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January nomeromania 7 - Michael Andretti, 1993

January nomeromania 7 - Michael Andretti, 1993

In 1993, the head of McLaren, Ron Dennis has called in your team of Michael Andretti, champion overseas IndyCar series and son of 1978 champion Mario Andretti. Formally, the American became the first pilot and got the number "7".At the end of 1992, the minders Honda decided to leave Formula 1. Dennis hoped to get the champion motors Renault, but the deal fell through, so the season-1993 McLaren had to spend with customer Ford engines that lost to the French engines, stood on the machines Williams, about 60 HP On this background, the team leader Ayrton Senna was in no hurry to sign a new McLaren contract and even considered the possibility of transition in the IndyCar, and Gerhard Berger took up the invitation and Ferrari. Not to be left without experienced pilots, Dennis was invited Andretti, who won IndyCar in 1991.Debut Andretti proved to be difficult. In the first phase in South Africa, Michael came down due to a collision with an opponent already on the fifth circle, the two following races ended with crashes on the first lap in the fourth race of the American deployed in the middle distance. Only at the fifth stage in Spain he was able to finish fifth and earn their first points. In that time Senna, who has signed a contract with McLaren at every race, managed to win two victories and polytyrosine in the championship.

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Brendon Hartley It was a great debut

Brendon Hartley It was a great debut

Debutant Brendon Hartley in the USA finished 13th. the new Zealander remained dovolen my result.Brendon Hartley "It was hard, but a stunning debut Grand Prix Now I'm all on edge, and this condition will go on until, until I go to bed and don't analyze the whole race in my head. The only way I calm down.In the beginning of the race I couldn't fight with the other pilots, I had to watch the tires and go at a given pace, but then the battles were many. The pace was quite strong, especially at the end. I think the only slight mistake I made, was I too long pottered with Strolla. Overtake him I could not, and he pulled down my strategy.There were many problems, many things that still need to be aware of, and I hope that will have another race. I enjoyed every moment of this racing weekend, and I would like to thank the whole team for that. That was amazing".

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Already there are four penal

At least three pilots will lose positions at the start of the race in Austin. Questionable penalty for max Verstappen.Already confirmed three fine. Debutant Brendon Hartley will lose 35 positions for the replacement of the power plant. 20 positions for the replacement of elements of the power plant will lose the pilot of the Renault Nico Hulkenberg. Only five positions will lose the representative of the McLaren Stoffel Vandorn for the replacement of the internal combustion engine.It is expected that the new power plant will receive and Max Verstappen. In this case Dutch lose at least 20 positions.

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Lance Stroll will lose five positions at the start

Debut for lance Stroll race will begin with a loss of five positions at the start due to gearbox replacement.The curtain Saturday practice 18-year-old canadian flew into a 10th turn and crashed into a protective barrier. In the end, his car will have to replace almost the entire rear section, including the gearbox, which relies a penalty in the form of loss of five positions.The Williams mechanics have two hours to restore the machine to start the skills.

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Mikhail Alyoshin will hold a season-2017 in the North American IndyCar series

Mikhail Alyoshin will hold a season-2017 in the North American IndyCar series

SMP Racing announces the signing of a pilot programme for the development of Russian Motorsport Michael Aleshin on the third season of the North American IndyCar series. The Russians once again be the team Schmidt Peterson Motorsport car under the traditional number 7.Aleshin became the first Russian pilots of this popular American racing series. Debuting in 2014, the year the team Schmidt Peterson Motorsport, the Russians successfully performed on the complex, including the oval tracks this season and won his first podium in 2016 the first ever pole position, and then the silver podium on the track at Pocono.Partner of the Russian pilot, as in 2016, will become the canadian James Hinchcliff. The first tests of the team slated for Sonoma Raceway on 7 February 2017"Michael is one of the most experienced riders in our program - said founder and Director of the program SMP Racing Boris Rotenberg. And we believe that Michael is worthy of our country, and the Russian flag in the American IndyCar series. He repeatedly demonstrated their talents in various world Championships, and that's Mikhail Aleshin the strength to fight in America for the highest results.""I am very glad to speak in this, in my opinion the most interesting formula championship, said Mikhail Aleshin. And doubly glad to be back in the team you know well, Schmidt Peterson Motorsport, where the partner again will be my friend James Hinchcliff. My experience in this series allows us to compete with all opponents and, believe me, I will do everything possible and impossible to replenish the Treasury of SMP Racing new victories and podiums".The pilot program SMP Racing Mikhail Aleshin is one of the most decorated athletes in the Russian Motorsport. Throughout his career, Michael has won various Russian and international competitions - from karting to formula Championships, including becoming the first Russian driver to win the World series Formula Renault 3.5. In the asset Aleshin performances including in endurance racing in 2015, the Russian pilot took part in the European series of Le Mans and the world Championship on races on endurance, which made the crew team SMP Racing for the first Russian prototype BR01 LMP2 class of the Russian company BR Engineering. Mikhail Aleshin is also involved in the development of a new company car LMP1 - BR1.Season 2017 IndyCar series opens March 12 race at St Petersburg Florida.

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The vandorn liked the new machine McLaren

Debutant McLaren Stoffel Vandorn admitted that he was impressed by the images of the new machine MP4-32, constructed with the rules in 2017.Stoffel Vandorn "I saw on the computer a 3D model of a new car. It is markedly different from the previous one, it looks very aggressive, especially with wide tyres and a huge rear wing.Look forward to the opportunity to sit behind its wheel. While preparations for the tests, there is still a long way".

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Rio Haryanto fined

Rio Haryanto fined

Debutant Rio Haryanto scored in Saturday practice, when the pit lane crashed into the car of Roman Grosjean. Having considered the incident, the stewards of the Australian Grand Prix punished pilot's Manor.Haryanto will lose at the start of the three positions. In addition, Indonesian received two penalty points.

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Alexander Rossi It was a special race

Alexander Rossi It was a special race

The Manor pilot Alexander Rossi has proven that he knowingly took in the team, because in his debut race he achieved the 14th result.Alexander Rossi "Debut in Formula 1 was a long wait, but today everything went perfectly. All the hard work finally paid off, and it was just great to take part in the race on the streets of Singapore in my first Grand Prix. It was not the easiest route, I couldn't even clean to start, because this procedure is new to me. In this respect I have a lot of work ahead. But then I had a good race, although in the middle of the race I lost the radio, just in time for the safety car. I didn't know could come back into the circle ahead of the peloton. But even this did not prevent us from spending good race. This Grand Prix was a success for me."The copilot Manor will Stevens finished 15th. will Stevens "overall, it was not the best weekend for me. Today I spent the most successful start in the season, but made a mistake on the first lap that cost me a position. The safety car helped, and I tried my best, but there was too much degradation of rubber that prevented to fight with a partner. This is a big failure. I enjoyed flying the streets at night, but everything went against me. I hope in Suzuka everything will go more smoothly".

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The best pilots Eddie Jordan

The best pilots Eddie Jordan

In the 1990s in Formula 1 was an Irish team Jordan, through which passed many excellent pilots. The other day in an interview with F1-insider former head of the team Eddie Jordan was named the top five of their pilots.1. Michael Summerbaby seven-time champion held in Jordan only one race. Regular pilot Jordan Bertrand Gasho on the eve of the Grand Prix of Belgium had an argument with a taxi driver and ended up in jail. His place and took the 22-year-old German. Debut race Schumacher qualified seventh, but fell due to clutch failure. Jordan wanted to leave Michael at home until the end of the season, but the young pilot, taking advantage of the weaknesses of the contract, lured by the Benetton team.Eddie Jordan "the Debut of Michael at Spa 1991 was incredible. He qualified seventh, but after five hundred meters after the start, his car failed the clutch. Unfortunately, then we had to save for parts.I will never forget his first tests in 1991. He was very fast. I've only seen like in the performance of Ayrton Senna, when he was in 1982, conducted tests in Formula 3. These two guys surpass anyone I've ever seen ever".

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New Force India has not passed crash tests

It is known that the Force India team is preparing a new version of the machine. Debut VJM08B was postponed several times, and, obviously, will be postponed again, because the monocoque has not passed the mandatory crash tests of the FIA.According to the initial plan, the new machine was to appear at the Grand Prix of Spain. However, due to the transition to the use of aerodynamic ground in Cologne, the work was delayed, impact and lack of Finance. Then it was named a new term - the Grand Prix of Austria. But now VJM08B wait until the stage in the UK.

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Carlos Sainz has chosen starting number

According to the sporting regulations, which came into force a year ago, each pilot of Formula 1 can secure a starting number. Debutant Carlos Sainz already made their choice.In his first season, the young Spaniard will be the number "55". Two other debutants partner Sainz on Toro Rosso Max Verstappen and Sauber rookie Felipe Nasr has not yet decided.Meanwhile, the new champion Lewis Hamilton refused to use champion "unity" in the next season. The Briton said he wanted to leave his lucky number "44". But Sebastian Vettel, who lost a title number will be the number "5".

2014-10-28 15:04:02

Tom Webb Coles has done an incredible job in Caterham

Tom Webb Coles has done an incredible job in Caterham

Press attach Caterham Tom Webb left the team and now works in Austin consultant Grand Prix USA. However, he continues to monitor developments at former employers and in an interview with Sky Sports, told about their impressions of what is happening.

Tom Webb "I don't think it is worth to criticize the work of the team from the first day of its existence until now. Obviously, some decisions Caterham went in the wrong direction. I can't go into details, but after a few years it will be possible to objectively assess the situation.

Honestly, Colin Kolles and his colleagues have done an incredible job in Caterham. I know some of the details of what is happening for some time prior to the sale of the team - she was in a very difficult situation. The fact that they were able to spend several Grand Prix and increase the efficiency of the machine, said about the efforts that they have made".

Debuting in 2010, Marussia and Caterham counted on the implementation of plans to reduce costs, but this project failed. The loss of two teams fighting for the last position and tried unsuccessfully to solve numerous problems that could be a plus for the championship, but Tom Webb believes that Formula 1 will not be missed.

"It seems to me, if in the paddock did not want Caterham and Marussia participated in the championship, then they would not be able to stay in the sport as long, even with such machines. Without them, Formula 1 will lose part of its charm," added Tom Webb.




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Force India proposes to allow teams to choose tires

Force India proposes to allow teams to choose tires

Debut Grand Prix Russia was not the most interesting race of the season in the fact that Pirelli brought in Sochi too hard rubber. Tyre workers explained their choice by security considerations, because a completely new track is always a meeting with the unknown. However, Force India came up with an interesting proposal, which would help to improve the entertainment of the race.

Sports Director Otmar, Szafnauer expressed a bold idea, the essence of which is as follows "Why not allow teams before the race to choose the tires of the two possible options Then all the teams whose cars are more aggressive work with rubber, would prefer a more rigid structures. Others, who when creating a chassis spent more time and effort to tire aspect, select the more soft options".

This approach will lead to a variety of tactical schemes. In addition, the more significant is the difference in speed between the machines, the more leads we will see.

"One car goes faster, the other longer remains on the track on one set of tyres. Sometimes teams will make a wrong choice of rubber, and all this will make the race really exciting," continued Szafnauer.

However, the head of Pirelli Motorsport Floor Chambre reacted to this proposal without much enthusiasm "first, if each team will need to secure the tires in accordance with individual choice, it will turn into a nightmare in terms of logistics. Secondly, there is a danger that some teams will overestimate their abilities, underestimating the risk. In the end we will be foolish, because if there is a security issue associated with the tire, the responsible Pirelli, not commands.

Also Hembry surprised that teams want the tire acted more risky "last year, everyone wanted to stick to the more conservative choice. However, if the Strategic group of the Formula 1 will ask us, that the number of pit-stops became more, we'll think about it".


2014-10-15 22:04:02

Roman Grosjean Jules never retreats

Roman Grosjean Jules never retreats

Roman Grosjean was so excited accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka that he had to work hard to get back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 in Sochi. In his blog in the newspaper L'equipe pilot Lotus talked about the relationship with Jules.

Roman Grosjean "Jules rarely overlap, but the career ladder always follow each other. Debuting in formulas, he won the title in the French Formula Renault, together with the SG team, where I was also. In Formula 3, he won the title, as I, at ART. We even had one engineer.

Actually, in the Junior series, we met only once, in 2011, in GP2. And our fight was very intense, especially in Turkey, where we encountered in the Sunday race. But there is something that unites us is the attitude of irreconcilable rivalry.

I remember one of our first conversations. It happened in Dubai in 2008, during the training, organized by the French Federation of motor sports. It was early in the season in GP2. I was older, and Jules made his debut. He came on the starting grid with the other racers. In his eyes, felt the fighter's instinct. It was obvious that he wants resolute. That amazed me.

Jules not only a great guy, he is a very strong opponent. That was my first impression. When he competed in karting, he was spoken of as a racer who never retreats. Partly, as I do.

Organized my coach Jean-Pierre Frison training of the French Federation of motor sports in Chamonix, organized a funny competition between racers who will show you the best time in the ascent snowshoes on snow-covered slope. Jules tried to beat my record. He tried twice, and eventually succeeded. He is strong

I thought Jules was my brother in the race. I am concerned that happened to him. However, like all other racers. I miss him dearly. Sitting behind the wheel of the morning practice sessions last Friday in Sochi, for the first time I felt vulnerable. After the accident, Jules a little less than a week, it was hard again go back on the track, but we need for him to continue to race, to compete in the Formula 1, because, as I said, Jules is a real fighter who never backs".


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Paul Hembry criticizing Us for all that whatever we do

Paul Hembry criticizing Us for all that whatever we do

Debut Grand Prix Russia was not too eventful, and some pilots, in particular, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen admitted that race was boring. One of the factors this influence is minimal degradation of the tyres, which allowed the majority of the participants of the Grand Prix race with one pit stop, and has led to the approximate equality of the velocities in all phases of the race.

However, the Director of Pirelli Motorsport Floor Chambre believes that the character of the race probably would have been different, even if the track in Sochi were selected softer rubber compounds.

"People criticize us for everything we did, " said Hembree British magazine Autosport. "I think one of the problems that people have a short memory. I'm not sure that the script of the race could radically change if we brought in Sochi SuperSoft tyres".

According to Hembree, the situation is partly due to the fact that asphalt Russian rubber tracks behaved not as in previous races, even on the soft tyres racers showed the best results towards the end of each series of circles. He admits that this is due to new coating, which, at first, very smooth, and secondly, interacting with the tyres, it provided very good adhesion, leading to higher speeds.


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Sergey Sirotkin I am ready for the next step

Sergey Sirotkin I am ready for the next step

In Sochi Sergey Sirotkin for the first time took part in the official session of the weekend of the Grand Prix, sitting in the first training session behind the wheel of the machine Esteban Gutierrez. After training pilot Sauber shared his impressions.

Question Sergey, as picatiny

Sergey Sirotkin the First impression is great I half't driven this car, so snachala was a bit unusual. To be honest, there was a feeling that I was actually the first time behind the wheel. It took some time to get used to, but then I showed good pace.

Unfortunately, during the last series of circles, which was supposed to be the fastest, I every time fast lap interfere with traffic. As a result I lost a lot of time, and the circle, which turned out to be the fastest, was the last - rubber was already pretty worn out. Moreover, in the last sector I was driving one of the cars Lotus, which resulted in the loss of approximately five-tenths. Unfortunately, we failed to realize the full potential, but the task was not.

Together with the team we have conducted a series of aerodynamic tests, checked the mechanical adjustments and made some conclusions. It is much more important than the free races.

Question However, you are not so much lost to Adrian Sutil.

Sergey Sirotkin you Can say that at some point, at least, I was not lost, but it's actually not so important.

Question were You nervous before the session

Sergey Sirotkin I was not worried. It's just the free races, not race. I am confident in myself and I have no doubt that you can show a good time at the range. Most important of all was quiet to do their work.

Question are You satisfied with how it worked out session

Sergey Sirotkin Yes, of course. I'm actually a little surprised that not much behind Adrian, because it is not attacked by 100. I feel ready for the next year.

Question are You ready to race

Sergey Sirotkin I feel more than ready for it.

Question What is your impression of the track

Sergey Sirotkin the Route is very interesting configuration, quick, one-third turn. Yes, there are some moments, but overall the track is decent. Yesterday I was afraid that the asphalt will be very slippery, you have problems with the clutch, especially in the beginning of the session, but this problem did not exist. There are several interesting twists. For example, very hard braking before the second. The configuration I like.

Question How do you think, what is the probability of a crash in the second turn during the launch

Sergey Sirotkin This is not the most difficult place asphalt around the security zone. If anything, you can always go to them. I don't think that will be something serious, although braking before the turn of the machine can be dispersed, at least up to 300 km/H.

Question But this is the main place for overtaking

Sergey Sirotkin Yes, this is a good turn for overtaking, and back straight. Places to fight enough, on the third sector in "Eske" you can try to do something. I think the race will be interesting.

Question can You elaborate on what worked in this session

Sergey Sirotkin the Main attention was paid to the work settings. We evaluated how the different options affect the behavior of a machine, heating rubber and so on.

Question Recently imposed restrictions on the communication between driver and engineer. This complicates the work

Sergey Sirotkin I these limitations did not prevent. Yes, today I first worked on this track, sometimes I would like to clarify certain points, but, for example in World series by Renault we do not have online-telemetry. If it were possible, I'd a couple of times something asked the engineer, but not a fact.

Question What is the future plan of your work during the weekend

Sergey Sirotkin I drove free runs, got some experience, in the course of the weekend I will attend all briefings. I think the team is satisfied with the gathered my information. Will try to analyze to help the Esteban Gutierrez, who will sit behind the wheel in the second session.

Question Debut in the official session of the Grand Prix behind. What's next

Sergey Sirotkin Prospects for the positive, but until I can make statements. I have a good opportunity, and I think not much time left to wait.

Question it seemed that the entrance to the pit lane is very narrow.

Sergey Sirotkin Yes, narrow. On the one hand this is good, the other bad. The entrance is very technical. The speed limit is 80 km/h, and at the entrance is a 90-degree turn - he, first, the blind, and, secondly, very narrow. When the race go to the limit and attempt to play every tenth, in this place, problems can occur.

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2014-09-16 15:44:02

Marcus Erickson I want to stay for long in Formula 1

Marcus Erickson I want to stay for long in Formula 1

Last weekend, Marcus Erickson held a demonstration Caterham races through the streets of the Swedish city of rebro, 20 kilometers from his native town Kumla.

"If you go back 15 years, you'll see here is my monument joked Marcus Erickson, hinting at the monument Ronnie Peterson in rebro From this area have been many greats Ronnie Petersson, rally driver Stig Blomqvist and other speakers in the touring and not only. In Formula 1 was not Swedes for 23 years, so surprisingly become the new Swedish racer Grand Prix. The race attracts a lot of fans from Sweden in this respect, things are going great.

Debut season in Formula 1 is always difficult, but everything is in order. My goal is to stay for long in the Formula 1, and it is in this area we are now working".

At the time, because the sponsors played a crucial role in Marcus Erickson was in Formula 1. Before the start of the season in Caterham relied on financial support from the rider, and after sales team investment needs have grown. Grand Prix of Belgium team even replaced Kamui Kobayashi on Andre Lotterer, hoping to get more money. Although the Japanese are back behind the wheel in Monza, he has no guarantee that he will continue to advocate for Caterham in the remaining six races. Marcus Erickson stated that he did not know who would be his companion in Singapore, and is oblivious to the bustle around the team recently replaced the head.

"Honestly, when you are preparing for a race week-end and get behind the wheel, so immersed in work that does not pay attention to such things, " added the Swede. - The team has new owners, they invest a lot of money into upgrading the machine. This is a big plus. I think the trend is positive.




2014-09-02 18:47:25

Honda is ready to work with the client team in 2016

Honda is ready to work with the client team in 2016

Next year in Formula 1 returns to Honda as engine suppliers. In the first stage, the Japanese will only work with McLaren, but in 2016 they are ready to supply client version engines another Comanches Arai, sports Director Honda "season-2015 we have no plans to work with other teams, in addition to McLaren. In 2016, or later if the other team wants, we will consider this possibility. In any case, in 2016 McLaren will remain our top partneras us is not so important how many teams will use our engines. It is important to regularly win. Formula 1 is very important in the development strategy of the company Honda. We want to raise the prestige of the brand, and I am sure that next season we will win a few races IN this year a new Honda engine will not appear on the car in Formula 1. All work will be confined to bench trials. First new power plant will be tested during the winter tests in Harness Arai "In the next few weeks we will be doing bench tests. Debut on the track will take place only at the beginning of next year, most likely in Jerez. At the same time will have a new machine McLaren Honda".

2014-09-01 14:44:02

Bernie Ecclestone I am full of energy, and the work brings me joy

Bernie Ecclestone I am full of energy, and the work brings me joy

Bernie Ecclestone rarely speaks about things that are not related to Formula 1, but in an interview with the Swiss tabloid Blick told about their health, family life, trial in Munich and that in retirement he is not going.

Question Mr. Ecclestone, October 28, you are 84 years old. It is logical to start with a question about how your Affairs

Bernie Ecclestone I have nothing to complain about. I am healthy, and this is important. Even despite the fact that gained extra two kilograms.

Question sorry, What

Bernie Ecclestone Yes, I weigh 62 kilos, which is not very good. My usual weight is 60 kilograms.

Question How do you take care of yourself at that age

Bernie Ecclestone I need to eat more fruits. My wife Fabiana daily ensures that I had a healthy diet. In this respect, she is very strict with me.

Question How do you manage to look so good

Bernie Ecclestone I early fall and get up early. Often I am the first to come into the office.

Question We already know your weight, how did you do it how tall are you

Bernie Ecclestone currently my height of 1.61 meters

Question Many surprise your gray hair. They are real

Bernie Ecclestone Yes, of course. I take good care of them and my often dry by the hair dryer. Look at me now - they are quite disheveled.

Question How often do you have sex

Bernie Ecclestone it's better to ask my wife We certainly have no desire to have children. I already have a grandson and granddaughter. Yet it would be strange if in a few years my child had no conversation with my dad, and grandparents

Question Recently in the court of Munich ended in a lawsuit against you. You bought freedom for 100 million, Why not 50 or 120 million

Bernie Ecclestone It was my suggestion. A Munich court wanted to get my 150 million euros

Question So, this can be considered a successful deal

Bernie Ecclestone Not really, I would call it strange. I wanted as soon as possible to finish the job, because tired of the endless translators.

Question But from the impression that you will win the case and will be justified.

Bernie Ecclestone Yes, but then prosecutors could appeal, and the process could drag on for another six months.

Question What is a Munich court will do with such a large sum of money

Bernie Ecclestone I don't know, but I also donated a large sum to the charity Fund for helping children suffering from cancer. The judge asked me about it.

Question But your divorce from second wife Slavica in 2009 was more expensive

Bernie Ecclestone Yes, then I had to pay a lot more. If we talk about Munich, the money was not spent in vain. Sure, Fabian was ready to pay an additional 100 million in order to accompany me in Munich

Question How many times have you visited Munich

Bernie Ecclestone I think 23 times.

Question You also suggested the Bank BayernLB 25 million compensation.

Bernie Ecclestone They refused. Perhaps they will want to go to court. On the advice of the Munich court, I suggested to the Bank 25 million.

Question it's No secret that in addition to London, you have a house in Gstaad. You been living in Switzerland

Bernie Ecclestone the Last 25 years. I also pay taxes in Switzerland. We have recently completed the renovation belonging to me Hotel Olden.

Question Why don't you live in Monaco how many billionaires

Bernie Ecclestone I Just prefer to live in a more beautiful and cheap.

Question Do you have loyal friends

Bernie Ecclestone About it you will not know until until you ask them for help. I am glad that during the process in Munich, I received support from important people.

Question How often have you been disappointed in people The question now is not only about Formula 1.

Bernie Ecclestone As with everything in everyday life. Formula 1 is no different from any other business.

Question And then the friendship was over

Bernie Ecclestone of Course, after that they stopped being my friends

Question How many people are trying to take away your power, which you have in Formula 1

Bernie Ecclestone what are they going to fight Of course, there are some people who want to get my work done, but against me personally, they have nothing. Maybe they will get such an opportunity, when I leave, and therefore will wonder what's really going on.

Question it is No secret that you love to bet. What's the largest amount you put

Bernie Ecclestone I would not like to name the amount. Betting is part of the business, so I like them to do.

Question In November 2008, you have hit the Trifecta when Barack Obama became U.S. President, Lewis Hamilton world champion, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga won the tournament the masters in Paris.

Bernie Ecclestone I don't remember. Possible, in that case I also lied.

Question what is Your favorite sport to bet

Bernie Ecclestone Football. During the world Cup, I made a few bets on that team Germany will be the winner.

Question how Much have you won

Bernie Ecclestone I always say that betting is fun, regardless of the outcome. At the world Cup I, of course, earned, but not so much.

Question Perhaps you could contact the President of FIFA Joseph Blatter that it will provide you the desired result

Bernie Ecclestone I once dined with him, a good man.

Question He once said that the world needs dictators. This is probably true for football and Formula 1

Bernie Ecclestone Yes, I would have said so. He has his vision, and in FIFA act the way he wants. Why football is so popular and successful.

Question You were co-owner of Queens Park Rangers. It's your favorite football team

Bernie Ecclestone No. Now I like Chelsea. This season they have a good chance at the championship.

Question What does luxury mean to you

Bernie Ecclestone Luxury to be able to do in life what you like.

Question How many pairs of black socks, black shoes and white shirts

Bernie Ecclestone I have no Idea laughs I Think 90 of my wardrobe looks like, as you said. But I also have pink shirts and blue colors.

Question is it True that you once sent his private plane to London, because I forgot at home underwear

Bernie Ecclestone No. Things you can buy anywhere in the world.

Question Why don't you enjoy life on some beautiful island with his wife

Bernie Ecclestone I'm Just full of energy, and the work brings me joy. There is no doubt that one day I will depart from the cases, it is only a matter of time

Question Why do your yacht such a strange name - Petara

Bernie Ecclestone it's very simple. It consists of the first and the last letters of the names of my daughters Petra and Tamara.

Question Your wife is not asking you to resign

Bernie Ecclestone She is happy when I am happy. She supports me, constantly flew with me in Munich. It was extremely helpful.

Question next year in the championship debuts Max Verstappen. You don't think he's too young for Formula 1

Bernie Ecclestone Why not If he has the talent, let them try to prove themselves. I see no reason for the age limit. Maybe I too will be back behind the wheel.

Question the Debut of max Verstappen will attract attention to the championship young audience

Bernie Ecclestone Toto Wolff constantly tells me about the importance of social networks for Formula 1. Let's see.

Question the Last five races turned out to be so interesting that everyone has already forgotten the sound of the engines.

Bernie Ecclestone It's okay, but we need to closely monitor the situation. I believe that in the Formula 1 too many rules. The simpler the sport, the more interest from the side.

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Kevin Magnussen Father deserved another chance in F1

Kevin Magnussen Father deserved another chance in F1

Debut race in the Formula 1 Kevin Magnussen made it to the podium, but then the results went down. In an interview for Motorsport-Total young driver McLaren talked about the course of the season, his plans for the future and talked about the relationship with his father.

Question In the first race you to the podium, but to repeat this result has so far failed.

Kevin Magnussen In the first race I was lucky to be on the podium. Many in Australia no luck, but we did a great job. Honestly, after the race fans and journalists thought that this will continue. The team knew that we had problems, so for me, it is not surprising that we are no longer able to finish in the top three. The situation is complicated.

Question it's already on the podium you knew that the result would likely be the best in the season

Kevin Magnussen In Australia I was just happy, regardless lucky me or not. Just had to enjoy. In the next race was frustrating to be at the very end, although at the first stage, I struggled with Riccardo. It is a pity that we could not maintain that momentum.

However, we are talking about Formula 1, but it is always unpredictable. Sometimes luck is on your side and suddenly everything works, but you don't know why. Now the team has problems, but we must stick together and keep a positive attitude.

Question You said about luck, and whether this year's race, where you were unlucky

Kevin Magnussen Yes, it was bad luck. Luck comes in the most unexpected moment, but I had no luck just when was a good chance of good results. In the end, it also brought experience, though negative, so you also learn.

Question If you compare your results with the results of the Button, you are approximately equal in qualifications, but in the races he consistently faster. What are you going to do to the second half of the season to improve the situation

Kevin Magnussen of Course, I need to add. I work not only on race but also on qualifying pace. Probably in Monaco I was able to finish ahead of Jenson, if not for problems with ERS. In Germany, too, was a chance, but you know what happened at the start. In Barcelona I was not able to go to the final qualification, but I'm at a good level held the stage. In my case, the statistics do not always reflect the true picture. However, this does not mean that I am satisfied and completely satisfied. I still need to add in qualifying and in the race.

Question Jenson Button really hard to beat as you thought

Kevin Magnussen I would say Yes.

Question How Jenson is a good guide for you

Kevin Magnussen He is an excellent guide. Jenson for 14 years playing in the Formula 1, he has great experience, I have something to learn from him. I'm not just talking about the pilot, but also about how he works with the team, what kind of feedback it provides.

Question What would you say is the most difficult work of the F1 driver

Kevin Magnussen I find it really difficult to find the right approach to the tires. I got used to the fact that during the season is only one part of rubber. In Formula 1 have to deal with four different structures, each with its own characteristics - for me it was quite difficult. I also want to highlight the relationship with the press. The team is under a lot of pressure, so talk with journalists is quite different than what I was used to in World series by Renault.

Question max Verstappen have to make a huge leap from the Formula 3 immediately in Formula 1. How this drastic step

Kevin Magnussen I don't think there will be problems with speed, if he has the talent. However, it can be difficult to consistently show good results, because for this purpose it is necessary to understand many things, and for this purpose there need more talent and experience. He will have to work hard to make it happen.

Question next year the championship will return to Honda, McLaren may change the composition of the pilots. Are you worried

Kevin Magnussen If you do not have a contract for next year, you are fighting for a place in the team. I think this applies to almost all. In a sense, there are advantages but there are also disadvantages, because you have to work under high pressure. I believe that well - I am very laid on the track.

Question do You think that the remaining races this season can be for you in the last part of the McLaren

Kevin Magnussen No, I do not think in such a negative way. I know that work well and try to improve.

Question What do you still have options for next season

Kevin Magnussen I had not thought about it.

Question Your managers did not think about on this topic

Kevin Magnussen it is best to ask them.

Question But you are convinced that we will continue to act in a McLaren

Kevin Magnussen I am Now totally focused on how best to conduct the second part of the season. What then, does not rest with me. I'm just trying to do everything possible to then yourself honestly say that we have done everything we could.

Question In one form or another do you participate in the project Honda

Kevin Magnussen No.

Question May, worked on the simulator

Kevin Magnussen No.

Question have You ever been on the basis of the Honda

Kevin Magnussen No.

Question How difficult it is to cope with popularity

Kevin Magnussen It's not the biggest problem. If you are a Formula 1 driver, it will inevitably become famous, but this is only one of the aspects of the work.

Question In Denmark the media respects your privacy

Kevin Magnussen Journalists and ordinary people respect my privacy.

Question you don't fit in the streets

Kevin Magnussen Many people come up to me, but mostly just good luck. They are not spying on me, don't come to my house. No problem with that.

Question After the accident in Hockenheim Felipe Massa said that you dangerous act on the road. You disagree with him

Kevin Magnussen I think that's an unfair comment, but that is his opinion. He can say whatever he wants, but of course, my opinion differs from his. The stewards gave their assessment of the situation - they didn't even call me to talk.

Question Felipe approached you to discuss what happened

Kevin Magnussen No, he was talking to me only through the press.

Question MW invited you to the team, but at the first race of the season in Melbourne at the head of McLaren were Ron Dennis and Eric Bulle.

Kevin Magnussen I like Martin, I still continue to communicate with him. The Board of Directors made this decision, but they believed that it would benefit the team. I will not say anything bad about Martin, just a team run by other people. I think they do it so well.

Question Eric Bulle worked a lot with young pilots. It helps you

Kevin Magnussen Yes, he supports me, we are constantly communicating. It not only interested in my results and how I feel comfortable in the team. It's great.

Question Max Verstappen said that his father made several mistakes in the Formula 1. Your father also played in the championship. Perhaps his experience helped you to avoid any mistakes

Kevin Magnussen my father had a reputation for being the bad guy. He smoked, often went to parties. I learn from it and understand that some things are not worth doing. Believe, incorrectly, that the father smoked is not conducive to creating a positive image in the Formula 1, but I think he deserved another chance.

Q last season you were rivals with Stoffelen Vandoren, what do you have now

Kevin Magnussen I see it not so often. If I have time, I watch his performances in GP2. He copes well.

Question You see the results when it works on the simulator

Kevin Magnussen This information is available to all in the team.

Question is He still your opponent

Kevin Magnussen Because he is not acting in the Formula 1, we are not rivals. Outside of Formula 1 - he is a potential contender, but I have a contract with McLaren this year, so I try not to worry and think about positive things.

Question Which of the remaining tracks suit you best

Kevin Magnussen I did not act on most of these trails, so for me this is new territory. Look forward to the opportunity to know them better, but first you need to work on the simulator.

Question what are the challenges you face on new tracks

Kevin Magnussen it takes time to find the height of the curbs and things like that, but it's not a big problem.

Question What kind of trails you are special look

Kevin Magnussen Suzuka. Last year I came to the track in the role of the third pilot, and was able to walk.

Question Do you have a car that is 20 years older than you Chevrolet Camaro

Kevin Magnussen Right.

Question And any other classic cars

Kevin Magnussen No, only this.

Question How is it you got

Kevin Magnussen About eight years ago my father said that he will give the car to me on 18th birthday, if I don't smoke. So I don't smoke.

Question What is in it is the engine

Kevin Magnussen Kind of 7.4 liters, but I'm not sure. You need to look in the data sheet.

Question You often ride it

Kevin Magnussen No. Rather, I just like to think that this machine is in your garage.

Question Chevrolet Camaro Sound resembles the sound of the V8 engine Formula 1

Kevin Magnussen No, the sound is quite different. I love the sound of old engines of Formula 1, as the sound of NASCAR and drag racing.

Question have You ever raced on the same track together with his father

Kevin Magnussen Yes.

Question And who won

Kevin Magnussen I laughs

Question Where was it

Kevin Magnussen On the tests. He once got a call in the morning and asked if I wanted with him to take part in tests of the Chevrolet Camaro in the Danish championship. Instead of working on the tests, we were racing against each other. In the end, I was ahead of him by one-tenth.

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2014-08-25 22:44:02

The circle on the track in Sochi with Sebastian Vettel

The circle on the track in Sochi with Sebastian Vettel

On Monday, the day after the race in Spa, Sebastian Vettel participated in the event Infiniti brand in Sochi - the German answered the journalists ' questions, among which was the correspondent and rode the range on the new circuit driving traffic Infiniti Q50.

Sebastian Vettel "I'm delighted to be back in Sochi and see how much has changed here since my last visit, when there was a big construction site. Today I traveled full circle behind the wheel of the Infiniti Q50 - the configuration is very interesting, with an interesting combination of high-speed turns and technical sections. Driving a Formula 1 here we will have a serious challenge, I look forward to the opportunity to return here in October".

Debut Grand Prix of Russia will take place in Sochi Circuit 10-12 October.


2014-08-24 18:54:02

Andre Lotterer Incredible weekend

Andre Lotterer Incredible weekend

Debut weekend in the Formula 1 well was formed for three-time champion of the 24 hours of Le Mans Andre Lotterer - he quickly became comfortable with the machine, not make mistakes, and in qualifying ahead of speakers since the beginning of the season, Marcus Erickson, but the race had to end the fight due to problems with the power plant.

Andre Lotterer "Incredible weekend. Of course, I wanted to finish, but the engine suddenly lost power and I was forced to finish the fight. Sorry it ended this way, because I had a good start, played several positions, found the optimal rate - it all began very cool.

Possible continuation I haven't thought about it. This weekend me a lot I have had to learn, much to learn. Look, do I command a second chance. It would be great to get it in Suzuka, because I still live in Japan and know the track, but this is only my desire - I don't know what plans the team."


2014-08-23 22:04:04

Andre Lotterer It's the fastest way to learn to drive a race car

Debutant Andre Lotterer representing Caterham showed in the qualification of the Grand Prix of Belgium 21-th result. His slightly more experienced partner Markus Eriksson to start would be the last."This, of course, the quickest way to learn to drive a race car, Formula 1, " said Lotterer. - Yesterday the track was dry, but today was wet, so in just two days I learned how to behave in different conditions. I think it was a very hard skill for me, because I had to understand all the nuances of driving on a wet road and show the result. I tried not to make many mistakes and I am glad that drove a couple of big circles."I think we can be quite competitive in the rain, but unfortunately, they were on the track at the wrong time, " said Eriksson. I was unable to get a single clean fast lap. I'm disappointed because we could have done much better work. It really doesn't matter, because the race is tomorrow, and I think that we have everything in order to spend it well and with dignity".

2014-08-23 16:24:03

Konstantin Tereshchenko I Feel fine

Konstantin Tereshchenko I Feel fine

Debut Konstantin Tereshchenko in GP3 this weekend was not too good, but will be remembered by many. The video on YouTube with the account of the accident Russians during training on Friday are popular, but the pilot, alas, will never sit behind the wheel in the course of the weekend. Doctors recommended drivers to refrain from driving in the next few days.

"I feel fine, " said Constantine in conversation with the correspondent in the Spa, but I was forced to go to the hospital, did the scan. In principle, nothing was sick, but the doctors did not recommend driving in the next few days. You could even say, forced to abandon the weekend.

The accident occurred at the end of the speed range. The first two sectors were very good, but on the third, on the back straight, there was a little rain and braking asphalt was already quite wet.

I stood slicks, I hit the brakes the same as the previous round. Rear wheels blocked, I was off the path, and nothing was impossible. To curb flew feelings for a long time, but then everything happened very quickly. It seems to me, on video, accident looks a little scarier than machines.

It was originally planned that stage in the Spa will be a kind of preparation before the Grand Prix of Russia, where Constantine had planned to make. However, while safe to say that Tereshchenko will participate in the Sochi stage yet.

As explained sport Manager pilot Ivan Samarin, at the moment they are waiting for a response from the team. You first need to understand how big is the account from Trident after the accident to cover its implications should the representatives Tereshchenko. Only then will make a final decision about the participation of Constantine in the Russian stage GP3.

Konstantin Tereshchenko "Originally I wanted to make a stage to get a feel for the car. There are several important points that I wanted to work start, qualification and so on. Machine other rubber works differently, in fact truly "fast" is only one circle. It is a pity that it happened".

text Oleg Karpov


2014-07-04 15:24:03

Suzie Wolff upset

Suzie Wolff upset

Debut Suzie Wolff in the Grand Prix was not very successful. Because of problems with the power plant tartan was forced to leave the car on the roadside after the fourth krogus Wolff "I am very upset. I have worked hard to prepare for this practice, but eventually went only one fastest lap. But it is a Formula 1, it happens. Now, I hope the team will be able to prepare the car for the second practice, when its the wheel sits Valtteri. Well, I'll wait for the Grand Prix Germaniyu system fell pressure oil, and the engine just stalled. I'm sure the team will know the problem before the start of the next practice".

2014-05-22 19:34:03

GP2 Jolyon Palmer won the pole in Monaco, Evans third

GP2 Jolyon Palmer won the pole in Monaco, Evans third

Racer DAMS Jolyon Palmer won the pole position in qualifying series GP2 in Monaco. The British passed a circle on the highway for 120.774, significantly ahead of all competitors.

In order to reduce the impact of traffic, qualification was divided into two parts, each of which were only half of the participants - one from each team. Pole won racer, showing the best time among all participants, the second place - the leader of another group, the third - showed the second time in the group owner of the pole, and so on.

After the last day of rain track is almost completely dry, but the state of asphalt continued to improve. Thus, the second group received a small potential advantage over first. However, to use it failed. Speaking in group A leader of the championship Jolyon Palmer was able to lap faster competitors.

Pilot Russian Time Mitch Evans gave him 0.4 seconds, and although it was better than any racer group B, in accordance with the regulations will start the third, behind Rio Haryanto from Caterham. Debuted in Monaco Artem Markelov has shown recently, however, the qualification of principle did not matter, because after the last race he was fined by the loss of five places on the starting grid.

The results are preparing.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-05-08 23:44:02

French Toast In quata champion potential

French Toast In quata champion potential

In an interview to the official site of the championship leader Scuderia Toro Rosso French Toast was talking about his impressions from the first race of the season debut in Formula 1 Daniel cveta.

Question Franz, what conclusions did you do after the first four Grand Prix It seems that impression from your speeches better actual results.

French Toast I would not say that we have not achieved results - team earned points, or at least one point, all the races except Bahrain. Of course I would like to earn more - as much as possible

While the team is good at his job, but when you analyze the results you always feel that more could have been achieved. In General, the results are consistent with expectations. Do not forget that we, in fact, lost winter test, which is very painful for our team, working with young riders. Now, step by step, we play lag, gradually practicing the program, which is usually performed at the winter tests.

For the same reason, we are behind and from a technical point of view, but I am convinced that we will be able to win back - engineers poluchaem more information about the operation of the machine, and prepared novelties which will appear in the next few Grand Prix, will increase its competitiveness.

If to speak about the racers, Jean-Eric Verne finished eighth in Melbourne, and Daniel Quat copes with their work, becoming the youngest driver in Formula 1 history, earned points. Considering all these factors - car and drivers results in line with expectations, but we always strive for more.

Question it Seems that the one thing you can be sure Daniel Quat the city for the championship. He broke the record of Vettel, because first of Sebastian was the youngest driver to win points in Formula 1. So, he is as good

French Toast They were both young riders from the youth program of Red Bull. In Toro Rosso they have the opportunity to fight for points, in the end, racers can become the youngest their owners. Daniel managed to do it, which allows to hope for a brilliant career in the future.

Question In the case of Cvetom you found what you were looking for However, this is only the beginning of the season.

French Toast To him't need a whole season to make conclusions. Daniel proved that he is a skilled racer with a very high natural rate. This is in addition to his passion for motor sport, the interest in the technical side of races and discipline - he asks the right questions, it has its own ideas about how to do better. All this convinces me that we have a team capable of much. If we will give him a competitive car, he already this year can finish in the five or six best.

Question he has the makings of a future champion

French Toast Yes, he showed them, winning the Junior series, especially as there have been victories. He champion makings.

Question Daniel demonstrated the high potential in qualifying.

French Toast In qualifying lot depends on the ability to focus and precision flying - it early enough and sufficiently well understood, therefore, demonstrates good results. Of course, he has nothing to add - it's still learning. Debut in Formula 1 - is only the first step, is very important, in which direction racer will develop further, and Daniel just moving in the right direction

Question In General, its results are consistent with those Varna - this suggests that Quat very good, or Jean-Eric still no luck

French Toast Jean-Eric really unlucky with the technical side, it has some problems on braking associated with the peculiarities of the transition to the new power-plant - while we are far from optimal modes for Toro Rosso and Renault, but working on it. Jean-Eric - smart racer, we control the situation, I am sure that he will show his true potential.

Question At the winter tests Toro Rosso was the best team of the clients Renault, but during the season you lost this status Red Bull Racing. It's all in unlimited resources "senior" command

French Toast There are two reasons. Last year we tried to finish the work over the machine as soon as possible. Why One of our drivers was a beginner, we changed supplier of engines, the transition to the new regulations, so I try to be the first to put a new car on the track.82328232We controlled the process, but had problems with the power plant, so the plan did not work - we were not able to conduct tests as planned. Thus, we have finished work before other clients Renault, so at first it seemed to be more competitive.

The second reason - the best level of specialists Red Bull Racing. They are incredibly efficient infrastructure. I was immediately clear that they will become better with motors Renault. Now we make every effort to stay as close as possible to other clients.

Question this year we will see the dominance of the Mercedes

French Toast In a Mercedes fantastically cool coped with the development of the power plant - they are far ahead. I do not feel that in the past races as they revealed their potential - they showed him a few times, then just wasn't necessary. Remember, after the departure of the safety car on the following ten circles they were in twenty seconds ahead. However, Renault has developed a variety of new solutions, we hope, in the end, they will be able to win back.

Last year the difference was much smaller, and now there are two strongest machines, and behind them, with a lag of 20-25 seconds, all the rest. It very much. We need to catch up, but recently I spoke with one of the Mercedes engineers, who said "Yes, we also faced the similar problem." But they decided in June last year, and we are faced with it in January.82328232I know that Renault strong professionals, so sure that motorists will play behind and the remaining part of the season will give us a competitive power.

Question Now Toro Rosso in seventh place with a Cup of constructors. This is the position you deserve

French Toast I wish we finished the season in sixth is the aim, but with the advantages of teams using a power plant Mercedes, revenge will be very difficult.82328232However, the season is long, the last race are awarded double points - in this year we must remember that all will end only after the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi laughs.

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2014-05-03 20:14:03

DTM Petrov was the last in the qualification

DTM Petrov was the last in the qualification

Debut qualification in DTM ended Vitaly Petrov failed he took the last, 23-th line Saturday Protocol.

We cannot say that it was because of a lack of experience, after all, not the best performance of all the racers Mercedes. Faster than other colleagues around Hockenheim drove Gary Paffett, DTM champion 2005, but was only 15 the Majority of pilots, speaking on machines Stuttgart concern, showed results from the 19th Paul di Resta on the 23rd and not passed to the second qualifying session. Apparently, Mercedes collided with a clear deficit speed, and rivals from Audi and BMW prepared for the start of the season more efficiently.

By the way, not all newcomers championship were weak with a 3-d position in the race will start pilot BMW Antonio Felix da Costa, last year took 3-th place in World series by Renault.

Pole won Adrian Tamba, driver of Audi team Abt.


2014-04-17 16:04:07

Kevin Magnussen I don't mind rain race

Kevin Magnussen I don't mind rain race

Before the start of the weekend in China Kevin Magnussen told about preparation to the stage on unfamiliar route and impressions from the first race of the season.

Question What are your impressions from Formula 1 after three races

Kevin Magnussen All great, I got great pleasure from work, although not everything went according to plan. Debut Grand Prix of Australia was great - this is a great beginning of a career in Formula 1. Our position does not meet expectations, but we got the goal and the way of its achievement, the team is working hard.

Question What do you expect from the Grand Prix of China

Kevin Magnussen anything In the car will not change dramatically in this weekend, but I hope that we maximally reveal its potential and achieve good results.

Question You helped recent tests

Kevin Magnussen Yes, but the opponents also worked. We have collected a lot of information, did what no time during the weekend. Well, what tests were conducted immediately after the Grand Prix, we were able to compare different solutions.

Question You are well prepared for the week-end

Kevin Magnussen Hard to say, it was difficult to meet expectations in the last few races. Not so easy to determine what position we occupy due to weather and features tracks the situation changed. See what awaits us this time. We will give, trying not to miss any chance.

Question What does it mean for you the name of Ayrton Senna

Kevin Magnussen Ayrton - legend of Formula 1, considered to be the best in history. I never saw him racing in the living I was only two years old when he had an accident. But I watched movies and had heard much about him. In McLaren always told many stories about Senna.

Question You first come on Chinese road what, in your opinion, will cause the most difficulty

Kevin Magnussen it seems to Me, to the resurrection should grow warmer. If to speak about the configuration of the track, serious burden placed on the front tires. For me it's something new, but the team have to deal with it. Look, what will be the result.

Question on Sunday, cloudy.

Kevin Magnussen I would not argue. It is difficult to say whether we will be competitive on a wet road, but due to high torque and low level clamping force to fly this machine in wet conditions is very interesting - it gives me pleasure.

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