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2016-03-13 09:54:04

Mercedes Pascal important for the team

Mercedes Pascal important for the team

The head of Mercedes Toto Wolff told that Pascal Wehrlein is a key figure in the development team with an eye to the future.Toto Wolff "We are delighted that Pascal has done such an important step in his career. He is part of Mercedes, though acts in the other team. Wehrlein has already proved himself in the DTM and also in the role of test-pilot of our team in Formula 1.Yes, Manor is a small team, but it collected good experts that will help Wehrlein to cope with the pressure of the first season in the championship. Will we raise it, and in the future it will help Mercedes to achieve even greater heights than now.Recall that Veralyn this season debut in Formula 1 in the composition of the Manor. The German will be registered as backup pilot Mercedes.

2015-12-20 13:44:04

Jean-Eric Vergne I understand the decision Haas

Jean-Eric Vergne I understand the decision Haas

The pilot of the Virgin Jean-Eric Vergne, along with the performances in Formula E test driver for Ferrari, said he was sympathetic to the Haas refusal to give him the job for 2016.Jean-Eric Vergne "I would like to return to Formula-1, because this is now the best racing series, but I respect the decision of Haas. I wish them luck in beginning the path they have chosen. They have a chance to gather a good team of pilots and experts, in order to succeed".

2015-12-01 16:54:03

Honda has promised to solve all the problems before the start of next season

Sports Director Honda Yasuhisa Arai has promised McLaren team to solve problems with the power plant before the first race of the new season.Yasuhisa Arai "We are ill-prepared for his debut season, played a few tests, but came to the first race. In the middle of the year we found a weakness of our power plants, but to solve this problem in the middle of the season had no chance.Now we are waiting for winter break to work on reliability and increased capacity. Now we know our weaknesses the power plant and eliminate them before the race in Australia".According to experts, directly to the internal combustion engine from the Honda engineers turned out good. The power plant has two weak links a compact model of the turbine and the MGU-K.

2015-11-27 16:54:07

Formula-E and Kinetic will start the championship on unmanned electric vehicles

Formula-E and Kinetic will start the championship on unmanned electric vehicles

Formula E together with Kinetic announced the launch of a partnership whose goal is the creation of an international racing series for electric cars unmanned.The new championship will be a support race in the championship of Formula E, the first phase is scheduled for the 2016-2017 season ROBORACE will be held before each race, Formula E circuit championship in main cities around the world. Participants ROBORACE will be 10 teams, the race duration will be one hour. The new championship is manouria, but each team will have their own algorithms and artificial intelligence technology.Denis Sverdlov, the founder of the Kinetic and ROBORACE "We believe that in the future all cars will use artificial intelligence and electric power, which will have a positive impact on the environment and road safety. ROBORACE will become a platform for revolutionary technologies, which had reached humanity in this area. It is a global platform to showcase what robotechnology and artificial intelligence can coexist in the real world. In addition, this will help create more effective solutions in this area and to continue the development of technology.The founders of ROBORACE believe that in the world there is a huge number of talented professionals who could apply their skills. That is why one of the teams will be organized with the help of crowdsourcing among the software enthusiasts and experts in technology from all over the world.Further support for Formula E and ROBORACE provided by Charge, the automotive startup based Kinetic, which is engaged in the development of revolutionary electric propulsion systems for commercial vehicles. Charge will become the official partner and will provide the championship electrogrooving for the parade of pilots, vehicles for emergency evacuation of electroblade and Shuttle for guests and visitors to the area eVillage.Great app Alejandro, the head of Formula E "We are very encouraged by the beginning of the partnership with Kinetic in the project, which, no doubt, will be one of the most notorious in the history of the sport. ROBORACE - the open championship for the most innovative and technologically advanced companies in the world. We create platform to showcase their capabilities and it's awesome. I believe that through a unique crowdsourcing contest we will be able to unleash the potential of the latest breakthrough technologies".The details, as well as information about the teams and technologies will be announced early next year.The ninth stage of FIA Formula E will again be held in Moscow on 4 June 2016 at the Kremlin walls.

2015-11-26 17:44:03

The FIA will inspect the engines of Hamilton and Vettel

After the finish of the race Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi FIA will carefully consider the design of one of the engines used during the season by Lewis Hamilton. Check for compliance with the regulations is three days, and only after that the British officially will be declared the season champion.In addition, the experts of the FIA will check the engine of Sebastian Vettel, with whom the German won the Singapore Grand Prix.

2015-11-19 11:44:04

Honda is ready to invite experienced consultants

Honda are willing to change your approach to work in Formula 1, inviting experienced consultants.Earlier the Japanese minders relied solely on their strength and categorically refused to invite third-party experts, for which they are often criticized by partners from McLaren. Now, according to the publication Auto Motor und Sport, Honda could become a consultant Gilles Simon, former head of the Department of engines of Ferrari.

2015-11-07 19:14:03

Lotus If you want out - let them go

Deputy head of Lotus Federico Gastaldi said that if someone from the team wants to leave, no one is going to hold. The idea is that after Romain Grosjean had a hit from Lotus took a number of specialists, which did not deter the opportunity to work with Renault.Federico Gastaldi "If you want to go - we do not keep. It's everyone's business. We don't want to let their experts, but it is their right, as if to offer you more money - it is clear that to think over the proposal.We are people, we all want to live better, so if workers find a better place, we do not stand in their way".

2015-11-06 11:34:02

In Brazil Red Bull will get new engines

During the Brazil Grand Prix the Red Bull team will use a new version of the power plant of Renault, which the French minders spent 11 conventional points. According to experts, the new engine will allow you to wager up to two-tenths of a second per lap.The new version was ready on the eve of the Grand Prix of the USA. One debut was postponed until the Brazilian stage. According to available information, the Red Bull engineers had to redo the cooling system.The decision to use new engines in qualifying and the race will be decided. In the case of replacement of the power plant both pilots will get a starting penalty.We also know that the Toro Rosso team will not use a new version of the engine. The remaining two races it will hold with the old power plants.

2015-10-11 11:04:02

The medical service of the Sochi Autodrom has earned high marks

A severe accident of Carlos Sainz Jr., which occurred during the third free practice session of Grand Prix of Russia Formula 1, there were no serious consequences thanks to the prompt action of the medical service and rescue teams at Sochi Autodrom.Carlos Sainz lost control of the vehicle at the twelfth turn, the pilots are at speeds above 300 km/h. the Car of the Spaniard broke from the path and after hitting the bump suffered towards the relegation zone thirteenth turn, where uncontrolled car crashed into a protective barrier.Immediately after the incident at the scene of the accident arrived a team of extract, evakuirovavshie the pilot from the wrecked car. By ambulance the driver was taken to medical center of the Sochi Autodrom, where he conducted the initial examination. Then Carlos Sainz on the helicopter was transported to the City hospital 4. Examination showed that the pilot is in satisfactory condition and it is now awaiting discharge.The clash of science with strikers occurred at speeds of around 200 km/h from impact were damaged TecPro safety blocks and embossed elements of the Guard rail bump Rail. The specialists of Sochi Autodrom with the help of a tow truck removed from the track damaged sections of barrier, and then replaced six rails and six supporting pillars Guard Rail, and also built a new layer of TecPro barriers.Due to the coherent action of the various services of the Sochi Autodrom the consequences of the accident did not affect the schedule of the Grand Prix of Russia Formula 1, and Saturday's qualification started at 1400, according to the schedule.For all processes relating to medical aid to the pilot and rebuilding the infrastructure of the track, closely watched by the representatives of the International automobile Federation. Personnel actions the Sochi Autodrom has received a high estimation of experts of the FIA, noting also the coordinated work and timely response of medical and rescue services.

2015-09-16 14:24:02

On Rosberg's car was returned to the engine, which was removed in Monza

During the Singapore Grand Prix Nico Rosberg will use the new specification engine, which was installed on his car during Friday practice at Monza.As you know, during the last Grand Prix of Italy both pilots Mercedes received a new powerplant specifications. However, Rosberg's car the motor worked intermittently, and the engineers decided to replace it with the previously used old engine specifications. For two laps before finishing the race, he was burned.Now on the car, Niko will return a new engine. As it turned out, malfunctions were caused by incorrect operation of certain components of the chassis.Nico Rosberg "it was Found that the engine problem was caused by the component chassis that was on the car for quite some time. Now everything will be fine".According to experts, new Mercedes engine specifications 40 HP more powerful than the old engine specifications.

2015-09-11 13:44:03

Maldonado is sure that he will stay at Lotus-Renault

Maldonado is sure that he will stay at Lotus-Renault

Everything goes to the fact that Renault will buy the team Lotus. Many experts believe that in this case the Pastor Maldonado was shown the door, despite sponsorship from Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. However, the pilot has a different opinion on this matter.Pastor Maldonado "I have a contract until the end of next year, so I'm cool, even if Renault will buy the team. On the contrary, if it happens, I'll be glad.If they want to abandon me - well, nothing can be done. But as far as I know, with me ready to continue the cooperation."According to available information, managers Maldonado held talks with Force India. If Renault refuse services of Venezuelan, he may make the company Nico Hulkenberg in Indian team.

2015-09-09 13:14:07

Jenson button While we trust Honda

Jenson button While we trust Honda

The pilot of McLaren's Jenson button said that his team currently has full confidence in Honda.Jenson button "If the trust were not, we wouldn't even discussed this issue. We say that we don't like in the engine, Arai and his engineers. If there are problems with the car and the chassis, then talk about it boulier and our experts. All take criticism is fine and all try to work towards one goal. If trust is lost, we'll tear up the contract".

2015-08-20 10:44:04

Daniel ricciardo Last season lives in me still

Daniel ricciardo Last season lives in me still

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo said that the successes of the past year and encourage good results and now.Daniel ricciardo "last year I was the best in the team is no accident. I made it three victories, beat Vettel in personal confrontation and consistently showed good race. These successes encouraged me to work now. I believe in your strength, so do not give up even in such a difficult situation.Probably, and if next season will be a failure, I begin to forget, as I am about their success. But I hope that these experts will still be able to appreciate the beauty of my work even in such difficult for the team circumstances".

2015-07-09 10:24:03

Damon hill Formula 1 do not need sprint

Damon hill Formula 1 do not need sprint

During the British Grand Prix it was proposed to hold the sprint race of the Formula 1 with the participation of young pilots. Champion 1996 Damon hill believes that the sprint race for GP2, and the Royal race it's just.Damon hill "I don't understand why the experts and even just people discussing this topic In Formula 1 and all is well, and the race is broken down into sprint intervals. This is not an endurance race, we are told critics.Moreover, we do not need to learn from the experience start and reverse GP2 sprint race. This Formula 1 do not need May want to increase the entertainment smash qualification for two days. On Friday so that people do not get bored in the stands, to hold the first and second rounds, and on Saturday the final. It will be quite a positive impact on the interest in racing".

2015-06-23 10:44:03

Niki Lauda Hulkenberg time in the top team

Niki Lauda Hulkenberg time in the top team

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda believes, like many other experts Formula 1, Nico Hulkenberg it's time to move into the top team.Niki Lauda "I join the opinion of the majority that Nico Hulkenberg has long deserved the transition in the top team. He needs to place in one of the leading teams, as it will be mutually beneficial work. Perhaps this place will be in Ferrari, where Kimi Raikkonen is behaving rather strange.Nico is very good, and his victory at the first attempt at Le Mans only proved it. His race at the average speed of the car in Formula 1 just incredible, so I'm looking forward to seeing him behind the wheel of fast cars".

2015-05-21 13:04:02

Bernie Ecclestone I really would like to change the Formula-1

The head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone said that I personally would change a lot in the world of the Royal race, but not everything depends only on him.Bernie Ecclestone "I would like to change the Formula-1, but the regulations are too strict. The teams are to blame for this because they have created a body composed of engineers and other experts, who decide in which direction to move the Formula-1. So we came to this country, where the only important engines. I am against such a complex propulsion systems, can all be simplified and at the same time to make the race more interesting, entertaining and understandable to the audience.

2015-05-19 17:14:02

A new record McLaren

In the first five races of this season, the McLaren team didn't earn any points and thereby set a new record. Prior to this most unfortunate was the start of the 1981 season, when to get into the points failed only with the fourth attempt.Something the 1981 season coincides with the season of 2015. Then Ron Dennis with the support of Marlboro gained control of the McLaren team and invited the brilliant engineer John Barnard, who has built a unique car MP4/1 with full carbon-fiber monocoque. This year Dennis after the break once again stood at the head of the team and was lured away from Red Bull engineer Peter Prodromou, who has built quite good, according to many experts, the chassis of the MP4-30. However, the weak link is the power plant Honda.34 years ago, only in the fourth race of the season Andrea de Cesaris managed to bring the team their first point. Then followed two unsuccessful races. And then John Watson gave a series of three podiums, which ended with the victory at the home of the British Grand Prix. Later the same year Watson behind the wheel of the MP4/1B fought for the title.How will this year If Fernando Alonso or Jenson button to be on the podium Can McLaren-Honda to intervene in the fight for the title next season.

2015-05-09 09:34:03

Audi is ready to buy the team Red Bull

Audi is ready to appear in Formula 1, having bought out the Red Bull team. So says Luca di Montezemolo, the former President of Ferrari.Luca di Montezemolo "a Close friend told me that Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull, intends to sell his team Audi".The Audi is not confirmed, nor denied this information.Rupert Stadler, head of Audi "I can't answer this question. We are exploring the possibility of performances in Formula 1, but there are other options".It is known that last year the Audi employee was Stefano Domenicali, former team principal of Ferrari. According to experts, the Italian instructed to prepare staff for the program Formula 1.

2015-04-28 22:54:04

Garhood Berger believes max Verstappen superstar

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Gerhard Berger believes max Rastapana new superpilot Royal races.Gerhard Berger "many will agree With me experts of this sport Max Verstappen is the superstar of Formula 1. I remember how he showed himself in Formula 3, conducting a first-class race, with little or no experience of playing in this series. Max is very good in its 17 years, and the suppression of Science clearly proves. Sainz quick only next to the best partner, and Max's exactly this.

2015-03-26 13:54:02

Team Red Bull ordered the installation VTT

A growing body of evidence suggests that the Red Bull team is configured to build their own power plant. Recently it became known that the Austrian team booked a unique setting VTT.VTT - virtual test track, which allows for tests of the machine indoors. It is known that such equipment is at the disposal of engineers Mercedes and Honda. To obtain this type of unit plan and Ferrari.According to experts, VTT necessary to a greater extent, the minders, and therefore in Red Bull really plan to do with engines. Moreover, the team has already started to cooperate with Mario Illiana and his company Ilmor, in his time involved in the preparation of Mercedes engines.

2015-03-23 10:44:03

Fernando Alonso has successfully passed the tests in Cambridge

Fernando Alonso has successfully passed the tests in Cambridge

Fernando Alonso is ready to get back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 cars. On Sunday, the Spaniard has successfully passed medical tests in the University of Cambridge. Independent experts have confirmed that the Spaniard fully recovered from received in Barcelona injuries. It is expected that today Fernando will go to Malaysia.But before the start of the race weekend, the pilot of McLaren will have to appear before a medical Board, which is chaired by the medical delegate FIA Jean-Charles Piette. Alonso waiting for the 45-minute tests, the results of which will decide on the admission to participation in the Grand Prix.

2015-03-14 22:14:02

FIA expects Manor explanations

Pilots Manor missed all the training and qualification of the Australian Grand Prix. Now the FIA intends to obtain evidence from representatives of the team.In a statement, the FIA said "the Stewards asked the team Manor in writing to explain the reasons why pilots have not left the track during qualifying, although an application has been submitted for participation in the first stage of the season."The management team says about the problems, including the lack of necessary software. Many experts believe that the Manor was not ready to participate in this Grand Prix and came to Australia in order not to get a penalty for skipping out on stage.

2015-03-14 08:44:02

Manor just making up numbers in Australia

Pilots Manor could not take part in Friday's practice, missed Saturday's practice and, apparently, will not go on the track during qualifying. Command refers to technical problems, the lack of the necessary software, but it seems Manor came to Australia, what is called, for the sake of appearances.The head of the championship Bernie Ecclestone has expressed doubt that the Manor sufficient funds to participate in the Grand Prix. Many experts in the paddock of the opinion that the team was not going to participate in the race.It is known that the team claim the prize money paid at the end of the season 2014. We are talking about the sum of 40 million euros. But to get them, the team must participate in this championship. The appearance in the paddock without reaching the start of the race can be called a part.

2015-03-04 15:04:02

All vs versions McLaren accident Fernando Alonso

More and more experts are coming to believe that the accident Fernando Alonso on the tests in Barcelona was a result of electric shock. Growing evidence speaks against the official version of the McLaren that the Spaniard was off due to strong wind gusts.Fabrizio Barbazza, ex-pilot of Formula 1, in an interview with La Repubblica "Alonso was electrocuted, I am just sure about it. He was electrocuted by a power of 600 watts. The doctors and team about it you will never say, but Fernando initially had problems with vision, and then with blood circulation".According to the Italian Sky Italia, Alonso admitted to his friends that he felt a severe pain before departure. And with this version I agree the ex-pilot of Formula 1 by ren Arnoux.By ren Arnoux "I am sure that Fernando was injured before the collision, so I was not surprised by the recommendation of doctors. For many years I have competed in Formula 1, so I know what I'm talking about.The blow was a glancing one. After this simply cannot be such consequences. Sure, he lost consciousness before the kick. The existence of strong wind gusts - it's just a good excuse".Spanish neurosurgeon Roberto Belvis alarmed strange advice of doctors, who advised Alonso to miss the race in Australia.Roberto Belvis "it is Rather strange to take measures to prevent a repeat concussion if the first signs of concussion are simply missing. He has no headaches, no problems with it - so there is no threat of serious consequences. But if you have unexplained loss of consciousness, it is logical to prohibit the pilot to participate in races three to four weeks.So hard to believe in the statement that Fernando has fully recovered, but will not participate in the race because of the risk of repeated concussions".

2015-02-26 11:24:02

McLaren will finalize the power plant Honda

Problems with energy recuperation system Honda will solve the McLaren engineers with experience developing your own KERS in 2009.The tests in Barcelona showed problems with the insulation of the motor-generator MGU-K. Honda Mechanics hastily tried to reverse engineer some of the nodes, but the problem has reappeared. According to experts, with such complexities faced by all who have begun to develop a system recovery.Obviously, the mechanics Honda will take time to resolve this issue. In order not to lose precious test time, the McLaren engineers with experience in the development of KERS for the 2009 season, prepare your workaround. Upgraded power plant will be used on the tests in Barcelona, which start on February 26.

2015-02-15 11:34:04

Renault Mario Illien is our salvation

Renault Mario Illien is our salvation

Managing Director of Renault Cyril Abiteboul believes that cooperation with Mario Illiana has become a key work on a new engine for season 2015. Recall that one of the founders of the legendary company Ilmor Mario Illien was involved in co-operation with Renault last year.Cyril Abiteboul "I will Not hide, and I'm not even exaggerating that Mario has become our salvation. His service is invaluable We were able to optimize many processes with the power plant, and it was a significant result.We are imperfect in their work, so the experts from always by the way. Changes coming for the season-2016, can help us to come forward, so work with Mario helps us not only to gain experience but also to achieve more than our opponents. If you lose, then again for a couple of years will go one back.

2015-01-31 17:44:05

Ferrari gained an extra 80 HP

Ferrari gained an extra 80 HP

Last year, according to some experts, powerplant Ferrari inferior Mercedes 60 HP But the new season welcomes fans of Scuderia updated engine, which gained about 80 HP, This increase in power will give a good increase in speed, but, according to experts, this year, Mercedes has also made a step forward, and the gap between the two opposing teams will be only half a second.

2014-12-20 20:54:04

McLaren We have already solved the problems with the new engine

McLaren We have already solved the problems with the new engine

Race Director Eric McLaren Buje said that his team has already figured out the problems of the new Honda engine, which occurred during a test in Abu Dhabi.Eric Buje "Our experts a lot of time spent on finding solutions and the nature of the problem. We held a special internal investigation and have found out the reasons that led to these terrible problems. We soon Honda will conduct bench tests and all will pereproverit".It is not excluded that for additional tests the McLaren team uses permitted by the regulations of the shooting days.

2014-12-20 20:44:04

Sergio Perez is ready to return to McLaren

Sergio Perez is ready to return to McLaren

The pilot Force India Sergio Perez has admitted that he would be glad to return to McLaren, where he spent just one season.Sergio Perez "I play in the championship for the sake of victory, for the sake of the title. I think if McLaren will be able to give me this opportunity, I will definitely take advantage of it. I am ready to return. I was asked to leave not because of conflict or bad relations with management. Just did not come out what I got. But now I'm ready for another attempt.According to experts, Perez appeared in McLaren for Mexican sponsors, however, to sign a major contract title sponsor Telmex failed.