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January nomeromania 11, James hunt, 1976

January nomeromania 11, James hunt, 1976

In 1974 Emerson Fittipaldi McLaren brought the first championship title. A year later, the Brazilian lost to Niki Lauda from Ferrari and left the British team. Champion unity went in Maranello and in return McLaren, the new leader of which was James hunt, received the starting number "11".The season of 1976 turned out to be one of the most dramatic in the history of Formula 1. Lauda won four of the first seven races, twice finished second and once came third - an amazing stability and reliability for the time. During this time, the Austrian scored 52 points, while the nearest rival was only 29. On account of the hunt was only 17 points.The reputation of the hunt in the Junior series, and in the first years in Formula 1, was not flawless one race he won, in the other smashed cars. When Fittipaldi left McLaren, experts are not advised to invite the hunt. However, in his first race driving McLaren, James won the pole. Generally, during the season he has rarely been outside the top three on the results of qualifications. But in races regularly had problems two of the accident, engine failure, transmission failure.

2017-11-30 15:24:03

Paddy Lowe lance Stroll will be better

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe is hoping that lance Stroll will be able to progress in the season of 2018.Paddy Lowe "In Abu Dhabi it seemed that he could not get the machine to work normally from the point of view of balance. After the Mass he no longer will help. Of course, he and lance understands that better than anyone.I think that choosing the right pilots is always important, regardless of your circumstances".For many experts, it remains a mystery why Williams refused the services of the experienced Felipe Massa.

2017-11-16 21:34:04

Liberty Media security Issues in Brazil - not our problem

The owners of Formula 1 have washed your hands after going to the security challenges in the state of so Paulo, where during racing of the weekend occurred of assault on the participants of the championship.Press Secretary Liberty "It is not our responsibility. We are the owner of the commercial rights. We sell these rights to the local promoter, and security in the framework of this network is their duty.We have our own security team that travels with us, we actively participate in the work of the promoters, but we can't be experts in every city.We have a year between now and the next race to sort out what happened and we will be disappointed if the problem is not solved".

2017-11-11 09:54:04

Toro Rosso may miss Abu Dhabi

Toro Rosso may miss the stage in Abu Dhabi. The team may not be enough spare parts to prepare two cars for the final race of the season.According to Auto Motor und Sport, powerplant on machines Toro Rosso recently broke down so often that it has ended the stock of items prepared by the specialists of Renault until the end of the season. In the end we have to transfer parts from one machine to another, especially for turbine modules and MGU-H. Helmut Marko, a sports consultant to Red Bull even made a joke on this subject "Now Toro Rosso resemble a store of spare parts for used cars".Jokes aside, the Renault has already admitted that will not have time to prepare a new power plant to Abu Dhabi.Cyril abiteboul, head of Renault Sport "Preparation of these items requires a lot of time. Two weeks is not enough".In the senior Red Bull team also problems begin. So, on the car of Daniel ricciardo set the turbine that was previously used factory team Renault.Meanwhile, experts note that the problems the Toro Rosso with engines related to the fact that they ignore the demands of the engineers of Renault. I wonder how they will work next year with the Honda DIY.

2017-10-19 10:04:05

Paddy Lowe has not commented on the tests Kubica

Paddy Lowe has not commented on the tests Kubica

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe would not comment on rumors about the return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1 with the British team.Paddy Lowe "there's nothing I can comment on now. All I can say is that we have several options.We need pilots and experts is strong enough to bring the team back to the top. I already made some changes to the project car of the season in 2018, and at the moment I'm happy with what I see.I love my job. And now I have the opportunity to review the new draft - Williams going to win. For this we need strong engineers, effective team and excellent work. When this happens, you get more investors and a bigger budget".

2017-09-23 11:44:03

McLaren offered to Honda mechanics to pause

Team McLaren offered to the Honda mechanics to take a sabbatical to build a competitive engine. However, the Japanese refused, and the contract will run until the end of 2024, was terminated.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "at the start of 2017, we realized that we have serious problems. We started to get nervous and began to look for solutions that could improve the situation.In a pinch, we were ready to offer Honda skip one season until they succeed.We also suggested that the Honda engineers and their colleagues from Mercedes can provide technical cooperation. Or form your own group of experts in the field of engines, consisting of different companies to help Honda faster to find a more effective solution.Unfortunately, none of the proposals has not been adequately studied, and as a result we have exhausted the arguments. We had come to the conclusion that there is no other way, except for the termination of cooperation."McLaren will use customer Renault engines next year.

2017-09-13 10:54:04

In Formula 1 can enter the budget ceiling

The leadership of Formula 1 is considering the possibility of introducing a budget ceiling for teams.As reported by Sport Bild, it is suggested to limit the budget of the teams at 150 million euros per year. 50 million euros the team will be able to use for marketing purposes, including salaries of pilots.Now, according to experts, the top teams have a budget of 300-400 Euro per year.

2017-08-02 16:14:04

McLaren-Honda prepares for a new version of the power plant

New, already the fourth version of the power plant Honda will get the McLaren team after the summer break, just before the high-speed tracks of Spa and Monza.According to experts, in the beginning of the season, the power plant Honda lost Mercedes and Ferrari about 100 HP Now the backlog is estimated at 45 HP according to Spanish newspaper Marca, the Japanese minders in the fourth version was able to make 15 more HP At it to get the new version of the power plant and Fernando Alonso, and the Stoffel Vandorn will have to work off the penalty in loss of starting positions.

2017-06-27 10:54:03

In Austria both pilots McLaren will get a more powerful engine

In Austria both pilots McLaren will get a more powerful engine

During Friday practice in Baku Fernando Alonso tested a Honda engine, the so-called third specifications. The next stage in Austria, both the pilot of McLaren will be able to use the new version of the powerplant in the race.Yusuke Hasegawa, Honda "You're Austrian, we're going to use the third specification of the power plant, which was successfully tested in Azerbaijan.We are actively working to reduce the backlog from leaders. We are currently focused on improving the capacity of the internal combustion engine".According to experts, the third version of the Honda engine 30 HP more powerful than the second version.

2017-06-23 12:14:03

McLaren will receive a new Honda engines

Honda brought in Baku updated the power plant, which was expected during the Grand Prix of Canada.As reported by Japanese motorists, serious modifications have been internal combustion engines, turbine and module MGU-H. According to estimates by Honda, power plant capacity increased by 12 HP According to experts, the Japanese a few belittle their achievements, and the real increase will be around 30 HP. However, before Fernando Alonso was assessed a deficiency of power to 100 HP New engines will appear on the machines McLaren during Friday practice. However, in this case pilots have to pay start from the last row, because the limit on the installation of new components has been exhausted.

2017-06-21 16:14:03

McLaren doesn't have problems with tires

The tire does not apply to the problems of the McLaren this year. According to experts, to chassis the McLaren is one of the best in the peloton. One reason for this phenomenon is the McLaren approach to winter work, especially in preparation for the new, wider and more bulky tyres from Pirelli.While Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have provided test cars for the Italian tyre supplier, it turns out that McLaren also participated actively in the process of developing new formulations.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "We were the only team who sent an observer to all 24 days of tests, we presented more data requirements that the FIA and Pirelli wanted to give us originally.Thus, from the very beginning we understood well the tires without having to provide a test car".

2017-03-30 16:44:09

The head of Red Bull In Australia has always been difficult to overtake

The head of Red Bull In Australia has always been difficult to overtake

Head Red Bull Christian Horner believes that the conclusions about overtaking you need to wait until the Bahrain Grand Prix.Christian Horner "I Think we should leave the final opinion up to the end of the race in Bahrain. If you look at Melbourne, historically there has never been a lot of overtaking. China and Bahrain are the two tracks where to overtake is much easier.I liked to observe how the pilots attacked throughout the race. Nobody was saving fuel and tyres as before."During the last race in Australia, the experts counted a total of five traverses.

2017-03-27 17:14:05

Stoffel Vandorn we Have the slowest car

Stoffel Vandorn we Have the slowest car

The pilot of McLaren Stoffel Vandorn said that his team is the winner of the slowest machines.Stoffel Vandorn "the Only positive thing in the last race - I got to the finish line. However, we have no way to fight for anything.We are seriously lacking power, we are in a different category. We have the slowest car".According to experts, the Honda engines used by the McLaren team is inferior to Mercedes power plant of 100-120 HP.

2017-02-14 13:04:03

Williams hopes to limit budgets

Deputy head Williams Claire Williams hopes that limit budgets will help her team to fight for the title.Claire Williams "Our team is now able to your budget to thrive only in the middle of the peloton, while larger teams clearly ahead of us in the financial area. But the limit budgets, which depends on the number of staff that can work in our favor. If we sit at the negotiating table and resolve the issue, then Williams will have a chance to fight for the title".According to experts, the budget Williams is 125 million Euro against, for example, of 390 million euros from Ferrari.

2017-01-31 12:04:09

Carlos Sainz Yes, how do they know

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz said that no one can know in advance, will be less overtaking or not.Carlos Sainz "Yes, how do they know that the new machines will not be able to overtake We have not tested the new technique, and some experts are already making predictions.Maybe the DRS will have less impact on overtaking. This may be true, but at the same time, we will have new tyres that will allow to attack more, which will certainly increase the number of overtaking.It will be the magic years engines 1000 HP, good aerodynamics, wide tires. Well, even if not a lot of overtaking, remember how many people watched the race in 2004 Millions".

2017-01-19 12:14:03

Sauber new rules is a new feature

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn believes that her team's new rules are just salvation.Moniz, Kaltenborn "it is a new feature, since we really did not have any hindrance in our development plan. The new car was constructed in accordance with the schedule.New people, new experts in the field of aerodynamics has influenced the project. We have taken certain steps that will help us achieve a competitive level. I see that this is a very big opportunity for us, we are really ready to make the step forward.If the rules remain the same, then we would have to do a bigger step forward, because we are so far behind Now that all the rules are cleared, we just have to take a step forward and not two, as if everything had remained the same".

2016-12-24 11:24:05

Chapter Mercedes To us confined too much attention

Chapter Mercedes To us confined too much attention

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff believes that his team in connection with the departure of Nico Rosberg, focused attention.Toto Wolff "Our team is in the spotlight. Every decision, every word is watched, as if under a microscope.Often the media incorrectly interpretiruya our words as the words of other experts, only fueling the situation.But the truth is that we calmly consider candidates who relish our achievements and prepare for the next season.

2016-12-18 12:24:03

Stoffel Vandorn I already train in the gym

Stoffel Vandorn I already train in the gym

The pilot of McLaren Stoffel Vandorn said that already trains hard in the gym, preparing for season 2017.Stoffel Vandorn "I think the cars next year will be more difficult in terms of flying than this. Thanks to the body kit and new tyres the speed will increase for a couple of seconds with the circle.Aerobatics will be difficult physically, so I'm working hard with my personal trainer at the gym. We will be a lot of work, enhancing the physical capabilities of my body, so that it is ready to overload the pre-season tests.Until we know how really hard can it be to operate these cars, because no one has seen them in person, only in the virtual world, but experts already warn us about the high overloads.The biggest problem is training the neck is the hardest muscle to train. It is very difficult to simulate overload for neck, so, how many do not practice, anyway, after the first test body and the neck will crack from the pain".

2016-12-16 15:54:02

Williams wants to get 34 million for Bottas

The Williams team is ready to give Valtteri Bottas Mercedes, if instead of getting an experienced pilot and a substantial compensation.The first sentence of Mercedes included a discount on the engines in the amount of 10 million euros, but for the leadership of Williams, it was not enough. In Grou would like to get free engines for two years is, according to experts, is equivalent to the sum of 34 million euros.As for the experienced pilot, this role is, obviously, fit Felipe Massa. The Brazilian has admitted that he is ready to think over the offer.

2016-08-23 19:24:03

New Sauber chief race engineer

New Sauber chief race engineer

In the beginning of the year due to problems with finances Sauber left many experts. After the appearance of new owners and investment in the Swiss team pulled experienced personnel. So, the new chief race engineer Sauber became heavy Pujolar.Spanish engineer has worked in Jaguar, HRT, Williams and Toro Rosso. Last place of work, he left this spring due to a conflict with the head of the Italian team Franz Toast. In the Toro Rosso Pujolar worked as race engineer max Verstappen.

2016-07-15 11:14:03

Apple plans to buy Formula 1

Apple plans to buy Formula 1

American Corporation Apple, the renowned manufacturer of smartphones, computers and software, interested in the Formula 1 championship. In the press appeared information about the company's desire to acquire a significant portion of the stock car racing championship.According to some respected experts, Apple has made a proposal to the Fund CVC Capital Partners about buying out his share of the championship. While official data about the impending transaction not as the official confirmation of the interest of storonu Apple and CVC Capital Partners.

2016-06-21 11:44:04

Rosberg knows the car better than Hamilton

Rosberg knows the car better than Hamilton

During the race in Baku, the pilots Mercedes having problems with the power plant, which is solved by the selection of settings. And if Nico Rosberg quickly coped with the task, then Lewis Hamilton took 12 laps, while three-time champion for a very long time begged the team to give clues, which is prohibited by the rules.Many experts believe that Hamilton speed superior to Rosberg, but in terms of knowledge of the technical side of the machine is noticeably inferior, and showed that the race in Baku. However, the leaders of Mercedes sided with Lewis.Toto Wolff, head of the team "it is Not necessary to compare them to the last race. Just Nico had gained the necessary information which helped him. And with Lewis having problems".Niki Lauda, non-Executive Director of Mercedes "Lewis fought with rivals, so it was difficult to find the right switch. You can not say about Niko.

2016-06-10 09:34:03

Jenson button Yes, we will have a new turbine

Jenson button Yes, we will have a new turbine

The pilot of McLaren's Jenson button has confirmed that during the canadian Grand Prix he and his team-mate Fernando Alonso will get the new turbine.Jenson button "Yes, we will have a new turbine. The power plant will become more efficient. Because of this we can make better use of energy.Yet, we will have the new fuel. The experts working in Honda and Exxon Mobil are working on the optimal composition of the fuel. The new composition will allow you to regain about one-tenth of a second".Earlier it was reported that Honda spent two conditional points for completion of the power plant before the Grand Prix of Canada.

2016-05-20 14:24:03

Chapter Sauber In the team has stability

Chapter Sauber In the team has stability

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn said that the team has stability, and it will help in the future to make progress.Monisha Kaltenborn "Our machine is not as effective as could be. Our rate does not reflect the actual strength of the team. We know what causes these problems, so are working to resolve them.Now the team has stability, and may have gone to some experts, the basis remains the same. We were able to conduct a quick restructuring and are now trying to make progress".

2016-05-13 09:34:03

Ron Dennis would Not be surprised if a couple of teams will not be able to complete the current season

Ron Dennis would Not be surprised if a couple of teams will not be able to complete the current season

The head of McLaren, Ron Dennis said that this season of Formula-1 may lose a few teams.Ron Dennis "There are teams who have serious financial problems. Do not be surprised if a couple of teams will not be able to complete the current season. They spend more than they earn in any business it leads to collapse.In our sport many believe in miracles and believe that any this revision will help to achieve significant progress, and therefore just waste money. In Formula 1 should learn not to do that. Even we, having a stable budget, sometimes limit ourselves to allow the team to function properly. Unfortunately, these tactics do not all adhere to".It is known that serious financial problems at Sauber. The team regularly detain the salary, and it left some key experts. It is also known that at the end of the season Sauber will leave the title sponsor Banco do Brazil.The second team can be a Force India. The Indian authorities have serious claims to the owner of the team Vijay Malia, the debts of which exceed one billion dollars.

2016-05-09 00:14:04

The Germans considered the Ferrari of the favorites of Grand Prix of Spain

According to experts, the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, that Ferrari may be faster than Mercedes on the track in Barcelona.As the evidence provides examples of what the German team of the Scuderia is faster on the straights and slow in turns due to more efficient acceleration dynamics. The Ferrari is faster in high-speed and medium-speed cornering at the expense of the chassis. It is those twists that prevail in Barcelona. If the qualification and the race will be held without accidents, then Ferrari have a real chance to secure their first victory of the season.

2016-05-05 11:34:03

Sauber once again withhold wages

Members of the team Sauber again sitting without a paycheck. Debt has reached the sum of three million euros.Moniz, Kaltenborn, head of the team "I Hope in the coming days we will receive money from sponsors. We will solve the problem.Meanwhile, more and more experts converge in opinion, that Sauber will not live to see the end of the season. Moreover, the titular sponsor of the team - Banco do Brazil - is going to close its program in Formula 1.

2016-04-20 16:34:03

Fernando Alonso motivation I'm fine

Fernando Alonso motivation I'm fine

In recent years, many experts and former pilots of Formula 1 have suggested that Fernando Alonso has already lost motivation. The Spaniard has a different opinion.Fernando Alonso in the interview AS "I don't understand why someone thinks so. In 2012 I fought for the title until the last race. In the 2013 season I took second place in the championship, and a year later scored points three times more than my partner Kimi Raikkonen. At the Grand Prix of Hungary 2015, I manually pushed the car to pit lane to continue the fight.In the beginning of this season I had an accident and broke two ribs, but still asked the FIA to allow me to sit behind the wheel. After that, it's hard to argue that I lost motivation. Maybe I'm old and ugly, but with motivation I'm fine".

2016-04-06 10:14:05

Place under mate Daniil Kvyat staggered

Place under mate Daniil Kvyat staggered

According to several European media, the leadership of the Red Bull decided to replace one of combat pilots for the next season. It is expected that as a replacement wystpi one of the pilots of the Junior team Toro Rosso, where already two races in a row Shine Max Verstappen.According to experts, Verstappen will replace Daniil Kvyat, who will either join another team or back in Toro Rosso.