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Formula 1

2017-12-21 10:44:02

Magnussen will join Alonso and Strollo

For the third pilot of Formula 1 bet for victory in the legendary race 24 hours of Daytona next month.Earlier it became known that Fernando Alonso and lance Stroll will perform in this marathon, and now the newspaper Ekstra Bladet reports that the pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen may also be a member of the race. The report States that the transaction involved the company Magnussen Dallara, the General partner of the team and Haas Daytona Action Express Racing.Jan Magnussen, Kevin's father, is also going to start at Daytona in sports cars class behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Corvette.

2017-11-18 10:24:04

BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1

BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1

The Russian company BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1. Track Bahrain International Circuit in the final stage of the FIA WEC season-2017 the global Motorsport community and journalists first saw the car, whose creation was announced a year ago. Car LMP1 was created by Russian company BR Engineering together with the famous Italian automaker Dallara to participate in the new superstone of the world championship FIA WEC.In the presentation BR1 participated Boris Rotenberg, founder and Director of the BR Engineering Pierre Fillon, President of the Association ASO Gerard Neveu, head of the FIA WEC Luca Pignata, chief designer Dallara Dmitry Samorukov, Director of SMP Racing pilots of the program of development of Russian Motorsport SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin, Vitaly Petrov and Matevos Isahakyan Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Bahrain Qarayev, Vagif DragonSpeed team principal Elton Julian and Russian engineers and students of technical Universities who took part in the development of the prototype. The music for the premiere of BR1 was written by Russian composer and producer Victor Drobysh.The presentation was opened by Boris Rotenberg. According to him, the engineers managed to create a completely new car, which used the most modern technologies and materials"it is Symbolic that on 17 November, during the final stage of the FIA WEC season in 2016, we announced the signing of an agreement between BR and Dallara Engineering to start work on a prototype BR1. Today, exactly a year later, we proudly present you the result. During the work on the car we used the best international experience, achievements one of the best companies Dallara. At various stages in the development of the car was actively attended by Russian specialists, and also worked on the simulator the current pilot program SMP Racing Vitaly Petrov, Sergey Sirotkin, Mikhail Aleshin, Viktor Shaitar and Kirill Ladygin. Their task was to from the point of view of experienced riders to make suggestions in key aspects of the prototype, from the ergonomics to the behavior of the car on the road".Prototype BR1 passed all the necessary tests and homologation of the FIA, a number of tests on race tracks under the control of SMP Racing pilots. Ahead of the Russian car the new season of the world championship on races on endurance 2018-2019, where SMP Racing intends to put the two Russian crew in the highest category of the championship, LMP1, to fight for the highest results in the overall classification.While the company BR Engineering, the first manufacturer of the chassis presenting to the public the car are ready to participate in the FIA WEC next season, already signed a contract for the production of a prototype BR1 for team DragonSpeed, also announced recently its intentions to move into the LMP1 category of the FIA WEC."I must say that the rate BR1 on the track is impressive, - said the pilot program SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin. - Impressive and how well made the prototype, and how sensitively it responds to changes in preferences that we do. To work with such a machine is a pleasure. Now our task is to spend as much time behind the wheel, to detect the different nuances, to work with the settings, because even in the ideal technique is always better. I am sure that next season prototype BR1 compete with rivals".One of the main innovations in superstone 2018-2019 world Championship on races on endurance will be the merging of hybrid and non-hybrid prototypes in one of the LMP1 class with defined capacity limitations. This will allow private teams, including the Russian team SMP Racing and DragonSpeed team, to compete for a championship titles FIA WEC.Facts ABOUT the prototype of BR1-CLASS LMP1 the process of creating aerodynamic elements of the new prototype was held 16 sessions in the wind tunnel, the total length of which was 600 hours, during which it has produced 1000 trials.In tests on the simulator and on the finished prototype was attended 5 professional pilots SMP Racing programme, including Vitaly Petrov, first Russian Formula 1 driver- Mikhail Aleshin, the pilot of the American series IndyCar- Sergey Sirotkin, the reserve pilot of the Formula 1 Renault- Kirill Ladygin, a multiple champion of Russia on go-karting and road racing, the bronze prize-winner of the race "24 hours of Le Mans- Victor Shaitar, world champion, winner of the race "24 hours of Le Mans", FIA WEC.On the simulator prototype BR1 pilots had a total of 64 hours, which amounted to 173 session or 870 laps.TECHNICAL characteristics of the PROTOTYPE BR1AER V6 twin turbo 720 HP Possible to install motorsGibson V8 LMP1 Spec 700 HP.Message other proizvodyaschuyu Le Mans Sprint body kit on the back 6-speed robotic transmission Xtrac lock differentialbaselsn TILTON Brembo brake system LMP1 UPRAVLENIE with power production Kayaba.Userrepository pilotado the foot pedal accelerator and timesmachine disciminate, production OZ specifically for Michelin Radial LMP1 18 dumontadriana 930 kg.

2017-08-15 08:14:04

Mikhail Aleshin IndyCar leaves

The Russian pilot program SMP Racing Mikhail Aleshin will miss performances in the final stages of the North American racing series IndyCar, focusing on the work of the Russian sport prototype BR1. The decision was taken by the team Schmidt Peterson Motorsport and the Russian program SMP Racing.Mikhail Aleshin will continue to work on a new prototype BR1, which will be released on its first tests in the near future. The car is a Russian company BR Engineering will be created together with the Italian company Dallara and preparing for their debut performance in the world championship on races on endurance in 2018. Mikhail Aleshin is a key pilot SMP Racing, working on this car.

2017-04-26 10:54:02

Fernando Alonso passed fit seat IndyCar

Fernando Alonso passed fit seat IndyCar

Fernando Alonso visited the base team, Andretti Motorsport, where he passed the fit seat car Dallara DW12, at the wheel which he will perform at the Indy 500.After the race in Sochi, Alonso will be going back to America, where, on 3 may will hold the first tests of the machine IndyCar.

2017-04-12 13:54:03

Fernando Alonso will perform in Indy 500

Fernando Alonso will perform in Indy 500

For the first time since 1979 at the start of the legendary race, "Indy 500" will be the car of McLaren. Will sit behind the wheel of Fernando Alonso, the double champion of Formula-1.Partner of the McLaren team Andretti Motorsport, which will provide one of their cars Dallara DW12 with the engine Honda.Fernando Alonso "I am excited about the opportunity to take part in the race "500 miles of Indianapolis" with the support of McLaren, Honda and Andretti. This is one of the most famous races in the world alongside the 24 hours of Le Mans and the Monaco Grand Prix".The time of the Indy 500 is overlaid with the Monaco Grand Prix, so the Spaniard will miss the race in the Principality. Most likely, it will replace Jenson button.Fernando Alonso "I wish that this year will not be able to take part in the Monaco Grand Prix. But after "Indy 500" I will definitely be back behind the wheel of a McLaren-Honda.I've never been on the cars IndyCar, never raced on the ovals, but I'm sure that will be able to quickly adapt to new technology. After the Grand Prix of Spain, I will travel to Indianapolis, where the preparation will try to drive maximum distance".As already said Alonso, "Indy 500" stands in one row with the Monaco Grand Prix and 24 hours of Le Mans. Only Graham hill managed to earn the "Triple crown" by winning all three races.Fernando Alonso "I won in Monaco and is now dreaming of the Triple crown, winning at Le Mans and Indianapolis. The task is difficult, but doable. Don't know when I will be able to speak in Le Mans, but I am only 35 years old - I have a lot of time".

2017-03-22 10:14:04

Kevin Magnussen is pleased with the new car

Kevin Magnussen is pleased with the new car

The pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen said that he loves American car, built with the participation of the Italian company Dallara.Kevin Magnussen "Dallara is doing a very good job. I admire their results. I heard they have stepped up their activities and cooperation with us.Last year I wasn't here, so I can't say how they worked with the team, but the work that they have carried out this year is just incredible. The quality of the parts and the chassis is impressive".

2017-02-26 17:14:03

Team Haas introduced the VF-17

Team Haas introduced the VF-17

American team Haas has introduced its second car, the VF-17, was created with the participation of Italian companies, Ferrari and Dallara.Today the team published photos of new products. However, yesterday Haas spent the day in Barcelona.

2017-02-16 11:04:02

The head of Haas the Experience of last season helped us a lot

Director Haas Gunther Steiner believes that this season his team is more likely to succeed than in the past, the debut for the American stables.Gunther Steiner "so far all goes very well, all according to plan. The car hitting the track next week, we are ready for Barcelona.Until now, the training is better than last year. The experience of the last season was very useful. We also learned how to work better with our partners Ferrari and Dallara.We complete normal household problems, but the whole team is ready to solve them. Now, when the whole team is in a good place, we just have to firmly stand on its feet without losing the ground under their feet. We have made significant investments in terms of staff, we have more experience, and as a result we all expected, that can handle their job much better than last year".

2017-02-10 13:14:03

Kevin Magnussen passed fit seat

Kevin Magnussen passed fit seat

The pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen visited the factory of the company Dallara, which builds cars for the American team to complete the adjustment of the seat.A snapshot of how is this procedure, put the Haas team.

2016-04-13 12:54:02

Chapter Haas We don't change allegiance to Ferrari

The head of Haas, Guenther Steiner has said that his team is not going to refuse to cooperate with Ferrari.Gunther Steiner "We are not going to change their attitude to Ferrari. Our cooperation will develop, except that a contract to work with the wind tunnel remains the same. Our chassis creates the company Dallara, and experiencing it in Maranello.The problem of our team that we didn't have enough staff. We must constantly perform a huge amount of work, and that requires people. Now we need to work on the car for next year, not to forget about the current version. It's complicated, this work".

2015-12-13 16:34:03

Gene Haas We are working on the rules

Gene Haas We are working on the rules

The head of the eponymous team gene Haas stated that his team does not violate any rules sports regulations of Formula 1.Gene Haas "We are doing everything within the rules. No departing from the rules. We immediately understood that without the help of a strong team can not do, so most use the services of Ferrari. They give us the suspension, engine, Dallara builds chassis and aerodynamics developed themselves, using wind tunnel Ferrari.We want to fight for points, gradually approaching the leaders. But we're not second Ferrari, we are building our own stable with your values.Recently the team posted a photo of the workout pit stop.

2015-02-16 13:54:05

Gene Haas For me, Formula 1 is not a toy

Gene Haas For me, Formula 1 is not a toy

The head of the eponymous team gene Haas said that Formula 1 is not a temporary entertainment.Gene Haas "For many millionaires Formula 1 is no more than just entertainment, but not for me. I seriously went to work. My team has achieved a lot in NASCAR, but I stayed in this championship. It's time to do the next step, and it was the pinnacle of Motorsport, Formula 1.I'm in this sport, because I want to increase the interest in Formula 1 in the United States. I am confident that I will succeed in this plan. And I dream about what my team will be able to fight with the Italians and Germans on equal terms. I would not face the problems faced by other newcomers. I have a plan, and it works".Haas plans to debut in Formula 1 next year. Chassis designed by Dallara, a power plant and some other sites will supply a Ferrari.

2015-01-24 10:44:08

Chapter Haas I want to be independent

Chapter Haas I want to be independent

The head of the eponymous team gene Haas stated that his goal is to become an independent designer.Gene Haas "At first, we will help Dallara in the development and creation of a racing chassis. Half of the work will they do, half of us. But in the future I plan to become an independent designer. It is quite attainable. The main thing - to understand the intricacies of the rules of the championship."Dallara specializes in machines for Junior formula series in its asset is a car for Indycar and endurance racing. In 2010, the Italian company has built a machine Formula 1 team HRT, but the collaboration ended in scandal in the first season.

2014-09-11 17:24:02

Formula E Before the start of the first season

Formula E Before the start of the first season

September 13, will begin a new era in the history of Motorsport. On the streets of Beijing will host the debut race of the Formula E - the first global racing series using the fully electric machines. In anticipation of this momentous event, we will tell about the peculiarities of the championship and its participants.


The idea of professional racing series using machines with electric motors was in the air for a long time, because for the past couple of decades the global automotive industry pays the electric cars more and more attention. And if twenty years ago it was mainly focused on experimental machines today are sold worldwide each year hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles.

It is not surprising, since theoretically the electric cars more efficient than gasoline counterparts. The efficiency of the motor is significantly higher than that of the internal combustion engine. While it is lighter, smaller, easier, smarter, more reliable, safer and quieter. And the only problem hindering the development of electric vehicles, was the battery.

Lead-acid batteries, no motors of any chance to fight with internal combustion engines - they were bulky, weighed a lot, was getting a little energy. As a result, the electric car was heavy, slow, require large maintenance costs and had limited power reserve. At the dawn of the automotive development of electric vehicles and vehicles with gasoline engines was parallel, but as soon as the efficiency of internal combustion engines has reached acceptable values, they rushed forward.

In 1990-ies on electric cars appeared Nickel metal-hydride batteries, in many ways superior to its predecessors. However, the difference with lead-acid batteries was not large enough. In addition, the Nickel-metal hydride batteries had its drawback, a very serious from the point of view of the automotive industry - a high rate of self-discharge, causing the car standing for several days, it was impossible to get.

The revolution occurred after the introduction in the early 1990's lithium-ion batteries. They are lighter and more compact than lead with more energy. Virtually no they and many other disadvantages inherent in the batteries of previous generations - self-discharge and memory effect and so on. These batteries are used on most electric and hybrid cars in the world, as well as in machines WEC, Formula 1 and, of course, Formula E.

The fact that the creation of a fully-electric formula lithium-ion battery is quite real, it was demonstrated a few years ago, after creating racing electric car Formulec - Russian viewers had the opportunity to see him at Moscow City Racing in 2011. It Formulec became the basis for the future of Formula E.

About creating a new championship under the auspices of the FIA announced in August 2012. Then it became known that the first race will take place in 2014, and the promoter of the series will be Alejandro Agag, team boss Addax GP2 series and son-in-law of the former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar. However, at first, in reality these plans are believed not all. At the end of last year, Bernie Ecclestone argued that the championship will not be. Now it is obvious that Bernie was wrong.

Features of the regulations

In the first season of the Formula E will be monasteria. Teams will receive identical machine, which was prepared by the company Spark Racing Technologies Frederic Vasseur. Vasser is well known in the auto, founder and co-owner of team ART Grand Prix. In fact, however, the contribution of Spark Racing Technologies in the construction of the machine is not so great, so the bet was made on the assistance of an experienced and reputable partners.

So, the chassis is designed by the famous Italian racing Atelier Dallara chassis of this company are used in the majority of European and American formula series, GP2 and GP3 to WSR and IndyCar. The motor, transmission, standard electronic control units ECU and all electronic components are supplied McLaren Electronic System. Batteries created Williams Advanced Engineering.

In addition, the building was attended by Renault company, supplier of tyres became Michelin, as the official technology partner of Qualcomm. This solution allowed us to create very high-tech, but not too expensive car, with recognizable, thanks to the fairing front wheels and low profile tires, appearance. Its technical characteristics correspond to those that can be seen in the Junior racing series. The motor delivers maximum power of 200 kW, which is equivalent to 270 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and a maximum speed of 225 km/H.

As in Formula 1, Formula E is sporting and technical regulations, but they are closely intertwined. So, one of the main features of this series is that during each race pilots will use two cars in the middle of the race the exact time for each route is selected separately racer will go into the pits and change to another machine. This decision is the result of insufficiently capacious battery, a charge which is not enough for the whole distance.

Another feature of the series is the use of the principle of FanBoost. Its essence is that three of the pilot received from the fans the greatest support on the website and in social networks, in the course of the race will have the opportunity for five seconds to use the increased power of the engine. The inclusion FanBoost will increase the engine power by 40 PS, which with a total output of motor racing mode 200 PS can greatly assist the pilot. However, to spend this increase will have at one time.

Another distinguishing feature of the Formula E - the place and time of the race. The calendar generated by the scheme "autumn-spring", the championship will end on 27 June 2015 in London. All races will take place on street tracks located in the heart of the largest cities in the world. According to the organizers, this is due to the desire to emphasize that the vehicle is primarily a city car, but in addition will help new championship to collect audience - after all, in order to see the race, spectators will not have to go to the racetrack.

It is also interesting that in the Formula E, in fact, is not the usual for the classical categories of Motorsport concept of "weekend" - instead, the series uses the term ePrix similar to Grand Prix. All races, ranging from training before the race, held in one day. So, for example, in Beijing the free races of the Formula E will begin early on Saturday morning, at 815 local time, the second session will be held at 1030, then 1200 to 1255, will be four qualifying session, and at 1600 1200 GMT start the race. While its duration is limited to one hour. Thus, between the first departure of the cars on the track and the winner will be less than nine hours.

Teams and pilots

Perhaps the most important achievement Alejandro Agag on the post of the promoter of the new season is that he has managed to attract in the championship a lot of strong teams and pilots. Suffice it to say that out of 20 riders championship debut more than half had previously acted in the Formula 1.

The main favorite of the first season will be the team e.dams, which is directed by four-time world Formula 1 champion Alain Prost. She is affiliated with well-known European teams DAMS, and the title sponsor will be the Renault company. Its pilots will be Nicolas Prost and Sebastien Buemi. It Buemi dominated in most pre-season test sessions.

A serious competitor for the Swiss can become another ex-pilot of Formula 1, Lucas di Grassi. He is no less a professional team Abt, supported by Audi. The second pilot is the son of the team owner, Daniel ABT, well known for youth series.

Another contender for the title - Jerome D Ambrosio, representing the American team Dragon Racing. This team is interesting in itself, as established by Jay Penske and Stephen Ivalice in 2006. Stephen Ivalice - the head of the world-renowned Seagate Technologies. And father Jay, Roger Penske, the famous American Director of racing for Team Penske. In addition to D Ambrosio, the team will be also Oriol Servia, and in some stages may appear Sebastien Bourdais.

In the Formula E there is another American team Andretti Formula E, a division of the magazine Autosport Andretti. However, while this team has only one pilot Frank Montagna, known for her performances in Formula 1, IndyCar and "24 hours of Le Mans". Who will be his running mate - is unclear. In the first race behind the wheel of the second car will sit Charles Peak, but his contract for the season is not yet confirmed.

You should pay attention to the Venturi team. To her the center of attention, primarily because its owner is a famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio, has been actively involved in environmental issues. But the team has something to boast of and in sporting terms it will be two former F1 driver, Nick Heidfeld and Stefan sarazin. This is a very quick and experienced pilots, on account of which many victories in a variety of series, and there is no doubt that they will be able to Express themselves and in Formula E.

Equally interesting composition and Virgin Racing is another attempt to win the racing side of the founder of the Virgin Empire sir Richard Branson. Here behind the wheel will sit Jaime Alguersuari and Sam bird, well known to European audiences with his performances in GP2.

There is in the League and a few Asian teams. So, for China Racing will perform ex-pilot of Formula 1 Nelson Piquet Jr., and Ho-Pin Tung, who have repeatedly taken part in tests of the Formula 1. And in the Indian Mahindra Racing will once again be reunited couple pilots team iSport series GP2 Karun Chandhok and Bruno Senna. Moreover, both have now the experience of Formula 1.

Worth a watch and Trulli team, which will act as Jarno Trulli. The Italian spent in Formula 1 15 seasons, on account of his victory At the Monaco Grand Prix 2004, and it is not only the oldest but also the most experienced pilot of the championship. Technical support team will have a Super Nova, one of the most successful teams in the European youth series. A mate Trulli will be the 27-year-old Italian pilot Michela, Cerruti, recently won the first victory in Auto GP.

In the championship will be another girl - Katherine Legge. She will sit behind the wheel of the machine Amlin Aguri - another team, whose founder was the former Formula 1 driver. Moreover, in Amlin Aguri from zero to full management team Super Aguri - not only Aguri Suzuki, and mark Preston. From the point of view of the sports results of the main hopes in Amlin Aguri connect with Antonio Felix da Kostas, but first he has to perform will not - it will be replaced by another pilot, familiar to our viewers on the Formula 1 - Takuma Sato and backup pilot will become champion GP2 2013 Fabio Leimer.

Calendar Formula E season 2014-2015

Date - City - Country

13/09/2014 - Beijing - China

22/11/2014 - Putrajaya - Malaysia

13/12/2014 - Punta del este - Uruguay

10/01/2015 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

14/02/2015 - will be announced later will be announced later

14/03/2015 - Miami - USA

04/04/2015 - Los Angeles - USA

09/05/2015 - Monte-Carlo - Monaco

30/05/2015 - Berlin - Germany

27/06/2015 - London - UK

text Elmir Valeev


2014-08-31 13:44:02

The state of Mikhail Aleshin improved

The state of Mikhail Aleshin improved

Last night, the press service of the IndyCar spread the next release, which medical Advisor series Terry Trammell said "the State of Mikhail Aleshin improved to stable after certain procedures related to treatment of injuries of the chest, made in the University medical center Loma Linda on August 30. During the rehabilitation period, the rider will remain in the hospital."

In the press service of the SMP Racing also confirmed that the condition of Michael stable, and soon he will be ready to continue racing career.

Season 2014 IndyCar series Mikhail Aleshin took 16th place in the individual competition. Participating in all 15 stages of the championship, the Russian racer scored 372 points.

The best result of Michael's debut season was the second place on the stage in Houston. According to SMP Racing, just in 2014, Michael spent behind the wheel of a Dallara team Schmidt Peterson Motorsport in total about 27 hours, traveling more than 5,000 miles and after 60 pit-stops.

To improve their position in the standings has not allowed any injury that Aleshin got in an accident on a training session before the final stage of the season, held at the California oval Speedway Auto Club Speedway, after which he was hospitalized.


2014-08-30 16:24:02

Wishes for a speedy recovery Mikhail Aleshin

Wishes for a speedy recovery Mikhail Aleshin

The British team Carlin Motorsport, which included Mikhail Aleshin in 2010 became the champion of the World series by Renault, and then continued with her work closely, wished the Russian racer speedy recovery after the accident at dvumernom the Auto Club Speedway oval in Fontana.

160"Hurry get well soon" - wrote press service Carlin on his Twitter page.

This wish is attached all the editors nonf1.ru because we Mikhail established long-term friendly and creative communication we and our readers really like his newspaper column, in which Aleshin is not the first talks about his racing activities.

Meanwhile, the American press reported some details of the incident during training on a California highway, famous for its outrageous speeds. In previous years oval Speedway Auto Club Speedway has become a place of severe accidents with a very dramatic consequences.

The day before they had qualified prior to the final stage of the season where Michael showed the 8th time, and then said "on the day of the qualifying heat was incredible, because of what had really difficult. Ahead of the next 500-mile race, and as we saw in may in Indianapolis, qualification before such a long race so not so much.

I attacked at the limit opportunities to make a circle as best you can, but because of the heat rate has dropped significantly. We know that we have a good machine, so now I'm getting ready for tomorrow evening race. Let's see what we can achieve".

On the ill-fated training Aleshin showed a very decent speed, but when the end of the session remained a matter of minutes, the output of the third rotation of the oval racetrack left wheel of his Dallara was on the white line, which I spun and she actually already uncontrollable, rushed to the outer wall. There is at this time at high speed on its trajectory was driving the driver Charlie Kimball, who was already nowhere to turn, and a collision was inevitable.

Machine Aleshin, has just completed the fastest lap, crashed into the right side of the Dallara Kimball, flew up in the air and hit a fence route, then it actually broke into pieces. As it turned out, one of the wheels got stuck in the damaged fence of the 4th turn. The spectator stands in this part of the circuit there.

"It was a clash at a right angle, said Kimball, the miracle is not injured in the accident and after the medical examination are admitted to the race. - At the last moment I realized that the machine Aleshin raced up the slope I intercept. It seemed to me that the accident was very serious."

Marco Andretti whose car was driving along and was under the blows scattered debris, commented on what happened actually before his eyes "I just couldn't look at the car Aleshin. I hope he's OK."

"Now all our thoughts and prayers are with Michael, these are the words of Graham Rahal, IndyCar racer, one of my colleagues and rivals Aleshin. "It was a terrible accident. We must try to put in order thoughts and tomorrow normally to hold the race.

As we have already mentioned, currently injured Michael is located in the University medical center Loma Linda in California, his condition is serious but stable.

27-year-old Russian pilot program SMP Racing, this year he made his debut in the IndyCar series, held 17 races, once came to the podium and seven times finished in the top ten. At one stage up to the end of the season Michael takes the 15th place in the individual standings of the championship. The result certainly could be higher if not 5 accidents in which he unwittingly found himself on various roads series.


2014-08-30 13:04:03

Mikhail Aleshin in the hospital after the accident at Auto Club Speedway

Mikhail Aleshin in the hospital after the accident at Auto Club Speedway

Russian driver Mikhail Aleshin injured following a serious accident on a California highway Auto Club Speedway during the final training before the final round of the IndyCar season.

Machine Aleshin brought, she crashed into Dallara another racer, Charlie Kimball moving at high speed, flew up in the air and crashed into the fence route.

"Mikhail Aleshin is conscious, he delivered by helicopter to University medical center Loma Linda, California. The driver complained that he injured his right shoulder and right leg, " says the official statement from a medical consultant Indycar, Dr. Terry Trammell. In the survey carried out at the medical center on August 29, it was found that Aleshin rib fractures, a fractured right collarbone, concussion and chest trauma. The hospital's specialists believe his condition is serious but stable."


2014-08-17 20:24:02

F3 Max Verstappen has reduced the gap in the championship

F3 Max Verstappen has reduced the gap in the championship

We talked about a short but intense battle several top teams in Formula 1, have youth programs for young talent max Verstappen, whose father, Jos, competed in the Formula 1 in the late 1990's and early 2000-ies. This battle eventually won Helmut Marko, and the Dutchman became a participant of the Red Bull Junior.

However, interest in the 16-year-old Verstappen continues unabated. This year he spends his first season racing formulas and leads the battle for the title in one of the most prestigious youth Championships European Formula 3, which cooperates with the Dutch team Van Amersfoort. Through a series of victories in the middle of the season, he ranks second in the League, second only to Esteban the Eye.

Windows only a year older than Verstappen and also conducts its first season in the Formula 3, however, during the previous two years served in the European Formula Renault 2.0, which greatly exceeds the max experience. Besides, he pilots the car one of the best teams of the championship, Prema Powerteam.

Thanks to the successful beginning of the championship, as well as 100increase on the Moscow Raceway, where Windows won all three races in four stages up to the end of the championship lead Frenchman from Verstappen exceeded 100 points, and the fight for the title, it seemed, was over. But Max was able to win back some lag during the previous weekend, held at the Red Bull Ring.

The first race at the Nurburgring this weekend brought Verstappen another victory, but the second seemed to be completely deprived of his hopes to win the championship. Windows finished third, Verstappen had come down, and after the race it was discovered that his car needs to change the engine. This meant that during the next three races he will lose 10 places on the starting grid.

However, today's race was again returned to max's hope. Because of the fine he started the race only 12, but already at the start managed to reach the fifth position. During the race Verstappen played two more places, managed to climb the podium. While the Windows were down, becoming a member of the incident in the first corner.

Victory in Sunday's race was won by Lucas Auer, nephew of the famous F1 driver Gerhard Berger. During the race he managed to beat Tom Blomquist, who eventually finished second.

Thus, the gap Verstappen from Windows in the championship was reduced to 77 points, and with luck, he still has chances to win the prestigious title. Only in the remaining six races, you will earn 150 points.




1. Lower - Mucke Dallara-Merc - 3528.675

2. Tamaqua - Carlin Dallara-VW +0.476

3. Firstupper - Van Amersfoort Dallara-VW +3.623

4. Ashoka - Prema Dallara-Merc - +4.945

5. Mr. king - Carlin-Dallara VW +5.238

6. Rystani - Mucke Dallara-Merc - +17.415

7. Serralles - West-Tec Dallara-Merc - +18.599

8. Calderon - Jo Zeller Dallara-Merc - +19.434

9. Ddennis - Carlin Dallara-VW +20.175

10. Simkovic - Van Amersfoort Dallara-VW +20.770

11. W.Gelael - Carlin Dallara-VW +21.295

12. Atoll - T-Sport Dallara-NBE - +23.088

13. Menezes - Van Amersfoort Dallara-VW +26.453

14. Sfercoci - Eurointernational Dallara-Merc - +32.265

15. Marietta - Eurointernational Dallara-Merc - +44.592

16. Stellar - Jo Zeller Dallara-Merc - +45.316

17. Goddard - T-Sport Dallara-NBE - +57.428

18. Achang - West-Tec Dallara-Merc - +101.300

Not classified - 160 - 160

Frozenfish - Mucke Dallara-Merc - 19 laps

Eacon - Prema Dallara-Merc - 0 laps

Adivinanza - Carlin Dallara-VW - 0 laps

N.Latifi - Prema Dallara-Merc - 0 laps

Dan der Lar - Prema Dallara-Merc - 0 laps

Addons - Carlin Dallara-VW - not started

text Elmir Valeev


2014-08-16 08:54:07

The dallar If not Enzo, in Italy would not be racing

The dallar If not Enzo, in Italy would not be racing

Founder of the eponymous company Gianpaolo of Dallar said that Italy should be obliged to the great Enzo Ferrari."If not Enzo, in Italy motorsports would not be, or he would be at the level of Belgium, said the Dallar. He is widely opened doors for us in this amazing world of racing. He challenged everything from Mercedes to Ford. And this struggle has become a classic, which was watched by millions poklonnikovego to talk about me, without Enzo would not have me as a professional in his field. He had a significant impact on all of us and our life.With an engineering education, in the 1960s the Dallar has worked for Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. In 1972 he founded his own company, which prepares racing chassis for the various Championships, including GP2 and IndyCar. I deposited Dallara experience working with various teams in Formula 1.

2014-08-14 18:04:02

Gianpaolo of Dallar I owe Enzo Ferrari

Gianpaolo of Dallar I owe Enzo Ferrari

Today is 26 years since the death of Enzo Ferrari. The founder of the company Dallara, Gianpaolo of Dallar told, what role was played by the Italian not only in his career, but also in the history of Italy.

Gianpaolo of Dallar "we All need to remember that if not for Enzo Ferrari, Motorsport Italy would be at the level of Belgium or Spain. He opened the racing for Italy, although at first raced himself. But if we talk about calling the rest of the world, call Mercedes and Ford, the fans owe it to him.

As for me, without Enzo Ferrari I did not place in the professional plan, and would not exist my company Dallara. In my youth I had to work at Aermacchi, but Enzo was looking for a young engineer and my teacher suggested to my candidacy. I immediately went to Maranello, where learned a lot.

In addition, Dallara was released on the American market thanks to the initiative of Piero Ferrari, who sought to implement the project Ferrari333 for one of the teams IndyCar. Thus, this step was short, and as it was possible to build a machine capable of fighting for victory in the USA, then why not to challenge Tony George and producing machines for IndyCar in Italy

Thus, I am grateful Ferrari in professional and business plan. Ferrari can win or lose, but will remain forever. And will after 10 years in Formula 1 Red Bull and Mercedes

Ferrari has always existed. Once at the beginning of the activity in more simple terms than today, Enzo Ferrari succeeded and created that embodies the image of Italy. However, I must admit that in our country never paid proper attention to this shape.

text Tatiana Belsky


2014-06-30 03:24:02

IndyCar Pagano won the race in Houston, Aleshin second

IndyCar Pagano won the race in Houston, Aleshin second

The team Schmidt Peterson Motorsport won the double in the second race weekend in Houston IndyCar series. Simon Pagano won, and the pilot program SMP Racing Mikhail Aleshin finished second. This is the first podium for Russians in the American series.

In the morning Aleshin held its best qualified in the season, showing the second time. At the start he held the position behind the holder of the pole Helio Castroneves, but soon missed forward his partner, who started the race in third. The pace Russians fell, and he gradually fell behind a pair of leaders, containing a number of pilots. However, he remained until its third pit stop.

However, after the return of the boxes Michael was behind Graham Rahala. Soon he had problems with the machine, before the next turn, he stopped the car earlier than usual, which Aleshin had not expected - there has been contact. Machine Aleshin was damaged and he had to go in the box for a new front wing, after which he fell back in the second dozen.

It seemed to Russia again fortunate, however, the team changed the strategy, trying to compensate for extra pit stop extra-long final cut. Meanwhile, leader of Castroneves first missed Pagano, and then trying to counterattack, faced with Sebastien Bourdais. The Brazilian came down, and the Bourdais continued the race on the damaged car.

In the second half of the race Aleshin took the appearance on the track pace-Kara, completing the third pit stop. To finish remained a lot of time and under normal circumstances, the Russians would have to stay again, but the pace car was left on the road even three times that has allowed to Mikhail seriously save fuel.

Opponents, meanwhile, one after the other inferior Aleshin their positions before the pit stops. Russia climbed to second place, once again behind his partner, and time and again confidently restartovat, not allowing competitors themselves to attack.

After the final restart only 9 laps to go Mikhail was able to quickly break away from competitors who were busy battle among themselves, which ultimately provided him with the result. In the last laps he punctured a tire and had to reset the pace, but created backlog was enough to hold on to second place.

Third finished another newcomer championship Jack Hawksworth. Before the final cut the third place was occupied by the leader of the championship will Power, but because of technical problems he lost the speed and rolled over up to 11th place.

Colombians that won the whole podium on Saturday, this time was not successful. Carlos Huertas and Carlos Munoz went down already in the first half of the race. A few laps lost in boxes Sebastian Saavedra. And fighting for a place on the podium Juan Pablo Montoya in the last two circles also had to reset the pace and finished seventh.




1. Sparano - Schmidt Dallara-Honda - 15143.0625

2. Maleshin - Schmidt Dallara-Honda - +7.2622

3. Droxford - Herta Dallara-Honda - +17.0208

4. Climball - Ganassi Dallara-Chevy - +18.5927

5. Sbord - KV Dallara-Chevy - +20.2366

6. Rkhunter-ray Andretti Dallara-Honda - +25.3920

7. Hontoria - Penske Dallara-Chevy - +30.2312

8. Rbrace - Ganassi Dallara-Chevy - +30.5917

9. Andretti Andretti Dallara-Honda - +31.3259

10. Canaan - Ganassi Dallara-Chevy - +50.3098

11. Upower - Penske Dallara-Chevy - +112.7735

12. Dwilson - Coyne Dallara-Honda - range -1

13. Convey - Carpenter Dallara-Chevy - range -1

14. Dhinchcliffe Andretti Dallara-Honda - range -1

15. Philippe - Rahal Dallara-Honda - range -2

16. Graal - Rahal Dallara-Honda - -3 circle

17. Saavedra - KV Dallara-Chevy - -6 circles

18. Stigson - Ganassi Dallara-Chevy - -12 circles

Not classified - 160 - 160

Tito - Foyt Dallara-Honda - 74 circle

Newgarden - Fisher Dallara-Honda - 61 circle

Kastanies - Penske Dallara-Chevy - 48 circles

Kanios Andretti Dallara-Honda - 40 circles

K.Huertas - Coyne Dallara-Honda - 2 laps



2014-06-11 20:24:02

Gene Haas While I am a single shark't seen

Gene Haas While I am a single shark't seen

The team Marussia took more than four years to earn their first points, and Caterham still cannot open the account. American entrepreneur and owner of one of NASCAR teams gene Haas talks about what he expects, having received from the FIA right to come in Formula 1 with his new team.

Question You are one of the major players of the American NASCAR and suddenly decided to come to Formula 1, although it can be said that many American fans alien to this category of motor racing. What made you decide to take this step

Gene Haas I don't think it is so strange In the minds of Americans Formula 1 for decades has its place. Moreover, in my opinion, the Americans even like Formula 1. I remember the race 1975 in long beach - it was amazing Since then I got sick of these races when I was still very young.

Question You are a successful team owner, and now you have to start everything from the very beginning. Why are you attracted to What do you see for themselves the pros

Gene Haas We got used to the fact that participation in NASCAR promotes sales Haas Automation in America - we sell machines with numerical program control - series and the NASCAR was in this plan very effective. The idea is that the speech in the Formula 1, the highest category of Motorsport, will help raise awareness of our brand. For the world F1 - premium brand, and if we are to be associated with him, this will help to sell our products worldwide.

Question What can you say about yourself You have an innate passion for racing

Gene Haas to be honest, I like to do new projects. I have a very successful machine tool company, and wind tunnel, and the team Stewart Haas Racing is also a very successful enterprise. I am convinced that our business-project in the Formula 1 will be the same.

Question So you're more likely to be a businessman, not a racer

Gene Haas Good question. If we think of the past, races I started before I became an entrepreneur. But I never was a racer - I have worked for companies that produced spare parts for race cars. So understand what racing team, and what she needs. And I would not be surprised if many of the details that are produced for cars of Formula 1, are made on our machines. We sell in England a lot of machine tools for machining.

Question it is No secret that Formula 1 is very expensive. What is your business plan Bad news for you that F1 has never imposed restriction budgets

Gene Haas the Experience of participation in NASCAR has taught us to effectively dispose of assets, and the same will we do in the Formula 1. The plan is not to spend hundreds of millions in order to succeed. I think we can prove that to achieve the goals do not have to spend exorbitant amounts laughs

Question In the Formula 1 paddock there are teams in the state that more than 600 people, and there are others where just 200 people. What will be your team

Gene Haas I Think, if you have opened more than 600 people, then no one knows who is doing what. In my opinion, in Motorsport need a small group of professionals that make up the core of the project, and these people must be masters of their craft. Then everything is organized more efficiently than in the case of a huge organization.

So we work in American race, and that was the task set ourselves in the Formula 1. We do not plan to produce every single detail - we want to acquire technologies in the maximum amount of the partners, and produce their own only what is necessary. Our organization will be very compact. And my experience confirms that these are the organizations that are more suitable for racing.

Question But in Formula 1 is still ahead of the big teams, with the possible exception of Force India. What do you think about this Are you ready for that first you destined to be among the outsiders

Gene Haas We have to gain experience, to learn. This takes time, because, of course, you cannot come at once to overcome leaders. I guess you will have to spend three, four, or even five years as an outsider, accumulating experience - this is our work, we must ensure that the project became effective. Can't promise that we'll succeed, but at the same time, our approach to business can change the current practice followed by others. I believe we can lead economical policy and achieve success. I would not take on this project, if thought that I will fail.

Question Your plans to place the base command in the U.S. many were surprised, especially after the ignominious fate of the project Kenny Anderson and Peter Windsor, closed down several years ago. Will you be able to achieve the result

Gene Haas I Think that in our age of advanced communications lot can be done with the help of Internet. Our database will always be in Kannapolis, North Carolina. We also plan to open a small branch in Europe, where the machine will be serviced and repaired, but the basic departments, which will deal with design and manufacture, will be based in Kannapolis.

Question In Formula 1, perhaps, much depends on talent, not by geography. Where you will find talented employees Such people find it increasingly difficult to lure the UK, unless your team is not a Ferrari.

Gene Haas America has unlimited resources. The Americans are very creative people, so we are not planning to invite European experts. The team will be American, and guide it will be Americans, but of course, we will also employ experienced people from other countries.

Question you said that You want to purchase on the side as many components as possible. What arrangements you have already achieved

Gene Haas The largest components of the power unit and transmission, so if we can sign a contract with Ferrari - and now suppliers of engines of all three, then it is almost olmasini And we have to undertake the creation of the second half.

Q You decided to transfer debut in the championship with 2015 for 2016. Why

Gene Haas well, Actually we have never tolerated. We had the choice to start the next season, or in 2016. But the process was delayed. Also intervened administrative factor when are you going to draw in people from different countries, it is necessary to count everything. And suddenly we realized that the car should be ready in six months. In General, it was decided to focus on 2016. This is more Razumny option, because if we were going to start the year before, had to throw on this project all the resources.

Question And already have sponsors, who are interested in your project

Gene Haas the Subject of sponsorship reminds the question of the chicken and the egg which at first, and then what Of course, we are negotiating with sponsors, but they are not going to join until you see the car. One of our intention to do the races is not enough - it's not interesting. And I'm going to prove to us by virtue of such a project. And so then we will ask for money to partners. I hesitate to promise that we will achieve results - first I want to prove that we can. We can participate in Formula 1 as with sponsors and without sponsors.

Question If the attempt Anderson and Windsor to organize the American command has failed, why do you think you will succeed

Gene Haas I Think they wanted to do too much, and was far too little time. At some point they suddenly realized that no time. For us it would be the worst option. We are going to act more cautiously and organized. We have clearly determined that the time you can do to achieve the results we want to achieve.

Question When you first decide that the Formula 1 can be a good option for you

Gene Haas actually, Kenny Anderson discussed with me the idea of creating a Formula 1 team five or six years ago and brought me a little in the course of the case. I have already said that they knew of the Formula 1 since the 70's, ever since, when I worked as a mechanic in one of the teams of the American Formula 5000 a year before in long beach started Grand Prix. But Kenny ordained me into this topic in more detail.

In his time, when I decided to organize his own team, NASCAR was the most popular championship in the USA, and thanks to him my machine manufacturing company has achieved great fame. Then began the project USF1, but it was a failure, however, we have entered into negotiations with Gunther Steiner former technical Director of Jaguar and Red Bull Racing, and he said, "You interested" From my side of particular interest was, and suddenly there came a time when I turned to him with the question "are you ready to do" The answer was positive.

The beauty of any project that I'm building the enterprise in combination with my production machine that's really important for me. And no doubt, my machines and racing form a great combination. This is a good marketing tool.

Question the Inevitable question that occurs when someone is going to create a team of Formula 1 what drivers do you expect What riders dream

Gene Haas I dream of driving one of the cars was Danica Patrick.

Question But when your team will start in 2016, it will be 34 - about at this age many racers of Formula 1 end my career.

Gene Haas I was asked about what I dream racer Of course, it is great. Woman in a man's sport - it would have attracted a lot of attention. And she weighs about 50 pounds - in modern Formula 1 this is great So it has all the necessary qualities.

Question are You really going to give a woman a place in one of their cars

Gene Haas Indeed. But realistically speaking, the first racer must be someone from the Formula 1 who knows the sport, can help us to understand what we should do, and provide the necessary feedback. This should be a racer. And racer number two must be from America.

Question do you Have a schedule of work, starting today and until the beginning of the season 2016

Gene Haas We countdown it is known that the machine must be ready by December 2015. Actually, I can quite imagine that we will make one already to July of the following year.

Question the Construction of the chassis will Dallara, or is it still not solved

Gene Haas you can, Dallara will be our contractor. Nothing is decided yet, so I don't want to know from the press that the role Dallara will boil down to the fact that the company may not be more than a supplier of parts.

Question And in a few months when you will appreciate done, you will not regret about what has contacted the Formula 1

Gene Haas No, because I think we had a great opportunity. We will have meetings with nice people, because the Formula 1 is competitive racing environment, which helps to improve your business.

Question the Paddock is sometimes called the "pond with sharks" - are you ready to leap

Gene Haas While I am a single shark't seen laughs These people are real racers. If the project will receive the necessary support, and it will be created with the correct environment, then everything will be fine

text Andrew Elk


2014-06-08 20:04:02

Joe Savart about the prospects of the team Gene Haas

Joe Savart about the prospects of the team Gene Haas

British journalist Joe Savart discusses the prospects of the project Gene Haas in connection with the plans of the American entrepreneur to have the basis of the new Formula 1 team in the US.

Joe Savart "Future boss of Formula 1 team gene Haas this weekend arrived in Montreal along with several leaders of their project, to communicate with potential partners in its future team, which is expected to debut at the world Championships in 2016. But some time ago it became clear that Haas going to go against all logic Formula 1 and wants to put his team in the USA. Initially he planned to use Dallara chassis and is going to conclude a contract for delivery of power plants and transmission with Ferrari. He is engaged in talks with Mercedes, but it seems that the deal will be concluded it with Ferrari, and Haas trusts that it will receive additional technical support from skuderii with its experienced engineers.

In the long term, he wants to transfer a production facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, where his own engineers will build a fully American chassis, though more obvious way would be to purchase an existing team that will save time, effort and money. How could see little Formula 1 team, the most difficult thing is to build an effective team of personnel with sufficient experience of joint work. Buying team is much better option than trying to create it from scratch, but the desire Haas to have the American team, not British American license, may ultimately hurt to strike his ambitions.

Currently, the Formula 1's no such thing as German or Italian team. Teams hire the best available specialists, and if the potential of these people are great, their nationality is not important. Thus, the idea of creating a team, among the staff of which will be dominated by the Americans, will inevitably hurt.

There is no doubt that in the United States have enough talented racing engineers, but at least some experience in Formula 1 has only a few, and this is an extremely important factor that you should consider when creating a new competitive team. If Haas ready to fail for five to ten years, forming the group of engineers of the necessary qualification, it will cost him dearly. It would be much more rational to accept some compromise and buy an existing command, and to grow in her youth, accumulating experience, and in the longer term, to create a team with true American character.

But it is unlikely he's going to limit the number of employees among Americans. Citizenship of the team determined by its license, and it would be logical to have a team in the Valley of Motorsport in the UK to gain access to the best specialists. To convince them to move to the US will not be easy".


2014-05-15 20:24:03

The formula E Team got first machine

The formula E Team got first machine

All 10 teams that will participate in the first League championship FIA Formula E, today received the machine Spark-Renault SRT01E. There was an official opening of the headquarters of the series In Donington Park, where there will be all the teams in the series.

Alejandro Agag "Today we celebrate a very important stage in the FIA Formula E. In September 2013 we first introduced to this incredible, all-electric car can accelerate to 240 km/hour, and after more than 3,000 kilometers of tests we are glad to pass them ten of our teams.

I want to thank Frederic Vasseur and his team Racing Spark Technology for its production, as well as our partners - McLaren, Williams, Dallara, Renault and Michelin - for participation in development.

Today we officially welcome our teams on their new bases, built to the latest environmental and construction standards. The team Donington Park, headed by Kevin Witcraft and Christopher Tate, can be proud of what they have achieved in such a short period of time. We are pleased with our new headquarters and very happy to be part of a growing British motor racing".

The first stage of the Formula E must pass 13-14 September 2014 in Beijing.


2014-05-10 14:34:04

Gene Haas will visit the base of Lotus F1 in Enstone

Gene Haas will visit the base of Lotus F1 in Enstone

In the paddock of Barcelona there are rumors that gene Haas, an American multimillionaire, whose project to create a new team was approved by the FIA and received the right to make his debut with the world Cup in the next two years, pritsenivayutsya to Lotus F1, which currently experiencing serious financial difficulties.

Originally Haas stressed that he intends to implement a purely American project, and even future be based team of Formula 1 has in the United States, which immediately raises serious doubts about the wisdom of the chosen course.

"Obviously, Jean wants to create the American team, and it will be good for Formula 1, said Damon hill, world champion in 1996, and now a commentator of TV channel Sky Sports. - However, it is difficult to imagine how it will work, if they want to design and build a car in America, it is so far from the slopes of the Grand Prix.

In 2013 Lotus took 4-th place in the Cup of designers, but despite this, she is unable to overcome the crisis situation. Last season the team has not paid Kimi Raikkonen fees due to it, but this weekend at the paddock there are speculations that Lotus owed Renault for the supply of the power plant.

Lotus F1 team with a long tradition and experience of victories in the world Cup, so that would be quite an attractive option for Haas, if he decides to change his views.

According to the information Sky Sport, he has already started negotiations with the Italian company Dallara about possible cooperation in the field of development and production of the chassis, and if Lotus somehow be involved, then such an Alliance could be quite appropriate. In Lotus does not comment on these rumors, but it is already known that Haas can visit the commands in Enstone next week.


2014-04-27 14:44:02

Herbert the Idea Haas U.S. military base - error

Herbert the Idea Haas U.S. military base - error

The team Gin Huss was entitled to participate in Formula 1, but many doubt that the project will be successful is still fresh in the memory of the history of failed teams USF1, which also refused from the usual conditions of success and was closed in the spring of 2010. Haas not planning organization base in Europe, its key principles - enthusiasm, optimism and patriotism, but is this enough for success in Formula 1

John Watson, a former Formula 1 driver "the decision about the base in the U.S. I think it is a mistake. Why would such a base, if they plan to use the Italian Dallara chassis of the machine should be brought from Europe, and then returned for participation in the race. It would be logical to buy the ruling team with existing infrastructure and their know-how, moreover, that such options exist, there is even a choice".

Johnny Herbert, a former Formula 1 driver "it is not clear how they plan to deliver new solutions for tests I think the mistake the decision to base the team in America - Haas need more time to carefully think things through".


2014-04-11 13:24:02

WSR Before the start of the season 2014

WSR Before the start of the season 2014

This weekend, on April 12-13, in Monza starts a new season of the World series Renault 2014. In the most prestigious category in the Formula Renault 3.5, again will perform several Russian drivers.

Notable technical change, this time not happened. At the disposal of the pilots all the same Dallara chassis with engines Zytek V8 capacity of 530 PS As before, cars equipped with 6-speed gearbox, by the DRS and vented carbon brakes Carbone Industries. Unlike GP2, in WSR are much more durable tyres Michelin.

Among the teams participating in the championship, there were some changes. So, the command P1 Motorsport, changed owners in the last year, will be renamed the Strakka Racing, and AV Formula turned into AVF. Team last year bore the name of the SMP Racing, returned to its original name Comtec, as the contract with the Russian program ended. But the other team Zeta Corse, although they kept the name, is in fact a whole new team, and will act under the Russian license was bought by representatives of the Russian RMD Racing Academy.

As a year ago, the first three of the pilots last year's championship left the series Kevin Magnussen switched to Formula 1, Stoffel Vandorn - in GP2, and Antonio Felix da Costa - in the DTM. However, they were replaced by some strong young pilots, so the level of competition will again be extremely high.

Among the obvious favorites include Carlos Sainz, Oliver Rowland, Sergey Sirotkin, Pierre Gali. Able to show good results Norman NATO, Pietro Fantin, will Stevens and some of the other pilots. Of course, we expect good performances of Nikolai Martsenko and representatives Zeta Corse.

This year the participants of the series are faced with serious financial problems a few days before the start of the championship vacancies remain in the four teams, and the famous British band Carlin far refused from participation in the first stage of the season, as he was unable to find pilots with a sufficient budget.


Last year the team, which was once headed by Eric bulge, of a strong middle peasant has become a leader in the series, winning titles in both tests. It largely owes this Kevin Magnussen, which has proved to be extremely stable during the whole season, finishing in all races 2013, and the ending of the championship held just exemplary. His companion, Norman NATO, were much weaker than by typing in a season total of 33 points.

The 2014 championship team starts as favourites. NATO has maintained a place in the team, but a year ago he was a beginner, now gained experience, and DAMS are waiting for results. The leader of the team, however, must become a member of the youth program of Red Bull Carlos Sainz Jr.

Last season the Spaniard spoke on the part of all stages WSR for Zeta Corse, sometimes demonstrating good lap time, but to some tangible results at the finish it did not. However, to retreat Carlos nowhere after the victory in the Nordic Formula Renault 2.0 in 2011 special success he has achieved, especially on the background of the impressive results of the same age and eternal rival Daniel cveta. Last year they performed in a series GP3 one team, but Quat became the champion and switched to Formula 1, and Sainz not won a single victory and took the 10th place. Now Carlos just 19, but to retain the support of Red Bull he must finish the season of Formula Renault 3.5 at least in the top three.

Fortec Motorsports

In recent years, Fortec has become one of the best teams of the championship - however, this usually applies to only one machine. In 2012, there were Junior champion of Formula Renault 2.0 Robin Trains, and won the series. In 2013 it was replaced by the next champion FR2.0 Stoffel Wandern, and almost did the same thing. In 2014 to get another winner FR2.0 the team was unable, however, the composition of the team is the strongest in the series.

Great attention will certainly be chained to Sergey Sirotkin. Russia last year has received wide popularity due to a contract with Sauber, but even before that drew the attention of specialists strong results in pre-season tests and the first stages FR3.5, 2013. Unfortunately, in the second half of the championship he has failed, and the season he finished only in ninth place. In winter Sirotkin moved from ISR in Fortec, and pre-season tests again proved to be one of the best, and only, entered the top five in all sessions. Sergei only 18 years old, he is very young even by the standards of WSR, but now he's got enough experience, it's fast, cool, confident, and in his hands a great machine. It would be strange if with all this, he will not be able to intervene in the fight for the title.

His partner, Oliver Rowland last year became the Vice-champion of the Formula Renault 2.0. The title was decided in the last race of the season, so with the speed he's all right. However, in the Formula Renault 3.5 he debutant, and the Englishman three years older than Sirotkina. However, he will certainly form the Russian worthy competition. But in minor series traumatic.

International Draco Racing

After several difficult years last season Draco Racing, finally able partly to return the lost positions, having won several victories and took third place in the team standings. The lion's share of points earned talented Swiss Niko Muller, but his partner Andre Negro once managed to reach the podium.

Unfortunately, count on success in 2014, the Italian team will be difficult to change in a fast and experienced nick Mueller came not enough stars in heaven Brazilian Pietro Fantin. Last season he spent in Arden Caterham and took 21 th place in the championship, while the team leader Antonio Felix da Costa was third.

This year the companion Fantina will become the young Italian Luca Giotto. In 2013, he competed in Formula Renault 2.0, and became the ninth European Vice-champion - Alpine series. The team hope that the mixture of youth and experience will bring them success, although, of course, to count on a place in the top five.

Arden Motorsport

In the offseason, the team, in recent years called Arden Caterham, returned to the traditional name, strengthened and its relation to Red Bull Racing - because founded in 1990-ies Christian Horner. That is why it turned out to be the winner of the Formula Renault 2.0 Pierre Gali, in the winter part of the program of support of the Red Bull Junior.

The Frenchman in recent years has made a lot of noise in the Junior series in 2011, making his debut in formula categories, he took third place in the French championship Formula 4, in 2012 twice climbed the podium in the European Formula Renault 2.0, and last season was able to surpass the battle for the title of much more experienced Rowland.

Gali recently turned 18, he is the most young racer series, but also one of the most promising.

The second pilot of the team, William Buller, three years older than Gali, and in recent years has had time to act not less than ten series. Last year he remembered impressive debut in the Formula Renault 3.5 for Zeta Corse, which was held at the Moscow stage. In his first skill he showed the fourth time, and the race became the fifth. By the end of the season after missing the first half of the championship Buller took 11th place, so it should be able to do more.

Tech 1 Racing

After double victory in the championship of 2007 the results of the French team became a series regular UPS and downs. Moreover, the UPS will inevitably fall on even-numbered years the victory in the team event in 2008, 2010 and 2012, and drop - odd fourth and two-fifths of the seats. In this sense, we are right to expect from the team success, after all, came the even-numbered year. But who is this success the team will still not clear to the end.

So far known only one pilot team - it was Marco Sorensen. Last season, the Dutchman played for Lotus, and his finest hour was the stage in Austria, on the track Red Bull Ring. Marco dominated in the course of the weekend and won both races. But on the other tracks such forms, he did not show, and on the podium was raised only once - in Monaco. In General Sorensen racer, of course, is fast but can fight for the title is a big question.

Strakka Racing

Before this season, this team was named P1 Motorsport, and regularly alternated in a strong championship outright failures. A year ago it was bought by the famous British racing team Strakka Racing, the name changed, but the team was the only one in the championship, which has preserved the pilots.

Last year will Stevens became the "best of the rest", behind three favorites - Magnussen, Vandorn and da Costa. Briton not won a single victory, but was very stable, five time to the podium ahead and won two races Muller. Stability is the main advantage Stevens, but in order to make a step forward, they need to start winning.

Mathias Laine 2013, in contrast, failed to impress. After good performances in GP3 in 2012, his debut at the World series Renault was extremely unsuccessful. For the whole season Finn scored a total of 9 points - against 148-and your partner. Season 2014 will become Matthias determining at the age of 24 to be wrong he has no right.


"Junior" team Lotus traditionally not put a Grand sports activities, the main purpose is training of drivers of the youth program Junior Lotus. The team this season has been updated half-Filipino Marlon Stockinger will continue their performances, and replaced the Sorensen came the young Frenchman Mathieu Vacciner.

Last year Stockinger debuted the Formula Renault 3.5, but nothing to prove himself failed unlike his companion, he not only scored a single victory, but never even been close to the podium. This season Marlon will try to rehabilitate themselves, but within the team he will again be quite strong opponent, which, moreover, have something to prove.

Vacciner - the same team that won the French championship Formula 4 in 2011, when Pierre Ghali became the third. But after this career two Frenchmen were different, and if Ghali last year became the champion of European Cup FR2.0, Mathieu, literally defeated all rivals in the first phase of the season, eventually held only the 10 th place. What are the reasons for such UPS and downs, probably, does not know even Vacciner. Help to find the answer to this question should the current season.


The team of Igor Shalakany in 2013 very beginning of the championship, but to keep this form, unfortunately, failed. This affected not only Sergey Sirotkin, but his partner Christopher Zanelli the first three races of the season he scored 25 points, and then to the end of the championship could not get points in no time.

In 2014 for the ISR will perform the Malaysian Jasmin Jafar, over the last several years, performing in different Championships for Carlin. It is for this command in one of the races last season he managed to reach the podium. More, however, was not achieved. Who will be the partner Jafar is still unknown.


The best of the two Spanish teams can hardly count on good results in the championship. Last year Arthur Peak was able to bring her one podium, but in General, the level of performances AV Formula was low. In command offset she barely managed to beat the debutant of the championship, the team Zeta Corse, in the struggle for the ninth line of the tournament table.

In 2014, not the fact that it will succeed, and this change in Peak came the Swiss Coal Amberg, last year's former companion Nicholas Martsenko in Pons. In the internal team confrontation Russian Amberg just defeated, and if not good luck in the last weekend of the season, Coal could stay even without points.

However, some attention to the team, of course, will be on due to his companion. Place the second car AVF took the Dutch pilot of Beitske Visser. She's only two years ago moved to racing formulas, and managed to win more victories in the German Formula Masters. Until this year Visser even included in the program of support of the Red Bull Junior, but in winter Helmut Marko decided contract with her not to renew. In 2014, Beisde will be a great opportunity to prove that he was wrong.

Zeta Corse

The team, only last year debuted in the championship, this has changed its owners, base and practically all technical staff. In fact, we are talking about an entirely new team, this time in Russian. Pilots, of course, is also new racers Zeta steel Roberto Mary and Roman Mavlanov.

Roberto Mary few years ago were among the most promising young drivers. In 2011, he has won two prestigious championship, Evrostroy Formula 3 and FIA F3 Trophy. He was only 20 years old and appeared before him open all the roads in the European Motorsport, but lack of funds forced him to leave formula and go in the German touring the DTM championship. Held there for two years for the Mercedes team, he still managed to return to racing machines for open-wheel, thanks to the Russian Zeta Corse. Of course, some time will be spent on adaptation, return of lost two years of skills, but performances Mary is one of the most interesting intrigue of the World series this year.

Partner Mary will become Roman Mavlanov, which we have already described in detail in the results of the previous season for Russian pilots. In recent years Mavlanova literally was closely machines in Formula Renault 2.0, and the transition in the older series is an important step for him. The contract with Zeta - to some extent, an advance for 19-year-old Muscovite, and now he must make every effort for him to pay.


One of the most famous teams in the European Motorsport forced to skip the first stage of the championship, as it could not find the necessary funding, that is actually - pilots with money. Will it start in the subsequent stages - is unknown, but in any case she was in a difficult position, because now she would have to fight with rivals with two races less than they.

Pons Racing

Thanks to the efforts of Nicholas Martsenko, last year Pons has managed to rise from the last lines of the championship, but only in order to take the penultimate. The team is known only half - driving one of the cars will sit Meindert van Buren. On account of the 19-year-old Dutchman has no outstanding achievements, and last season he spent in the series Auto GP, taking the championship in 9th place. However, he was able to find the necessary budget to sign a contract with the team WSR.

In Monza companion van were closed will be experienced Oliver Webb, who performed last year for Fortec. Then he was in the shadow of the leader of the team of Stoffele of Vandorn, but experience 23-year-old Briton not hold. However, it is unlikely that he will hold for Pons all season - because the basic place of work for him command Signatech-Alpine European series, the Le Mans ELMS.

Comtec Racing

Last year Comtec was called SMP Racing, as had a contract with the same Russian support program riders. However, it was a team Comtec, with UK engineers and specialists. In 2014 it returned to its traditional name, as the contract had finished his action, but still retains links with Russia - as one of the pilots of the team will be Nikolay martsenko. Who will take place in the second car, is still unknown.

Martsenko - a young, tech-savvy and very talented pilot, whose career, however, is very strange way. In 2012 Nicholas played for the team BVM Target that second last in the series, leaving behind only Pons Racing. And it is in Pons Russians moved in 2013 Now the Spanish team took the last place, being ahead of Comtec. Amazingly, with Comtec signed a contract Martsenko for 2014. I wish this vicious circle was finally broken, and the potential for that Ron has last year he had a brilliant start and a good aerobatics during the race. His weak point were qualification, than he Martsenko knew. If he can make progress in this component - the results can go to a whole different level.

Calendar of the World series Renault at the 2014 season

Date - Route - Country - Participants

12-13/04 - Milan - Italy - only FR3.5

26-27/04 - Motorland Aragon - Spain - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0, Eurocup Clio

24-25/05 - Monaco - Monaco - only FR3.5

31-01/06 - Spa - Belgium - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0

28-29/06 - Moscow Raceway - Russia - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0

12-13/07 - Nurburgring - Germany - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0, Eurocup Clio

12-14/09 - Silverstone - Hungary - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0

27-28/09 - Paul Ricard - France - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0, Eurocup Clio

18-19/10 - Jerez - Spain - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0, Eurocup Clio

text Elmir Valeev


2014-02-08 14:04:02

FIA would call two new commands

FIA would call two new commands

When in the middle of December of last year, the FIA has announced a call for applications from new commands on performance in Formula 1 with the 2015 or 2016, many were convinced that actually candidate has been identified - was too short time.

The application must be filed prior to January 3 to February 10, pass the preliminary selection should have to provide additional information on the financial viability and technical capabilities, and on February 28, the Federation plans to announce the decision.

First appeared the information that three teams have announced interest to debut in the Formula 1 - American Haas Racing using Dallara chassis and motors Ferrari, and both teams Colin and Zoran Stefanovich.

The FIA has not yet commented on the situation, but according to the information of Motorsport-Total now Federation considers the two candidates - Haas Racing and - and they can both be confirmed in case one project will turn out to be insolvent, because according to the rules of tender the right to participate in the championship will receive only one team.


2014-01-16 20:54:03

Three teams vying for a place in Formula 1

Three teams vying for a place in Formula 1

In December, the FIA announced a call for applications from teams wishing to compete in Formula 1 as of 2015. The German edition Auto Motor und Sport writes about three potential candidates - American Haas Racing, project Colin and team Serbian businessman Zoran Stefanovic, Stefan GP.

The greatest chances of getting into the Formula 1 from Haas Racing. Team since 2002 favor of a series of NASCAR, and its owner Gin Haas is a powerful financial resource, since he owns one of the largest companies in the world manufacturer of CNC machine tools. In addition, he owns his own aerodynamic tube, which is considered one of the best in the world, located in Concord, North Carolina.

According to the information of Auto Motor und Sport, Haas Racing intends to independently build the chassis, but you will use the chassis of the Dallara. The power plant and the transmission is put Ferrari, and a leader of the team will be Gunter Steiner, former technical Director of Jaguar and Red Bull Racing.

Chances Colin and Stefan GP to get approval from the FIA don't look so high. The already have experience of participation in the Formula 1. In different years he led the teams Midland, Spyker, Force India and HRT. In addition, the team take part in the DTM series and face the start in the category LMP2 world championship endurance race WEC.

Serbian businessman Zoran Stefanovich made several attempts to get in Formula 1, and in 2009 was even going to buy the property commands Toyota intended to participate in the 2010 season, but his application was rejected by the FIA.