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2018-01-29 13:54:05

Charlie whiting inspected the track in Assen

Charlie whiting inspected the track in Assen

Race Director FIA's Charlie whiting was satisfied with the track of Assen, where soon they will be racing Formula 1.In December, computer modeling has shown that TT Circuit Assen meets the safety requirements of class 1 established by the FIA in terms of layout and width of the track.Chairman of the Board Arjan BOS "it's nice to hear that Charlie whiting is also very happy with the track, modern amenities and service.The positive verdict is an important step in the right direction to return to Formula-1 in the Netherlands. While this process is still ongoing.The next step will be a visit to the track by the representatives of the FOM. This is likely to happen in the near future.".

2017-12-23 13:24:03

Marseille is preparing to host the Formula 1

It seems that next year Formula 1 will organize a major event in Marseille. This year a similar event has already passed in London, which was attended by all the drivers, except Lewis Hamilton.Deputy mayor of Marseille Jean Roatta "the Mayor agreed. We have not yet met with representatives of the FOM, but currently we are working on security issues and a venue that should be near the Museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations.The event must occur because it is very attractive for the city.

2017-07-31 16:14:06

Formula 1 is protected from criticism Halo

Formula 1 uses all his strength and power to lobby for the security system of Halo, resorting even to the not quite correct action.On Thursday on a press-conferences of the FIA in Hungary drivers, including Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen, criticized the security system, which will become mandatory in the season of 2018.But in the official video FOM on a press-conferences were included only pilots with positive feedback about the system.On the question of why it happened, a representative FOM told the newspaper Bild that it was an editorial decision.

2017-06-08 09:04:05

Paul Ricard is determined by the date of the race in the season-2018

Paul Ricard is determined by the date of the race in the season-2018

Circuit Paul Ricard the following year returned to the championship of Formula-1 Grand Prix of France, and is now being actively discussed the date of the race.Promoter of the Grand Prix of France, Christian Estrosi "In Monaco I met with chase Carey regarding our issue. In our conversation, I paid special attention to the selection date of the Grand Prix, because it depends largely on the success of the race.We are discussing the possibility of holding a race in the period from late June to mid-July, but the FIA and FOM will offer us a more specific date.As soon as it becomes known, we will begin to sell tickets. Chase also wants the Grand Prix at Paul Ricard went really French. He wants each race to the maximum of the national colors. And I like his approach".

2016-10-07 11:24:03

Philippe Bianchi the Investigation continues

Philippe Bianchi the Investigation continues

The father of Jules Bianchi has said that the investigation into the death of his son on the track in Suzuka is still ongoing.Philippe Bianchi "I continue to look for answers, utilizing for this purpose all forces. Evidence of death is not enough. The police and FIA had a very weak investigation.Our goal is to get to the truth, to prove that Jules is not to blame for the accident, to ensure that in future no such incidents. We need the truth. I can't live a normal life, it is normal to grieve for her son in these conditions. First you need to deal with this case.We have proved a number of errors in the investigation of police and the FOM. Also, we still have not provided the footage FOM the scene of the accident with the car of Jules. This would shed light on the events".

2016-09-14 10:44:03

Philippe Bianchi I'll get to the truth

Philippe Bianchi I'll get to the truth

The father of Jules Bianchi has said that he would do everything in order to know the whole truth about the accident his son, carefully concealed from the public FIA.Philippe Bianchi "I am not satisfied with the arguments of the officials of the FIA. I know that the Federation was admitted careless mistakes during the race. Immediately after the accident, I began my investigation because I wanted to know the truth. The free access is all the accident of Formula 1, even the most terrible fatalities, but the accident Jules no. I am sure that records of accidents, a great many, but the FIA and FOM don't want to show them that people did not see the whole truth.I was at the scene, analyze the trajectory and examined the rotation and can't understand why my son is in there off the road. He was not responsible for this, because the race had to be stopped, there wasn't supposed to be green flags and the tractor. It was error, FIA.

2016-04-08 08:14:02

The FIA agrees to return the format of qualification 2015

The FIA agrees to return the format of qualification 2015

FIA officially announced the agreement to return to Formula 1 last year's format of qualification. The Federation together with a management company FOM decided to meet the teams, insisting on the return of the old format."By unanimous request of the teams, Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone decided in the interests of the championship to submit to the Commission the f-1 and the world motor sport Council request to return the qualifying format for 2015.If approved, this format will come into force on SE China, and will be valid until the end of the season," the statement said FIA.The Federation also noted that, together with the teams will be looking for a new format for the season 2017.

2016-03-30 11:04:03

In Russia came the first cargo of teams of Formula 1

In Russia came the first cargo of teams of Formula 1

Containers of Formula One Management FOM and the teams of Formula 1 arrived in the port of Novorossiysk. In the first delivery of the sea container 31. They contain the equipment for the boxes of the teams participating in the Grand Prix. The cargo arrived in the port of Novorossiysk container terminal "PLC".After unloading of the container ship SAFMARINE BENGUELA and clearance in Novorossiysk customs under the special customs procedure of lightweight containers will go to Sochi Autodrom. The container ship SAFMARINE BENGUELA sailing under the flag of Hong Kong and is operated by the company Maerck Line. The ship has a capacity 43,096 tons, the maximum length 223,3 meters and width of 32.2 meters.This is the first delivery of goods Formula 1, the second shipment of containers will arrive in Novorossiysk in a few days.Racing cars will be delivered to Sochi by air. Machine on Board will bring to Russia seven flights. The first of them will arrive at Sochi airport on April 19.

2016-02-27 15:54:01

The introduction of a new format of qualification may be delayed.

The introduction of a new format of qualification may be delayed.

Promoter Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone said that the introduction of the new format qualifying "shootout" will be postponed at least until the GP of Spain, if not before the start of the championship 2017.The reason for this decision was insufficient time between the adoption of amendments to sporting regulations and the first race of the season-2016 FOM recognized that in such a short time does not have time to create new graphics for TV broadcasts and prepare the software with regard to changes in distribution rules, starting positions," says Ecclestone.

2016-01-10 13:44:04

The head of McLaren Replace Ecclestone needs someone by

The head of McLaren Replace Ecclestone needs someone by

The head of McLaren Ron Dennis believes that the successor to Bernie Ecclestone should not be the head of one of the teams of the championship, and people from the outside.Ron Dennis "It would be a mistake to invite as a successor to Ecclestone's one of the leaders of a championship team. It will be hard not to make concessions to his former team, and this is quite natural. In addition, this person should not work in the FIA or FOM.If I do such a proposal, then I will refuse, although it will be a nice moment. I know what I want to achieve in his career, and will not retreat from its principles".

2015-10-23 10:54:03

Think tank race how the timing of the Sochi Autodrom

The race is one of the most technologically advanced sports and when every thousandth of a second, but the exact timing can determine the winner.In previous years the judges during the competition had to stand along the pit lane and to detect the lap time by using stopwatches. Thus, all the timing literally was in the hands of the marshals. Over time the racing took a big step forward and the cars become much more technologically advanced, the route is now safer, and the system of measuring time is more advanced.Every modern circuit has a complex systems to provide judges with accurate information about lap time, speed of pilots and the position of the cars. Without these data to monitor the progress of the race would be impossible.Own timing system installed at Sochi Autodrom. It includes six loops-serif, recording the exact crossing time of each individual machine. One notch is located on the start/finish, it marks the start and end of the circle. Three more loops are integrated into the fabric of racing during the circle. Two additional measuring points of time are at the entrance and the exit from the pit lane.On each machine, facing the Sochi Autodrom, a sensor, having a unique signal. This allows the server to accurately identify each pilot and take time for his car.The sensor, receiving the signal after passing through the data decoder sends information to the server, where the numbers are structured and help form protocols-in any form, be it race results, classification best lap or full decoding of the lap times on any interval.Own system of timekeeping used during any of the races at the Sochi Autodrom, in addition to the Grand Prix of Russia Formula 1. For the "Royal races" the international automobile Federation FIA and Formula One Management FOM bring their own set of equipment, sensors for cars, loop-serifs and decoders for data transmission to the server.Before the Grand Prix, the FIA engineers are placed in the pavement sensors every hundred meters. In addition, additional transponders are installed on the main straight, in order to automatically track the position of cars during the launch and in case of a false start to identify the offending rider.Subsequently, the information from the sensors is used not only to summarize events but to analyze past competitions engineers. GPS data along with indications of the time system help to identify weaknesses of the car and to understand what route to add, and where the rider has the advantage.Motorsports, as a high-tech sport, makes high demands not only to the machines, engineers, and racers, but also to the pistes, which now represent a modern complex computing hardware, combined into one large network.

2015-10-10 11:34:03

Dmitry Kozak the Track in Sochi deservedly received the title of best

On Friday, the Sochi Autodrom was visited by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, personally tested the track in a sports car.Among dignitaries of the Russian Grand Prix on Friday at the Sochi Autodrom was visited by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. He drove two laps behind the wheel of the safety car Formula 1 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-S, taking with him as a passenger to the head of group of companies Formula One Management FOM Bernie Ecclestone."The plan on preparation for Grand Prix of Russia fully implemented. Mr Ecclestone puts us the highest rating, there is huge spectator interest, - said the first Deputy Prime Minister. For free races I was not able to follow, but I just tested the track. It is gorgeous and deservedly won last year the title of best".

2015-09-14 21:04:07

Goods FOM and the teams of Formula 1 began to arrive in Russia

Party containers FOM and participants of the "Royal races" delivered to the port of Novorossiysk on the ferry.The first brought the goods partners Formula One Management FOM, fuel and oil for Formula 1 teams, as well as temporary structures for the Russian Grand Prix. In total, the sea will arrive about 600 tons of equipment not involved in before the upcoming Grand Prix races.Within a few days, the containers will be delivered to Sochi Autodrom road, and then begin the Assembly and installation of equipment.From September 25 to begin arriving goods by the participants of the GP2 and GP3 Series, for decoration on the track created a special temporary customs control zone. Shipping car teams and components of cars of Formula 1 will begin on September 29, two days after the Grand Prix of Japan.

2015-08-01 09:44:06

Teams want to rest longer

Head of Red Bull's Christian Horner said that his team wants to relax in the summer is noticeably longer than a couple weeks.Christian Horner "Summer vacation is almost the only time when we can relax. Work on machines are available throughout the year, because the engineers, mechanics and other personnel involved on the basis of almost bezvylazno. A lot of work with us media and representatives of the FIA, FOM. They also all need to rest. We hope that next year, Ecclestone will meet our needs".Echoed Horner and race Director McLaren Eric bulge.Eric bouillet "Summer break should be longer. While we discuss this possibility, but, as a rule, everything can change, if the right to vote for it. Move a couple of steps is always possible".Agree and Deputy head Williams Claire Williams.Claire Williams "next year will be a lot of races. All have to hard. Our employees have to sacrifice personal that the team played well in the races. These people need to relax more.

2014-12-19 21:04:03

Ecclestone was given the award for the best Grand Prix of the Russian organizers

19 December in Sochi Circuit held a ceremony for the "Best of the Grand Prix Formula 1 season 2014. The legendary trophy was presented to the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, the head of Formula One Management FOM Bernie Ecclestone and will remain in Russia until at least the end of 2015.The gala awards ceremony was held in the framework of summarizing the first operational season Sochi Circuit, with the participation of Bernie Ecclestone, Dmitry Kozak, Deputy head of administration of Krasnodar region Alexander Saurina and the President of the Russian automobile Federation Viktor Kiryanov. Challenge trophy, engraved with the names of all its owners, since 1975, will be on Sochi track in the next year.The news that the first ever Russian Grand Prix is defined as the best stage of the championship of Formula 1 in the season of 2014, was announced during the General Assembly of the International automobile Federation FIA in early December 2014, This award is given to the guidance FOM stage of Formula 1, conducted at a high level in the most difficult conditions. Shall be taken into consideration as the time frame and the ultimate success of the event, and feedback from participants upon completion.Stage "Royal races" in Russia was preceded by 4 years of construction and intense training, in conjunction with the implementation of the Olympic project "Sochi-2014". The combining schedules of construction of the Olympic Park and the integration into the it infrastructure tracks racing has become one of the most difficult, but successfully implemented construction projects of the past years. Operating preparations for the Grand Prix of Russia was carried out in record time immediately after the completion of the Olympic and Paralympic winter games. In the August 19, 2014 route has been certified by the FIA, which allows race class "Formula 1". On the eve of the Grand Prix of Russia organizers in cooperation with the Federal customs service of Russia managed to get a unique experience and to implement the task for the delivery of goods commands from the previous stage of the Championship, which was complicated by weather conditions and delay sending from Japan.From 10 to 12 October 2014 on the road to success was the first Russian Grand Prix Formula 1. The modern racetrack in Eastern Europe during the race weekend was visited by more than 166 000 people, including more than 500 high-ranking guests from Russia and other countries. The broadcast of the first ever Russian round of the Formula 1 collected from screens 3.4 million Russians, which is three times higher compared with the views of other stages of the Championship. When preparing for competitions Sochi Race attracted more than 1,100 volunteers from 12 countries and different regions of Russia and thereby made a significant contribution to the development of the volunteer movement. Grand Prix of Russia won the British driver Lewis Hamilton, and the best lap time on the track in Sochi Circuit showed Valtteri Bottas from Finland - 1 minute, 40, 896 seconds. The Mercedes team in Sochi has earned 43 points and became inaccessible in the Cup of Designers.For the first 4 months of its operational debut season Sochi Circuit affirmed the status of the facility year-round use, becoming a venue more than 20 sports and many public, corporate and educational events collected at the facility about 200 thousand spectators and participants. From November 2014 at the circuit classes Academy driving skills - sports school for the young generation in racing and training centre for ordinary drivers, which can increase the skill of driving with counter-emergency training and active practice of driving on the track for the racing of Formula 1. In the framework of the agreement on cooperation with the Russian international Olympic University is implementing a program for training in the field of sports management.Bernie Ecclestone, head of Formula One Management "the experience of the organizers of the Grand Prix of Russia unique. The event in Sochi was really the best in the season. I want to thank everyone who made this project for bravery and courage that had made it possible for the Russian leg of the Formula 1. For us it is important that the organizers from the outset listened to our advice and eventually implemented the project in such a short time.Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation "in order to realize the project of the Grand Prix in life, Russia together with the organizers of the Formula 1 has gone by several decades. Before we raised a very important and difficult task simultaneously with the preparations for the Olympic winter games to build the most modern world-class racetrack. For such a system infrastructure reforms in many countries have required decades, and we're honored to have been completed in six years. The triumph of this great work was the recognition of the Sochi Circuit best object in the field of motor sport. However, it was important not only to build infrastructure, but also to organize the event at the highest level, so I want to thank everyone who was involved in the preparation and conducting of the best Grand Prix in the world for 2014".Alexander Saurin, Deputy head of administration of Krasnodar Krai "On behalf of the Krasnodar region I want to Express my gratitude to the Formula One Management and personally the the Bernie Ecclestone for the recognition of our performance for the organization and conduct of the Russian Grand Prix Formula 1. I would also like to thank the support of the leadership of the Russian automobile Federation in the person of its President Viktor Kiryanov and Executive Director Sergei Ivanov, international consultant Sochi Circuit, the head of the company Ruchira - Richard Cregan and TV presenter Alexey Popov - for vivid reporting and professional coverage of the Russian Grand Prix Formula 1 from the event".Sergey Vorobiev, promoter of the Russian Grand Prix Formula 1 "Over the past month, team activities Sochi Circuit has twice been recognized by the international Motorsport community. Grand Prix of Russia firmly established in the calendar of Formula 1 and became the championship that attracts special attention. I want to thank the team of builders, consultants, organizers, volunteers and, of course, the audience for the creation of a large sports holiday with an unforgettable atmosphere. Thank you to those who believed in us, first and foremost, the government of the Russian Federation and the Krasnodar Krai administration, whose support has made it possible for "Royal races" in Russia. Formula 1 for Sochi Circuit remains a priority, but not the only project - track is used for a wide range of Motorsport and commercial activities, we welcome guests all year round".

2014-10-27 22:24:02

Force India at the last moment paid for motors

Force India at the last moment paid for motors

Force India at the last moment managed to pay for Mercedes new sets of engines in the hope that in the last three races of the season it will be able to earn 20 points, ahead of McLaren in the fight for 5th place in the Cup of designers.

According to German publication Auto Motor und Sport, the team has a vested interested in this, because for the 5th place due to 62 million in prize money. For the sixth FOM will pay three million less, and for Force India this is a significant amount - about so much during the season is the development of two technical updates. And in 2015, the team wants to spend all aerodynamic research center only Toyota Motorsport in Cologne. Rent this wind tunnel will cost four million euros.

After a summer break machine McLaren was clearly a lot faster, but Force India began to take positions. Including, because of the tense situation with engines, because it remained the only team that used only four sets of modules of the power plant, while the rest is transferred to the fifth, or even sixth.

This saver has specific explanation the command was delayed payments for the engines, although the contract had to transfer money to October 27. At the last moment in the Mercedes had claimed, and now until the end of the season Niko Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez will use the new engines.

If the command is not found money to go to Austin just it would not make sense. All modules fourth sets of power plants, internal combustion engines, turbines, motor-generators, batteries and control electronics is already worn out. You can only use them on the Friday training sessions.

In recent races, Force India was forced to protect motors, possibly due to power loss. This was evident in the work of the team on the Friday training if McLaren racers on Fridays at Suzuka and Sochi drove 227 circles, Perez, Hulkenberg - only 146. It is logical to assume that Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen was able to better prepare for the qualifications and races.

The desire Force India to fight with McLaren in the final phase of the championship by the fact that the Department of aerodynamics team prepared for the race in Austin a few technical innovations. By themselves they are not so significant, but must complete the complex updates presented in Singapore. The idea is that they will improve the stability behavior of the machine when cornering and acceleration.


2014-10-26 16:54:02

Tony Fernandez We have not received from Engavest a single cent

Tony Fernandez We have not received from Engavest a single cent

As you know, currently, assets Caterham F1 dispose of crisis managers, the team placed into administration, there is a search for potential buyers and while she may not participate in the races. Will change the situation for the better, depends on who will get the team.

This was preceded by a period when her former owners and the people who came to the team last summer, exchanged strange press releases, very sharp in shape, exchanging accusations.

Sunday malajzisky businessman Tony Fernandes, the owner of the airline AirAsia, on his Twitter page he returned to the subject of relations with the Swiss companies Engavest, which acted as the buyer's team.

"Those four years, until we had Caterham, we fully repaid our debts and made the effort, says Fernandez. We have built the team, but then focused on football club Queens Park Rangers.

The team was put up for sale. The company Engavest conducted its audit, all fully tested and made his proposal, based on its financial condition. I was told that this company are Swiss and Kuwaiti investors. FOM and FIA approved the deal, so we thought it was serious.

We accepted the offer. But never received from Engavest a single cent. We have seen how we have taken our assets. Had to stop it.

Formula 1 is a fantastic sport. Bernie Ecclestone has done an incredible job, but there are problems that need to be addressed. Many will meet the same fate as Caterham I don't think that any independent team will be able to survive in the long term.

Last, we also sold our teams playing in GP2 and Moto2. And with them there were no problems."

If the words Fernandez something and clarify the situation with Caterham, then only partly. For example, left unanswered the question addressed to him by one of the fans "But if debt team exceeded its assets, you will not get a single cent. Your benefit is that the buyer of the debt itself, you see"


2014-10-26 13:34:02

Bernie Ecclestone told about the essence of the rule of third machines

Bernie Ecclestone told about the essence of the rule of third machines

We have already touched on a third machine that the top teams will be set at the start if the number of cars participating in the race, will be less than twenty. But because the agreement is regulatory, confidential, experts can only speculate about how such a rule can be implemented.

Bernie Ecclestone in an interview with the Daily Mail revealed some details of these arrangements. According to him, teams signed contracts obligating them to help other participants of the championship, if those will be a financial problem, and to provide them with their machine.

Also, the newspaper writes that Marussia F1 in early October appealed to the High court in London on an official request for the introduction of external management. This confirms the words yesterday Ecclestone that in Grand Prix USA this command will not participate, as Caterham.

Talks about the search term ways to save the situation continues, and Ecclestone has admitted that any other team can provide distress rivals my car. This rule, though, and raises many question, however, is bonded formal agreements commands with Ecclestone, and shall come into force if the number of machines becomes less than twenty.

"They will provide a third machine to the other team, - said the head of the management of Formula 1. - If, for example, Sauber will not be able to go to start, then they can negotiate with her. In Ferrari can say We will provide you with the car and everything connected with it, and we want you to be placed on it advertising our sponsors. You have your sponsors, but we want you included in this list and we want behind the wheel of our villages racer.

And then the team will not go bankrupt, it is logical For example, if Red Bull will decide to provide your car Caterham, this can be a solution".

The appearance of such rules is due to specific reason. In contracts Ecclestone with race organizers, States the following Formula 1 "will use all reasonable measures to ensure that at least 16 cars will participate in the competitions.

If the condition is not met, it will be a breach of obligations on the part of the Formula 1, which may result in loss of about 300 million pounds paid by the race organizers. The threshold of 20 machines specified in the contract with the teams - some kind of guarantee that the number of participants does not reach a critical minimum.

on 7 October the company Manor Grand Prix Racing, which is a legal entity behind team Marussia F1, sent a notice to the High court of London, notifying intention to introduce external management. The total debts of the company reach 140,6 million pounds.

Although it is already known that Marussia and Caterham miss American championship, Ecclestone said that this would not be a reason to apply the rule of third cars, because the contract with FOM allows teams to miss two races a year.

"We don't have to enter a third car at this stage, because these commands can skip two of the race, " explained Bernie. They will lose some money, which they relied for these races, but will not lose their positions in the championship. Have no idea what will become of Marussia in the long run. But it would be better if the team do not have to introduce external management.

The latest available financial statements Marussia dated 2012 according to the documents, the team spent 32 million pounds on engineering research and development - with 42 of the total expenditure, which amounted to 76.1 million pounds. Operating costs and expenses engines are estimated at 23 million. Excluding these costs, the team is bankrupt can be a lucrative venture that will be attractive to new investors and will gain a new life. Probably, this is the essence of rule of third machine, which told Ecclestone, because then the additional costs are borne by the top teams.


2014-10-25 19:24:02

Joe sawar on the reduction of the starting field to 18 machines

Joe sawar on the reduction of the starting field to 18 machines

Bernie Ecclestone said that Austin will not only team Caterham F1 and Marussia, which means that the number of cars on the starting field will be reduced to 18. British journalist Joe Savart discusses the consequences of this situation.

Joe sawar "there is no time to urgently go option would be the ability to put on the start of the third machine, because its implementation presumably requires at least 60 days. Accordingly, in this third season of machines, we will not see.

Very strange that the rules relating to third machines that are not accessible to the public, and people who know the answers to all your questions, will not disclose details strictly confidential agreements, so no one knows what was said in the documents, except those who signed them.

The only thing that remains in this situation is to talk about how can you get the team that will be set to start on three machines. Presumably, in these rules refers to a kind of the draw, but we do not know the details of how it can be done. As you can see, all of this is quite difficult, because the team can't just put the third machine in all races. To keep some semblance of justice, they should be given equal opportunities to expose the third machine, because there is always a certain tactical element. Therefore, the choice of the third machine should be random. Again, as far as we can understand, to participate in each of the next draw is not allowed command, which exhibited the third car in the last race.

We do not know whether the third machine painted exactly the same as two major, or the teams will have the opportunity to sell advertising space to other sponsors. This could help to offset the costs of the third car, but not the fact that it will be allowed by the rules. Sports regulations provide that both machines that the competitor puts on the start must be presented basically in the same livery. However, the word both does not take into account the possibility of a third machine.

The main question is not how many teams will come to Austin, but will in the next season enough participants or teams will have to put a third machine. It is a very difficult situation for all concerned, since it is clear that the third machine will not earn points thus not affecting the amount of prize money, but it will deprive points opponents.

For example, if the dominant team uses a third machine, it can earn 43 points for 1st and 2nd places, but it is likely that 3rd place will be the racer who competes on the same machine as the leaders - hence, the second strongest team can count only on 22 points. That is how much you can earn for 4-th and 5-th place, and not 27, if the racers second force teams finished 3-m and 4-m Thus, the middle will be pushed even further, and their chances of getting the prize will be reduced.

FIA will soon have to decide whether to 2015 18 machines or 22, as the teams should submit their applications to participate in the next season until November 1. Also they are required to pay entry fees 50000 plus 5000 for every point you earn. This means that Caterham have to pay 50000 and Marussia - 60000. For comparison, the success of Mercedes AMG in 2014 will be expensive for the right to participate in the next championship, it will pay at least 2.8 million most Likely by the end of the season, this amount will exceed 3 million.

It is hoped that one or both teams-the outsiders will be able in the coming weeks to solve their problems, but it all depends on their owners. The situation with Caterham confusing, and now returned control to the crisis Manager who knows practically nothing about Formula 1. It largely depends on who advises, though he was hardly in a position to choose the best Advisor. In General, as lucky. Outsiders until characterize his actions as wrong.

In the case of Marussia already have a potential buyer, but it seems that the team owner has appointed a very high price. there's no official information that Marussia will not appear in Austin, and, to be honest, it's strange that Bernie Ecclestone announced before the team made an official statement. It damages the image of the entire Formula 1 it is necessary to assume that Ecclestone either did it intentionally, or he is not aware of the consequences of such statements.

Whatever it was, it reduces the cost of the entire Formula 1 in General. Existing agreements provide that the partnership FIA and FOM calculated for the period from 2013 to 2020, and there is an agreement to extend to 2030, approximately the same conditions, so we are dealing with a long-term problem.

Undoubtedly, in the coming weeks will see the answers to many questions".


2014-10-24 14:54:02

The new owners finally refused Caterham

The new owners finally refused Caterham

According to the German Motorsport-Total, last Friday morning talks involving the bankruptcy Trustee Caterham Sports Limited Pinbarren O Connellan assigned law firm Smith Williamson, did not lead to positive for both parties. In the end, the new owners - a consortium of investors, attracted by Colin Collesum, now I think only about how to return the invested funds - we are talking about tens of millions of dollars.

The previous owners of the team is no longer interesting, and O'connell told reporters that offers securities, in which machines are part of the Smith Williamson. If nothing will change that for the participation of the team in the Grand Prix of the USA requires that the responsibility for this has assumed a legal company not related to motorsports.

In order to solve the issue, there are only a few hours tomorrow machines must be sent from the base to catch rented FOM Charter flights to Austin.


2014-10-14 14:04:03

Mercedes will award prizes to the team for the victory in the Cup of designers

Mercedes will award prizes to the team for the victory in the Cup of designers

The British press writes that in Mercedes rewarded all 700 employees team based in Brackley, for winning the Cup of designers. The minimum amount of bonuses will be 11 thousand pounds 16 thousand dollars, and all payments the company will spend more than 11 million. Moreover, this amount does not include bonuses for senior management teams and riders.

On Monday it plans to issue the award said Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda during a meeting with employees in Brackley. The team can afford generous bonuses, because for the victory in the Cup of designers will get more than 60 million dollars in prize money from FOM.


2014-10-06 13:34:02

The 2013 Formula 1 got record profits

The 2013 Formula 1 got record profits

By the end of 2013 Formula 1 has set a new record for the amount of income received, helped by new advertising contracts with companies such as Rolex and Emirates. Income reached 1.7 billion, and the profit amounted to 503,7 million, for the first time exceeding half a billion.

Advertising and sponsors brought Formula 1 259 million is 20 more than in 2012 of approximately 87.8 million Formula 1 earned on corporate receptions, in particular, due to the "Paddock club". However, the lion's share, more than 286 million, which traditionally make up the money received from the owners of the tracks and promoters racing, which they pay FOM for the right to host the championship of the world, as well as income from TV broadcasts.

Thus, the investment attractiveness of the Formula 1 is still very high. We have repeatedly written that the American media Mogul John Malone and his Discovery Communication negotiating with the Fund CVC Capital Partners on the acquisition of a large block of securities of the championship at the moment CVC owns 35 of the shares.

However, Bernie Ecclestone, the head of the management of Formula 1, proposes not to rush things.

"I don't think that happened some changes, " writes the London newspaper the Daily Telegraph. In my opinion, Malone still wants to do something. But I was very surprised, why people need so much time to talk about his intentions to take action. I don't think that CVC is going to actively pursue the sale of shares. Uniquely, up to the end of the year it will not happen".


2014-10-05 13:04:02

FIA is investigating the incident with Jules Bianchi

FIA is investigating the incident with Jules Bianchi

After a severe accident on the 44-lap race at Suzuka Jules Bianchi was sent to the hospital. That happened while not much information is FOM refused to broadcast the consequences of the accident in a television broadcast.

It is only known that the blow fell on the left side of the chassis, and the pilot was sent to the hospital unconscious.

Machine Bianchi is already in the boxes of the FIA, predstaviteli Federation, together with mechanics Marussia, investigate damage to make the necessary conclusions for the future.


2014-10-03 17:14:02

The organizers of the Grand Prix of Belgium agreed to a three-year contract

The organizers of the Grand Prix of Belgium agreed to a three-year contract

According to information from the Belgian L'echo, the organizers of the Grand Prix of Belgium agreed to a contract with FOM - Formula 1 will remain in the Spa until 2018. Left to sign and to make an official statement.

"Things work out, we agreed on the text of the contract on the organization of the Grand Prix in Spa for three years," said close to the organizers of the source.

Signed in 2013, the contract is valid for three years and expires on August 23, 2015. Under the new contract, the fee for the right to host the race will be reduced from 24 to 19 million euros.

This year the race promoter company Spa Grand Prix, announced an increase in losses from the race. According to CEO andr Maes, they reached 6 million euros, but this is due to fall by 2 of the volume of ticket sales.

"We sold 57000 tickets, less than last year, " said Andre Maes. - This is a consequence of bad weather, particularly on Saturday when it rained. Many viewers do not have to come to the track that day".

In General, during the weekend of the circuit visited 140 thousand spectators.


text Tatiana Belsky


2014-09-30 18:24:02

Arif Rahimov I Want to make something special

Arif Rahimov I Want to make something special

In 2016 the Formula 1 for the first time will come to Azerbaijan. The contract for the Grand Prix signed, future highway project has been developed and will be presented next week in Baku. Arif Rahimov, head of the promotion company Baku Grand Prix, visited Singapore Grand Prix, where he held a number of meetings with representatives of the FOM and the local organizers. There'd talk to him and correspondent

Question Arif, first of all, what is the purpose of your visit in Singapore

Arif Rahimov it was Necessary to get acquainted with the organisation of the race and various operations related to it. Our Grand Prix will be similar to the stage in Singapore. We also have a street circuit race held on the streets of Baku. Except, perhaps, that here she is in artificial light, the differences are not so much. It was important to see how it all happens here, to talk with local organizers to meet with the leadership of the Formula 1.

Question What are your first feelings work to more than imagined

Arif Rahimov Scope of work, frankly, will be outstanding. More or less than I imagined Expectations were met. This is my first visit to the stage of Formula 1, but I was on other sporting events on a large scale, at the Olympic games including. So the General idea of how held such events, of course, was. I pay more attention to the details.

Question What are your future plans Of course, this is not your last visit to the race, the future of Baku will come more numerous delegations.

Arif Rahimov Recently, we officially announced the signing of a contract, now start typing a command. In the near future we will form the backbone of the main structure of the company, and then we will prepare a more detailed plan.

Question When will be presented the design of the route

Arif Rahimov the Eighth of October, we will hold a presentation, show interesting moments of the track. In Baku, just before heading to the Grand Prix of Russia, will come Mr Ecclestone. There we will share more detailed information.

Question How long ago did you start working with Herman Tilke

Arif Rahimov the first time we met, when only began negotiations with FOM. It was in mid-2013. He arrived, we met. Then there was a small pause, while there were negotiations about the contract FOM, and as soon as it was signed, we immediately called Herman in Baku and began to discuss further steps. We worked with them to design the route and very happy. He has a professional team of architects, which is very pleasant to work with. They know what they're doing.

Question Grand Prix - part of the overall strategy for the promotion of Azerbaijan

Arif Rahimov we already are and will be many major events, including sports, in 2015 will be the first in the history of European games. This is a very significant event. The exact numbers will not call, but it's about 50 countries, thousands of sportsmen, athletes, delegates. Originally, we had planned to spend in 2015 and Formula 1, but including and because of this event decided to postpone the first race.

Question was the confidence that it was possible to hold the race in 2015

Arif Rahimov Yes, but we moved the race because I wanted to be 100 ready, wanted to feel the confidence that will hold the Grand Prix At the highest level. Otherwise, we would have to hurry, but this is not really wanted.

In addition, in 2017 we will conduct Islamic games solidarity, we have already held a contest, many different sports world Championships, European Cups and so on. The country is developing in this direction, we want to host large sporting events.

Question Why you opted for conducting the race, abandoning the construction of the stationary circuit

Arif Rahimov As in any sport, new players often criticized. If you want to come into this world to do something special. This was our idea. We want to do something special. The bottom line is that wherever in the world passed by race, if it is held on the street circuit, in any case attracts special attention. In the eyes of the fans it looks a little different.

Street circuit is always special, not like any other. We want to show the most beautiful places of our city. When we present the track, you will see that the race will pass through the most beautiful places of Baku. We will be able to represent our city in the best light.

Question was held In Baku racing GT, it will help to organize the stage of Formula 1

Arif Rahimov of Course, but it's a completely different scale. FIA GT and the number of visitors and the number of delegates is many times less. I think the first thing we need to help the experience of hosting large-scale events such as Eurovision, European games. We already have a strong specialists in certain areas, may not be directly related to the conduct of a Formula 1 race, but those will also be necessary for the organization of the event. For example, traffic management, accreditation, and other processes. They have gained a certain state of people who have learned or will learn from the experience of future events to work on major events. We will be able to apply the knowledge and conduct of the race.

Question For the first time - in particular, for a sports organization is certainly planned to attract third-party partners

Arif Rahimov of course, we will engage consultants. At the moment, one of the goals of my trip to Singapore to meet with certain people, to hold meetings. It is possible to find partners among the promoters of races in other countries, to gain experience. To find out what difficulties and try to avoid them.

Question how long will the agreement with FOM

Arif Rahimov the Contract has been signed for nine years.

Question the Race will receive the status of the European Grand Prix. Why

Arif Rahimov status Grand Prix of Europe was at the race in Valencia, now he has remained vacant. Our country is on the boundary of two continents, Europe and Asia. We position ourselves as a European city, European country. This is evidenced in the conduct of the European games. In addition, you know that we will take one of the quarter-finals of the UEFA European football championship 2020 - together with St. Petersburg. During the negotiations, one of the most important position was that we wanted to have the status of European Grand Prix.

Question it was Easy to find a common language when discussing this issue

Arif Rahimov Yes. To be honest, this question was approved very quickly, without much effort. All agreed and moved to the next agenda item.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-09-09 19:54:02

The big interview gene Haas and gnter Steiner

The big interview gene Haas and gnter Steiner

Team Gina Haas makes his debut in Formula 1 in 2016, but the news of her mill come regularly now. Signed a contract with Ferrari for the supply of motors, the team has announced that it will officially be known as Haas F1 Team, has launched his official website. In an interview to a closed group of journalists, among whom was the correspondent himself Haas, as well as the group leader gnter Steiner spoke about the process of preparing the team for the start.

Question First of all, congratulations in connection with the conclusion of the contract with Ferrari. Rumors about a possible partnership were a long time ago, but now it is officially announced.

Gene Haas Yes, we are several months discussing the details of cooperation. This is a rather complicated from a legal point of view contracts.

Question In the Formula 1 is the usual thing, isn't it

Gene Haas Yes, exactly. Need to get some "permissions"to still begin to chase.

Question is it too complex and intricate system

Gene Haas Honestly, I'm not doing this so tightly. You should ask these guys Hurter Steiner and Joe Custer, Vice President of the team NASCAR Stewart HAAS Racing.

Gunther Steiner All you have to do the same. Yes, we have to solve complex problems, but so far everything is equal, everything is in order. The stakes are high, the professionalism of all parties no doubt. If we are talking about long-term contracts, this is exactly what I need to work.

Joe Custer I think everyone here would like to understand how you are serious. And in a sport like this, some difficulty was created in order to test the seriousness of your intentions. If so, who will go on our way after us, will be treated the same - no problems.

Question What happened in the last few months

Gene Haas the Main thing is probably a contract with Ferrari. Plus we have almost completed the construction of the base in Kannapolis - everything looks good. And now looking for where to place the base in the UK.

Question It's already the final choice Second base will be in the UK

Gene Haas Yes, I think so. From a legal point of view, from the point of view of taxes and logistics is the most obvious choice.

Gunta Steiner I will explain. This will be the only "racing" base. The main plant and headquarters will be located in North Carolina.

Question so in the UK it is planned to make the base for employees who move from one track to the track with the equipment

Gunta Steiner Yes, exactly.

Question In the USA it will go a development machine, placed in a research center and so on.

Gunta Steiner Exactly.

Question that is a machine, "made in America"

Gunther Steiner Yes. We currently do not intend to pursue developments in the UK.

Question How many employees will be on the British base

Gunther Steiner About fifty. From 40 to 60. Maybe we need administrators. But in General, the races, according to the rules, can be used only sixty people. Moreover, this number includes people from Ferrari, which will also work with us, and it's already ten to fifteen people.

Question most of the commands are located in the area of Silverstone, somewhere near Oxford. You think you have something there

Gunther Strainer Absolutely. Between Oxford and Milton-Keynes.

Question have You lived before in the UK.

Gunther Steiner Yes, I lived in Oxford and Milton Keynes laughs. But now I'm most of the time done on the basis of in America.

Question You haven't started the development machine Or it is first necessary to wait for a more opportune moment, when you see a clearer regulations How generally will be based work in this regard

Gunther Steiner We will begin next year to do the design, will be to work closely with Ferrari. Working now on a project machine for 2016 is very difficult, we don't yet know how will look the gearbox and motor. If you start now, then there may come a time when you will have to redo everything.

At the moment the most important is the recruitment, creation of infrastructure. From the point of view of the administrative staff, we have already laid the platform. We have the personnel Department. Actually, this is not an easy task. It's not just a racing team, and the team with base in America. We spend a lot of advice, there are numerous procedures that you want to debug, including Bank accounts, to put in order all legal documentation so that in a year or two we didn't encounter any problems with it. But all the processes are going on quite well, and I am happy.

Question But you will have, most likely, and people from the Formula 1 It is well known that race in America is highly professional, and the level of technology is very high. But how confident are you that the American engineers will be able to switch to F1 Or are you still going to carry the Europeans in the United States

Gunther Steiner I would say easily "switch" will not have a lot of work. But for example we have recently launched our website, which is essentially just one page - recruitment. We've received over the first two days of the three hundreds of resumes. I haven't seen them, because I'm in Europe. But there was huge interest, including among Europeans, the British. We knew from the start that finding people is not easy. But I think everything is possible.

Question But what are the intentions Do you want to make the team as American as possible

Gene Haas I think, initially, we are going to rely heavily on people from the Formula 1, to their evaluation. We will have a base in the UK. But we want to involve as many people as possible from America, from Kannapolis. It is obvious that in the States don't know that much about Formula 1, as in Europe, and we will draw resources from where it is possible, from the UK and other countries, but gradually integrate into the process of Americans.

Question How do you plan to develop relations with Ferrari This would only apply to the supply of motors or cooperation will affect anything else

Gene Haas so far we have a two-year contract. Let's see what will happen next, how will you develop relationships. But we want to HAAS Haas company for the production of machine - Approx. amended was associated with premium brands including Formula 1. And we also want from cooperation with Ferrari.

Question with regard to brand awareness, Formula 1 has already begun to pay dividends in this regard

Gene Haas Yes, probably. We have brought clients to show them the Formula 1. We have here in Monza guest area. We've got customers from Germany, from Italy. Definitely, people know what Formula 1, especially in the automotive business, and it will help us.

Question How many employees do you plan to recruit About three hundred

Gunther Starrer Less. Perhaps two hundred. Moreover, a few years later. Not immediately.

Question What is the state at the moment

Gunther Steiner Six to eight people. I have scheduled a large number of interviews with potential candidates, but to increase the staff right now, no. For example there is no sense to create a racing team until the end of next year. If we hire them now, they will just sit around.

Question And they would have to pay.

Gunther Steiner Yes, but that's not the problem, but also in the fact that nothing serious they do not will, therefore, lose interest in the project, enthusiasm. If fifty people - I will not say "will not do anything" - but you get used to doing very little, then it is difficult to Wake. They will have to be rebuilt under a different rhythm.

Gene Haas we don't even Have the equipment. All these issues should be carefully studied. How are we going to get to the trails As much as we need trucks Now we are engaged in research and planning. Actually, it will take several months before we will make a clear picture. We know that our first race will be held in March 2016, and now there's a countdown. We know that in June 2015, we need to have on hand information about the motor, so we can start to build a chassis around it. Such landmarks few. We've all taken into consideration and know what needs to be ready from our side and by what time.

Question What about colors Already thought about how will look your machine

Gene Haas laughs We've already said that you can't use red. We haven't thought about it.

Question the Next step is to think about the global logistics. How difficult this task, taking into account the fact that the base will be located in the States

Gunther Steiner I think it's difficult. But FOM is a great organization, they can help us. We don't have to invent. Enough to attract someone who is already dealing with160 logistics in the Formula 1.

Question However, in Europe, some commands send updates to machines from the base to the track on Wednesday-Thursday. You will be based in America.

Gunther Steiner In the beginning we are not going to participate in the arms race. These things are basically three or four leading teams, on the other end of the starting grid. First off, we need to make sure that we do everything right, and not just to spend effort and money to play a couple of tenths.

Gene Haas we will not Have the same number of trucks, as the Red Bull.

Gunther Steiner .and forwarders private jets new details on Friday before the race. We are not going to do it.

Question Now discussed the rule that such things will be outlawed.

Gene Haas We hear in the Formula 1 discusses the issue of costs, they are doing certain steps in the direction of the restrictions. And it's good for us.

Question gene, do you have your own company, team in NASCAR, now a new project. How much time you will devote to the work in Formula 1

Gene Haas well, eventually, I will be involved in F1 more and more. This for me is a new challenge, a serious project, it's something that I have never before engaged, and it is interesting to me. In NASCAR we've got a good idea, Formula 1 is another challenge. At least half of my time I spend doing chores team in Formula 1.

Question But we will not see you on every race

Gene Haas No, we will have a leadership structure. Often I'll watch the races from the guest areas.

Question Five years ago, applications for performance in Formula 1 pasali four teams. One of them never came out at the start, one does not already exist, and two changed owners. What lessons you can learn from their experience

Gene Haas I think one of the foundations of success. Need to better understand what you are doing. When you almost immediately after application should start in the race, you just don't have time to understand. You find yourself in a situation where you have to chase its own tail, and ahead of it to be impossible. You are constantly in a disadvantageous position, when something must be done as quickly as possible, but while you're busy doing this, you are trying to catch up in one, you are lagging behind in other areas. You can always find more money, but more time for planning and other processes, you won't be.

Time is a key resource. We have in stock a year. It should take us much help. We arrive at the race and see how everything works, understand how to build up the logistics, we have time to think about many things. When we begin to start in the race, we will be much more ready than those teams then.

Another thing I noticed watching these teams, for their history. One of the main problems they had is the lack of reliability. They appeared on the track with cars that were just falling apart. But there are two components. It is necessary not only to come to the track, you need to make sure your machine is able to drive the race.

Question But you have no clear guidance as to what kind of results you would like to achieve at first, for the second year.

Gene Haas No. In the first season we have two tasks to come to the races and to build a reliable machine. These are the two main goals at the moment. I hope the next goal is to finish in the top 10 in the championship.

Question In the first year

Gene Haas Yes, in the first year.

Question We talked about the fact that there may be adopted any regulations that may affect cost reduction. Are you satisfied with the structure of Formula 1, when you have in fact no right to influence strategic decisions

Gene Haas I don't see a big problem. We are beginners and we are, by and large, do so, as we say. We have no special experience. I don't think it will affect our work. Until then, until all are in equal conditions for all I care. I would say that many of the rules have recently been written in order to control costs, and it will be useful. Who knows All around you continue to tell me that trying to save my money.

Question Speaking of Ferrari. Surely they will try to improve their engines, and by 2016 will be much more competitive.

Gene Haas Yes, I am sure. They were here for a long time, and they have a great experience.

Question Do you have a Ferrari road

Gene Haas Honestly, I have four of them laughs.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-08-29 16:44:02

Grand Prix Jersey again prevented financial problems

Grand Prix Jersey again prevented financial problems

Since then, in 2011 it was officially announced Grand Prix Jersey, FOM was twice expelled 'njn stage of the preliminary calendar for the next season. The last time the race got the green light in April last year, when Bernie Ecclestone has provided a loan in the amount of 10 million to the organizers of the race, the company's Port Imperial Racing Associates PIRA, headed by Leo Hindery Jr. Last, supposedly, has invested more than 10 million of its own funds in the project the Grand Prix Jersey, but it was not enough, last year in June PIRA turned to investment Bank UBS a request to collect the remaining 100 million needed to complete the training track.

Probably, UBS was unable to provide funding, since last December Bernie Ecclestone said that PIRA had violated the terms of the contract. However, according to the latest information, the project had some investors, but they failed to fulfill their obligations.

"Leo confirmed to me that there was an agreement with two or three sponsors who were supposed to invest in the project, " said Bernie Ecclestone in an interview with Forbes. If Leo got the money, and I have invested, then the race would take place.

It did not interfere with any other race to get into the calendar. I have nothing to lose in the case of Leo. If there were someone who will invest the money and do the work, and I would be pleased. Leo is doing everything possible within the available funds. He tries to preserve everything in working condition in the hope that someone will invest in this project. We were approached option in which we could give him more chances. All I hoped for the race in new York. The team wanted to hold her, so we tried to implement this project".

According to British journalist Joe Savart, designs Grand Prix Jersey as a possible return to Formula 1 in long beach, were doomed because of the way the existing approach to racing. The business model of a Formula 1 does not work on the American market, because it requires a lot of money and does not leave the promoter nothing but direct income to the region and ghostly international fame, as well as potential growth in property prices in the vicinity of Formula 1.

State-owned companies are able to Finance the project, very little, so the organizers can only rely on loans. Race in Texas was the exception to the rule, in the sense that the local authority has agreed to provide local promoter credit line to give the opportunity to earn money. But on this contract someone still loses money, and you can only guess how it will end.

Problems of the Formula 1 in the United States are associated with the policy of the investment Fund CVC Capital Partners. The meaning of his existence is that, using its financial ability to purchase the company, to extort from them the most, but to ensure that these companies would remain attractive to potential buyers.

If F1 wants to strengthen the position in the United States, we must look at the wider picture and patience to make the race attractive and create your own audience. It is enough to remove fees for the right to Grand Prix and Formula 1 will become effective in any country.



2014-08-28 18:54:02

Ron Dennis Victory will come, but it takes time

Ron Dennis Victory will come, but it takes time

Team McLaren in 2012 won the race. On the questions about when will come victory will command the cooperation with Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen, and why McLaren have gone MW, in an interview with the official site of the championship, said the head of the McLaren Group Ron Dennis.

Question Weekend in Belgium turned out to be good for McLaren, the team is progressing, but a simple forward enough, right When you re going to win

Ron Dennis the Answer to the second part of your question - of course, at the first opportunity. But if you really evaluate the situation, the progress of the team in the Formula 1 compared to its rivals it takes time. In our case it is also necessary. Remember recent history. In the Red Bull several seasons has enjoyed success, but it took them five years to win the first title. Since joining the team of Adrian Newey in 2006, three years before they won the race.

The same can be said about Ferrari is one of the most successful teams in Formula 1. After the arrival of Jean Todt in 1993, it took six years and 102 Grand Prix to win the title, interrupting a series of setbacks.

Look at Mercedes. This year they won a lot of races and, most likely, will become Champions, but after Mercedes-Benz at the end of 2009, he bought a champion at that time, the team Brawn, it is 40 Grand Prix to their next victory. As I have already said that from a strong Formula 1 team to make the winning team, it takes time.

Seeing winter data received by the engineers in the wind tunnel, I realized that in 2014 McLaren will be another difficult season. It is important to think carefully about the changes before they are produced. There are still a few key issues that I want to understand. In addition, there are a few talented people, which I would like to recruit. Note that after leaving the previous place, the staff some time must never work. As a result, the process of team building is transformed into a collection of puzzles. When the last item is put in place, you enter a period of competitiveness and, ultimately, in times of success. I've already been through this and know how everything works.

Yes, to some extent, we caught up with rivals, our starting position in the Spa and several past Grand Prix confirm this, but the difference in lap time between our machines and the majority of leaders remains significant. Overcoming this gap, we will only start to benefit from the cooperation with the supplier of engines, which will make every effort to work with McLaren, and only with the McLaren - it will happen in the next season, when the team will work with Honda.

Question If we talk about pure speed in Spa we saw that the riders Mercedes was two seconds faster than the winner of the third place at the start of the pilot of the Red Bull. Typically, these gaps can be seen between leaders and teams in the middle group, but now it is the gap between the leaders and the best of the rest.

Ron Dennis Yes, and it shows what an incredible job was done at Mercedes this year - but this is not something unusual as you might think. If you look at the history of Formula 1, it is always when there have been major changes in the rules, one team dominated. McLaren in the past, too, was among them, because this is what you want. Next year, manufacturers will be able to improve your power plant and the struggle will become more dense.

Question You said that McLaren invites talented specialists, bringing together the puzzle elements. Can you tell us about changes in the leadership, when Martin Whitmarsh was replaced by Eric Bulle. The decision is justified

Ron Dennis first of All, I would like to say a few words about Martin. For 25 years he was my friend and the other McLaren, and he remains. Over a quarter of a century we incredibly have worked closely with each other, all these years, he was committed to our cause, have contributed and helped me a lot in the development of the McLaren Group. He has held management positions for so many years, that during that time the team has won more than a hundred victories, twenty of them, when he was leader of the team. For the quarter century that we worked together, the annual turnover of the McLaren Group has grown to 600 million pounds per year. He made a great contribution to the achievement of this incredible success.

In view of the above, I create a management structure, which implies that responsibility, which previously was only on the team, now shared by several people. Therefore, none of them is the leader of the team. Rather, it is a group of professionals with operational positions, racing, sports, technical Director, Director for the Assembly of machines and so on. It takes some time before the structure began to function effectively, as I have already said, the benefits from this we will begin to get after the whole puzzle will be assembled.

I'm not one to make decisions, consult with leading experts of the company. But, ultimately, responsible for all key decisions in McLaren I have. All key decisions made after January 16, 2014 my. Of course, I take full responsibility.

Question Eric Bulle French. Some say there are too many French. How did he fit into the typical British environment in Woking

Ron Dennis Good question. laughs I will respond with a joke Eric is not often manifests traits peculiar to the French. Seriously, Eric is a true racer. In addition, he is a workaholic, and the position of race Director allows him to fully concentrate on the race. He didn't have to be distracted by nakonechnyi questions. All this I duly arranged in its proper instructions. Signing a contract with Eric, we set one of the elements of the puzzle into place.

I want to add that McLaren Racing are representatives of more than 30 nationalities, we evaluated solely on their expertise and skills. Other individual characteristics do not matter.

Question are You satisfied with the performance of Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen Not so long ago, you have attracted the attention of the press, saying that Jenson should put in more effort. The button then downplayed the significance of your comments saying that you probably said those words in the heat of the moment. However, you are not the person who has something to say rashly.

Ron Dennis anyone who has seen the TV interview, know that I said these words with a smile, but did I hint to Jenson Yes, but softly, without malice. In the end. Jenson immediately achieved the best result for themselves in the season.

In any case, to answer your question, I am satisfied with the work of Jensen and Kevin. They are both capable of winning the race driving a competitive car. For career Jenson proved it 15 times, and Kevin has already shown great pace in his still short career in Formula 1. Nevertheless, it is clear that until we gave them mfre. machine.

Despite this, I want to show the best of your ability, and at the same time, it should be noted that McLaren has always tried to invite the best available drivers. If you get the opportunity, we appreciate. It's always been, so shall it be in the next. All the great teams of Formula 1 are the same in this respect. However, we are not in the position to do it at the moment.

Question You say that at the moment not able to do it, but from decisions McLaren depends on the situation on the market of pilots. Are you ready to invite the Megastar, someone like Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel

Ron Dennis As I said, we always try to invite the best available drivers. These pilots is free from contractual obligations To avoid doubt, I want to add that Jenson and Kevin are excellent combination of experience and youth, we are pleased with them both. The fact that we observe riders, and in no way contradicts what I already said if you see an opportunity, we will appreciate. So it was and always will be.

Question But if a rider is not available, and you really want he drove for McLaren, you are ready to move mountains to get it

Ron Dennis Well, it all depends on the respect you contracts riders. I respect.

Question let's Move from McLaren to common questions. In the Formula 1 many committees, many of which were created to discuss the future of the sport. Personally you are interested to play an active role in the work of one of these committees

Ron Dennis My personal attitude to this kind of activity is different from what it was several years ago. When I was head of one of the leading teams in Formula 1, my duty was to make the sport better and take in this work is one of the leading roles.

Now McLaren have a different structure, in my submission is a group of leaders, responsible for interaction with the FIA and FOM in various fields such as sports, technical, commercial. I prefer to contribute then, when I am asked. In other words, instead of me doing my people, but at any time I am ready to help and support, if there is a need or desire.

That being said, I firmly believe that any changes should be made only if they are beneficial to the Formula 1, and not because some of the teams lobbying for their interests in an attempt to gain an advantage over rivals.

text Mikhail Smirnov


2014-08-24 14:44:03

Paul Hembry We must be conservative

Paul Hembry We must be conservative

In an interview boss Pirelli Motorsport Floor Chambre talked about the preparations for the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi, announced interim results of the season, and expressed his point of view on the news of the signing of the contract between Toro Rosso and max Verstappen.

Question Paul, how is the preparation for the first Grand Prix in Sochi Visa, customs and so on.

Paul Hembry We follow the recommendations received from FOM. Documents for the visa will provide very soon. Until now everything went well. We Pirelli have business in Russia. Moreover, Rosneft is the largest shareholder of the company. So in terms of business we have very strong ties with Russia. I don't see any reason for problems with the preparations for the Grand Prix in Sochi should be greater than in any other place.

Question Many complain that the flight from Japan will be difficult. Due to the fact that the race in Sochi will take place just a week after the race in Suzuka, to choose the route with convenient transfers difficult.

Paul Hembry That's right. There is a flight from Turkey, and many of our people will fly to Sochi direct flight from Istanbul. I will first return to the UK with a stopover in Moscow, and only then will travel to Sochi. Many exaggerate to get not too difficult.

Question As usually constructed your work with new stages in the calendar You'll send a team in Sochi.

Paul Hembry Yes, we should send in Sochi a few people. As far as I know, they'll come back next week. The track is completed, we can now collect the necessary data. We will take samples of the coating at various points on the track, will conduct the measurement.

We have long been familiar with the configuration. Our team will conduct the simulation with those loads on the tires, which, as we assume, they have to stand in Sochi, on the basis of available data. You need to understand what will be the temperature how strong will be the wear and so on.

Question on the one hand it is a street circuit, but at the same time, the coating is unlikely to be very different from what most modern tracks.

Paul Hembry Yes, first we need to look at the asphalt. Existing trails that are already in the calendar, have a very smooth coating. And sometimes, even despite aggressive configuration and high load, the physical tire wear is not as serious.

Question Sochi is a lingering left turn after the starting area. How serious challenge it will be for tires

Paul Hembry Protracted turns is always a challenge. I do not yet have complete data, since the simulation we have not conducted due to the lack of samples of the coating. In the calendar there are several similar sites. Most similarities with the eighth rotation in Turkey, which was indeed the most serious test for us for all time in Formula 1. Returning to the question it's heavy rotation, but we were faced with something similar in the past.

Question Do you already have an idea of what compositions you send in Sochi Will you be more conservative in their choice than usual, given that this is a new track

Paul Hembry From what I saw, most likely we will opt for Soft and Medium. If the floor will be smooth, we can bring and SuperSoft. But I can't imagine that we will need Hard. I am now almost sure that it will be Soft and Medium.

Question Back to the championship. What are the interim results of the season for you

Paul Hembry We started the season with many unknowns and large technical changes, in my opinion, we have chosen a good balanced approach. Based on the nature of the sport, he had to be somewhat conservative. We still do not fully understand what is waiting for us, but made the right assessment. Most races were held with two pit stops, about what we asked. We saw a very interesting fight. Perhaps the strategy teams varied not so much, but this is partly explained by the fact that they themselves still have to think more about the development and understanding of our own machines.

We are very pleased with how we worked with rain compositions. Despite the fact that we only had one test day in the winter, when we were able to test them, the results were excellent. We have reduced the difference between rain and intermediate tyres, and in certain situations it creates a very interesting situation. As, for example, took place on Saturday the pilots, it was difficult to choose which of the compounds is preferable. It was one of our goals, and we have coped with it successfully. In General we were satisfied with what worked in the first half of the championship.

Question What would you say about the advantage of Mercedes this season Everyone is talking about how good the power plant, on the chassis. Can you say that part of their separation is caused and how they work with tires

Paul Hembry No, not really. They had problems with overheating in the past year, and they worked very hard to solve them - more than any other team. In the end, they achieved a maximum, and now this greatly helps them, considering how good indicators of torque generated by their power plant. They have certain advantages over the other, but actually we don't see much difference in the approaches of commands to work with the tyres.

Perhaps the situation will change next year when they will be able to dive into the details until they have to seek answers to more global issues set out by the regulations.

Question Who of the pilots has surprised you the most this year

Paul Hembry Honestly, a lot of them. First of all, this applies to young pilots. Valtteri Bottas had a very impressive first half of the season. Should I mark Daniel of quata, which surprised a lot of people, us included. He has shown incredible results in the confrontation with a more experienced partner. His reputation is now very good in the paddock. Perhaps these two really stand out.

Question can you talk about working with tires Fernando Alonso has done incredible last part of the race in Hungary on the soft tyres.

Paul Hembry Top pilots are the best not just. Drivers like Alonso is exceptional. Almost everyone who stands for leading teams - excellent pilots. They are capable of great things, but they are using your head and bring results. But this is not surprising. Everyone knows that Alonso can take the car to the finish in a better position than she deserves.

Question Hot news last week was the signing of a contract with max Verstappen. How did you react It's good for Formula 1

Paul Hembry If it's good enough, though young, there is no problem. However, we are talking about a very young pilot. In most countries, at this age you can't get a license. If it works, thanks to his talent - I guess that's good. But if not, we will hear a huge amount of criticism.

There is a worked-out scheme. There are Championships GP3 and GP2, where riders can get the necessary experience on the way to Formula 1, these series are there to do just that. If he spent a year in GP3 and the year in GP2, he still would be less than 20 years, but he had much more experience. Let's wait and see.

I think now no one wants to talk about what to plant 17-year-old pilot behind the wheel is awful. This is not entirely correct. However, he really is a very young rider, who will drop a huge responsibility. Formula 1 was broken for older people with much more experience. I am sure that on the same circle, it will be blazing fast, but as for the rest - we'll see.

Question He will have more complicated due to the fact that he has not yet worked with Pirelli

Paul Hembry No, I think not. We are dealing with a very talented pilot, and it should not be difficult - he will understand soon enough. All will closely monitor this experiment, and let us hope that everything will work. It is important for all.

text Oleg Karpov