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Alonso no longer exclude the possibility of performances in NASCAR

Alonso no longer exclude the possibility of performances in NASCAR

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso no longer exclude a possible involvement in NASCAR in the future. Earlier, McLaren have already tried your hand at IndyCar, performing at the legendary race Indy-500, and now wants to try NASCAR.Fernando Alonso "These machines require a unique style of piloting, which can be purchased only through lots of practice and I don't have the right amount of output for tests.I love the sport. It was nice to be in the Indie 500. I felt competitive out there. Now I'm going to be in endurance races. Maybe one day I will try a different series, maybe even NASCAR. Why not".

2018-01-11 13:44:04

Fernando Alonso hopes his experience of night racing

Fernando Alonso hopes his experience of night racing

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso is hoping that his experience during the night of the Grand Prix will help him during the 24-hour race at Daytona.Fernando Alonso "Night tests has shown that I adapt quickly to new conditions. No difference compared to the daylight tests I felt.In Formula 1 we have a night race in Bahrain, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, and here the route is pretty well lit. It's not like other tracks for endurance races. Therefore, no problems.Same with traffic, which I was a little scared. There's always a risk when you overtake a car here and there, especially if the front of the cars is a struggle. But it's a normal thing. All under the same conditions. I'm ready to fight among the leaders".

2017-12-24 12:44:03

Neither the Daytona or Le Mans for Magnussen in 2018

Next year Kevin Magnussen will not take part in endurance races at Daytona or Le Mans.Earlier it was reported that the pilot Haas led the negotiations that in January to take part in the 24-hour race in Daytona along with Fernando Alonso and lance Strolla.Kevin Magnussen "there were talks with the team, but for a number of reasons the deal never took place. So I have to reschedule.This year also there is no chance that I will compete in Le Mans".

2017-10-27 13:04:03

Igor Ermilin Williams - last chance for Daniel quata

In the Toro Rosso refused the services of Daniil Kvyat. According to Igor Ermilina, former adviser to the President of the Russian automobile Federation, is it still possible to get a seat in the Williams team. However, there is a title sponsor takes a pilot over the age of 25.Igor Ermilin in an interview with Sport-Express "the Formula-1 world is very hard. There quite willingly allow themselves to terminate contracts in the interests of business. If they are well written, with relevant otstupny. It is important that Daniel now had a free hand. He now has time to try to negotiate with Williams, other jobs anymore. However, he's not the only candidate for this place.For sponsor age Kvyat will not be a serious limitation, and they can negotiate. He's old enough. The timing is good that it happened now when there is still a chance. Quite in the manner of Marco would make such a statement at the end of the season, then it would be too late.Sure Kvyat will race in next year, he is a fast driver and proved it. And your ability to handle stress he checked in the hassle, which he last year and a half satisfied with Dr. Marco. And continues to consistently perform, and proved at the Grand Prix of the United States. He's a valuable frame, I'm sure that Daniel is able to verify, for example, in endurance races. Perhaps he will be interested in the program SMP Racing, was created to support Russian racers. And Kvyat is now definitely need support".

2017-10-16 16:24:03

Hartley senior I Hope Brandon will stay in Formula 1 for five years

Hartley senior I Hope Brandon will stay in Formula 1 for five years

Brian Hartley hopes his son Brendon Hartley, which debuts at the Grand Prix of the USA in the Toro Rosso, will stay in Formula 1.Brian Hartley "I'm proud son A father passionate about racing, would like to be in my place. The talks went on behind closed doors, and everything was solved within a couple days.I hope that Brandon will stay in Formula 1 for five years. While he needs just to finish in the USA. Any result except the last, will be good, considering the absence of any tests.In 2009 and 2010 Hartley worked reserve pilot Toro Rosso and Red Bull. The last time behind the wheel of a Formula 1 new Zealander sat in 2012, then during youth tests, he represented Mercedes. Since then Brandon speaks mostly in endurance races, and this year he became the winner of the marathon 24 hours of Le Mans.

2017-04-24 16:34:03

Kevin Magnussen dreams of the 24 hours of Le Mans

Kevin Magnussen dreams of the 24 hours of Le Mans

The decision of Fernando Alonso to perform in Indy 500 shook up the world of Formula 1. Here already and the pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen wants to play in endurance races.Kevin Magnussen "I would like to take part in the marathon. It would be great to hold the race together with the father."Father Kevin, Jan Magnussen, a former McLaren and Stewart, lately is in endurance racing and regularly takes part in the 24 hours of Le Mans.

2017-04-05 10:54:06

Robert Kubica I don't think about returning to Formula 1

Robert Kubica I don't think about returning to Formula 1

The pilot WEC Robert Kubica admitted that he is not thinking about his return to Formula 1.Robert Kubica "I don't think about the return. But for me it is not a closed Chapter.Now the return is much more likely than two years ago. Maybe one day my patience will be rewarded.I won't say anything until I'm absolutely sure."Kubica competed in Formula 1 between 2006 and 2010, In early 2011, the pole was involved in a serious accident and injured her hand, after which the Royal races had forgotten. In recent time, Robert raced in various rally Championships, and this year will compete in endurance races.

2017-02-22 12:54:02

Nico Hulkenberg's No Le Mans with Renault

Nico Hulkenberg's No Le Mans with Renault

Niko Hulkenberg stated that because of the transition in Renault do not get a chance to perform in endurance races. Unless Renault decides to return to Le Mans and put his best pilot.Nico Hulkenberg "the Refusal of the team to allow me to start in the 24 hours of Le Mans has nothing to do with the accident of Pascal Wehrlein. When you are working with the manufacturer, then subject to the other rules. When I was in the Force India, I did not keep the contracts with the producers, I was much easier from the beginning.I think that all is now well. I was lucky enough to win at Le Mans, and maybe I can get back in there later."Recall that in 2015, Nico Hulkenberg won the race 24 hours of Le Mans in the Porsche factory team.

2017-02-21 17:04:03

Jean-Eric Verne I don't reserve pilot Ferrari

Jean-Eric Verne I don't reserve pilot Ferrari

Frenchman Jean-Eric Vergne has confirmed that this year will not be a reserve pilot Ferrari.Jean-Eric Vergne "I have long known that this season won't work backup pilot Ferrari. I communicate with the team but won't travel to race with her.Now I'm focused on Formula E. I want to take part in the 24 hours of Le Mans and other endurance races. In more detail later".Verne played for Toro Rosso in 2012-2014 Last two seasons, Jean-Eric held as a reserve pilot Ferrari. Now this place is Antonio Giovinazzi.

2016-05-05 13:44:05

Martin Brundle returns to endurance racing

Martin Brundle returns to endurance racing

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl has previously competed in endurance races and now in its 57 years, is preparing once again to sit behind the wheel of a superfast machine.Martin Brandl "For me it was a wonderful opportunity and honor to ride on a fast sports prototype at the legendary track of Le Mans. Drive here is always great and exciting, so I was pleased to accept the invitation of United Autosports and will sit behind the wheel of the car Ligier. Special thanks to my sponsor Richard Mille, which was done in my 57 years such a gift".

2015-12-12 14:04:04

Nico Hulkenberg I will return to Le Mans

Nico Hulkenberg I will return to Le Mans

Pilot Force India Niko Hulkenberg said that, sure I will take part in the marathon 24 hours of Le Mans.Recall that the German this year has already become the winner of the legendary endurance races, but next year will not be able to start Le Mans from the lining of the marathon with the Grand Prix of Europe in Baku and the lack of third car for Porsche.Nico Hulkenberg "I wish that next year I won't be able to defend his title of champion. Even despite the overlay in the race, Porsche will be to put a third car. I am sincerely sorry that things are going this way. However, I promise that I will definitely return to Le Mans and win another title".

2015-11-23 13:24:06

Pilots of the Russian team SMP Racing have become world Champions of the FIA WEC

Pilots of the Russian team SMP Racing have become world Champions of the FIA WEC

The crew of the Russian team SMP Racing has won the World championship endurance racing FIA WEC. Viktor Shaitar, Andrea Bertolini and Aleksey Basov, leaning on the Ferrari F458 Italia 72, won the titles of world Champions in the LMGTE Am class at the final race in Bahrain.Throughout the season the crew the Russians were the leaders in their category. Three wins in America, Germany and, for the first time in history "24 hours of Le Mans", demonstrated the attitude of the Russian crew. Of the eight stages of the machine is 72 seven times came to the podium.However, until the last race of the season in the championship the intrigue was there the title of best in class LMGTE Am also challenged the team AF Corse at number 83. But with the advantage of 19 points in Bahrain Russians was just enough to finish successfully, which they did, finishing the race in fifth position."In this category we have the fastest platinum, silver and bronze drivers, - said the sport Director of SMP Racing's Sergey Zlobin. - Today the guys didn't win the race only because it was setting just to finish, no risk. Let us forgive, but the title of Champions today was more important than the podium in the race. Although if you look at the time, and Bass and Shaitar were the fastest on the circle, when it was possible. Thank you all for our entire team, Boris Romanovich Rotenberg, we met the expectations".Note, the Russian team SMP Racing for the second year in a row won the title of champion in the FIA WEC. In 2014, the car team with 27 became the world champion in the LMP2 class, and the pilot and sport Director of SMP Racing's Sergey Zlobin won the world championship in personal offset. And now in 2015 another win for SMP Racing, now in LMGTE Am.In another class, LMGTE Pro, the silver medal went to the crew of 51 Ferrari, acting in partnership with SMP Racing. The factory team car was piloted by Gianmaria Bruni and Toni the following sports clubs are located. When he came to the finish second in the race, the drivers also earned second place in the final table championship in its category.Also in the final race of the FIA WEC in Bahrain took part prototype BR01 running pilots SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin, Nicolas Minassian and David Markozov. On these cars the LMP2 class of the Russian company "BR Engineering" team SMP Racing will perform in the FIA WEC in 2016. This season the car has held four races in the European series of Le Mans, where three times he finished in the top three, also participated in the marathon "24 hours of Le Mans", showing excellent speed, handling and reliability.Our prototypes in many respects not inferior to anyone - continued Sergey Zlobin. But the fact that teams have had preseason tests with the same tyres on which they were driving and then all season. We have pre-season tests, and we came out on the Dunlop tires only the second race so that the settings were not the optimum. But the potential of the prototype BR01 huge. Note that the car was not a technical assemblies not once in the entire season. And this is the first of what we have achieved reliability. The second is the speed. And now we need to achieve stability and to start winning.Season calendar 2016 World championship endurance races16.04.2016 - 6 Hours of Silverstone06.05.2016 - 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps18.06.2015 - 24 Hours Le Mans23.07.2016 - 6 Hours of Nurburgring03.09.2015 - 6 Hours of Mexico City15.10.2016 - 6 Hours of Fuji05.11.2016 - 6 Hours of Shanghai18.11.2016 - 6 Hours of Bahrain.

2015-07-23 15:14:04

Kimi Raikkonen complains of modern Formula 1

Kimi Raikkonen complains of modern Formula 1

Pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen, perhaps sensing that smells fried, no longer hiding, criticizes today's Royal race.Kimi Raikkonen "I've always been a pilot and has always strived to show the maximum of the car on the track in any racing series. Now we don't show the full potential of the car on the track, as limited by the tyres, fuel economy and other factors.That had been racing We drove at maximum the entire distance, we struggled on faster cars, more soft and wide tires. It was interesting, and now we're caught, notorious and participate in endurance races.Race start of the last decade were the best and exciting, and the cars were the most beautiful".

2015-01-15 15:24:05

Formula 1 has become too expensive for Porsche

Formula 1 has become too expensive for Porsche

Head of research unit Porsche Wolfgang Hatz confirmed that his company is not going to take part in too expensive and unnecessarily costly Formula-1.Wolfgang Hatz "something recently in the media there are a lot of rumors about our return to Formula 1. But we are not going to do it. I don't know where the feet of these rumors, but in the last six months at meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors is not even raised the issue.We don't want to do these races because they are too expensive, we simply don't have the money on these unnecessary costs. In addition, we are confident that Mercedes will do anything to get their hands on power in the championship of Formula 1.Currently, the Porsche company has successfully developed its program in endurance races.

2015-01-09 11:54:07

Porsche doesn't want Formula 1

Porsche has officially confirmed information about what is not going in the Formula 1.The head of Porsche Wolfgang Hatz "For us, Formula 1 just uninteresting. We are pleased with their performances in endurance races, in which interest is constantly growing. We are constantly under pressure results rivals and still achieve victories. We are satisfied with their racing program, so Formula 1 is not among our priorities".In the composition of the Porsche factory team racing endurance is ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber. During the marathon in Le Mans it will be Niko Hulkenberg.

2014-10-30 12:54:03

Derek Warwick was appointed the third steward Grand Prix USA

Derek Warwick was appointed the third steward Grand Prix USA

To judge disputes on the track during race weekend in the US will be the ex-pilot of Formula 1 Derek Warwick. The winner of the endurance race 24 hours of Le Mans already has a wealth of experience judging racing situations in Formula 1, Warwick has repeatedly worked as a visiting steward in the last four godawari performed at the Royal race from 1981 to 1993-th, protecting color Toleman, Brabham, Lotus, Arrows and Renault. He nearly won the Grand Prix of great Britain-1984. The best the British became the 7th place in the drivers ' championship-1984 as part of Renault. Unfortunately, the first place of the podium Derek never dalessio, on account of the British victory in the famous endurance races 24 hours of Le Mans in 1992.

2014-09-18 21:04:02

Kamui Kobayashi the Team needs money

Kamui Kobayashi the Team needs money

By Wednesday it was not known whether Kamui Kobayashi participation in the Singapore Grand Prix. Responding today to the journalists ' questions, the Japanese rider stated that the team will separately to confirm his participation in the race and there is no confidence that it will start in two weeks at home stage in Suzuka.

Kamui has also shared his opinion about the Formula E, saying that he did not see in the new series is nothing interesting.

Question What is the situation You will spend the rest of the race season or your participation will be confirmed prior to each race

Kamui Kobayashi so far I can confirm that I will participate in the upcoming race.

Question in Other words, your participation will be confirmed prior to each race

Kamui Kobayashi Yes.

Question what is the situation with the money

Kamui Kobayashi I Have no money.

Question How do you assess the chances for performances in your home race

Kamui Kobayashi I Hope that will start, I want this, but I don't know. Now we need to cope well with their work this weekend, and it remains to be seen.

I have a contract until the end of the season, I don't know why you are in this situation. Sometimes in the Formula 1 contracts mean nothing, that doesn't surprise me. Now I can't change anything.

Question Your performance in Japan could attract sponsors

Kamui Kobayashi Yes, I talked about this, but understand the situation, which was the team. Unfortunately, I can't do anything.

Question If you get sponsorship, it guarantees the participation in the remaining races of the season

Kamui Kobayashi We tried to attract sponsors, but it is not so simple. It was assumed that some sponsors will bring to the team money, but they were unable to confirm this. We need money.

Question How much

Kamui Kobayashi I can't say. laughs a lot.

Question Honda usually directly or indirectly supports Japanese riders. What are the chances, given that next year they renew cooperation with McLaren

Kamui Kobayashi I am not associated with Honda. At the moment of their arrival does not affect my prospects for the next year.

Question You were negotiating with them

Kamui Kobayashi I know a few people from Honda, but I think it's too late to say something on this subject, because they are involved in a completely different project.

Question What are your prospects for next season

Kamui Kobayashi On the track I'm doing all I can. I have the speed, this is not a problem, but I don't know what will happen next year.

Question How do you think the result in Monza reminded other teams about your capabilities

Kamui Kobayashi Yes, I think I had a good race, but I never had doubts about his speed.

Question When you learned that will hold this weekend

Kamui Kobayashi on Monday. I think on Monday or Tuesday.

Question next year you can return to Ferrari and to pursue a career in endurance races

Kamui Kobayashi No, my goal is to continue to be in Formula 1. However, we must remain realistic in Formula 1 the difficult economic situation. I don't know how many teams next year will continue their existence.

Question is there an option to play for Toyota racing endurance

Kamui Kobayashi No. If you cannot find a place in the Formula 1, I will have many other opportunities, but now I focus only on the Formula 1. Let's see what we can do.

Question If the leading team will be set at the start of the third car, this will increase your chances of staying in the championship

Kamui Kobayashi I like this idea. If the team will present at the start of the three machines, for me this could be a chance. Now it is accepted to speak about the future of Formula 1 in a negative way, but the interest in Formula 1 is reduced because the beat the same team, the difference in speed between the leaders and the rest is too great. In my opinion, if all pilots were on the same machines, the race would be different, every time we would see a new winner.

Question it is represented in Formula E, all are the same.

Kamui Kobayashi I think that the Formula E has no meaning. This championship desired star racer.

Question But in the Formula E is such pilots.

Kamui Kobayashi it does Not matter who is in the Formula E until there is not a single world champion. If there comes to them a racer, then things can change.

I don't like Formula E, these machines are too slow. In the race speed reached 180 km/h. It is very slow. Some may say that their road cars faster than Formula E. If they will add in speed, the series could be interesting, but not now.

text Mikhail Smirnov


2014-09-08 18:24:02

Jean Todt Formula E is a big step in the history of Motorsport

Jean Todt Formula E is a big step in the history of Motorsport

In the coming weekend, September 13, will host the first race of the new series Formula E, where will start the machine with electric motors. In anticipation of this event, FIA President Jean Todt told about the birth and the prospects of a new category of Motorsport.

Question Can you tell me what inspired the FIA to create championship for electric cars

Jean Todt the World is changing and, as a governing body in the sport, we have a responsibility to keep up with these changes. The relationship between conventional cars and racing is very important. I believed that it is important for us to monitor the development of new technologies in the automotive industry, and that is why we changed the rules in Formula 1, therefore, supported the new regulations in the world championship on races on endurance FIA WEC.

And then had the idea to make a special flagship championship with electric technology. Many people have this idea in delight. From my point of view, the electric car is the future of urban transport. That is why we use urban trails around the world. This new approach, a new product.

Alejandro Agag guy with great enthusiasm and good connections - an ideal promoter. So it all started. Now, wherever I came everywhere with great enthusiasm and interest to say about the Formula E. Look at the list of cities that will host the race is amazing. Interest in revealing the races is also very high. In all areas - media, Internet, TV, sponsors, cities, teams, manufacturers, suppliers - all very excited.

But the real test we have yet to see. The test will be the first race in Beijing. We have created very high expectations and have no right to disappoint people. This is the situation at the moment.

Question How do you define achieved any success in Beijing

Jean Todt I can only talk about expectations, not about success. We need to wait for the first race. I will be in Beijing and hope to see a crowd of enthusiastic fans in the stands and exciting race on the track.

Question What will happen to the Formula E three, five, ten years

Jean Todt championship Formula E is just beginning, you will need to carefully study the experience of the first season to see what works and what doesn't. The decisive factor will be how he will gain popularity, as it will expand the calendar, whether there will be new teams and manufacturers. We believe we have created the basis for a positive evolution of the series over the years - in particular, for a gradual start of competition between suppliers of engines and batteries.

Question will we See the transfer of technology from the Formula E in the other series of the FIA

Jean Todt We can count on the development of technologies related to batteries and motors, as well as security issues that can be transferred to other series, such as Formula 1, WEC, and so forth. You always learn something in the other Championships. For example, aerodynamics is very expensive, and in the Formula E it is quite limited. Take Formula 1 the creation of machines with all these small wings requires large-scale wind-tunnel testing. Therefore, in the Formula E we decided to develop only what can be carried on a conventional car.

Question What will be replaced by the Formula E in the hierarchy of the series, or will it be stand alone

Jean Todt we Can say that the Formula E - rather Autonomous series, not a new level in the hierarchy of formulas. However, it can also be used for career growth riders with different levels of experience, and has attracted both young talents and experienced pilots.

For me it is the city's formula series, I'm interested in the fact that it kept its independence. I think racing Formula E interesting, including the fact that will be similar to a circus. The entire process occurs within 24 hours. On the eve of this ordinary town, then runs a race, and even after 24 hours from it remain a distant memory until next year.

Question the Series has a chance to find a whole new audience.

Jean Todt In my opinion, to look at it will be interesting. When we talk about functions FanBoost, with the participation of fans, using tablets and smartphones, it creates a link between the audience, the team and the pilot.

Q Some fans will ascitic FanBoost controversial novelty. How are you going to keep balance in relation to the true sport items

Jean Todt Every team, every racer should meet their fans, so I think it is quite relevant and fresh initiative, which, in my opinion, will not have a negative impact on the final result. I hope this will be the category of racing, where fans will be able to communicate with pilots - people like it. This can be seen in endurance races, where drivers are more affordable and I like it a lot. People can touch their heroes, to become closer to the team for which sick. In my opinion, this creates a bond between fan and team.

Question In a series of two pilots. This corresponds well with the campaign for the advancement of women in Motorsport.

Jean Todt I think that women in any form of Motorsport is great, and our campaign aims to involve them in races at all levels.

Question what machine Formula E is not too noisy, in fact, quite attractive for some fans.

Jean Todt It will be interesting, because it seems on the show with some music and other entertainment. This new sports show. It's like a cocktail. You must ensure that all components fit to each other, and I must say that the quality of the relationship between the promoter, the management and the teams encouraging.

Question Another unique feature of the series is the intention to abandon the great heritage of Motorsport. How do you feel about that

Jean Todt This may encourage people to adopt new technology. Every year in the world sold 75 million cars, and only one percent of them use new sources of energy, including electric vehicles. It's less than a million cars a year, but I think we can play an important role in the promotion of electric vehicles in cities.

Question How has the Formula E can help the campaign for road safety

Jean Todt All categories of Motorsport should contribute to road safety over the last decade, the racing community has done much in this direction. You can't fly racing car, not hooking the belt and not wearing a helmet, and the same rules apply and on the roads.

From my point of view, the racer should be an Ambassador. His voice can be heard clearly. If he says he will never use the phone or send SMS while driving, people will listen to him much better than anyone else. For FIA it is quite obvious. If the driver says that attacks on the track at the limit, but on regular roads comply with speed limits, it is a very strong signal. For young people they are heroes. I believe that every champion must be the Ambassador.

Question You will arrive in Beijing

Jean Todt Yes, and all the members of the world Council of FIA Motorsport too, because in Beijing will host the meeting. For me, the first race of the Formula E is an important event. This is a new championship. This happens infrequently. The last time - with the WEC, but he was revived, and this series is created from scratch. Formula E is a big step in the history of Motorsport and in the development of new technologies.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-08-20 16:14:02

Official Andre Lotterer will perform at the Spa for Caterham

Official Andre Lotterer will perform at the Spa for Caterham

Team Caterham F1 has officially confirmed that the Grand Prix of Belgium at Spa behind the wheel of one of its cars will sit Andre Lotterer. Three-time winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans debut in the Formula 1, replacing Kamui Kobayashi, but only for one weekend.

"Andre Lotterer will perform for Caterham F1 Grand Prix of Belgium. The team will try to benefit from working with another experienced pilot in the course of the weekend, and feedback provided by the German, will enhance the efficiency of the machine. In addition, the Spa plays a big role the weather, and Lotterer is one of the most experienced riders from the point of view of driving in mixed conditions. Lotterer replace Kamui Kobayashi at this stage of the championship, but the Japanese rider is still part of the team.

Andre Lotterer was born in Duisburg, Germany, and moved to Belgium when he was two years old. He grew up in Nivelles, the city, which is only 150 kilometres from the Spa. Lotterer began to speak in racing in the early 90-ies, achieving success in the German and British Formula 3, and then in 2002 he became a test pilot with Jaguar Racing. A year later he moved to Japan, where he performed in the Formula Nippon and the Japanese Super GT championship, which he won in 2006 and 2009.

In endurance races he made his debut in 2009, performing at the marathon "24 hours of Le Mans and the 24 hours of nrburgring". Impressive performance earned him a contract with Audi Sport Team in 2010, and in this command three times he won the famous race "24 hours of Le Mans in 2011, 2012 and 2014. In 2011 he won the championship Formula Nippon. With the 2012 German acts in the world championship FIA WEC".

Andre Lotterer "I am delighted to have the opportunity to participate in a weekend of Formula 1. I want to thank Caterham F1 for this opportunity and can't wait for the moment when you get in the car and start to work. I will need to learn quickly and to get used to this technique, since the team will bring a number of updates and we need to work on the track to optimize machine efficiency.

I really like to perform at the legendary track in Spa, this is one of my favorite tracks, and besides, he's not far from the places where I grew up, so it makes this weekend even more special and memorable.

Marcus Erickson "Spa is one of those tracks, performances of which I've been longing for since, as in January it was announced about my contract. I like this track, I successfully performed here, especially in recent years in GP2. I won here in 2012 and made it to the podium last year - would be great to get back behind the wheel of a Formula 1.

We want to achieve in Belgium noticeable progress, and it makes the weekend for me and the team even more interesting. We have a long time no news, so that we will arrive at the Spa service pack, it's nice, but we don't take for granted. A lot of work ahead, you need to get the most from these news, but we are ready for it. And if we can achieve our goal and reliability also does not fail, the weekend can be really positive for us".


2014-08-20 15:04:03

Emanuele Pirro - third steward in Belgium

Emanuele Pirro - third steward in Belgium

On the role of the third steward at the Grand Prix of Belgium invited Emanuele Pirro. Italian former Formula 1 driver, whose track record includes numerous victories in endurance races, was third steward at the previous stage in Hungary, as well as the Grand Prix of Australia.

With him contentious issues will be dealt with Dr. Gerd Ennser, representative of the German Association of the DMSB and the President of the sports Commission of the Federation of Venezuela, Vincenzo Spano.

This year the role of the third steward also played Martin Donnelly in Malaysia, Derek Warwick in Bahrain and Monaco, Adrian Fernandez in China, Danny Sullivan Spain, Derek Daly in Canada, Tom Kristensen Austria and Germany and Nigel Mansell in the UK.


2014-08-18 22:44:03

Andre Lotterer will sit behind the wheel of a Caterham

Andre Lotterer will sit behind the wheel of a Caterham

It seems that with the return of Colin Kolles glory "main rolling commands belonging with his guidance, HRT, moves to Caterham. However, this time the situation is not quite typical. Citing its sources, the British magazine Autosport writes about the negotiations 32-year-old German Andre Loteria, in recent years successfully competed in endurance races, the winner of the "24 hours of Le Mans and the champion of the WEC series, with the leadership team Caterham at the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1 Spa.

Last time driving a single vehicle Lotterer acted in Formula Nippon in 2011, becoming the champion, and in the Japanese series Super Formula - including this year, that you can count on receiving superlicense. If the parties agree, probably German will replace Kamui Kobayashi, but not yet confirmed.


2014-07-24 12:44:04

Emanuele Pirro - third Stewart Grand Prix of Hungary

Emanuele Pirro - third Stewart Grand Prix of Hungary

At the next meeting of the FIA before Grand Prix of Hungary it was decided that invited to play the role of steward during race weekend will be EMANUELLE Pirro. Italian pilot already had experience of refereeing during the Grand Prix in the past years, and this season in Australisa his racing career in Formula 1 Emanuele Pirro had time to take part in the 40 Grand Prix, while earning 3 points. Was the Italian pilot for commands such as Benetton and BMS Skuderia. More successful for Pirro was the performance in endurance races in Le Mans, he won five times 2000-2002, 2006, 2007, twice became the champion in the race ALMS.

2014-07-17 15:34:02

Jean Todt I think Motorsport's all right.

Jean Todt I think Motorsport's all right.

The other day the President of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo once again criticized the Formula 1, which in turn itself was criticized in the press. In an interview with the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport FIA President Jean Todt has commented on a situation around of the world championship.

Question What do you think about the proposals Montezemolo convene a meeting on the problems of Formula 1 After all, before the new rules were approved, they have been discussed for the past 4-5 years

Jean Todt All right, we live in a democracy, and each person may request to convene a meeting. My only comment is that the Formula 1 remains the pinnacle of motor sport, and that's all they see.

Question Therefore, there is no crisis, no

Jean Todt I think Motorsport's all right. It is enough to remember that Dietrich Mateschitz made in Austria because he managed to return to the public interest in racing. Or you want to talk about the "24 hours of Le Mans", to see who gathered 263 thousand spectators It was a great race with participation of factory teams Audi, Toyota and Porsche.

Question But you can't deny that the television ratings Formula 1 fall

Jean Todt Yes, but today there are other means of communication, not just TV. Also can change the mood of the people, and General interests in society. But I agree that young people are not experiencing such a thrust to race, as it was 20 or more years ago. And we should think about how this interest return.

Question And how are you going to influence this situation

Jean Todt I will gather at the meeting of the sponsors, the media, the organizers of the championship, known racers, both former and acting now, and representatives of the teams. And then we will select the most interesting offers. I am saying this as President of the FIA, and not because respond to Montezemolo. While I have great respect to all who work in motorsports, and especially grateful to him for what he has done, is doing and going to do for Ferrari.

Question it Seems that the fans do not agree that the transition to a hybrid power-plant made the race less interesting, but Montezemolo calls racers of Formula 1 drivers.

Jean Todt switching to hybrid engines was the right step, but we failed to explain its expediency. But such power units are the future.

I don't think the race became more boring, and certainly I do not see that someone along the Grand Prix resets the speed to save fuel. In Motorsport always been striving for maximum efficiency the less you put fuel in the tank, the easier it will be a machine, and the higher the rate. Ten kilograms of fuel is the four-tenths of a second on the circle. Win always the strongest, those who managed to get as close to the limit of what is possible.

Question But in Formula 1 so far only three supplier of engines.

Jean Todt Yes, but comes Honda, which was not going to return to Formula 1, has not yet adopted the current technical regulations, based on hybrid technology. In addition, one of the three manufacturers that supply the teams of the power plant, has clearly gone out of the championship, if not for the new rules.

Question is There someone else on the horizon who would like to come to Formula 1

Jean Todt If we can create a good product and learn how to sell it, it can be assumed that the interest of automakers will increase, as in endurance races.

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2014-06-25 16:44:03

Sebastian Loeb Formula-1 was similar to endurance race

Sebastian Loeb Formula-1 was similar to endurance race

Nine-time world champion rally Sebastien Loeb has admitted he does not quite understand what is happening in the world of Formula 1."the Strange the deal, but the modern rules of Formula 1 perfectly placed on the regulations of the championship WEC, " said Loeb. - As in endurance races in Formula 1 important now, reliability, fuel economy, rubber-all you want to apply for long distances. Pilots, instead of having to press the gas throughout the race, must now take our foot off the pedal quite often. What causes these changes, I do not understand. This has no effect on entertainments and interesting and exciting race is extremely important for this championship".

2014-03-19 19:04:03

Trulli, Berd, Heidfeld and D Ambrosio entered the club Formula E

Trulli, Berd, Heidfeld and D Ambrosio entered the club Formula E

The promoters of the new series equation E announced the names of four pilots Club racers - membership means that pilots are ready to compete in the championship.82328232 Among the new members - former pilots of Formula 1 Jarno Trulli, Nick Heidfeld and Jerome D Ambrosio, as well as Vice-champion series GP2 2013 in structure of the Russian Time Sam bird.

D Ambrosio competed in Formula 1 in 2011 for the team Marussia Virgin. In addition, he spent one race for Lotus in 2012, replacing disqualified Roman Grogan. Currently, the Belgian 28 years. 39-year-old Jarno Trulli his last season in Formula 1, held in 2011 for the Team Lotus Caterham, and since then has not acted in Motorsport.

Nick Heidfeld also left Formula 1 in 2011 after a not too successful performance in Lotus, and the last two years spent in endurance races, speaking for the Rebellion Racing. In may, he will be 37 years already. The 27-year-old Sam bird in recent years was a racer series GP2 and WSR.

The total number of pilots, consisting in the club, has reached 40 people. Among them, 16 - ex-racers of Formula 1.


2014-03-17 09:24:02

Jan Magnussen Kevin exceeded expectations

Jan Magnussen Kevin exceeded expectations

In the late 1990s Jan Magnussen was considered one of the potential stars of Formula 1, Jackie Stewart was once called it «the most talented rider since Ayrton Senna», but to reveal this talent in Formula 1, he failed though later it very successfully competed in endurance races.

Last weekend the Magnussen-senior I played for 12 hours of Sebring, and Magnussen-Junior climbed the podium in Melbourne, with the first attempts at achieving more than a father for 25 held Grand Prix - best result of Yana was the sixth place in Canada. On its official website father told about his impressions of the debut son.

Jan Magnussen «I am extremely proud. Kevin stayed in the race, as in the past year in the World series, but now in the Formula 1. I was shocked to see him on the podium. It was not just to be away from Kevin at such an important moment in his career, but I had to do his work in US. It is a pity that because of problems with the car at Sebring failed to achieve a good result. But Grand Prix of Malaysia I will definitely come.

When I brought Kevin karting, mill that one day he will be in Formula one seemed improbable. Kevin was rapid from the beginning, but he found himself unable to constantly progress, to become stronger. I dreamt that one day he will appear in the Formula 1, but the podium in the first race, no one could imagine. He exceeded expectations».


2013-05-09 22:34:02

Mark Webber "I still focused on the Formula 1"

Mark Webber

Before the beginning of the race weekend in Spain mark Webber answered the journalists ' questions, which primarily interested in going to the Australian in the next year jump in endurance races.

Question a lot of rumors about what you can to pursue a career in the race for endurance What is your attitude to this category of motor sport

Mark Webber an Interesting category, but it's not for me. At the present time, I remain focused on the Formula 1. During the first race is always a lot of rumors, sometimes even curious, but I pay for it little attention.

Question Let's slightly modify question except that happened to you in the Le Mans in 1999, as you are treated to racing sports cars in those days

Mark Webber Then the experience was truly invaluable for my career. For example, we 7 days spent on the tests at the wheel , working with the tires Bridgestone, and this was the best way to prepare for the Formula 1. I am very lucky, that when I became a participant of this program. In those days it was very cool.

Question What expectations do you have for the additional set of tyres, which you will receive during Friday's training

Mark Webber of course, Pirelli has gathered some information about the behavior of the hard tyres. Rubber Hard not shown its best in the race to , it was the same at the winter tests, although temperature conditions were quite different. Of course, like to change the situation, improve the performance of this composition, which, probably, was not so difficult.

Perhaps, these tires have become somewhat stronger. All this we will know tomorrow. But the temperature of the asphalt is not much different from the one that was at the winter tests, may be, now track warms up a bit better.

Question During the break between the races you have, perhaps, it was time to analyze what happened in Bahrain, where you have obviously not the best race.

Mark Webber I think of Bahrain as the most unfortunate moment of this season, especially due to the fact that this race was followed by the Chinese, where my weekend also formed hard. But in China to the qualification of the all went well, and in the course of the race in Bahrain I hurt the bottom of the machine it happened in the very beginning of the Grand Prix at the outlet of the 3-th turn. After that I started to have problems, seriously affected the race. I think, and only here, in Spain in front of me really opens up excellent opportunities.

I lost a lot of points, but, nevertheless, something had to earn. In the past I managed to win in Barcelona in Monaco, at Silverstone and the Nurburgring and in Budapest, so I still will establish the form. Championship started recently, but I am going to achieve success in the middle phase, and that is my goal.

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2013-05-08 13:34:02

Christian Wedge the Rider cannot be banned chase

Christian Wedge the Rider cannot be banned chase

In the author's column for Pitpass.com former racer of the Formula 1 Christian Wedge told about their expectations from the European part of the season.

Christian Wedge «In this weekend of the Formula 1 will start in the European part of the season. Four of the race turned out interesting, but in Spain the commands you will see the first real opportunity to seriously upgrade the machine.

In the first race, all agreed rubber. This was mentioned not once, but in Pirelli did exactly what they wanted the team bus, with whom they have to carry out set of pit stops.

With high wear rubber, it is important that the driver just felt the behavior of the car on the road, because he was the first to notice changes in the condition of tyres - the pilot will understand this before engineers see on the telemetry. The situation is complicated, now racers there is no possibility to constantly attack on 100, that many of them do not like, in particular - Mark . Some advantages are the pilots, which more accurately work with a rubber that has always distinguished Kimi .

All this reminds me of the situation, which several years ago was for the clients of the Michelin. Individual pilots, before quite aggressively, had to adjust the style of piloting, to get the maximum from rubber. Now all we have to adapt ourselves - the teams get the same rubber, all of it quickly wears out, and some can cope with this task better than rivals.

Personally, I think that the difference in speed between qualifications and the race has become too big, in Bahrain, it was almost eight seconds, that's more like the speed of a car GP2 than Formula 1. This is partly due to the ban on refueling. When the machine can be run in the course of the race, at the start they weighed 100 kg less than that of today, been less and the strain on the gum. Today tires for heavy machines quickly wears out, and racers have to be careful.

Modern Formula 1 is more reminiscent of endurance races, as the racers have to constantly monitor the condition of the tires and go not with the maximum speed, and with the one that allows you to rubber. The commands use different strategies, as a result of the different segments of the pilots go at different speeds, that's why we see so many overtaking. It's good for TV and fans, as well as the racers are not opposed to the struggle, but they always want to drive on the highway with the greatest possible speed. Now they have no such possibility, but races are very interesting, though sometimes very confusing.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that the teams there is no possibility to fully work with a rubber on tests before the start of the season. In February, the European much cooler than during most of the Grand Prix. There was talk about the transfer of winter tests in Abu Dhabi or Bahrain, I think it makes sense, since now the winter tests teams can't drive long series of circles, because the tires quickly loses effectiveness in cold weather. Taking into account the transition to the new engines in 2014-m, tests can begin even earlier, so that it would be right to remove them in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain or Qatar.

I think, despite the rumors about the transition in Porsche, we do see Mark Webber at the winter tests 2014. The return of the Porsche brand is excellent news for the world Cup race in endurance. They have a good history of the sport, they have always been competitive, but endurance races - it is not the Formula 1.

Mark is a great racer, it is fast, skilled, and competitive. I do not think, that it is ready to withdraw from Formula 1, and its relations with and first left much to be desired. We have already seen such conflicts, now the task of the Red Bull Racing is not to let the situation get out of control. Helmut Marko and Christian Horner will do everything possible for that, but they know that the rider can not forbid chase».


2013-04-28 19:24:02

Drivers of Red Bull have the right to fight with each other

Drivers of Red Bull have the right to fight with each other

The head of the concern of the Red Bull Dieter criticized the situation with tyres, however, does not Sebastian gain two victories, but also assured that the racers Red Bull Racing have the full right to compete with each other.

«The Formula 1 no longer had anything in common with the classic races, " said in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Krone. - Wins is not the best racer on the fast machine, and the one who manages to control tire wear and thus to keep pace. We even had to remodel our RB9, as the rubber does not withstand loads, bus simply collapsed. If we went with the greatest possible speed, it would have taken us 10 - 15 pit stops»

also commented on the situation in the Red Bull Racing after the Grand Prix of Malaysia, when Vettel ignored the instructions of the team and walked partner, although he was asked not to do it.

«Up to the end of the season Vettel and Webber have the right to fight with each other, " says the Austrian billionaire. - There is no need to interfere in it, moreover, until the summer. We have talked with both of them the main thing that they are not pushed each other from the road But if someone from them faster, then let them ahead of team-mate».

About the rumors about the future of Mark Webber, the Australian can end a career in Formula 1, and go in endurance races as a racing driver works team Porsche, said the following «it All depends on the Webber. And then, as far as it is fast and good, and then, with whom he signed other contracts».