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Nico Rosberg Lewis, really nice guy

Champion of the season in 2016 Nico Rosberg hopes that one day he will be able to build relationship with Lewis Hamilton.Nico Rosberg "I retired in the highest point. I fought for the title with the best pilot of our time on the same machines. We fought until the last race. I came out the winner, so you can be happy with yourself.Does it irritate me Lewis We were really good friends, and I still have great respect for him.In fact, he is a good guy. Of course, on the camera we managed to pose and behaved aggressively, but in Formula 1 with its values can not be otherwise. I really hope that one day we re gonna be friends".

2017-08-27 11:54:03

Sergio Perez is unhappy with Magnussen

The pilot Force India Sergio Perez on Friday joined Nico Hulkenberg, condemning the style of piloting of Kevin Magnussen.Hulkenberg and Magnussen is known for his incident in Hungary, after which Kevin still grossly insulted Niko in front of the cameras.Mexican pilot said he believes Magnussen's dirty pilot and raised the question at the briefing pilots of the FIA.Sergio Perez "He just said that nothing did, but we all saw how Kevin is not the first time committing grave acts.At the speeds at which we drive, it all may cause a serious accident. That is why I brought it to Charlie Whiting. I hope he will remember it, because if there is an accident, it will be too late".

2017-07-16 18:54:04

Carlos Sainz On repeat all visible

Carlos Sainz On repeat all visible

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz out of the race the race the British Grand Prix after colliding with Daniel Cuatom.Carlos Sainz "On the replay you can see everything very well. The camera clearly showed that I did not leave the place. It's a shame that it happened within the team. We are waiting for a serious conversation this evening. We can fight for good points, but now we are going to discuss the incident.Very upset that the race ended this way. For me, the gathering looks hurt. Team in this situation on my side, so I relaxed.

2017-04-10 17:44:05

Car Ferrari offered to check on the flexibility of the elements

Car Ferrari offered to check on the flexibility of the elements

The ex-pilot of Formula 1, and now a commentator RTL Christian Danner questioned the legality of Ferrari cars. The German offered to check SF70H on the flexibility of the elements.According to Danner, in the video, including onboard cameras, noticeably, bend some elements of the front wing and underbody.Christian Danner "If I was the head of one of the teams, then I would insist on a thorough check of the car Ferrari".

2017-02-22 13:54:03

Technical specification Renault RS17

Technical specification Renault RS17

Sessionals carbon fiber and composite materials produced by Renault Sport, designed for maximum load with minimum weight, the engine performs the function of power elementparent suspension upper and lower triangular wishbones made of carbon, torsion bars and dampers, actuated by pushrods, aluminum racks and drives from magnesium alloy production OZ suspension upper and lower triangular wishbones made of carbon, torsion bars and dampers, actuated by pushrods, aluminum racks and drives from magnesium alloy production OZ 8-speed gearbox made of titanium, with stepless pereklokayutsia carbon discs and pads, Brembo calipers, master cylinders AP Racing tank ATL production, reinforced kalaraphulia electronics McLaren Electronic Systems extract the pilot seat anatomically shaped carbon fibre restituzione seat belts, steering wheel with shift paddles and control the angle of attack of the rear anticellulite width 2000 mm, height without camera - 950 mm, front track is 1600 mm and the rear track is 1550 weight 722 kg together with the pilot with tank emptyDvigateli Renault RE17, turbocharged, V6, camber angle cylinder 90 degrees 4 valves per cylindracea volume 1600 cubicfindings and stroke 80 x 53 maksimalnye rpm 15000 rpm/enmaxonline fuel consumption 100 kg/maximalny fuel capacity 105 khavlina fuel injection 500 barcoleta engines pilot 4 ENERGY RECOVERY ERSManufacturer Renault energy range 4 Mglowest MGU-K 120 cutmanmike engine rpm MGU-K about 50000/enmaxonline engine rpm MGU-H more than 100,000 rpm.

2017-02-20 13:04:04

Technical specification Sauber C36

Technical specification Sauber C36

Sessionals ferrocarbon.Front suspension double upper and lower wishbones, torsion bars and shock absorbers Sachs, driven by tappets.Rear suspension double upper and lower wishbones, torsion bars and shock absorbers Sachs, driven rods.Brakes Brembo calipers, pads Brembo carbon fiber rims Carbon Industries carbon fiber.Transmission 8-speed gearbox Ferrari carbon fiber with stepless switching, longitudinal location, the adhesion of carbon fiber.Control electronics McLaren Electronic Systems.ERS Ferrari.Steering wheel Sauber F1 Team.Tyres Pirelli.Wheels OZ.Dimensions length 5143 mm width - 2000 mm, height without camera - 950 mm front track - 1615 mm rear track - 1530 mm. Weight 728 kg with driver with tank empty.Dvigateli Ferrari 059, turbo V6, the camber angle of cylinders 90 degrees, 4 valve per cylinder.Displacement 1600 CC bore and stroke 80 x 53 mm. Maximum speed 15000 rpm Maximum fuel consumption 100 kg/h Maximum fuel capacity 105 lbs. Pressure fuel injection 500 bar.The number of engines per driver 4.

2016-08-23 10:44:03

IndyCar Mikhail Aleshin finished second in Pocono

IndyCar Mikhail Aleshin finished second in Pocono

Pilot SMP Racing Mikhail Aleshin had a great race 13th stage of the North American IndyCar series on the track Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. Earning pole position in qualifying, the Russians successfully fought with the strongest contenders, having won in a difficult struggle "silver step of the podium.After a series of setbacks and outright bad luck in the previous stages, fortune finally turned to face the Russian pilot. In Saturday free practice on the so-called "tricky triangle" - Pocono road - Aleshin was fastest among 22 drivers. The subsequent qualification is confirmed - Michael once again wrote his name in Motorsport history, becoming the first Russian pilot to win the pole position of the IndyCar.Unlike many other formula Championships, starting with the first places of the peloton in IndyCar does not mean that the pilot automatically becomes the favorite of the race. It happened this time the same Sebastian Bourdais, launched the "tail" to the end of the 500-mile check-in was already a contender for the podium.As for Mikhail Aleshin, for all 200 laps Russians and then fought off the attack and counterattacked, continually becoming a target for television cameras. On the first lap Aleshin skipped forward Joseph Newgarden, but just as quickly managed to regain the position. Closer to the middle of the race, Michael successfully attacked the winner of the Indy 500 2014 Ryan hunter-Reay, but after a good pit stop Michael was again returned to the leadership. The struggle with hunter-Ray lasted until the next replacement rubber, when the decision was made to change the settings of the car. As it turned out, it was not a good idea, and the Russian rider at the first opportunity returned to the pitlane for adjustments of the aerodynamic elements. Returning to the track fifth, the pilot of SMP Racing began to catch up. Having won two positions and entering the top three for 17 laps before the chequered flag, Mikhail Aleshin was able to make another leap and win back another line. Unfortunately, against headed at that time the race will Power's time was gone, and the Russian pilot met the chequered flag in second."First of all, I want to thank the team, - said Mikhail Aleshin. - I'm really proud of my team The guys progressed, very much tried and done everything possible for today's result. I know I've done a huge work out the route, taking into account the previous errors. As for today's race, then we had to go to the limit every time on the margin at a speed of about 350 kilometers per hour, I was losing and again caught the car, almost soprikasalis with the wall. It was a great race Yes, on the final pit stop we had a little setback, I still managed to neutralize in the course of arrival. In the second part of the race we decided to try other settings on aerodynamics, a little lost, but quickly realized it and was able to solve the problem. Progress is evident we now have a cohesive team, a great car, good speed and a huge desire to win. And even if today we were in the verge of victory, but sooner or later and this step will be done. I thank the program SMP Racing, and of course all the fans - your optimistic attitude, your support I feel, and it is very important to me."The result at Pocono Raceway Mikhail Aleshin't just duplicated his best result in IndyCar in 2014, where he climbed to the second step of the podium on the road in Toronto, but also demonstrated that he is ready to conquer the most difficult oval tracks in the series.The next stage of the IndyCar series will be delayed race in Texas. Its launch is scheduled for August 27.

2016-06-02 10:34:04

Philippe Bianchi Pilots are intimidated

Philippe Bianchi Pilots are intimidated

The father of Jules Bianchi continues to look for those responsible for the death of his son. Philippe Bianchi stated that someone intimidates pilots so that they are not telling the truth.Philippe Bianchi "I spoke with all the pilots, and all agree that in the race the visibility was zero, the conditions were terrible and should have stopped her. One pilot refused to go on camera, saying nothing to say. They are afraid to Express their opinion on this matterWithout camera all tell me the same thing that it wasn't a mistake Jules that it was a mistake of the organizers and the FIA".

2016-05-12 13:34:03

The FIA has delayed a ban on the throwing of the film from the cameras

The FIA has delayed a ban on the throwing of the film from the cameras

During the Grand Prix of Spain was to enter into force a ban on the throwing of the film from the cameras, however, the FIA decided to postpone its introduction, at least before the race in Monaco.Lately began to have problems with the brakes due to the fact that film cameras fell into the air ducts cooling the brake system. The FIA decided to introduce a ban by requiring pilots to either put the film in the cockpit, or to get rid of it during pit stops.Before the start of the race pilots cover the visor of the helmet with several layers of special film. The extent of pollution film comes off and is thrown away.

2016-03-19 19:44:04

Pilots were forbidden to throw away film cameras

Pilots were forbidden to throw away film cameras

The FIA has banned pilots to throw away film cameras racing helmets during the race. Race Director Charlie whiting wrote to all teams notified.Before the start of the race pilots cover the helmet visor with multiple layers of special film. The extent of pollution film comes off and is thrown away. Now the pilots must either fold the tape used in the cockpit, or to entrust this procedure to the mechanics during the pit stop.

2015-09-16 14:44:03

Designed camera to monitor head injuries

Designed camera to monitor head injuries

From next season in Formula 1 will become mandatory camera to monitor head injuries. Magneti Marelli presented the prototype of the device.Camera the size of a USB drive will be mounted on the nose of the car and shoot everything that comes with the pilot's head at a speed of 400 shots per minute. Received during the accident record will be studied by representatives of the FIA, dealing with security of cars.Testing the new device will be held this season during Friday's practices.

2015-07-21 16:04:11

FIA takes a step towards new security systems

From 2016 on all the Formula 1 cars on the rear view mirrors will be installed a small camera. Now a new development passes the tests, but soon the technology will be tested in practice.The cause of the needs of these cameras is that after the death of Jules Bianchi FIA strongly interested in increasing the safety of drivers during accidents. New cameras will be watching the movements of the pilot's head during accidents, collecting information for the development of new security systems.

2015-07-16 09:54:03

Force India Mercedes doing something wrong

Technical Director of Force India Andy green believes that Mercedes come up with something to bypass the rules that allows them to dominate in the championship.Andy green "I carefully watched all the replays and recordings with on-Board cameras from the race Grand Prix of great Britain. Mercedes pilots simply destroyed their opponents, but were fast and in the last two turns. Where all the teams had problems with rubber and clutch, Mercedes cars worked super-efficient. I was struck by the unusual move of front axle. It is wide, and it helped when attacking the curbs. However, the car was still pressed to the ground, and it's weird - there's something wrong".

2015-06-30 07:44:03

News from Pirelli a Preliminary review of the Grand Prix of great Britain

News from Pirelli a Preliminary review of the Grand Prix of great Britain

At Silverstone for the British Grand Prix, Pirelli will bring the hard tyres P Zero Orange with orange markings and bus P Zero White average hardness with white marking.On this highway with the smooth configuration of the tire are subjected to considerable stress, especially if large number of high-speed turns. As a result, they seriously wear out and lose their characteristics, and it is more pronounced at high ambient temperatures, which are forecast for the coming weekend. The track at Silverstone is not only one of the fastest and most historic circuits on the calendar of Formula 1, but also the venue, in a way, home to Pirelli race didcote, an hour's drive from the highway, is a formula-based logistics center and its center of excellence.Paul Hembery, Director of the division of Pirelli Motorsport "the Race at Silverstone is always a great event, thanks to knowledgeable and enthusiastic British fans. This is one of the few tracks on which pilots say that while driving they hear crowds of people. Like last year, for the upcoming Grand Prix we will bring two of the most hard part in the line, as on this track tires are subjected to very high shearing loads throughout the season. Tough as the rubber composition, and design. Therefore, in Silverstone we should see under 1-2 pit stop for the driver, especially when the warm weather that is forecast for the race. It is worth noting that the previous few years on race predicted warm weather, but it was over more traditional for UK conditions. Teams must be ready for anything. They also need to consider how to exploit the full potential of the tyres throughout the weekend and not during separate sessions. The track at Silverstone is one of those tracks that reward exceptional courage and dedication, so we should expect an exciting race."Difficulties from the point of view of tyres the Track at Silverstone is known chords fast and flowing turns, when overcome, tires perceive continuous efforts, with a maximum of 5G. The teams set the cars on high downforce, resulting in the tires at the same time, there are high lateral and vertical loads. Direct and braking zones are relatively short, therefore, a high downforce does not lead to a significant loss of time.The asphalt on the track at Silverstone provides a high level of adhesion, which further loads the tires. The temperature of the tread can reach a high of 110 degrees, which can be seen on thermal imaging cameras, which have become very popular element on the broadcast tracks of Formula 1 since the introduction in 2013.At the Grand Prix of great Britain last year was to demonstrate the technology of the future from Pirelli during the official test session after the race took place on the arrival of a modern F1 car on 18-inch tires. It was a car team Lotus under the baton of Charles Peak.Strategy and the winner of the Grand Prix last year 52-lap race last year was won by Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes team. He implemented a strategy with two pit stops start on the tyres of medium hardness, switching to hard tyres on the 24th lap and installation of another set of hard tyres at the 41st lap. The developments in the race was affected by the red flags. In accordance with the regulations, this meant a restart and change tires. Strategies have also changed dramatically the seven pilots from the first ten were able to drive the distance with one pit stop.Expect the time difference to overcome racing laps on the tires of different types from 1.0 to 1.2 seconds.Team Pirelli chooses race numbers 13, Massimo Donatelli, head of Department of modeling and the world of Motorsport "of Course, 13 lucky number to me, since that day my son was born Andrea, who is now one year".

2015-03-26 10:24:04

Red Bull has a chance to build a new engine

Browsers Formula 1 believe that Red Bull has a chance to get back in the fight for the position of leaders dedicated Renault, but only partially. Talking about the agreement with Ilmor, under whose name will be a modified version of the engine of Renault.Now there are rumors that Ilmor modified camera internal combustion engine and Red Bull busy software, electronics and system ERS. The new version of the power plant already passes the test bench tests and can be ready for the European part of the season.

2015-03-04 09:24:10

Alonso had an accident on the tests in Barcelona

Alonso had an accident on the tests in Barcelona

Today, Fernando Alonso had an accident on the tests F1.In the beginning of the day Alonso could not go back on the track, as the team worked on the problem unit MGU-K in the afternoon, the Spaniard appeared on the track and gradually began to increase the speed, having to show the fifth day before crashed into a fence.After the accident, Alonso remained conscious and was taken to the medical center, and then the helicopter was sent to the hospital for medical checks.The accident occurred out of sight of the cameras, but a witness to the accident was Sebastian Vettel, as in the time of the accident was behind McLaren Alonso.The speed was low, maybe 150 km/h And then it turned right into a wall. It looked strange," says SEB.

2015-03-03 13:54:03

After the accident Alonso thought he was the pilot of Ferrari

After the accident Alonso thought he was the pilot of Ferrari

German journalist Ralph Bach, referring to the words of eyewitnesses, argues that after the accident on the tests in Barcelona Fernando Alonso lost consciousness, and when he came to himself, he said that he was the pilot of Ferrari.Still the mystery remains the cause of the accident Fernando Alonso. Official version two-time champion lost control of the machine, hooking artificial grass in the third turn. Unofficial version Alonso received a shock.Also Bach reports that for the last time, it was noted in five cases of electric current clients include Mercedes and Renault. The Honda so far only three cases.The shock is difficult to monitor by telemetry. For this reason the FIA insists on-Board cameras were recording and during tests.

2015-02-24 14:14:09

FIA ready to deny curved camera

FIA ready to deny curved camera

The FIA intends to prohibit the use of curved TV cameras, such as those used Mercedes and Ferrari, because they are made in the form of additional aerodynamic elements.These teams received an order to replace the mount cameras on the more traditional to the final test in Barcelona. Previously this was already done in the Toro Rosso.It is the only such amendments and restrictions received from the FIA during the tests.

2015-02-12 12:54:05

Renault will Pay for it - will become more powerful

Renault will Pay for it - will become more powerful

Managing Director of Renault Cyril Abiteboul said that his company is ready to make their engines more powerful, if clients will be more to pay.Cyril Abiteboul "we are constantly require higher engine power, but nobody wants to pay more. We are all for higher capacity, but let's "for" will and wallets of customers.To speak about increase power without increasing fees is impossible. To increase power, you need to change structural elements of the engine the camera internal combustion sizes of batteries, and so on. And this entails the redesign and rework of the entire machine. This is an expensive process".In the new season products Renault will use only Red Bull and Toro Rosso.

2015-02-10 10:54:07

Honda is preparing for the presentation

Tuesday in Tokyo will be held a big press conference, attended by representatives of Honda and McLaren. Most likely, the team will unveil its new paint and the title sponsor.The press service of McLaren "Preparing for the press conference is in full swing. Tomorrow will be a sensational event. The car has already been delivered and ready to go before cameras.

2014-11-27 17:04:14

Ferrari openly spying on Mercedes

Ferrari openly spying on Mercedes

During the tests in Abu Dhabi over the boxes Mercedes was spotted by a spy in uniform Ferrari with an infrared camera.Blonde with an infrared camera carefully studied all work with a championship machine W05. The technique, which she was armed, allows to identify, record, and analyze in real time the field of heating. Obviously, using the obtained information, the Ferrari engineers intend to understand the principles of operation of the power plant of Mercedes.

2014-10-21 01:44:02

Ilya Larinin We coped, and claims to us was not

Ilya Larinin We coped, and claims to us was not

Racing fans with the experience name Andrew Larinin speaks volumes. His passion for motorsports has passed down to the younger brother Elijah, now judge of the first category, licensed Russian automobile Federation. Ilya Larinin fairly extensive experience as head of the race in karting competitions in St. Petersburg and Karelia, thanks to which he was enrolled in the judiciary of the first Grand Prix of Russia. asked him to share his impressions about the movie weekend and tell you how they perceived the historic race with one of the Marshal's posts.

Question How did you decide to work as a Marshal at the Sochi Formula 1 race You have several years of experience in judging karting competition at the regional level, and then had the unique opportunity to gain new experience

Ilya Larinin the Decision was this I knew that the RAF will recruit volunteers, but to be honest, initially thought that I would go the main part of the marshals of the same Moscow Raceway, people with other Russian routes, i.e. a ready-made track marshals, as I have no experience on the racing circuit. Still the go - karting is much easier. So I my application was sent away immediately, but by the end of the deadline all thought, to go or not to go I need it or not In the end, went, was selected and began training.

It turned out that the judiciary in Sochi lot of new people, although they are all, as far as I know, there were licensing the judges working in the rally and karting and track races. I.e. people who know what Motorsport. Random was not, and, this is probably correct.

Question According to the General opinion, the debut Grand Prix of Russia was held at a high level, everything was perfect, including no complaints on the work of the judiciary. To what extent is it true to the look of a man who was inside

Ilya Larinin I Think we coped, and claims to us there really wasn't. Although in the process of preparing, of course, there were mistakes and some flaws. If you go back to the September test race Russian ring championship, held in Sochi Circuit, the first day was like crazy when everything fell from the hands, and the organizers grabbed his head what to do Mainly the difficulties with evacuation and rehabilitation of trails after accidents. But the next day all of a sudden work - just got in a bunch

Grand Prix on the first day too, not everything went smoothly, it is necessary to examine the track. But it was just individual things that are not so critical so that you can fear for future developments. Starting Friday, all went according to plan, and contingencies were not.

Question In what specific point in the track you were, and what happened there

Ilya Larinin My post was between the 9th and 10th turns, this distant part of the route, and in principle there is nothing unusual happened. For three days we only have two cars stopped due to a fault. Moreover, in the Junior series. And Formula 1 just sped past. The level of emotions, everything was smooth, there was such a delight that I in Formula 1, has fulfilled a lifelong dream or anything like that. Just a job.

Question While you were at work, but still, perhaps, as some emotionally reacted to events on the track

Ilya Larinin Of Course. The most intense day was Friday, because it was just beginning, and although some mistakes are still valid, but I couldn't relax. For example, hang our table, where all information machine, color camera on it, pilot. All this must, of course, keep in mind, and for two or three seconds, when the machine will fly by, we must identify which, if suddenly something happens, right to report. Although all this internal TV route is displayed, and the management of the race sees everything, but still we are the eyes, ears, arms race Director.

Of course, there was some complexity, because while you're watching Formula 1 on TV and all the riders seem to know, but here is a new situation, a new sensation, so immediately determine who goes, it didn't work immediately. With the younger series is easier for machines rather large number written on the end plates of the rear wing. But in Formula 1 at the numbers it was impossible to navigate, they are not visible, and we were given the recommendation to look at the color of the camera. A car passes by in about two seconds, besides, we have to watch against the sun - here some difficulties were. At first confused McLaren and Sauber - their machines seem equally black.

So on Friday we trained, and had a little bit nervous. And on Saturday it normally went. Although the voltage remained as members of the Junior series is still running very actively. Sunday was normal operation, the tension was not, my nerves calmed down.

Question How can we understand this is indeed a rare situation, when the organizers of the Grand Prix from the outset decided to do only their own forces in the formation of the judiciary and not to invite foreign experts. How this decision was justified

Ilya Larinin of Course, it's amazing, and in the world of Formula 1 this was not the case, because usually ground and Marshal's brigade for the country, for the first time during the race, mainly formed from experienced foreign professionals. But the Russian automobile Federation decided that I would do on their own. Of course, you had someone to learn, an agreement was signed with Australians Confederation auto-motorcycling Australia, they conducted training, but even in the course of the study it was clear that we must cope. Coped.

Of course, Australian experts participated in a race, but as consultants. They did not intervene when everything was going normally, but if I saw some flaws in dealing with flags, or were some moments associated with evacuation, then approached and advised how to make it better. Not "how"but it is better.

Question Sochi Circuit barriers near the road, turns a lot, and as we saw in the youth series, accidents are possible. It was introduced some special nervousness

Ilya Larinin I Think so, because to work in a concrete trench - dangerous. When Marshal runs on the track, I realize that can happen anything. When the safety car leads the peloton, he is being woven, and go "pedal". Even with the driver's side safety Kara errors may be, or from the peloton someone can "unzip" and to commit follies. Can be anything - this race.

Question we All remember that the Grand Prix went pretty smoothly, but in racing youth series we've seen quite a striking incident, when the marshals had to intervene. Your share fell something

Ilya Larinin we had only one moment during Saturday's GP2 race in the area of our fast car stopped with a stalled engine. Had to intervene, and we have managed to show a yellow flag, and begin to work, and immediately went car safety - we saw it on the electronic scoreboard. Because the scoreboard includes the management of the race, we are not waiting for the command, respectively, are already working with a sign Safety Car. As soon as people take to the track in the area of our responsibility, work is already double yellow flags - all in accordance with the rules.

The evacuation took three circles, and stalled the car had to push up to our post about 200 meters. That's a lot, although she stopped before the 10th turn, and there to break in the fence was thirty meters. I then asked why it was necessary to act The answer is simple guide the race very much when the car crosses the track. And in this situation we have been commanded to do so.

Question we All remember how dramatic incident ended the Grand Prix of Japan just a week before the races, which certainly affected the overall atmosphere of the weekend. But if to speak about your work there was some additional training, the organizers wanted something to pay special attention

Ilya Larinin No. We just reminded that we are working for the first time, and should not make mistakes. Again, we need to understand that the Sochi track - concrete chute, and it has its own disadvantages and risks. But no additional instruction was not working just go in normal mode. However, we were asked, first of all, pay attention to your own safety and to act prudently.

Question You had to be in pretty hot weather a lot of hours to spend on the road - it is clear that it is associated with serious physical and nervous stress. How hard was it to endure all this

Ilya Larinin Seriously, if you suddenly find yourself in this situation and not ready for it. But we were prepared and knew what awaited us that have to work in the rain, in the heat - and you fireproof jumpsuit with a good lining, which holds heat well. Stand accounted for 12 hours, to relax it was only some minutes.

An hour before the start of any sports movement we must be on the track in full combat readiness, therefore, at 8 am we are already working. And everything ends after six in the evening passed the last check in, drove the car safety, and if you do not have to tidy track and report, then the command "cancel".

Question What was the most difficult Were there any surprises

Ilya Larinin first, work on the feet itself is quite heavy, especially if you don't habits. For some reason, the organizers decided to not put the chairs, although it would be necessary to Marshal could at least sit down, there are between races. Secondly, the design of the booth, which is located on the Marshal's post, is that there corrugated steel floor, and this is felt even through the soles of shoes - my legs started to hurt after the first day of work.

In addition, there were many complaints about the quality of the food on the track, although organizers claimed that everything was fresh, but eating habits are different, and cohpac not everyone liked, although, of course, fed perfectly. But, on the other hand, go to work - be prepared for what will have to endure all the hardships and privations of judicial life, as in the army. laughs

Question Before the next Grand Prix Russia for another year, but the organizers say that the preparation for it has actually begun. If possible, travel to Sochi again

Ilya Larinin pause While I'm still not moved, still felt the tiredness of the legs still hurt laughs But, probably, Yes. Why not I went on it deliberately to get more experience, and the experience is very good. After the first seminars and trainings RAF in preparation for the Grand Prix I his marshals at the karting competitions were set up so that they were acting according to the ring rules, it helps a lot. Moreover, there is the radio, and working with flags, and so on. All this is quite applicable to the work that I do, when run races in karting.

Question So are you Charlie whiting - only local scale

Ilya Larinin you Can say so laughs

Question what are the real Charlie Whiting had a chance to meet

Ilya Larinin Yes, when passed the inspection of the track, he drove past and waved his hand. We also showed "okay", and so crossed laughs

On Sunday at the morning briefing for all services Sergey Surge, the Russian chief of the race, said "we have a very big problem. We set very high standards, it will have to hold" Then at the briefing appeared Herbie Blas, Deputy Whiting, gave us his best wishes for a successful work and said that everything that happens on the track, looks so great that the management of the Formula 1 pleasantly surprised with our work.


2014-10-13 00:04:03

Richard Cregan tomorrow we will continue to work

Richard Cregan tomorrow we will continue to work

After the race consultant promoters of the Grand Prix of Russia Richard Cregan, summing up the results of the race in conversation with a reporter, praised the work of the team.

Question Richard, what are your impressions

Richard Cregan It was a fantastic event. Everything went very well, especially considering that it was the first Grand Prix. Only thanks to the efforts of all team members Sochi Circuit, all the marshals, volunteers, coordinated and efficient work, we were able to achieve such a result. Everything went great. Team, the guests are, all in all today was satisfied.

Question Could you compare the first Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and here in Sochi

Richard Cregan I think the first Grand Prix in any country is a special event. Everywhere there are some unique features. But it's been a long time since then, as on the grid I was so positive feeling from happening. To me it just reminded about what happened in Abu Dhabi in 2009. I am very proud to be part of this event, this project. I'm incredibly lucky.

Question Many people say that from the point of view of the organization is almost nothing to find fault. We have not heard from anyone of the claims. The weekend went smoothly for you

Richard Cregan Yes, everything was going quite well. Of course, during the training there were certain situations that forced us to react. Now we need to sit down together to think about what went well, what didn't, what we need to improve, and then to correct weaknesses in preparation for next year. But I have no doubt that this Grand Prix will be one of the most important in Formula 1.

Question on Sunday, the stands were filled. Are you satisfied with how many fans came on Friday and Saturday

Richard Cregan Honestly, on Friday numbers were quite high. This is a good sign, because many had to take the day off from work to come to Grand Prix. While walking through the pit lane on Thursday was also great excitement. Came 22 thousand people. The figures are very good.

Now people know more about the Grand Prix. They already have the experience of visiting the race. They will want to come back, tell their friends. Let's continue to work, let's try to attract more people to the stands next year.

But the important thing is to give people a good service for the money that they paid. To organize such an event, which they might enjoy. It makes no sense to invite to the podium 150 thousand people, if you can't make them like it. We must ensure that all leave satisfied circuit.

Question What are the next steps Tomorrow another day at the office

Richard Cregan Tomorrow we start to do homework, to teach lessons. We will prepare a report, we will sit together with representatives of the different working groups and will analyze how it went. This process will take about two weeks, and on the basis of this report, we will establish if you will allow me the expression - "list of works", so that next year everything went even better.

Question What can you say about the possible race

Richard Cregan We have to be careful. I think everyone saw this camera on the helicopter, it's a great place. We don't want these shots to lose. The race, which started in daylight and ended in artificial light may be the most appropriate solution. In this case, we could show the terrain, the mountains, and to complete the race in the light of lights. You need to make sure we take the right decision, if you still will Adumim transfer start time. All saw that the TV picture was fantastic, and that I would not like to lose.

Question Question about possible migration of the race may still be considered

Richard Cregan I think may is an interesting option due to the fact that in Russia at this time, many national holidays. It can provide a large audience. It is necessary to find an optimal place in the calendar for us, and for Formula 1, and for Sochi.

Formula 1 is a platform that can enable to show the world your city, your country. We should use it to represent Sochi as the direction. The next step is direct flights to Sochi from Frankfurt, London, Abu Dhabi, so that people could come here always, and enjoy the time spent here.

Question what is the time between the races in Japan and Russia was only a week break, brought extra hassle

Richard Cregan Honestly, this is enough time. I think dual race difficult primarily because of the teams we needed to make sure that they were comfortable that all was ready for their arrival. We did this. Teams arrived a bit later due to the Typhoon, and of course, we must not forget about the terrible events of last week, about what happened with Jules Bianchi - we would love to hear positive news. We did all our best to meet the team more prepared.

Question How do you work with sports organizers Most of the marshals - the Russians, and experience in the Grand Prix they had no.

Richard Cregan Everything was okay. All did a good job. We have worked closely with CAMS, Australian Federation. They spent training, arrived on the scene and has done a great job here for the past year and a half. Definitely still have a lot to learn, but team sports organizers - it's a great group of specialists, through which in including today, everything went smoothly. They coped with the consequences of a major accident on the morning of the race GP3 as well - with the evacuation of cars in GP2. As I said, we should always explore all the details and strive to improve their work. But for the first year everything went fantastically well. Of course, we must not forget about the guards, railway, traffic police. We must thank all of you.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-10-11 17:34:04

Daniel Riccardo apparently, problems continue

Daniel Riccardo apparently, problems continue

Daniel Riccardo upset by the results of the qualification in Sochi, where he showed the seventh time. Although Red Bull Racing were ready for a difficult week-end, the pair hoped for a better result.

Question Strange weekend for Red Bull Racing Sebastian was unable to compete for positions in the top ten, and you were only seventh. What kind of problems you are having

Daniel Riccardo Yesterday we experimented with downforce. The car lacked speed on the straights, so we have reduced the downforce to reduce the backlog, but, apparently, the problems continue.

Today we have made progress and got a little closer to the leaders. In the morning everything looked good, but in qualifying I was not able to compete for positions in the top five. Seventh position Yes, it seemed that the situation is getting better, but we hoped for a different result.

Question Your machine is not effective enough on this route, what is the reason

Daniel Riccardo If you look at the records from on-Board cameras other machines, it seems that they are a little better out of the turns. There are a lot of turns with reverse bias, where the car begins to slide. It is a real challenge to balance. Probably, in these turns we lose a little more than rivals.


text Tatiana Belsky


2014-10-11 14:44:04

Jean-Louis Mons Michael gets

Jean-Louis Mons Michael gets

It took nine and a half months after the dramatic incident in the ski resort of Meribel, where Michael Schumacher injured while skiing. Seven-time champion more than five months remained in a coma since early September, continues to recover at home in Switzerland, surrounded by a team of 15 doctors.

In a broadcast by French radio Europe 1 former commentator TF1 and consultant Canal Plus Jean-Louis Mons told about the latest news about the condition of Michael Schumacher, who learned his son Mick.

Jean-Louis Mons "I have news about Michael Schumacher - I recently saw his son. Michael gets. But, you know, the reason for such a serious injury was not hit on a rock, and mount the GoPro camera on his helmet - it has damaged the brain. He comes out of the coma, but very slowly. He was at home. He has time. He has a whole life ahead to recover".


2014-10-10 23:34:02

Briefing FIA in Sochi on the incident with Bianchi

Briefing FIA in Sochi on the incident with Bianchi

On Friday evening the representatives of FIA President Jean Todt, race Director Charlie whiting, senior medical officer Jean-Charles Drinks and coordinator of a team of rescuers Jan Roberts - held a press conference dedicated to the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka.

The press conference lasted for almost an hour and a half. The journalists were shown the footage of the cameras in the seventh rotation, which shows that Sutil and Bianchi flew off the track in one place, but Jules was not deployed, he tried to catch the car - in the end it made straight with locked wheels directly to the tractor. Filming in the hall is strictly prohibited, and those who still tried to shoot lost their cameras and phones.

Representatives of the FIA commented on the actions of the administration of the race and marshals on the track, but the first to press asked Jean Todt.

Jean Todt of Course, all still overwhelmed with emotion. We wanted to hold this meeting with you, to comment on the tragedy that occurred this past weekend in Suzuka. You know its consequences Jules Bianchi at the moment continues to battle for his life in hospital near Suzuka, mie province. We feel that it would be appropriate to share information with you, to answer your questions.

To start with I would like to give some explanation, then my people will be able to answer your questions. I asked Charlie Whiting, the race Director of the FIA, to make a detailed report about what happened last weekend. I got it this morning. He will comment on it for you. I also asked the Chairman of the security Commission to establish an expert group to comment on the report and make suggestions to similar to what happened last Sunday, is never repeated.

We know that motor sport is dangerous. Thanks to the huge efforts in recent years, there were no serious incidents, except for what happened with Felipe Massa in Budapest in 2009. What happened with Jules last Sunday, perhaps the most difficult in recent years the incident.

To the left of me sat Professor Jean-Charles Drinking and Dr. Jan Roberts. As you know, they were involved in the decision making process before the race. Ian Roberts, when the accident occurred, was with Jules in the car on the way to the hospital. They both remained in the hospital until Tuesday. Tuesday Gerard Sayan, President of the FIA Institute, arrived in Suzuka and worked closely with Japanese doctors, along with another Italian Professor, who helped to coordinate efforts with the family Jules. This is the situation today.

Now I would like to give the floor to Charlie Whiting that will acquaint you with various aspects of what happened.

Charlie whiting showing members of the press on the screen shots from fixed cameras on the track in Suzuka we have a couple of videos that we would like to show. We ask you to postpone mobile phones, not to shoot. We want to show you the record from stationary cameras.

The first camera 11, this is the first part of the seventh rotation, which can be seen as went off the track Adrian Sutil. You can see that the trajectory drier than the rest of the painting, but due to the increased rain water begins to flow and trajectory. When the cars drove a little wider in this place. You see that Adrian came to this part of the canvas and lost control of the machine. It hurt a little more wet part of the track. At this moment he is behind Jules - he loses control on machine and it expands.

If we flash a picture on a lap later, we will see that Jules happened something very similar.

You can see that Jules loses control of the machine. He arrives on the same wet area, but it does not expand as Adrian. It begins to slide, but it adjusts the machine, and then the car moves along a slightly different trajectory.

This video shows the beginning of two incidents. You see how the machine Jules starts to go sideways, and then he corrects.

With this camera we will show both the incident. You saw the beginning of the departure of Adrian, you will now see an accident. We scroll through the video, you will see the tractor. Let's see all the videos. In the background you can see fluttering flag and yellow. At the moment we haven't replaced him on a double yellow.

When the tractor starts to move, we changed the light on "double yellow" on the scoreboard. Now you can see and actually double yellow flags. As the tractor and the machine Sauber is on this side of the post 12, the yellow flags. Because the incident occurred after it. But, as you can see, as soon as they lift the car, move back, and he passes the post, the signal changes from yellow to green.

Now you see the green flags, because the post is already after the incident site. Now you will see a machine Jules.

This is the video that was available to us. I thought it would be constructive if you will see him. Now I can answer your questions, but first I wanted you to see it.

Question Charlie, can you explain what is the difference between the conditions when you decide that enough double yellow flags, and those in which you release the car security Because much has been said about the fact that it could appear on the track.

Charlie whiting We put double yellow flags, because they thought that with the consequences of an incident could cope without the use of machine safety. The next step is, of course, the issue onto the machine security, but because the machine Adrian Sutil was away from the road, this was a natural decision on our part in similar circumstances. We did not see the need to release the track car security at the moment.

Question have you ever Seen a telemetry with this machine Dropped if he speed under double yellow flags on this sector, in the area of the double yellow flags What was his speed, when he flew off the track

Charlie whiting I know what speed he flew off the track. We have seen data from all machines.

A lot of cars drove through the sector with double yellow flags, but not all slowed down so. Some slowed down quite a bit, some slowed down much. I don't think we will go into detail how much slowed Jules compared with others. We have these data. He slowed down. There is a matter of degree.

Question do we Know how fast he crashed into a tractor

Charlie whiting it is Impossible to get accurate data when the machine is flying through the gravel. You can only use the GPS data, but to count on them really hard. This is not a good idea to analyze such datauntil until a full investigation into the incident, a detailed analysis of the video as well as GPS data. So far we are not able to speak with confidence about what was the speed at the moment of collision with a tractor. It would be too early for us to tell you the exact figures.

Question it is Clear that retroactively make decisions much easier, but in retrospect, do you feel you could have done something differently And knowing what you know now, what lessons you can learn

Charlie whiting Yes, I think there are some conclusions that we need to do. We want to involve all teams and all pilots to ensure that it will be a good, well-designed and realized during many years of ideas. I think one of the most important aspects is that it might be better to pick up the pilots the right to determine how much they need to slow down in the event of such incidents.

It is better to create a system that is understandable for all, which would determine the extent to which the machine is set to slow in such conditions. On this we are now working. Tomorrow morning will be a meeting with all teams to discuss this possibility and method of use a kind of speed limit. Most likely, it will not be a specific limit, but, as I see it, a way of controlling the speed of pilots with clear rules and boundaries.

Question Charlie, if you manage to develop a system that could control the speed of vehicles, does it mean that the safety car will leave the track much less

Charlie whiting Yes, I think it's possible. But it would have the same effect. If you force all drivers to slow down to a certain temp, they will retain their positions relative to each other - so that would be about the same as the first two rounds at the check-out safety car. If Directorate of race requires "a short intervention, then perhaps in such cases, you can get by without car security.

However, in some situations, the safety car will be necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to control the speed of vehicles in certain areas of the track.

Question In a situation like in Suzuka, when the rain is getting stronger, how difficult is it to determine whether pilots react to signals in a changing environment

Charlie whiting This is harder, but not impossible. The system that we have, uses data from previous circles, comparing them. She "knows"how the tempo slows down or speeds up. We try to analyze the last few laps, the system can detect and show us pilots who, perhaps not enough has slowed in the current circumstances. We can then explore the situation in more detail. If the race is dry, you can trust this data with greater confidence. But because the conditions Suzuka has changed, we would have to analyze the data after the race in any case.

Question Who decided to send a tractor on the highway, and who decided to post a green flag

Charlie whiting the Tractor was sent to the scene by the race direction. If the machine is stuck in the gravel, obviously it should be taken therefrom. This was done immediately. The marshals were instructed to enter the ring and begin to evacuate the car.

The solution for the green flag was made by the Marshal on duty. As soon as the tractor with the machine Sauber was behind this point, the correct signal is green. He was yellow until, as the tractor was still ahead of the post, and changed to green when he was behind. These decisions are always taken by the flag marshals.

Question Charlie, two questions. The first is why it was decided to hold the race, if you knew about the approaching Typhoon Second - Felipe Massa said that was screaming on the radio that the race was stopped. Did you hear that

Charlie whiting For a start. The start time of the race is not a matter of discussion by the FIA. I suggested to the organizers to consider moving the start to an earlier time in order still to hold her, because the forecast was worse than the weather turned out to be actually. They didn't want to do that. I warned them that we will not hold the race if the conditions are unsafe, and that the probability that they will not race. They said, "No, we want to leave the start time at three o'clock". For me, the start time of the race in no way connected with the incident we are discussing.

The second question was about Felipe Massa. No, we have not heard that he was screaming on the radio. We now have pereslushala all that Felipe said. I think what he said to you, not entirely true. I have not heard that he was screaming on the radio. He mentioned only that "conditions on the road worse." It was the only thing he said on the radio. I don't think it means "to shout on the radio". He said that conditions were deteriorating, but we usually.

We don't listen to all the messages on the radio that the pilots pass - it's just impossible, so we rely on team who are informed if their pilots have something important to tell us. I'm sure they give us isn't all that said pilots For example some pilots have any concerns about visibility, after he had left the safety car and before the race was stopped, but only two teams told us that the visibility of their pilots have serious problems.

Question One Williams

Charlie whiting Yes, one of them is Williams. But, as far as I know, Felipe said that conditions deteriorate even before the appearance on the track machine security, and treated his comments rather to the fact that increased rain. The message about the poor visibility was later.

Question On various roads you use the tow truck of different manufacturers, some of them large balances that are just at the level of the head of the racer. You are not going now to change the approach For example, to only use cranes

Charlie whiting this is not so simple. As you know, the wrecker - in this case, the tractor must be heavy enough to lift the machine, it should be high enough ground clearance. He has opposed or not depends on the design. Such tractors we have successfully used for over 20 years, or even longer, and I don't think they should be changed urgently.

We had an hour discussion with riders, but we've discussed this issue, and one option that was suggested - this equipment evacuators kind of protective skirts. This option is worth considering, and we will do it.

As for the cranes, their range is limited. For example, in the 7th rotation Suzuki we'd need four or five taps are guaranteed to cover the entire area. If you remember Montreal, there is a crane in the area of exit of the 4th turn. But he can act only 50 metres from the wall, so sometimes you have to manually push in the area of his reach. For example, on the track in Monaco a lot of taps, but there and marshals a lot, and there is a danger that someone could be hit by a car. So the complexity is, therefore, we believe that all these issues require detailed discussion.

Question do You think that show a green flag was a mistake

Charlie whiting No, it was absolutely the right signal, since this flag was found after the accident. You must understand it does not mean that as soon as you see the green signal, you should start to attack in full force. You can do that at the moment when at head with a green flag. The same applies to yellow flags if on the first turn yellow flags, it does not mean that you should drop the speed, while with them, not at head. So you can prabhavati speed and begin to overtake only when it reaches the green flags.

Question please Explain the situation with the delivery of Jules medical center. We saw the helicopter rose into the air, but the driver was taken by ambulance.

Jean-Charles Drinks Usually on the road should be two helicopters. In the first two days of the week-end problems with the helicopters was not, but on Saturday night we were informed that the helicopter could not stay on the track at night in connection with a potential risk of damage due to the approaching Typhoon. The helicopter flew to Nagoya.

Early Sunday morning we received news that he was unable to return due to bad weather conditions. In accordance with our rules, we held a meeting and decided to make a major medical center hospital mie Prefecture, which is located 15 km from the road. Under normal conditions this way can be done in 25 minutes. This decision was taken on Sunday before 10am.

Closer to 11.30 helicopter was able to get back on track. But it was the decision to hold the race, even if the helicopter is not. All this is fully in line with our policies.

Such cases have already been earlier, for example, in 2009 and 2010 When the accident happened with Bianca, it was found that the helicopter can fly up from the road, but to land near the hospital does not allow the weather conditions. Therefore, we used the original plan, which was adopted early in the morning, and the driver was taken to medical center by ambulance. In those specific circumstances, it took 32 minutes.

Question I'd Like to hear your expert opinion did this delay on the state of Jules Bianchi

Ian Roberts the Total time spent on transportation racer, was 37 minutes, during this period was carried out detailed monitoring of his condition, and he was taken to hospital in absolutely the same physiological condition as it was at the time of shipment from the highway.

Question When FIA was last discussed the revision of safety standards, and how often you return to this theme

Charlie whiting I don't remember when the last time it was discussed protective skirts for tractors, but it was a long time ago. Subject head protection rider, the use of closed cockpits has recently been discussed and this discussion continues. As you know, it was after the incident with Felipe Massa and Henry Certicom. We spent quite in-depth study of this topic, a lot of experimenting, and the study is not completed.

It is very difficult to find a solution that would provide sufficient strength, but at the same time not interfere with the driver to work in the cockpit that the presence of such a system is not reflected. It is not easy. Meeting on security issues will be held next Thursday, and the solver will continue.

Question it was Not possible to postpone the start of the race at an earlier time, primarily to ensure that it is finished when it was still relatively light

Charlie whiting From my point of view, it would be useful. The organizers of the race was able to move it to an earlier time, but I don't think we are faced with a situation more complex than it could be. I do not think that the visibility was in serious trouble. I have already said that the race was conducted in strict accordance with the schedule, which we usually adhere to. This does not affect security. If it is too wet, we would simply not have it to spend.

Q You presented to the President of the FIA preliminary or final report, and whether it is in the public domain

Charlie whiting I would say that this version is close to the final. Need to add some information, but we are not yet fully decided who will be available this document. When reporting, we wanted to gather as much information, and must first submit it to the Commission on security, and it will select the group of experts who will examine all the issues raised. But I can't yet say who will have access to this report.

Question Tomorrow you will be meeting with teams on security issues. Is there any chance that in this weekend will be introduced some adjustments in the mode yellow flags and speed limits

Charlie Whiting It Is Unlikely. I have no doubt that we will be able to negotiate, but the machine consists of a huge number of different systems, it is very difficult to quickly achieve operability of such decision. Moreover, it is extremely important that the new system worked exactly the same on all machines. I think we should not rush to implement any changes as early as this weekend.

Question You talked about testing some solutions aimed at protecting the head of the racer. You know the results of these experiments. If to speak about the incident at Suzuka how you think, whether in the foreseeable future to appear a solution that can withstand such a blow

Charlie whiting I Think a clear answer to this question to give yet. But as I said, we had a solution to protect the rider from impact without wheels. There are preliminary signs that the forces acting on the car when hitting the fence route, or as was the case with the machine Jules, much larger than those with which we dealt in the course of the tests. We try to accurately estimate the impact energy, but I suspect that in this case, under these particular circumstances, it would be extremely difficult to find a solution that would protect the head of the racer.

Question Given the consequences of the accident, you are not going to make any special crash tests, which simulated the collision of the machine with an obstacle, like the tow truck

Charlie whiting This depends on the results of the analysis of injuries machine Jules, I do not exclude that it is necessary to consider the possibility of giving additional strength to the existing security structures. Again, I think it would be inappropriate to attempt to consider the circumstances of this particular accident. We try, whenever possible, to take into account the experience of all incidents, for example, a few years ago in Suzuka accident in which Timo Glock has hurt her leg, and then we had to deal with injuries of the chassis, which did not work. On the experience of similar accidents we learn. So shall it be in this case.

Question Charlie, could you tell me when will the changes made to the rules governing the appearance on the track tractors This will happen at the beginning of the next season

Charlie whiting Actually, if we are talking about such changes, at the beginning of next season, Yes.

Question According to Adrian Sutil, he was not asked about what happened, about what he saw from his point. You spoke with him

Charlie whiting No, not yet.

Question But will it

Charlie whiting Yes, we definitely will discuss what he saw. But I guess he had little to add, because we have the video of the evacuation of the entire incident. He was there, saw that, probably, would not like to see. No, we haven't discussed yet. Perhaps, while it is not the best time.

Question Charlie, I would also like to know how fast you received information about the incident

Charlie whiting With a little delay. Because the car hadn't been seen. My first thought when we looked at the screen with a tractor, was "the Evacuation took longer than I expected." It didn't look normal, it is usually the marshals in Suzuka work very quickly. Then they said "the Car crashed into a tractor." This is what they gave with the post, but I haven't seen her for a tractor. It took us some time to consider another camera that there really is a machine.

But it was impossible to understand wounded anyone, and the condition of the pilot. When we know, we sent the track the safety car and medical car. You couldn't see, it was not shown live, and on the camera, the image with which we looked, this was nowhere to be seen. With the camera 11 we could not be seen, and the camera 12 has been rotated in the wrong direction. As soon as we launched, we could see the car. But it took some time. Probably not more than 20 seconds, but for some time we remained in ignorance.

Question Jean, you talked about the expert Council, which will review the circumstances of the accident, which will include Charlie. Who else will it contain You said that to attract the best experts.

Jean Todt I know that you are familiar with the organization of the FIA. Of course, you know that security Commission headed by Peter Wright we have medical Commission there is Charlie in the technical Committee and several high-ranking people. That's why I asked Peter Wright to gather expert advice from qualified professionals. Everyone knows Peter and his strengths, I expect that he will help in this question.

Question How long will it take expert advice in order to come to conclusions. Do you have a deadline to which you are waiting for them

Jean Todt the Chairman of the expert Council Peter Wright today received my request, after this morning I received a report Charlie. I have to meet with Wright on Wednesday in Geneva. There will be a meeting, which is always done after serious accidents.

Question How to work a helmet and HANS Did you manage to get some information after this incident

Charlie whiting it is still too early to draw any conclusions. You can look at the helmet and to assess the damage.

We have several experts, in particular Andy Mellor. This is a very detailed and brilliant engineer. He was responsible for the design of the helmet, the so-called specifications 8860 - it is now used for the racers. The investigation began after the death of Ayrton Senna, and his creation took a long time.

Now we must be very careful to analyze. Andy is well able to restore the circumstances of Avaria, we will provide all data and photos. Then we need to understand how received damage and what needs to be done to prevent such things.

To put it all together is quite a complex process. But it will be done, and all that we can learn will be useful in improving the design of the helmet. The processes are the same as in the days when we worked with Mizoram after the accident Felipe Mass in Hungary in 2009 the result is a Kevlar band, which is now all use.

Question is there Enough of the expert or you do not have any specialists

Charlie whiting No, at the moment I don't think so.

Question Charlie, you have the opportunity to tell drivers that they are traveling at too high a temp

Charlie whiting No, it goes through the team. We cannot communicate directly with racers, but we often ask the team to send a message to the driver. And then can verify that they did.

Question Given that not all riders slowed double yellow flags, how strong was the impact

Charlie whiting If you look at the first data on the speed of the car. There was a barrier of three layers of tires, the accident would have been comparable with the incident of Heikki Kovalainen in Barcelona in 2007 But this is a very approximate information, I can't say for sure. But given that the barrier of the three layers of the tires and it was already the machine, at such a speed that the accident was of the same order.

Question Charlie, do not feel that their role could be played by coating the security zone If there was asphalt, it would be stronger to slow down

Charlie whiting This is the fact that on all routes, we played asphalt security zone in any condition better the gravel traps. That is why all new routes are mainly used asphalt security zone.

On older tracks don't, but this does not mean that they are unsafe, we performed tests on all routes, not just the new. But it is a fact that in most cases the asphalt better. However, in this particular case, we cannot say that everything would be different if there was asphalt, because we don't know for sure. But in most cases the asphalt better.

Question According to the received information can you talk about any mechanical problems with the car before the incident, which could cause a crash

Charlie whiting At the moment there are no signs of any mechanical problems.

Question Jean, how was this week for you personally emotionally

Jean Todt I am familiar with Jules since then, when he was 15 years old. While racing, I sometimes talked with his great-grandfather Lucien Bianchi. In addition, I remember that together with Mauro Bianchi went to the French hospital, specializing in burns, because he got a very serious injury. It so happened that he is familiar with my son. Nicolas works with Jules from 15 years of age and strongly believe in it.

Of course, on the one hand, my priority is to lead the FIA, which has two main areas of work - road and sport. But like any human, I have emotions, and I had a hard time. But I must say that every accident is deeply touches me. I had to leave Japan, but I five times per day to check how the situation is developing. That is why now our main responsibility is to analyze what happened and make sure that this will not happen again. But, as I said, racing is dangerous and can not absolutely guarantee that accidents won't happen. However, we will never be satisfied, for we will always be important to achieve greater security.

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2014-10-08 20:14:03

Accident Jules Bianchi questions and answers

Accident Jules Bianchi questions and answers

A journalist of the German Auto Motor und Sport Michael Schmidt talked with representatives of the FIA and safety experts to find answers to some of the questions that arose after the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka.

Why not publish data about the accident

About the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka written a lot, but much is not true. This is partly due to the fact that documents evidence deliberately not published. FIA does it for protection but not ourselves or employees of the circuit, and the Bianchi.

Recording and telemetry data can show that the driver is solely to blame for the incident. One of the representatives of the Federation commented "It would be unfair to Bianchi, because now he can't defend itself."

Fact the video of the accident have. This is not a video of one of the spectators, who filmed what happened in turn Dunlop and posted the recording on YouTube. And not official telecasting - TV cameraman turned the camera at the critical moment.

But the camera placed in the corner all recorded. And on this record it is seen that the machine Bianchi, unlike Adrian Sutil, not rotating before the collision. Marussia enters, Bianchi too sharply reacts, and the machine at high speed in a straight flying in tow.

If there was a lack of double yellow flags

One of the widely discussed issues in recent times - why, after the departure of Sutil on the track did not appear car safety, and the FIA has limited double yellow flags The reason is that the machine Sauber was far outside of the track, in the wall of the tires. The staff at Suzuka very opyty to evacuate the car they need less range.

If the operation of evacuation required more time, or if Sauber pushed to the edge of the track, the race direction has released the safety car. But in the situation of double yellow flags were quite effective, according to experts.

Green flags were shown ahead of time

Others were of the view that the green flag on the 12th post, which was located at the place of departure of Sutila was shown too early. Amateur video shows that the green flag was there for 15 seconds before Bianchi crashed into a tow truck.

However, testimony clarify two time. Bianchi could not see the green flag at the time of departure, as it was situated in a blind turn. But if he even saw it, it didn't matter. He would have the right to step on the gas only after pass from the 12th post on his steering wheel is lit if the green indicator. That is, after he passed the scene of the accident.

Why you used the tow truck, and stationary crane

You can often hear accusations against the organisers in connection with the fact that they used for the evacuation of the machine Stila archaic tractor, not a faucet that could be located outside of the track. But now that responded to this expert on security issues

"Then three or four of the Marshal would have to work with the machine in front of the barrier. In this case, they would have died. And if it had been confirmed that the driver was driving too fast, whoever he was, he would be suspended from playing for a long time.

You cannot require marshals to work with risk to life. There is a certain gradation level of protection from risks. In the first place is always the safety of spectators. Then follow the marshals, and only the third place racers, because only they can influence the situation".


2014-10-07 17:44:03

Will the accident Bianchi revising the rules

Will the accident Bianchi revising the rules

After the accident, Jules Bianchi in the Grand Prix of Japan began a discussion about whether acted Directorate of the race Not whether it was necessary to release the safety car immediately after the departure of Adrian Sutil Respected British journalist James Allen talks about whether to change the rules

James Allen "After a dramatic incident with Jules Bianchi in Suzuka have any questions about the role of vehicle safety in modern Formula 1. Opinions are divided. Someone thinks that because of the deteriorating weather conditions, the safety car had to release onto the 43rd round, when the marshals were evacuated wrecked car Adrian Sutil. Some believe that the mere fact of being in the relegation zone heavy tractor should automatically lead to driving safety.

The problem with the regime yellow flags is that it is not said, to what speed racer is set to slow in the area of their actions. The Formula 1 engineers tell us that, in practice, pilots to share a moment let go of the gas pedal, and then dispersed again. While the safety car, racers must travel at a given speed, which is determined at the beginning of the weekend.

As in the case of any accident, FIA began the investigation of the incident. There were many arguments in favour of that issue at the moment on the track the safety car the weather conditions deteriorated, decreased visibility, and some riders, such as Bianchi and Sutil, on the intermediate shank drove more than 20 laps, they were badly worn. The engineers say that in such conditions, when it rains, worn intermediate tyres very quickly, on each round, losing temperature, and then the level of clutches drops sharply. In addition, the marshals worked in the relegation zone on a very wet part of the track.

In our days, the race direction has very sophisticated equipment to track any situation on the road this radio communication with the marshals at every turn, service and television cameras, sophisticated software that analyzes data from sensors, GPS and so on. The race direction control signal system that displays on the wheel and on the scoreboard to track information about yellow flags. In addition, there are marshals with flags. In the twilight it was hard not to notice this light indication. In this case, the usual flags - is secondary.

This season we have seen several controversial episodes. For example, in Hockenheim car safety does not appear on the track after machine adriana Stila blocked directly opposite the pit lane. And in Singapore, as it is considered a safety car for a very long time remained on the track, while the marshals were removed from the road debris machines Sergio Perez.

So it is necessary to revise the rules about where on the track the safety car after what happened in Suzuka World champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve says Yes.

"Rules governing the operation of safety car must be changed, - says Villeneuve. When I participated in the race and got into an accident, every time it was disturbing, does not crash if me someone else. Even if the route yellow flags, even if the riders are dropping speed, still something can happen, for example, puncture or breakage of the suspension. The accident occurred on the highway came the safety car. Everything is simple, as it should be. American racing has always been like this".

Former F1 driver and now a television commentator Martin Brandl got into a similar accident at Suzuka in 1994 he nearly crashed into a tow truck, but was hit by one of the marshals.

"I almost lost my life, but I managed to avoid a collision with a tractor, although I knocked the Marshal, " says Martin Brandl. The tractors are too high and the driver is in the car too low. I have spent many years talking about it. If you are flying in for the turn, then crash into the barrier. The racer is no possibility to change the situation, because this place is a very high speed.

Having studied Amateur video of the crash Bianchi, it becomes clear that he is lucky if the trajectory of the machine took place at five meters to the left, he would hit the Marshal, and then would have flown under the tractor. However, even if there was no tractor accident still could be very serious, because the impact of the barrier of the tire would happen at a very high speed.

It is difficult to eliminate all risks, but the question is, what is the direction of Formula 1 should work to reduce the likelihood of similar accidents Obviously, the emphasis should be shifted towards the clarification of the rules of the yellow flags. In Formula 1 should respond to the events, but it is important to avoid over-reaction.

If you accept the change that stands Jacques Villeneuve, Formula 1 will be completely different, because the safety car will appear on the track more often. This will lead to the reduction of lead in the peloton that can help in those years, when one of the teams has a dominant advantage. The race will become more unpredictable, especially if the safety car will appear on the track at an awkward moment for the leader, when his opponent has just made a pit-stop.

Usually four or five cars't get to finish, although at the end of the era of V8 engines due to the increased security number descended was less. With the development of hybrid power plants in the coming years, the reliability will return to the previous level. Sometimes, after detecting a technical problem, the pilots returned to the boxes, and do not stop on the track. Some modern tracks so large security zone that seems pointless to release the safety car after each flight, because the marshals are far from the path. In addition, the need to review the new rule restarts from the place after leaving highway vehicle safety, and to increase the time limit of the race.

From the point of view of their influence on the course of the race, the emergence in the mid-distance car safety always complicates the work of strategists commands, because you need to quickly decide whether to stay in boxes or to stay on track. Of course, there are cases that the pilot on the strategy of one pit stop and still did not stop, then there is no problem of choice, but these days such races not so much.

Excluding severe weather conditions, it is usually now the safety car appears on the track in the area of open pit-stops", because before and immediately after stops in boxes pilots were attacking in full force. Considering the difference in the effectiveness of the rubber near the cars on the track, this leads to clashes. A good example is the emergence of the safety car in Singapore because of an accident Sergio Perez".


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FIA will follow the implementation of fines

FIA will follow the implementation of fines

This year the FIA uses a new penalty for a minor violation is the five - second stop in boxes, which the racers depart during the pit-stop before servicing machine.

After suspicion of the Force India that in Singapore mechanics Toro Rosso started the machine maintenance and Jean-Eric Verne before expired five seconds, the FIA will require teams to provide b with cameras in boxes, sv can accurately determine the serving of penalty.