. Today on the queue Sergio Perez.

Question Who was your first childhood idol

Sergio Perez Ayrton Senna. I really admired his abilities. I was too young, so I have not seen so many of his race, but when I grew up, looked through all the entries that are only able to get to learn from him.

Question What is the first Grand Prix you looked

Sergio Perez Actually, it was the Grand Prix of San Marino at Imola in 1994. together We had watched the race at home, but I didn't understand what happened - I was only four years old. However, reactions of others, I realized that the tragedy occurred.

Question How old were you when you first decided that you wanted to become an F1 driver

Sergio Perez I was about 12 years old. I was very ambitious

Question When did you first get involved in an accident while driving a race car

Sergio Perez In the Formula BMW test - I turned over a few times. Next there was anyone who could help - not the most pleasant experience.

Question What color was your first helmet

Sergio Perez Completely white.

Question When you won your first race trophy, and what he looked like

Sergio Perez It was a very small reward. It was made in gold, but it was enough to take her in hand, gold paint went and ran a white base. It was in karting in 2001.

Question What is the first road car you were driving

Sergio Perez It was the car of my father. He put me with the brothers in their Lexus and was taught to drive on the streets of Mexico city, and when we made mistakes, he gave us a kick. So we learned that it is better not to make a mistake. laughs

Question Where was the first house in which you lived

Sergio Perez my family's Home was in Guadalajara. However, I almost do not remember, because we moved when I was still very small. Then we moved again when I was eight years old.

Question You are very nervous when I first went to school

Sergio Perez I was shy to get acquainted with the guys in the class. The Playground was all right, but at school was pretty strange, because you suddenly had to behave differently. Well, my older brother studied in the same school.

Question What's the first dish you prepared

Sergio Perez Japanese rice dish that I learned how to cook Japanese team-mate in the Formula BMW in 2007 Was tasty and cheap - perfect dish when I lived alone.

Question What is the first thing that you did this morning

Sergio Perez I always send a text message to her friend.

Question What is the first thing that you did when you learned that will compete in the Formula 1

Sergio Perez I Went to Mexico to declare about it. My family was invited home to Carlos slim, and when I arrived, they met me there. It was not a party all day, I gave an interview, and it was just a fantastic moment, because I saw my family and those who supported, very proud of me.

Question What was the first purchased music

Sergio Perez actually, there is no such thing. I'm from the new generation, so download everything from the Internet. I downloaded first Guess the song Alejandro Fernandez - known Mexican singer, who also hails from Guadalajara, and whose star is on the Hollywood "walk of fame".

Question What was the first sport you were involved in childhood

Sergio Perez of Course, football.

Question When was the first romantic kiss

Sergio Perez When I was 15 years old. With my first girl.

Question When you first tasted champagne

Sergio Perez When I was in racing school Skip Barber. Every time I climbed on the podium, ahead of "classmates", I did a SIP of champagne - just to get used laughs

Question Which would you choose first - fruits or chocolate

Sergio Perez a Piece of chocolate.

Question What's the first word you said, being a baby

Sergio Perez I started very late to talk to the family even worried about it. I never spoke much, when I was a kid - probably, this habit has stayed with me laughs And, sorry, but I don't remember what was my first word.

text Mikhail Smirnov


2014-09-05 19:24:02

Daniel Juncadella I'm not going to wait another season

Daniel Juncadella I'm not going to wait another season

Reserve Force India racer Daniel Juncadella worked for a total of half an hour in the first session of the Grand Prix of Italy. He drove 10 laps, and then gave way to the cockpit Sergio Perez. After the session, the Spaniard has summed up the results and said he was ready to withdraw from Formula 1, if you do not find the main contract racer next year.

Question You just drove 10 laps in today's training.

Daniel Juncadella Yes, the session turned out to be short, but I still believe that to pilot the car at a track like Monza - it's great. Of course, I want to continue working and to hold the wheel the whole session, but this time the plan was. In any case, I enjoyed it.

Question In the following exercise, the team will repeat this experience

Daniel Juncadella No. I don't think so. Next time I will spend the whole session. It is unknown when this will happen, but probably I will first finish the season in the DTM, and then focus on the free races.

This weekend we just did an experiment is it possible to replace the driver in the course of the session. We lost a little time, but was expecting it.

Question have You managed to settle in the car for such a small number of circles

Daniel Juncadella Perhaps in Monza to make it easier than at any other track. Task complicates the selection of Pirelli compounds for this weekend Hard had a hard time, I was complex to get used to them. Can't say that everything is so bad, but the more time you spend behind the wheel, the easier it is.

Question You worked on the simulator with the Italian track

Daniel Juncadella No, but I do know her by the Formula BMW and Formula 3. Remember the configuration is much more difficult to unlock the potential of the machine. However, it is normal for Monza, because there are many hard and late braking. In terms of configuration, this is one of the easiest routes. You just have to get used to the car.

Question What do you think about the maximum speed

Daniel Juncadella I had expected it to be higher closer to 360 km/h But my speed was approaching 343 km/h we were one of the fastest. It's nice.

Question does it make sense to become a backup racer Where it will lead you in the future

Daniel Juncadella Honestly, I think it's useful to be backed racer. The most valuable thing to be able to work on the training and tests, but I must admit that I would not want to spend so another season.

The season as a reserve pilot is a good preparation for the transition to the main riders. My goal is to sign a contract for next year. I don't plan to spend another season as a backup pilot. It is senseless.

Question What do you think about the reality of such a perspective

Daniel Juncadella Hard to say, first, you should see the place, should start a movement within the teams. 'll see. I think it is still too early. Plus the fact that I have experience in flying machines and long-term support of the sponsor in Astana want to continue to support me.

Now I am in the DTM and love this season, so I want to continue. I'm not crazy about Formula 1, but the thing that sustains me Astana wants to help me in achieving the goal. With their support, and if a place becomes available in the Formula 1, I probably will use this chance. If nothing happens, and I don't get the chance, it's not going to survive. I think that DTM is a great championship, also in Mercedes pleased with me.

Question Some racers, for example, Esteban Gutierrez has spent more than one year in reserve and were able to take advantage of the chance to sign a contract. Not always needed just one year to achieve goals.

Daniel Juncadella That's right. When you have no other contract, and you want to fly the car, we go back racer. Continuing to compete in DTM, I have to admit that it's quite difficult every weekend to adapt to different machines. In addition, DTM want me to focus on than one. I say, "Well, what are your plans". They want me stayed in the team for a long time and didn't treat them as secondary things. And I don't want to show it.

I am very pleased with the DTM, and if next year will be a chance in Formula 1, I will use them, but I'm not going to wait any longer. I think that should get a chance. If not, then I will continue his career in the DTM.

Question DTM is a professional championship, where necessary professional racers. Most backup racers combine this work with performances in GP2 or World series by Renault.

Daniel Juncadella the Difference is huge, because you can combine this work and to achieve good results. In GP2 you haven't become a professional racer. Are you still looking for sponsors pay for the season. I have an entirely different philosophy.

I'm at a crossroads. I don't want to work at double the program and choose one of the options, because I believe that the combination of participation in the DTM and work Force India hinders to achieve maximum results.

Question it's Amazing that you Spanish racer, and you Astana supports.

Daniel Juncadella It's funny. In Spain it is very difficult to find support. Since 2007, the Spanish economy began fall, and no one wanted to help young racers and serious sponsors focused on Alonso. It seems to me, prevented and that after 2007 Fernando did not win the titles.

In 2005-2006 in Spain was a boom of young riders, since Alonso won. All were happy, but since then, the country lost interest in racing. They see that the Spaniard is no longer wins the title.

In the end, my brother had established contacts with Astana, we have signed several contracts with them in the Formula 3. They did not invest money, we just painted the car in their color. They liked how we did it, and since then they continue to support me.

Question do You think it makes sense to look for sponsors in other countries

Daniel Juncadella Yes. I was lucky to receive support. I haven't traveled to Kazakhstan.

Someone had to do my chores. In my case it was my brother. The way it works. I have to think about Friday's training, not the sponsors. In the end, everyone has their own work, and my brother at that time I was helped in this. And that's all. We constantly move closer to their main purpose, which is to Formula 1.

Question does Astana in the DTM project

Daniel Juncadella I think not. After the Formula 3 I at the last moment received their support to compete in GP2, but has already made its choice in favor of the DTM. They wanted to help me in DTM and made an offer of Mercedes. I had support from the previous year, but there was nothing I could do, because the DTM is not necessary to pay for performance. In Mercedes said that thanks to our results this is not necessary. I assumed that this can happen, and they were counting on Formula 1.

text Tatiana Belsky


2014-08-29 13:24:02

Heikki Kovalainen has conducted the first tests in DTM

Heikki Kovalainen has conducted the first tests in DTM already told you that former Formula 1 driver Heikki Kovalainen was invited by BMW to participate in the tests at the wheel of the machine M4 DTM, which this week took place on German highway Lausitzring.

On Thursday Heikki first sat behind the wheel of a DTM car, familiar with the controls and went for a few runs on the tires of two types, both hard and softer.

"It was really fun - Finn wrote on his Twitter page after the completion of the tests. "I had fun. However, it is not the motor and it is not the brakes, but the grip is how I had nothing to do for many years A huge thank you to BMW for the invitation to test car BMW M4 DTM on Lausitzring, have a nice day"

All riders BMW four days of tests dashed off more than 3 thousand kilometers, in preparation for the eighth round of the championship which will be held on this route 14 September.

According to the German press, Kovalainen took full advantage of the opportunity to make the team a favorable impression. In General, tests the BMW engineers were thoroughly tested with various settings, because usually during the race weekend to work in just no time.

"To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, because I never went to this car, but driving a BMW M4 DTM immediately felt comfortable, " said Heikki German Motorsport-Total. - Impressive machine. Of course, it is heavier than a car of Formula 1, and not as powerful, but it has excellent aerodynamics, and turns very quickly. The team was very helpful to me, so I adapted, and I should mention its a very high professional level."


2014-08-28 12:24:02

Vitaly Petrov I don't like unfinished business

Vitaly Petrov I don't like unfinished business

With Vitaly Petrov we met at the Moscow international automobile salon - the first Russian driver in Formula 1, and now the DTM racer, takes part in the action AVITO. In an exclusive interview Vitaly told about how it is the season why in the German touring championship is not yet able to demonstrate their speed, and in any series he may be in the near future.

Q Vitaly, DTM you do not get anything. What is the reason

Vitaly Petrov Yes, there are still difficulties are unable to cope. I know what the problem is, but it will take time to understand. All the matter in difference DTM cars from the techniques that I've flown all my life. In the formulas, even in the GP2 series, I could make a difference and be reconfigured in the car, and in particular this applies to the steering column. In the Formula 1 and GP2, the sensitivity of the steering is quite different when you turn the steering wheel even at large angles, the wheels are turning quite a bit. Because of this rotation, you can precisely control the behavior of the machine. Throughout life I have learned to manage these machines. In DTM everything is different here when the wheel is turned just a few degrees of the wheel is greatly clear of the sides. So, you work in a very narrow range, move the wheel to literally millimeters. And my problems are not with the machine and not with the settings, and it is this. We even have experimented with engineers, leaving the machine settings the same, but changing the settings of the steering column to those to which I am accustomed. And in the circle immediately improved.

Question why not use these settings in the races

Vitaly Petrov Because the DTM is, in fact, monasery. There are many limitations, including the same steering columns. Speed in cornering and braking points, I the same as all other pilots, but I lose in stability, clarity of action. Due to the very sharp steering hard for me ideally to go full circle, constantly occurs oversteer. I little more work the wheel than the other, and every extra movement is a waste of time. We compare telemetry, and, say, five turns I drive exactly the same as my companions, but then one mistake and time on the range deteriorates. You lose a tenth, and at this range it will not play. This is not Formula 1, you can't take a turn better than all the others, because it is perfect passing one and all just try to be as close as you can.

Question What are you planning to do with it

Vitaly Petrov We tried to change the settings of the machine so as to increase downforce at the rear, but then appeared so strong understeer that lap with a good time, too, was impossible. If you want to stay next year in the DTM, I will specifically train for the tests on the simulator it work with the steering wheel to try to adapt. If it will I be able to make progress.

Question What is the probability that you will be You are considering switching to another category

Vitaly Petrov We will soon begin negotiations with Mercedes, it will show. Suggestions there - I am in the world championship on races on endurance FIA WEC, and in the rally, but I don't like unfinished business. 'll see.

Question And no desire to try myself in new projects, such as Formula E

Vitaly Petrov Can open a secret - we negotiated with one of the teams on performance in Formula E, in parallel with the DTM championship. However, two phases are superimposed on each other, but this is not such a big problem on them instead of me behind the wheel could get another pilot. We have almost agreed, but at some point due to the pads with a visa, I was unable to attend the tests, and they called another pilot - in General, did not work. Formula E is an interesting option, and there are strong pilots, many famous racers. The sound, however, is funny laughs. Let's see how they will succeed in the first season, and it is likely that he would try his strength in the second. Moreover, it is possible that in a year or two later, one of the stages will be held in Russia.

Question Formula E is an alternative DTM, or you want to perform in parallel

Vitaly Petrov It was, of course, about parallel performances. Frankly, I cannot understand why in the DTM only ten races. This is very little, and all the while you sit and do nothing. I would like to spend more time on the track, or to do other things associated with sports - something to do.

Question You said your name in world championship races on endurance. Talking about the GT

Vitaly Petrov No, LMP. I can't tell you the details, because only two weeks will go to the base of the team, will hold talks. I will show the car, we will talk, and then we will see.

Question You this championship more interesting DTM

Vitaly Petrov I don't like unfinished business. This season I have not a lot has happened, a lot hasn't, and I want to prove that it's just a lack of experience. Knowing the reasons, I can deal with these problems. I hope that we will be able to change already in the remaining two races and on to the next season will be much better prepared.

Question Theoretically, performances in DTM and WEC can be combined, because there is too little racing.

Vitaly Petrov it is Possible, but much depends on the calendar. Although, of course, even if some races are the same, this is not a problem because the wheel will just sit another pilot. The most important thing that Mercedes were not against it. But I must say that until they go everywhere with us, and were not against performances in Formula E. we Have a very good relationship, and I'm glad they support me so.

Question And if we talk about the rally You were once at the rally and track racing, in fact it was there that he started his career.

Vitaly Petrov Yes, played for several years, and I am sure that now I will succeed. I know how to operate the machine and sports spikes and normal. Of course, there is a particular need to fully trust your Navigator, for example, so there is something to work on, but it is interesting. At the end of the season will talk about this with Mercedes.

Question Mercedes understand the reasons for your failures in DTM

Vitaly Petrov it is Important that everyone understands my engineers. When we started to work on the simulator, engineers said, "Yes, now we see that you need to manage. Because in the car DTM have cameras that allow you to see the pilot wheel, and on the simulator everything is perfectly visible.

Question how Much time you will need to adapt to this steering wheel

Vitaly Petrov I Think in the next season, the situation will improve. On the pre-season tests this year I worked on understanding the machine, tried to understand this series. But now that we know what the problem is, we'll focus here on steering. All say that the DTM is not important settings of the machine, and that the pilot was the most comfortable driving, so he could take the turns without making unnecessary movements.

Question Theoretically, it is possible to work on the simulator

Vitaly Petrov actually no, because the simulator gives you only 20 of those sensations that they experience driving a real car. It cannot simulate such oversteer. Yes, it is possible to change the settings, different turns, but there are nuances that can only be dealt on the tests. On stage we on this too, of course, work - let's see if I will be able to show some progress on Lausitzring.

Question How do you like the DTM championship in General

Vitaly Petrov It's a good League, but, as I said, in my opinion, there are a few stages. Besides the only thing that I don't like about them is very narrow scope for tactical combat. There is a rule according to which the soft rubber you can drive no more than 50 of the distance of the race. And a soft rubber at two seconds per lap faster than a hard and wear out very slowly. In the end, it is all go in the boxes on the middle distance, no matter what rubber did not start, and strategy all exactly the same. I would like to here something has changed - maybe the distance of the race increased, or wear rubber decreased to two pit-stop, and there's some kind of tactical combat. But otherwise all good.

Question "body" size and the review you are already accustomed to

Vitaly Petrov in the Beginning, when only sat in this car, it was certainly unusual. But now I feel comfortable, I even like it. Probably now have the formula to get used to laughs.

Question Thoughts on the Formula 1 you have left

Vitaly Petrov We are watching the situation, I know what places in teams free, but today it's all about money. If I was a sponsor, I am sure that next year would be appearing in the Formula 1. But such a sponsor I don't have.

Question And yet, you are pleased with your present life

Vitaly Petrov I'm not satisfied with their results. Because I understand what the problem is, but can't solve it overnight. The thing is that if you cannot change the settings of the machine, and in my case rail steering, you just need to skatyvaetsja in this championship, to get used to the car. It's real, but it takes a lot of time.

Question aren't you afraid in the end just to lose these few years

Vitaly Petrov I'm Afraid. Therefore, if you continue to act in DTM, test spend all your time on solving problems with steering - I don't want anything more to do on the test, yet do not understand. But most likely, next year everything will be much easier and better. Yes and the machine should be stronger.

There are quite specific rules, they are not the same for all, and designer, who took the lead, clamp, do not allow to develop the car. And his competitors, on the contrary, their cars can be improved. The result is that Audi and BMW have added so seriously that far ahead of us, and this year, unlike Formula 1, DTM Mercedes performs poorly. But now we got the opportunity to modify the car, and next year will greatly improve. Much is already evident in Lausitzring, where we will bring updates - however, it's unknown whether all of them machines, or only some.

Question DTM machine leader receives additional ballast. How do you feel about the possibility of the emergence of such rules in Formula 1

Vitaly Petrov it's Hard to say. Of course, if now the machine Rosberg and Hamilton would be heavier, a little bit equalise the chances. But on the other hand, I am not a fan of such solutions is still better when all are on equal footing. And then, we are in the championship cars BMW now the most difficult, they have 20 kg of ballast more than we do. Nevertheless, Marco Wittmann still all ahead - it feels great machine and test it.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-08-26 10:14:06

Heikki Kovalainen will conduct tests in DTM

Heikki Kovalainen will conduct tests in DTM

BMW just recently spend in Lausitzring tests cars championship DTM. The purpose of the tests is to find the ideal settings for the upcoming stage in Germany, which will take place 14 cantabrians, but the tests will be held with the participation of the ex-pilot of Formula 1 of Heikki Kovalainen. However, Finn refuses to comment mean if these tests that he in the future will be flying machine BMW M4 in the championship DTM. competed in Formula 1 from 2007-2013, for Renault, McLaren, Lotus and Caterham. In 2008, as a partner of Lewis Hamilton, won the only victory at the Grand Prix of Hungary.

2014-08-25 16:44:03

Heikki Kovalainen will take part in the DTM tests

Heikki Kovalainen will take part in the DTM tests

Team BMW serving in the DTM championship, this week on Lausitzring will hold a four-day test session. The focus will be on the search machine settings for the upcoming stage, which will be held on this German highway 14 September.

It is noteworthy that in the tests planned participation of former F1 driver of Heikki Kovalainen. Finn will sit behind the wheel of the BMW M4 in one day. About the future plans Heikki, or its possible participation in the championship, nothing is known.


2014-08-23 19:24:03

Moscow international automobile salon 2014

Moscow international automobile salon 2014

From August 29 to everyone in the IEC "Crocus Expo" will open the door leading automotive events of the year - the Moscow international automobile salon.

The organizers of MIAS 2014 traditionally NP "Association of Russian automakers" and "Crocus Expo" with the support of the Association of European businesses in Russia AEB.

Long before the Moscow motor show, many leading brands have announced an increase in its exhibition space, therefore, the organizers have added exposure to another room. For the first time for the event, held under the auspices of the International organization of motor vehicle manufacturers OICA, will be allocated 8 rooms two exhibition halls. And the open space in front of "Crocus Expo" will be the area of large-scale test drives a Land Rover, Jeep, HAVAL and AVTOVAZ.

The total area of MIAS 2014 will exceed 120 000 square meters, and the number of brands almost all existing in the world at the moment - the mark of fifty. At the exhibition you will see the following brands Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Brabus, Brilliance, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chery, Chrysler, Citroen, Ducati, FAW, Fiat, Ford, Geely, Great Wall, Haima, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, LADA, Land Rover, Lexus, Lifan, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen. First time participants will receive PGO Automobiles, HAVAL, DFM, Changan, Datsun and HTM Hawtai Motor. Also in the same room with brands, on the rights of the sponsor, will be the stand of the world's leading tire manufacturer Bridgestone Corporation.

Moscow international automobile salon will once again become the country's main platform for showcasing the latest innovations of domestic and global automotive industry. According to preliminary estimates, the project will be over 1 000 000 people.

Future motor show will be a record number of Premier. To save the intrigue many exhibitors will announce his "debut" not before the first day of the exhibition, but today the company manufacturers speak openly about 9 world Audi, Datsun, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, 9 European Acura, Chevrolet, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen, 43 Russian premieres Audi, Bentley, Cadillac, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, HAVAL, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen and 16 concept cars Acura, Chevrolet, Citroen, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Opel, Peugeot, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota.

In the 12th hall of the third pavilion Crocus Expo visitors expect a specially organized by the radio station Kommersant FM" track for electric vehicles, as well as the stands of the companies original design and tuning of cars, motorbikes, motorcycles, tires and wheels, automotive electronics, and much more. In the same hall will present their new products such well-known market players, as ABIX Technology, Avtohimiya-Invest, Pandora Trade, BOOM-TRIKES ENG, Eberspcher Climate Control Systems, Federal Corporation, Hankook Tire Rus, LARTE Design, LUKOIL, Mega-F, Firma MMS, NPP ITELMA, SPA StarLine, This Oy/Apollo Vredestein B.V., Vossen Wheels, YOKOHAMA RUS and others.

on 28 August a Business day waiting for rich business program, which will be the international automotive Assembly MAA-2014, combining the II international forum of local automotive suppliers and forum Autosphere sales, service, innovation".

Moscow motor show will not get much attention and such an important part of the automotive world, as security on the roads. on August 28, the center of expertise "drive safely" will gather to participate in thematic round table of representatives of brands, government departments and agencies, experts and public figures to draw attention to the issues of road safety in Russia, to build a dialogue between business and government and to call for social responsibility of manufacturers.

The exhibition will be held the ceremony of awarding the winners of the 10th anniversary of the national award "Car of the year 2014"organized by the magazine "auto". As the jury will perform professional experts from around the world.

August 27, in the framework of the show will be a competition in which the famous Dexter will appreciate exhibitors in five categories, including "For the originality of presentation", "Best speaker", "For the design of exhibition stand and others. Their participation in the jury already confirmed such respected media representatives Alexander Mikulenka, Alexander Dobin, Alexey Grammatikov, Alexey slashes, Eugene Shipilov, Igor Margaretta, Nicholas Whistler, Pavel Fedorov, Sergey Aslanian and Yuri Geiko.

The real sensation of the exhibition promises to be an exposition of the unique examples of civil and military equipment of the last century from the Museum, "Engines of war" and "Motomeru Vyacheslav Sayanova", dedicated to the upcoming celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war. The organizers say that "against the background of the brilliant perfection of machines of modernity visitors to the motor show will most clearly enjoy the aesthetics and spirit of the great twentieth century, each selected for the MIAS 2014 rarities reflected the technical genius of mankind in the most vivid manifestations".

September 5, with the support of the Association of Russian automakers and leading universities of the country will be the "Day of education", in which the manufacturers will tell the students about the activities of the companies, products, internship and employment opportunities, working conditions and prospects for professional growth. This socially-significant idea is already supported by "BMW Russland trading", "Hyundai Motor CIS", "Reno Russia", "Ford Sollers holding", "Mercedes-Benz RUS", "KAMAZ", "Avtotor holding", "Volvo Vostok"SSC RF FGUP "NAMI", "Nissan Motor RUS", "VOLKSWAGEN group Rus" and others. The importance of this event emphasized in his address to the organizers of the exhibition, the Chairman of Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev.

The official ceremony opening ceremony is scheduled for August 28 1400. This event will be combined with the start of the 10-th anniversary international exhibition of automotive industry Interauto, which is part of MIAS 2014.

One of the novelties of the Moscow motor show this year will be recruiting volunteers to coordinate the separate parts of the workflow, ensure compliance with established rules and provide comprehensive assistance to visitors.

Moscow international automobile salon will be another landmark event for the development of the automotive industry in our country and will serve as an additional incentive for filling up of the Russian market of modern and high quality cars.

Moscow, IEC "Crocus Expo"

II hall halls 5, 6, 7, 8, pavilion halls 12, 13, 14, 15, outdoor area

27 August - 7 September 2014

27-28 August 0700 to 2000 Press day only for press.

28 August 1200 to 2000 Business day only for the press and for tickets on the Business day.

August 28 1400 opening ceremony Showroom

and exhibition "Interauto 2014".

The open days visit 29 August - 6 September from 1000 to 2000,

7 September from 1000 to 1800.


2014-08-22 16:14:02

Lewis Hamilton In the 17 years I was not ready for the Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton In the 17 years I was not ready for the Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton continues the fight for the title with his team mate, Nico Rosberg. In the traditional column on the BBC website Briton told how you spent your summer vacation, about their motivations and what he thinks about one of the most discussed topics in the paddock an early debut of max Verstappen in the next year.

Lewis Hamilton "this weekend we will be back on track after the summer break before the second part of the season I feel great. The holidays always come just when you need them.

I was not able to win the race in Hungary, although the first did it four times, but overall it was a good weekend. What I was able to finish third and to reduce the backlog from my companion by Mercedes, Nico Rosberg, up 11 points, although after a fire in qualifying started the race from the pit lane is positive. The gap is now much less than after the first race of the season, when I came down, and Nico won.

To achieve such results, given what I have experienced, it's just fiction, and knowing that I have the opportunity to impose the fight for the title, I was very motivating. Starting this weekend, I am full of energy, and the Belgian track is really impressive. It doesn't look like urban trails, such as the Montreal and Monaco, but I'm looking forward to being able to travel and to understand how the machine behaves.

Race in Hungary was interesting for us as a team. I was very surprised when the team asked me to skip Niko, although he was on a different strategy. And I didn't, because I felt that we both fight for the victory. I really wanted to settle all this before the holidays, so I sent a message via e-mail management, Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe, where he wrote that he would like to talk about it.

The great thing is that we have a completely open relationship. We are completely honest with each other, trust each other, so know that if you have any questions, you just need to come and talk. It had to be done to clarify.

I asked if they could explain what happened and how we got in this situation and is there something that I could do to improve things. I'm determined to win the championship, and would like to reiterate how much I am devoted to the team I was sure that together we all can decide.

As always, the team works hard to ensure that we don't have any problems with the machine, with the drivers or something else. It was a pleasure to discuss all this and not feel that someone is right and someone is to blame. This is not a black and white situation.

They supported me, and in the future we will act differently. Through these situations, you gain experience and relationships in the team has not changed. These things make us stronger, and the fact that we Niko can still fight each other on the track.

As in previous years, during the break I went to the USA, in Colorado. I love life in Formula 1, but the trip there is very refreshing. There I no one knows. I can go to the supermarket to do the most ordinary things, to sleep in his own bed in his own house, whose construction I put my soul, and I feel very peaceful.

If I went somewhere in Europe, then everything would be different, even at home in Monaco, because then I know everything. In the USA I can completely relax. Great to have the opportunity to return to a completely different life.

Max Verstappen had the incredible opportunity he has signed a contract to play for Toro Rosso next season, when he will be 17 years. This for many was a surprise and has become a topic for discussion. Journalists ask riders here in Belgium, is it not too early.

I can only speak about my experience. I remember myself at that age, as I called leaders McLaren Ron Dennis and Martin Whitmarsh with please give me a chance. I asked "When will I be able to get into the car When will I be able to compete in the Formula 1"

I did everything I could. I wanted to be in Formula 1 and not only could wait. It's like Christmas for a child. But I was very lucky, I had a father who talked sensibly and kept me from falling into the trap that I was. So did Ron and Martin - especially Martin. He controlled my next steps and made sure that I was well prepared for the debut in the Formula 1.

If you had asked me about this, then I would have said, "Yes, give me a chance" But looking back, I must admit that at the age of 17 I close and was not ready for it. I had a couple of opportunities to make his debut earlier than it actually happened. I was offered to play for the BMW F1 - I think it was when I competed in the Formula 3, but in McLaren said that it was too early.

Then, at the end of 2006, after Juan Pablo Montoya left the team during the season, I remember meeting house at Ron and discussion participation in the last three Grand Prix of the season, prior to that I finally made its debut.

Of course, I was very excited at the opportunity, but am grateful that in the end did not start in those races. It's one thing when you debyutiruet early in the season and have time to progress, and then when you sit behind the wheel in the last Grand Prix.

At that time I had never driven the car of Formula 1. If I made then, it would be a disaster, and today I'm probably there would not be sitting. Most likely, they would tell me that I am not willing to 2007, and then I wouldn't get a place and all of the following features.

Now to operate the machine Formula 1 is physically easier than at that time, because the cars are a bit slower. But there are many things that have to learn - even like just to go along, to take responsibility, to be independent. All of these steps you must go through in my life, and it will help you become more Mature.

I wish max all the best and just hope that people around him will help him to form, because it cannot be done alone."


2014-08-19 22:34:02

Formula E Buemi was the best on the last day of tests

Formula E Buemi was the best on the last day of tests

In the UK, on the track Donington Park, ended the last session of pre-season tests of the new world championship for electric cars Formula E. Look at the final testing of the new series came 5000 people.

The tests were performed on dry track, but with a strong gusty wind, which made adjustments to the work teams. The best time, as in most previous sessions, showed the pilot e.dams Sebastien Buemi. This time he drove a lap around the track in 131.792, confident ahead of his team-mate Nicolas Prost.

During the lunch break on the line there were two cars BMW system equipped with a wireless charging Qualcomm Halo. Technical experts series evaluated the potential of this system that could allow in the future to significantly increase mileage electrical formulas.

In the second half of the day on the track also went ex-pilot of Formula 1 Heinz-Harald Frentzen, who spent ispytanija promising machine Formula E.



The Time - Difference

1. Sbmmi - e.dams - 131.792 - -

2. Npost - e.dams - 132.117 - +0"325

3. Fontani - magazine Autosport Andretti - 132.143 - +0"351

4. BSANNA - Mahindra Racing - 132.249 - +0"457

5. Sbert - Virgin Racing - 132.292 - +0"500

6. LDI Grassi - Audi Sport ABT - 132.293 - +0"501

7. Coanchor - Mahindra Racing - 132.369 - +0"577

8. D Ambrosio - Dragon Racing - 132.646 - +0"854

9. Sarrazin - Venturi - 132.663 - +0"871

10. Nailfold - Venturi - 132.775 - +0"983

11. Npike - China Racing - 132.808 - +1"016

12. Hangersware - Virgin Racing - 132.821 - +1"029

13. Spec - magazine Autosport Andretti - 132.841 - +1"049

14. Debt - Audi Sport ABT - 132.867 - +1"075

15. Atruly - Trulli - 132.892 - +1"100

16. Oserve - Dragon Racing - 133.411 - +1"619

17. Agarcia - China Racing - 133.469 - +1"677

18. Tsato - Amlin Aguri - 135.425 - +3"633

19. Scerrati - Trulli - 135.444 - +3"652

20. Clegg - Amlin Aguri - 138.112 - +6"320


2014-08-17 19:24:02

DTM Wittmann won the race, Petrov 18th

DTM Wittmann won the race, Petrov 18th

Racer RMG BMW Marco Wittmann won a landslide victory at the next stage of the German touring series DTM, which was held at the nrburgring. Since its main competitor, Mattias ekstrm, dropped out of the race, this success is almost guaranteed to Wittmann title. Three stage before the end of the championship, he is ahead of the Swede on 64 points.

Numerous successes of Wittmann led to the fact that, in accordance with the rules of the series, before the stage, his truck was loaded with the maximum amount of ballast. Because of this she was 20 pounds heavier cars Mercedes, and 10 kg - Audi. However, Wittmann became the sole representative of the BMW, which was able to break in the final part of qualifying, and won the pole there.

In the race he had no equal, taking the lead for almost the entire distance. The two remaining places on the podium was taken by the representatives of Audi. The second was Mike Rockenfeller ahead even at the start Edoardo the Mortara, who eventually finished third.

The best representatives of the Mercedes was Paul di Resta, who finished the race in fourth place. Throughout the greater part of the course he pursued the Mortara, but couldn't overtake. At the same time he stopped behind another representative of Mercedes, Daniel Juncadella.

For Mattias Ekstrm weekend at the nrburgring was extremely unsuccessful. In qualifying on podsypaya track he has not had enough time to improve your score, resulting in the Swede has not passed the second part of the session and started the penultimate. But in the race he was forced to retire due to mechanical problems already after the first round, and now has only a mathematical chance at the title.

For Vitaly Petrov qualification at the nrburgring was the best in the season, and he started the race 21-M. Finished Russian in 18th place.




1. Wittmann - RMG BMW - 10942.802

2. Mergenthaler Phoenix Audi - +1.286

3. Abortar - Abt Audi +12.019

4. PDI Resta - HWA Mercedes +12.815

5. Dhundale - Mucke Mercedes - +13.717

6. Clitoris - HWA Mercedes +24.918

7. Mmartin - RMG BMW - +28.921

8. Mtomcat - Schnitzer BMW - +38.521

9. Rwilkins - HWA Mercedes +43.197

10. Buerlein - HWA Mercedes +45.377

11. Atamba - Abt Audi +48.071

12. Bsingle - Schnitzer BMW - +49.834

13. Ada Costa - MTEK BMW - +50.150

14. Dhand - RBM BMW - +20.955

15. Dgrin - Rosberg Audi - +52.771

16. Gaffet - HWA Mercedes +57.056

17. Thlok - MTEK BMW - +58.557

18. Vitaly Petrov - Mucke Mercedes - -1 lap

Not classified - 160 - 160

Apertus - RBM BMW - 35 laps

Nmueller - Rosberg Audi - 10 laps

Taider Phoenix Audi - 8 laps

Molina - Abt Audi - 4 laps

Mextram - Abt Audi - 3 circle

text Elmir Valeev


2014-08-13 19:54:02

Memory check Esteban Gutierrez

Memory check Esteban Gutierrez

The pilots of Formula 1 are famous for the art of racing cars, but as they have memory Official site of the championship, decided to find out and publish a series of interviews with riders, which will help to know them better. Today on the queue Esteban Gutierrez.

Question Who was your first childhood idol

Esteban Gutierrez my Mother was when I learned, through which it had to pass before I was born.

Question What is the first Grand Prix you looked

Esteban Gutierrez It was in Montreal in 2007 I never forget it - Robert Kubica crashed right in front of our stand.

Question At what age did you realize that you want to be an F1 driver

Esteban Gutierrez At the age of 14 I decided that this would be my fate.

Question When did you first get involved in an accident while driving a race car

Esteban Gutierrez On the pre-season tests in the Formula BMW. The blow was very strong, but I was not injured.

Question What color was your first helmet

Esteban Gutierrez the Coloring was mottled - yellow, Golden, blue laughs.

Question When you won your first race trophy and how it looked

Esteban Gutierrez It was in 200-4, in karting. Nothing like before, I never felt I made it to the podium after a hard fight and got the Cup. A regular Cup, very small, but to me he seemed to be the most beautiful

Question What is the first road car you were driving

Esteban Gutierrez my brother was a VW Jetta VR6. I remember that it's not too me her trust.

Question Where was the first house in which you lived

Esteban Gutierrez In Monterey, Mexico. I still live there, when you are in Mexico.

Question You are very nervous when I first went to school

Esteban Gutierrez I don't remember if I was nervous at school, even on the first day.

Question What's the first dish you prepared

Esteban Gutierrez the Quesadilla to your recipe. I now cook when I am at home in Mexico.

Question What are you the first thing I did this morning

Esteban Gutierrez he Wrote to his friend, "Good morning".

Question What did you do first when I learned that will compete in the Formula 1

Esteban Gutierrez he Smiled and promised myself to do everything to one day become a world champion.

Question What was the first purchased music

Esteban Gutierrez I will not tell Precisely, but it was some Mexican music.

Question What was the first sport you were involved in childhood

Esteban Gutierrez Golf and basketball, but sitting behind the wheel of a machine brother I realized that I intended destiny.

Question When was the first romantic kiss

Esteban Gutierrez a truly romantic Not so long ago.

Question When you first asked for an autograph

Esteban Gutierrez In 2007 my mom told me that he is my lover and asked him to sign her card.

Question When you first tasted champagne

Esteban Gutierrez it's Hard to say. Quite a while ago for the New year.

Question Which would you choose first - fruits or chocolate

Esteban Gutierrez Fruit, but sprinkled them with dry chilli laughs.

Question What's the first word you said, being a baby

Esteban Gutierrez Good question. I'll have to ask mom.

text Dmitry Bukharov


2014-08-05 17:24:02

Timo Glock I don't want to Formula-1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1, now he is performing in the DTM for the team BMW, Timo Glock has admitted that he does not want ago at the Royal race."I satisfied with his work in the DTM, where the championship healthier than in Formula 1, " said Glock. - In Formula 1, only four stables able to pay their pilots to the salary, the rest should look for money. This is not the rainbow present for the championship and not very bright perspective for his future. So I do not even think about returning IN the Formula-1 Glock advocated Jordan, Toyota and Virgin-Marussia.

2014-07-24 19:04:03

Esteban Gutierrez Grand Prix of Mexico is a dream for many

Esteban Gutierrez Grand Prix of Mexico is a dream for many

On Wednesday it was officially confirmed that in 2015 the Formula 1 will return to Mexico after a 23-year break. Among those who represented the future of the Grand Prix, was Sergio Perez. Another Mexican pilot, Esteban Gutierrez, at a press conference FIA stated that this phase will be a great step forward in the integration of Mexico and Formula 1.

Esteban Gutierrez "In recent years, ties between Mexico and Formula 1 are constantly strengthened first appeared Sergio, I now, that makes two of us in the world Cup. To get even, and national Grand Prix is a dream for many of us.

I had a chance once to race in Mexico in 2008 in Mexico city held the World finals of the Formula BMW, and it was a great experience. The race can be considered a prelude of what awaits us in a year, now we can be in Mexico at the highest level and make our fans happy".


2014-07-19 15:14:07

News Pirelli Free races of Grand Prix of Germany

During today's free-race on the track Hockenheimring race track tyres Pirelli had to endure one of the highest temperature of the asphalt in the course of a season - floor warmed up to 57 186C. Despite the exceptional heat the two most soft composition, in a formula one line - soft tyres P Zero Yellow with a yellow marking and the super soft tyres P Zero Red marked red - demonstrated the expected characteristics on very complex from the point of view of the transmission of traction and braking efforts trashed that high temperature will not last long, and for the remainder of the race weekend forecast changeable weather perhaps even with the rain. This suggests that the data collected in the course of two of today's sessions free-race, may not give a presentation about the situation in qualifying and race, resulting teams must respond to changing conditions. However, if the race will pass without rain, it is expected 2-3 pit stop on pilotaju Mercedes team headed protocols both training sessions, but the difference in time overcome racing circle of representatives of different commands is relatively small. However, this statement does not take into account the different settings and different amounts of fuel in the tanks of cars during the preparation of the team for the German Grand Prix, which in earlier times was carried out on this route two years ago.Paul Hembery "now is the time difference overcome racing range of tires of different types is approximately one second, but we do not consider the changing characteristics of asphalt key factor on this course. Instead, the big question is weather, because from now predict the changeable weather conditions. In recent heated debates about the refusal of the suspension FRIC, but it is still difficult to say how this will affect the tyre. Despite the very high temperature of the asphalt two most soft composition, in a formula one line worked in full accordance with our expectations".Pirelli fact nemnogie famous German car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche are among the clients of Pirelli, which the company supplies tires for conveying your car. The company Pirelli has two plants in Germany, including a plant with the system MIRS modular integrated robotized system in Breuberg. The performance of this plant can be up to 10 million tyres per year. In Breuberg is not only the plant for the production of tyres, but also an important educational centre the majority of new engineers automobile tires and workers who will work on the most advanced factories Pirelli, are trained here. This company is the second after the Milan centre, the most important center for research and development.

2014-07-17 21:24:02

Daniel Quat I don't like to rate yourself

Daniel Quat I don't like to rate yourself

On Thursday Daniel Quat talked with journalists about the programme of the Red Bull Junior, Hockenheim and their own approach to work in Formula 1.

Q Daniel, before the start of the weekend were rumours about a possible debut in Formula 1 another member of the Red Bull - Carlos Sainz held talks with Caterham. Here it does not happen, but he could make his debut during the season. How difficult was it for you transition to Formula 1

Daniel Quat to be honest, I'm fine. You can see big problems there. I think a lot depends on the person, but personally I am right. In every race I work hard, we are already working with immersion in the smallest details, trying to find the most optimal settings, to earn as many points as possible. That's all I can say. But I can't speak for the other person.

Question What in your character and the approach has allowed you so good to merge, adapt so quickly in Formula 1

Daniel Quat Hard to say. Again we come to what I have to say about yourself. I don't like it. Let others I appreciate. I think it's more honest.

I do what I can. I have no special secrets of how to drive fast or anything like that. I have strengths and weaknesses. This is normal. It is not what you make mistakes - they allow for all, it is important, can you not learn from them.

Question If I could give advice to other young pilots who make the step from Junior series to Formula 1.

Daniel Quat There are certain things, which in any case can not be avoided. Must take it as a given and try not to panic. Try not too emotionally at all to respond, because everything is new, everything looks exciting. But we must try to do so that this situation has become familiar to you as quickly as possible. This is much help.

Question How was your relationship with the course

Daniel Quat I like It. Pleasant memories. It's not much on something effect, but always a pleasure to come back. Fast curves combined with technical sections. Something the track reminds Austrian. 'll have to try to gather a circle together. Again this is the route of the old school that I also like.

Question How many in the calendar remained unfamiliar tracks

Daniel Quat Australia was new, China, Monaco. What's next Suzuka. Sochi will be new to everyone. So this is, perhaps, everything. In Singapore I was, but a long time ago, back in the Formula BMW. Yes, not much remains unknown tracks.

Question do You like to perform at the new tracks It seems that you adapt quickly.

Daniel Quat Much depends on the track. If I like it, of course, is good, but at the same time, if the track is not like this should not be an excuse. The racer must be fast on any track. For me it was never a problem.

Question How were the tests in Silverstone How much better machine

Daniel Quat I would not say that we were able to find something special. We had work to do. But at the same time we must bear in mind that conditions at Silverstone has changed very much since Friday before the start of the tests. The surface conditions, wind direction where they play a very important role. So double-check data given there. But, as I said, we have not had any major updates.

Question If we return to the program of Red Bull the structure there is always the pilots who are younger and are on track in Formula 1, and you are compared to your companion, with them. You feel the pressure from their side

Daniel Quat No, I would not say that. I always didn't care who my partner. Now that Jean-Eric Verne. We have a good working relationship. We understand each other. As for the rest. to Talk about the pressure I would not. At least, this is not quite the right word. But whatever it is, it should not change anything. On who is my companion, or who seeks to get to my place, my car does not change, this will not take away from under me asphalt.

Question Given that in the program there are several young pilots, does that mean that you have no right to break that you always have the obligation to achieve the result

Daniel Quat This is always the case, regardless of external factors. I think that I am lucky I have a strong partner with which to compare themselves. This is important. We know who we Jean-Eric performed last year, with whom it was compared, and so on. But I don't like to compare themselves with others as often as you, journalists.

Question At the fifth motor, the fifth MGU-K.

Daniel Quat Yes, a difficult situation. So I have somewhere to suffer. But that's part of the game. Nothing wrong.

Question Now it is inevitable that in one of the races you have to lose the position at the start because the limit is exceeded

Daniel Quat I think it's obvious. Need to find a moment to do it. I think I'm not the only one in the peloton who have similar problems.

Question How likely is that to lose start position will have a few races

Daniel Quat I don't think that all so seriously. Everything must do without big losses.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-07-12 18:54:02

Has ended the Moscow City Racing show

Has ended the Moscow City Racing show

In Moscow ended races Motorsport Moscow City Racing show, held at the walls of the Kremlin. Throughout the day many spectators were pleased with the good weather, allowing riders on the various techniques to demonstrate their skills.

At this time there were no serious accidents. On the road again appeared historical Surtees TS14 and Surtees TS16, cars, Formula 1 Ferrari and Caterham under Mark Wife and Robin Freins. The winner of the rally-RAID "Dakar-2013" Eduard Nikolaev brought onto the multi-ton truck team "KAMAZ-Master".

Sebastien Chardonnay demonstrated skills in a rally car Citroen WRC, and although Chardonnay - racer, and no expert on the stunts, he looked okay, even against the background of aerobatics professional drifters and stuntmen, speaking before and after it.

Brilliantly acted and Russian metacommand Lazzari-Motorsport team, headed the sixfold champion of Russia Sergei Krapukhina. And Jean Alesi drove several audiences at Ferrari.

The show featured all three German manufacturer of body DTM championship. At the wheel of a BMW M4 villages Jens Klingman, Mercedes AMG C-Coupe ruled Bernd Maylander and Audi RS 5 DTM - Roman Rusinov.

Roman Rusinov "Great atmosphere, nice to be in Moscow, to watch that show, to be photographed, to podymal tyres Audi RS5 DTM. Yesterday was cold and seemed, might rain, but today the weather was great."

text Elmir Valeev


2014-07-10 16:44:02

Vettel I never had problems with motivation

Vettel I never had problems with motivation

This year Sebastian Vettel was twice on the podium, but each time was on the third position, and currently the only victory Red Bull Racing won Riccardo Daniel. In an interview for German website Spox four-time champion said that failure in this season will not affect his motivation.

Q This season is shaping up to you and for Red Bull Racing is not the best way, but you still look calm. To cope with the situation easier when you have 4 of title 39 victories in the Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel of Course, it's nice to win a lot of races, but always want to win. This year we are much more difficult to fight for the victory, so we make more efforts to return to succeed and to reach the podium.

Question What could you say of the British Grand Prix On Saturday, all was good you won the second position on the grid, and on Sunday there were problems, and you finished only fifth. With what feelings do you think of this race a few days later

Sebastian Vettel due to weather conditions, the weekend turned out to be quite difficult. Saturday was not easy because of the rain, but we were glad to get into the first row. In the race we chose a different strategy, so I had a fight with Fernando Alonso, who brought me pleasure. Of course, I wanted to come to the podium.

Question You've enjoyed duel with Fernando Alonso at Silverstone

Sebastian Vettel Yes, I love to compete on the track. I wanted as soon as possible ahead of Fernando, but our struggle lasted longer than planned. If I had a choice, I'd just passed.

The struggle was really tense. He complained that I had left the white line, and I got the message on the radio that should pay attention to the boundaries of the track. Although I knew he did exactly that. But in such a tight struggle to follow the boundaries of the track is very difficult because the space is small. However, it was all correct.

Question After the second pit stop you lost position, and then returned it. What gives you pleasure to overtake rivals, or to defend ourselves

Sebastian Vettel of Course to overtake. Defending a position, I can do is not so much to leave competitors behind. It's really not fun, because affects the speed. Much more interesting to go to a higher rate and to play the position.

However, everything depends on the result at the finish. Well, if the first three places - then you get the champagne and the Cup. If finish fourth and below, then you only Pat on the shoulder and say "Good job".

Question In fact, after its debut in Formula 1 your business continuously in the mountain, and now something is missing. How do you overcome this Do you experience any thoughts that you are doing something160 wrong

Sebastian Vettel I always put his actions in question, but not losing my mind and not complaining - I'm constantly trying to make progress. This part of the game. The last two seasons were awesome. I never felt that the motivation is gone. We continue to fight. If you look at what positions we took at the beginning of the season, the team has made great progress, but there is still a long road. One step enough to return to the positions which we need to the top. It requires great effort. If we have already achieved success, all over again will be much better.

Question is it Difficult to stay motivated in such a situation

Sebastian Vettel My goal has not changed - I want to be the best. But you have to really look at things the level of competition is very high, so the opponents also a good job. You can not always be ahead, but to be among the best. This year we have a little more problems compared with several previous seasons, but there is nothing wrong. Some of us better prepared for this season, and that means we must put more effort.

Question Next race will be held in Hockenheim. German highway higher pressure than Silverstone, where home-race Red Bull Racing

Sebastian Vettel Yes, but it's great In the UK the track came together with their families, employees, based in Milton Keynes, in order to support us. Of course, at Silverstone British racers received more support, but now we are going to Hockenheim - the home race for the German pilots.

Last year I won the Grand Prix of Germany - it was an unforgettable experience. Near the road were so many people and flags Of course, to win this year more difficult because Mercedes will again be a very strong contender. Our goal is to reach the podium. It would be great to achieve this result is not the home track before the German fans.

Question Before the Grand Prix Austria you piloted by Ferrari 88C Gerhard Berger. Driving any historical Formula 1 car would you like to be Would you prefer to sit behind the wheel of a different historical machine

Sebastian Vettel This question is incorrect. In different times there were so many great machines. Speaking of balance, I would have chosen the beginning of 90-s, when dominated Williams.

Question And among ordinary machines Or motorcycle

Sebastian Vettel What a question Well. Roadster BMW 507, Ferrari 250 California, Ferrari F40, old Vespa. I could name 20 other brands and models. NSU motorcycle Max 50 - years - it lubia model of my grandfather.

Question What would you like to get done before old age

Sebastian Vettel Win more titles in the Formula 1, to pass on its own Vespa on Italian streets and to travel. But not like now now I travel a lot, but don't see anything - I need time to see the world. And someday I would have nothing to be bound.

text Tatiana Belsky


2014-07-10 14:24:02

In Moscow hosted a press conference dedicated to the DTM race

In Moscow hosted a press conference dedicated to the DTM race

On Thursday in Moscow hosted a press conference dedicated to the upcoming Russian stage of body DTM championship, which will be held at the circuit Moscow Raceway in the coming weekend.

In press-conference took part the racers, the speakers on the machines of three famous German brands Audi represented Niko Muller, BMW Augusto Farfus, and Mercedes - Vitaly Petrov, the first Russian driver in the DTM, which debuted in this popular series in 2014.

The organizers of the Russian stage was represented by Ekaterina Belavich, head of the project "Moscow Raceway Speedway", acquainted the journalists with the program of the weekend.

Ekaterina Belavich "After last year's successful debut DTM on our line, we intend to hold the bar high, if to speak about the organizational side of the competition. By the way, the Russian round of the DTM 2013 was named the best debut throughout more than 30-year history of the series.

Certainly, the participation of the first Russian DTM racer Vitaly Petrov, the well-known for performances in the Formula 1, has only increase the interest of the audience, so we expect that the public will be more than last year. This year the weekend to be rich, because it DTM joins Formula 3, one of the main European youth Championships.

In addition, Saturday will be a demonstration race Cup Volkswagen Scirocco with participation of well-known pilots, including stars of Russian Motorsport. Entertainment program that will accompany the weekend, will build on our circuit atmosphere of the holiday and will be of interest not only fans, but also to the General public of all ages."

Vitaly Petrov Mercedes AMG "my Last speech in the home race was in 2005, and then really felt support, came a lot of relatives, friends, fans, and I just felt that because of me and support. And now all this has become all the more, and I am glad that finally we have such tracks that allow you to take the championship level DTM World series by Renault, and a Formula 1 race in Sochi. So start on the Moscow Raceway I look forward, but worried".

Niko Muller Audi Sport Team Rosberg "I know from the site, I like it. It is good that in comparison with last year, now we're going on a long configuration rings. I will try to benefit from their experience of performances at the Moscow Raceway, and, of course, we hope that the characteristics of the track will suit our car. I tune in this weekend to win their first championship points DTM".

Augusto Farfus BMW Team RBM "Moscow route is narrow, there is a lot of turns that require 2nd gear, but on the second sector, which last year was not used, there is really fast turns. Considering the dimensions of machines DTM think we need to act on the longer tracks, with quick turns, so I can't wait to start. On the back straight, we will be able to use the system DRS that will facilitate overtaking, and the more overtaking - the more spectacular".


2014-07-04 14:54:04

Kaltenborn Sale of the team is not planned, but.

Kaltenborn Sale of the team is not planned, but.

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn at the meeting with journalists at Silverstone told about the current situation and prospects.

Question this year the works Sauber are not so far. What are you planning to take to save the season

Moniz, Kaltenborn it is hard, because in search of a solution, we must return to the events of last year when we worked on the development machine. Given our limited resources, we made the most of it to better finish last season and earn more points. I had to make a number of compromises that affected the situation with the new machine. Of course, in the period, when there is so much technical change, it affects especially painful.

The second point is that this season, the main factor is the power of the motors. The difference in power between the power plants of different manufacturers is very high. It's not an excuse, but we cannot influence the situation. In Ferrari do all in their power, and have already made some improvements, but the difference remains.

Like last year, we will try to implement a number of technical innovations that will improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the machine, as the case not only in the power installation and features of the previous season - of course, we must also improve our chassis. And it is very important to avoid errors, such as those that were committed by the team in Austria.

Question What are you going to take in order to prevent errors during pit-stops

Moniz, Kaltenborn it is Necessary to work in two directions. First, it is necessary to analyze the procedure pit stop errors sometimes occur, and it is important in everything in detail to understand. And the second point is a misunderstanding, related with the failure in the transmission of information. If to speak about the actual pit stop, we had to make some changes in the equipment that we use to eliminate the recurrence of similar accidents.

Question You mentioned the power units the team is not planning to change their supplier

Moniz, Kaltenborn No.

Question last week Sergei Sirotkin said Simona de Silvestro more of a marketing ploy and it does not claim to a place in the team. What is the real situation with the squad for next year for two cars you have five racers

Moniz, Kaltenborn We have someone to choose from. smiles We do that, when the time comes.

Question But everybody has a chance

Moniz, Kaltenborn we were saying that We intend to work with those drivers, who have already signed contracts, primarily with Sergey Sirotkin, which we are preparing to the Formula 1. But while he has to concentrate on this season last week in Moscow, he has achieved good results, winning the race. This work continues, and we have nowhere to hurry.

If to speak about Simone, it should our program. She had a great test in Valencia, after 1200 km, if I'm not mistaken.

Question the Team was in contact somehow with Sergey after he won the race at the Moscow Raceway You personally congratulated him, maybe You had some conversation

Moniz, Kaltenborn We are in constant contact with his managers, regardless of the situation, good or bad. So we not only choose pleasant occasions - during the season we discussed with its management of all races and all technical problems. Of course, we congratulated Sergey, as soon as I got the news of his victory.

Question Therefore, everything is going in the right direction, and he has a chance to drive the car Sauber on Friday this season

Moniz, Kaltenborn This is one of the variants, let us see how things will develop.

Question Why can't we see some results of cooperation with Russian partners, which was announced almost a year ago

Moniz, Kaltenborn Because for realization of this cooperation takes time. Not all and not always depend on us. With respect to approach the other hand, that's all. Hardly something I can add. We cannot rush partners, it's not done, and if they need time, and for good reason, we must respect it. It is important that we know what we want to achieve from this cooperation.

Question Caterham F1 sold.

Moniz, Kaltenborn I learned this from the press.

Question Swiss fans do not fear that the same fate may expect Sauber

Moniz, Kaltenborn We have always said that the team is not for sale. But, as in previous years, when large companies, such as Red Bull or Credit Swiss, was a part of shareholders Sauber, we are ready to consider offers on cooperation. If their conditions will suit the team if this partnership will contribute to its strengthening, as it was in the time when the owner Sauber was the company BMW, you have to be open to such proposals. The main task - this should make the team stronger. And in such partnership for us nothing new.

Question so, are you ready to work with new investors, but the sale of the team is not planned

Moniz, Kaltenborn Not planned, but if there is an investor who wishes to purchase the team and will have a long-term plan of its strengthening and development need to be open to such proposals. The team has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge, we have modern technology and Peter Zauber, the founder of the team, always wanted to keep. It remains our goal, then nothing changes.

text Andrew Elk


2014-07-02 20:34:02

The formula E Antonio Felix da Costa - pilot Amlin Aguri

The formula E Antonio Felix da Costa - pilot Amlin Aguri

Backup and test-pilot of Red Bull Racing Antonio Felix da Costa will take part in the debut season of Formula E. the Portuguese, who last season played in the World series, and in 2014-m continued his career in body series DTM in the composition of the BMW Motorsport, has signed a contract with Amlin Aguri. Previously joined a British pilot Katherine Legge.

Thus, Amlin Aguri became the fifth team of the Formula E, fully declared the pilots. Earlier it has already done Audi Sport, Virgin Racing, Mahinda Racing and Venturi Grand Prix.