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2018-01-22 15:34:05

Manor will return, if there is a limit of budgets

Manor will return, if there is a limit of budgets

Graham Loudon, one of the leaders of the company Manor previously presented in Formula 1, said that the possibility of returning to the championship will be considered only if it is a limit of budgets.Graham Loudon "If there is no change, if there is no limit on budgets, we will not be back, because you can not deal with the rich teams.Recently, however, the FIA and the new leadership of the Formula 1 says a lot about reducing costs. If this happens, we will consider the possibility of returning to the championship - we are in Formula 1 remains unfinished business".Company Manor came into Formula 1 in 2010 under the guise of Virgin Racing. In 2012, the team played under the name of Marussia, as his last season in 2016, has held under its name to the Manor. Now in Manor are actively engaged in the project LMP1.

2018-01-19 11:44:06

Ford was again interested in Formula 1

Ford was again interested in Formula 1

The American company Ford is ready to return to Formula 1 if I'm taken measures to control expenditures.Mark Rushbrook, head of the sports division of Ford "Hybrid engines are the future, including the future of Ford motor company, so it is difficult to refuse to participate in Formula 1. But we are interested in the restriction of budgets. The question is, how will the expenditure control".Ford has achieved considerable success in Formula 1 as an engine supplier. So, the pilots on machines with Ford engines 12 time Champions between 1968 and 1982. Also his first title, driving a Benetton Ford in 1994, was won by Michael Schumacher. In 2000-2004, the Formula 1 team Jaguar, owned by Ford.

2018-01-17 18:44:03

The former head of McLaren became a consultant to the FIA

The former head of McLaren became a consultant to the FIA

Martin Whitmarsh, head of McLaren, became a consultant to the FIA and Liberty Media in the preparation of rules relating to the limitation of budgets and the distribution of income in Formula 1.Whitmarsh led McLaren in 2009-2013 2010-2013 he chaired the Association of Formula 1 teams FOTA.

2018-01-04 19:44:03

Flavio Briatore, Kubica lost to Sirotkina budget

Flavio Briatore, former head of the commands Benetton Renault, indirectly confirmed that the free space in Williams is Sergey Sirotkin, but not Robert Kubica, whose work leads the 2016 champion Nico Rosberg.Flavio Briatore "I'm sorry that Kubica was able to negotiate with Williams. I spoke with Rosberg, and he said that he tried various options, but the pilot from Russia, a big budget, about 20 million, but Kubica was able to collect approximately 7-10 million.Sorry. And I don't even know the name of this Russian. Very strange that the leaders of the championship did not help Robert to return to Formula 1 - that would be great".

2017-12-16 11:34:04

Michelin are not interested in returning to 2021

Michelin are not interested in returning to 2021

The Michelin company does not seem interested in returning to Formula 1 even after 2020.The French company makes tires for Le Mans, Formula E and MotoGP, but the Director of Michelin Pascal Canon says that Formula 1 is not suitable for return.Pascal Canon "Until the rules change, we are not going to think about returning. For us it does not make sense to release a 13-inch tires, if they can not be seen on road cars. If it was the 18-inch wheels, then yeah, but I think that changes 2021 focused on the engine and budget.The most important thing for us is to make progress in their work, in other areas it makes no sense to invest".

2017-12-16 10:44:04

Haas is not going to expand the team

Haas is not going to expand the team

American team Haas says that it has suspended plans to expand staff.Director Haas Gunther Steiner "I did not expect that we will be stable. The problem was in all areas, but we managed. Only two seasons later we realized that we justify their expectations.Before we continue our growth, we need to understand at what level will the budget limit. It makes no sense to expand the team, and then again to reduce staff in 2021".

2017-12-04 11:44:03

Chapter Haas Expect that we will offer Liberty

Director Haas Gunther Steiner admitted that he awaits information from Liberty on what will be Formula 1 in the future.Gunther Steiner "We started the development process of the team and machines in the middle of the season. But now we have to wait for clarification from the Liberty. At the moment we want to stay in the development team because I want to see what offers Liberty to cost constraints and budgets. Why do we need to develop the team for two years, then to disbandWe agree to work with fewer people than you need, rather then to experience the pain and see the pain of people who need to be fired. We must better manage the people you have at the moment. Next year we learn a little more about the new championship 2021".

2017-12-01 13:14:03

Mercedes continues to scare care after Ferrari

Mercedes continues to insist that at the end of 2020 will be able to leave behind the Ferrari from the championship.Earlier, the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne said that if Liberty Media will continue to implement their plans according to the rules and budget 2021, the Italian team can go.And now the head of Mercedes Toto Wolff admitted that he was also dissatisfied with the activities of Liberty in Formula 1.Toto Wolff "Nothing good happens. Strange innovations as Michael buffer in Austin, do not make the sport better.We don't see how the new rules will help to make our sport more interesting and cheaper. No one knows where will lead us this trip. We only know that sales and profits fell sharply.This scenario is quite possible, as with Ferrari. We are ready to withdraw from the championship. If we do not see what will be the Formula-1 on, then you need to ask yourself a difficult question do we want to work in this League".

2017-11-18 10:14:04

Niki Lauda denies Mercedes could leave the championship

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda denies Mercedes could join Ferrari, threatening to leave Formula 1.Niki Lauda "This is ridiculous. First, we want to see all the whole picture, to understand what will be the Formula 1 in 2021. We are unhappy with the proposed budget, as well as some figures and paragraphs in the rules, but that doesn't mean we're leaving".

2017-11-14 12:44:02

Esteban Windows With a bigger budget we would have fought for the title

The pilot Force India Esteban Windows believes that if his team had more money then she could fight for the title.Esteban Windows "Frankly, if all teams had an equal budget or if we had a budget of top teams, many would be surprised that would show the Force India".Force India is now in an interesting situation the team secured fourth place in the Cup of designers, and each new point will cost extra money, since the amount of the entry fee for next season depends on the gains made this year points.Esteban Windows "to Fight for points has become unprofitable for us, because every point you earn is worth 5,500 euros. Now it only robs us of money from the budget".

2017-11-09 10:34:03

Michael Andretti admits the possibility of return to Formula-1

Michael Andretti admits the possibility of return to Formula-1

Former Formula 1 driver Michael Andretti has admitted that he would like to be back in the championship, but as a team owner.And now, amid talks about a budget limit, Andretti confirmed his interest in the pinnacle of Motorsport.Michael Andretti "Obviously, it boils down to what will be the budget. In the meantime, I can't afford it.We are considering options Formula E, Rally cross, Formula 1. But we must carefully examine".Andretti drove for McLaren in 1993, as a partner of Ayrton Senna. And if Senna won five races and became the Vice-champion, Andretti only once on the podium and ahead of schedule left the team, losing his place Mika.Now the team Andretti Autosport is represented in many American series, including IndyCar.

2017-11-08 10:04:02

Mercedes and Ferrari put a spoke in the wheels of plans by Liberty

The best teams of Formula 1 Ferrari and Mercedes oppose Liberty Media's plans for the modernization of the championship.Toto Wolff, Mercedes "We are curious to see what we will submit for the capitalization. What are the budgets in the future - that is the question".It is believed that in order to ensure that all requirements regarding the limitation of budgets, each team will be the representative of the FIA.Toto Wolff "I don't think it will work. No one will know about our internal structures and processes".The former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone believes Ferrari also adopts a new budget structure.Bernie Ecclestone "the teams want to spend what they can afford to spend, and I have always said this. Other teams may spend as much as you can."Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari "I think that to argue we will be a very long time, until we reach joint decisions".

2017-11-07 14:44:03

Bernie Ecclestone Ferrari can indeed withdraw from the championship

The former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone believes that Ferrari could leave the championship if the terms of the work after 2020 will not be to her liking.Bernie Ecclestone "If they can't win in the next few years, it sure will make their new rules. If the rules are not accepted, then Ferrari can leave. Only if the conditions are economically and sports best this company, they will remain.They do not need the budget constraints and all that. They want to spend what you can afford, and I always say the same thing. If people can't spend, they need to leave or fight for their own goals. If there are only three or four teams capable of competing at the top, then it should be. All the teams who say they can't afford it, should not even participate in the championship or should just silently accept the rules".

2017-11-03 14:44:03

Ferrari has threatened to leave Formula 1

Every time in Formula 1 are going to change the rules, the management of Ferrari has threatened to leave the championship. This time Ferrari has threatened their care.In 2021 will enter into force the new technical regulations, according to which the engines will be a little easier and cheaper. In addition, owners of the championship plan from 2019 to restrict budgets. Obviously, all these changes don't like Ferrari.Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari President "If there is no conditions that will be useful for the advancement and promotion of the Ferrari brand, we refuse to participate in Formula 1.Formula 1 is in our DNA from birth. If the sandbox in which we play will change beyond recognition, then we will stop to play in it".

2017-11-03 13:34:03

Limiting budgets are already in the season 2019

In 2019 in Formula 1 can make the system limit the budgets of the teams. In the first season it will work in test mode and 2020 will act penalties.As informs German edition Auto Motor und Sport, to monitor the expenditure composition of each team will appear to the auditor, who will receive a salary in FIA. The size limit is not yet defined, but we know that will not be considered marketing expenses and the salaries of the pilots.

2017-10-31 13:34:03

Flavio Briatore Liberty is doing everything right

The former head of Renault Flavio Briatore believes that the new owners of Formula 1 was doing the right thing for the modernization of the sport.Flavio Briatore "I'm still watching this race. I especially like to observe what appears new in this sport. It was going to happen.Ross brown called me in the spring, and we agreed that the pilot should return to the center of attention and that Formula 1 no longer needs to be a technical world championship.Everything goes in the right direction. Fans don't need budgets. I was with Fernando Alonso at Indy 500 this year where the best car is worth 10 million dollars for the entire season. This is the twentieth part of the value in Formula 1, but the show better".A year has passed since then, as the championship left, Bernie Ecclestone. Briatore told what he is doing now.Flavio Briatore "I can Assure you that Bernie's all right. Better than many people think. He loves life, works hard on his coffee plantation in Brazil and is enjoying life with his wonderful wife Fabiana".

2017-10-27 10:24:05

Felipe Massa does not believe in Paul di Resta

Felipe Massa does not believe in Paul di Resta

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa is not sure that Paul di Resta is suitable for the British team in his place.Felipe Massa "I don't believe that he was the right pilot for our team. He will not be able to develop the car and to show good results. Besides, I don't think he copes with his work. He can't be fast. Anyway, I'm not here to complain about something, it's just my opinion.I'm pretty sure the big people know what's best for the team. This is largely what they do. As I said, sometimes in Formula 1 is important not only your talent, but also the money you bring to the budget of the stables".

2017-10-19 10:04:05

Paddy Lowe has not commented on the tests Kubica

Paddy Lowe has not commented on the tests Kubica

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe would not comment on rumors about the return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1 with the British team.Paddy Lowe "there's nothing I can comment on now. All I can say is that we have several options.We need pilots and experts is strong enough to bring the team back to the top. I already made some changes to the project car of the season in 2018, and at the moment I'm happy with what I see.I love my job. And now I have the opportunity to review the new draft - Williams going to win. For this we need strong engineers, effective team and excellent work. When this happens, you get more investors and a bigger budget".

2017-10-10 16:54:04

At the end of October, the FIA will introduce new regulations on the engines of Formula 1

31 Oct FIA and the Formula-1 are going to introduce regulations on the engines, which will come into force from 2021.As informs German edition Auto Motor und Sport, the new engines should be cheaper, easier, and at the same time significantly louder. It is expected that there will be an independent supplier of engines, for example, Cosworth or Ilmor. Many of the elements of the power plant will become standard, which will reduce the cost of their development.It is known that in the discussion of the new regulations, in addition to the Formula 1 car manufacturers involved, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo, as well as several independent companies.In addition, on 7 November, the leadership of the championship will introduce the concept of a budget cap Formula 1. Some of the limitations can be introduced in 2019.

2017-09-24 17:54:03

Bob Fearnley We need a clear understanding of the rules

Clear rules on the engines and innovations of Liberty in Formula 1 are still there, and teams start to get nervous about this. Deputy head of the Force India Bob Fearnley was one of the first statements on this score.Bob Fearnley "I'm disappointed in some way. We talked a lot on this topic and offered many ideas. But when it's been nine months, we would like to have taken more effort on the part of managers to address all those thoughts.The program for the engines needs to be completed because it is the cornerstone program of cost control. Cost control needs to be very clear, as all the teams have to react to it, building their budgets.The clock is ticking and very little time remained until the following year. I was hoping that we will see something now, at least, the Foundation, the basis, the direction of where we're going, but we don't get anything from the Liberty".

2017-09-22 11:54:03

The head of McLaren the finances won't be a problem

The head of McLaren Zach brown said his team will work with a good budget next year.Zach brown "we Have a very loyal shareholders who want to win races. This is the main goal, so they gave us the right to do whatever it takes to win, and we will work together on the financial side of the question. We will come to any financial agreement that is needed by the team. If we need additional funds, we receive them because of race are a major advertising company.Main sponsorship deals will be concluded in late fourth quarter of this year and early in the first quarter of 2018. It would be nice to announce it before the summer break, because you always want more time to prepare for work with sponsors, but the situation now is exactly what we will be able to solve all the questions only at the end of the year."It is known that in the last three years, McLaren has received 100 million dollars a year from Honda and didn't pay for the engines. However, because of poor results have left many big donors.

2017-09-13 10:54:04

In Formula 1 can enter the budget ceiling

The leadership of Formula 1 is considering the possibility of introducing a budget ceiling for teams.As reported by Sport Bild, it is suggested to limit the budget of the teams at 150 million euros per year. 50 million euros the team will be able to use for marketing purposes, including salaries of pilots.Now, according to experts, the top teams have a budget of 300-400 Euro per year.

2017-09-12 11:14:02

Sauber want to increase staff

The new head of the Sauber Frederic Vasseur said that dreams about the extension of the state of his team.Faradic Vassar "the Current state of the team is around 320, this is one of the smallest teams in the championship. We should grow in every Department, especially in the Department of aerodynamics. Our goal is 400 people.When I joined Renault last year, there is employed 470 people. When I left, there were more than 600 employees.We have to take children from good places and give them good working conditions. If you increase the number of staff you need to increase the budget, but it's not the most difficult part of the job.You have to find the right guys, you have to determine their positions. Just take the specialists and make them what you need - this is wrong. Better to stay on the 320 than to invite such people".

2017-08-13 01:04:04

Christian Horner Formula 1 at the crossroads of choosing a new engine

Head Red Bull Christian Horner believes that Formula 1 is facing a serious choice in which the championship should help the Formula. Christian Horner "a Whole galaxy of brands rushed into Formula E, and this gives us a chance to return to the classics of the engines of Formula 1 in the future.Formula-E - platform for the development of future technologies. Porsche, Mercedes, Renault, Audi, Jaguar is much more manufacturers than Formula 1.The cost of the work in the Formula-E is now 5 percent of the budget in Formula 1, so I can imagine that manufacturers of machines for the masses are in the Formula, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini, pay attention to the Formula-1. This is their place.So I see that the championship is at a crossroads. If you believe a policy, we'll all be driving EVS in 2030, so the Formula-1 should be pure racing, a competition of the best pilots in the world with internal combustion engines.I conducted a survey on one of the forums fans of Red Bull, and all welcomed my opinion when I said we want to go back to V10. I doubt we'll do it. We have to settle for bi-turbo V6, but the sound is the key. Of all critics of the current engines the most important thing for fans is the sound.

2017-07-10 14:54:04

Nico has no regrets about leaving the Force India

Nico has no regrets about leaving the Force India

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg said that he did not regret his departure from Force India.Nico Hulkenberg "I did everything right. It was clear that this year the development team will be small. We just can't resist the Force India. But we expect to compete for high results in 2019 and 2020.I believe in the potential of this team and the fact that it will give me a car capable of fighting for the title and victory.Officially, the team says it wants to compete for victory in 2019, but there are no guarantees on this score. There is only hard work, decisions, budgets, the right people. With this recipe the team has to come out on top. But in Formula 1 it is impossible to make unequivocal predictions".

2017-05-31 11:54:03

Jrg sander Sauber have a budget to fight in the middle of the peloton

Sauber technical Director Jorg Zander says that his team is able to fight for a place in the middle of the peloton.Jrg sander "I think we have a really good budget, so we have all the possibilities to fight in the middle of the peloton. We are no worse than all the other teams in this group. We develop and manufacture new parts.The team consists of experienced and talented people, and this has a positive impact on our development. Sauber are a very good team, interesting for top-notch professionals and sponsors".After six stages Sauber occupies the 9th place in the Cup of designers, ahead of McLaren secured more.

2017-05-22 16:54:04

The owners of Formula 1 can limit the budgets of the teams

In the company Liberty Media, which owns Formula 1, is considering the possibility of a budget cap.Chase Carey, the head of the championship "Everyone understands that audiences want to see the fight, I want the racing results were not predictable. Their plans we will present in the summer".

2017-05-07 10:14:04

Carlos Sainz Even experience does not always helps me

Carlos Sainz Even experience does not always helps me

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz said that it is very difficult to fight in the middle of the peloton, where the density of the struggle is through the roof.Carlos Sainz "My three-year experience helps, but even it is not always enough, so dense is the struggle in the middle of the peloton.If Formula 1 doesn't appear anything special, the gap between top teams and the rest is huge. Now so it happened. The championship simply split into the League. If you look at the budgets, you will understand that to achieve the same results with such a difference simply impossible. I therefore hope that the new leadership of the championship will find a solution to reduce the gaps".After the four stages of Sainz in the championship, 9th place.

2017-03-29 14:44:04

FIA We did not get what expected

The President of the FIA Jean Todt believes that Formula 1 has not reached the amendments to the terms of the objectives sought.Jean Todt "we were counting on the fact that the margin between the teams is greatly reduced, but this did not happen. Leaders far ahead, and the average of the team far behind.We wanted the first ten cars were among themselves within eight-tenths of a second, but this did not happen. We dreamed that the discrepancy between the budgets will be reduced, and as a result, we will have a more dense peloton, but no.The new machines look great, but the leads do not become so complicated as we thought. All wanted the machines were harder in the past. But is it really".