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The former head of McLaren became a consultant to the FIA

The former head of McLaren became a consultant to the FIA

Martin Whitmarsh, head of McLaren, became a consultant to the FIA and Liberty Media in the preparation of rules relating to the limitation of budgets and the distribution of income in Formula 1.Whitmarsh led McLaren in 2009-2013 2010-2013 he chaired the Association of Formula 1 teams FOTA.

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Massa, Perez and Gutierrez will meet with fans

Massa, Perez and Gutierrez will meet with fans

For several years the Association FOTA met the riders and management teams with fans before the Grand Prix. FOTA is gone, but the tradition decided to keep on 29 October, before the weekend Felipe Massa, Sergio Perez and Esteban Gutierrez will answer questions in a music shop Gibson Showroom in downtown Austin.

Admission is free, but requires pre-registration on a special website.

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Max Mosley about the idea of limited budgets

Max Mosley about the idea of limited budgets

Active promotion of max Mosley ideas limitation of the budgets of the teams had in 2009 adopted a hostile reception by the participants, was one of the reasons for the creation of the Association FOTA and open confrontation with the former President of the FIA, which eventually led to his resignation. Implement other ideas cost constraints during the presidency of Jean Todt failed, and Mosley in an interview with British magazine Autosport announced that feels guilty.

Max Mosley "I'm as guilty as any other. I worked on the regulations and our idea was that if someone could find the right approach to the rules, he will be able to save. Unfortunately we chose the wrong direction.

For example, we tried to restrict the freedom of manufacturers of motors, but the costs are not affected - in the end only the decreased power at the same cost. We "froze" the regulations on the engines, the experts considered that the solution is found, but what did the producers They spent a lot of money on research and were able to increase the power of these limitations, adding about 30 forces.

In the end, I realized that to affect costs through regulation cannot, therefore, decided to limit budgets. The idea was to allow teams that agreed to work within a fixed budget, greater technical freedom, allowing to reduce the gap from the leaders to the second. I thought it was logical, and people in the stands would not see much difference between the teams that spend 500 million and those who spend 50.

In this case, if rational approach to income distribution, dividing them equally, teams would receive more than was spent during the season, and the remaining money, even without support from sponsors would be their profit. There is nothing wrong to make a profit, all belong to this positively, but in life things are not so simple."


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Formula 1 and feedback from the fans

Formula 1 and feedback from the fans

We already wrote about the fact that today's summit, where the leaders of the teams with Bernie Ecclestone and Luca di Montezemolo was going to discuss the issues falling popularity of Formula 1, cancelled. More precisely, delayed for a week and a half. Perhaps it's for the best.

To expect that the organizers and participants of the championship will be able to conduct an effective brainstorming and come up with some fresh ideas about "how can we improve the Formula 1", no. While they were received only very dubious offers of scoring double in the final race of the season or restarts from the place they think it will benefit the entertainment and will draw on the podium of the circuit and to TV screens new fans of Motorsport. The arguments of the kind that it destroys the tradition of Formula 1, heard were not.

Of course, not all traditions should be retained. If Formula 1 is the usual conservative in the use of the Internet and social networks and works in this sphere is very inefficient, then much to change, right quick.

And even Formula 1 traditionally waved and continues to shrug off attraction to the decision of destiny of the championship of such a powerful force, as the fans. Characteristically, has long specialized Motorsport editions conduct polls among the readers, in particular,, and do it at least annually. One of the important functions of the now dissolved Association FOTA was feedback from the audience, and meet with fans, held in different countries, to which we invited people from the world of Formula 1, has proved very interesting experience. But soon after FOTA realized the need for a global poll of fans and was going to bring to this project, a number of large regional Internet portals, including the Association was dissolved. It just so happened, however, the relevance of such research since then has only grown.

The British magazine Autosport quotes the words of the former FIA President max Mosley, which puzzled as to why the Formula 1 is not trying to ask the opinion of the audience "it Must be the only global organization, in which no one is aware of the importance of marketing research. For example, if you are concerned that the public won't like the sound of the engines, the first thing you should ask the fans. It's not that expensive if 98 of people coming to the race at Silverstone, I will say that the sound is terrible, because it was too quiet, then it is necessary to think.

But no one really knows what people will say, because they had not asked. If Bernie Ecclestone, Luca di Montezemolo and several veterans believe that the sound should be louder, it does not mean that the way it is."

The situation with the television ratings and attendance races can alarm the organizers of the championship, but the paradox is that for several Grand Prix in a row are very interesting. Of course, the causes of such phenomena it is necessary to understand, but to identify them at the meetings of the first persons in the conference rooms is simply impossible. I wonder how long before the opinion of fans will be in demand.

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London will host the Black Book Race Forum

London will host the Black Book Race Forum

The future of Formula 1 and motor sports in General will be discussed at the business formula Black Book Race Forum with participation of representatives of the teams, circuits and sponsors. A similar event will be held for the first time and will take place on July 3 at London's Central Artillery Gardens.

Among the participants of the forum will be the Deputy leader of the team Lotus Frederico Gastaldi, former Secretary-General FOTA Oliver Weingarten, former Executive Director of the Jordan and Cosworth mark Gallagher and the head of the consulting company Meet the Crowd mark Alexander. The meeting will come Ruslan Razali, Executive Director of the Malaysian circuit of Sepang, Sakhir Salman bin ISA al Khalifa, who heads the international racing circuit of Bahrain, and Gonzalo Gobert, head of the Spanish track in Valencia, taking steps MotoGP.

The afternoon will be devoted to discussion of the questions connected with attraction of sponsors. Planned meeting with chief marketing Lotus Christian Vinom, head of the Department Sauber work with sponsors Heike Grunwaldem and Vice-President of Motorsport company Rupicom Nigel Hichem. They podelyatsya views commands on the situation on the market sponsors, as well as on challenges and prospects of investment in Formula 1.160


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Grand Prix Austria Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix Austria Press conference on Friday

Participants Christian Horner Red Bull Racing, French Toast Toro Rosso, Marco Mattiacci Ferrari, Toto Wolff Mercedes, Moniz, Kaltenborn Sauber, Eric Bulge McLaren

Question next week will gather world Council of Motorsport, at the same time will come deadline for approval of the rules for the season 2015. During yesterday's press conference with the drivers they all said that now the main priority is the reduction of costs. In this respect everything is on schedule The question for all - Eric, you might want to start

Eric bulge it All depends on what you want to focus. We had a number of discussions, the team expressed the desire to do something for the good of sport, and in the end we came to certain decisions. No idea how much money will be saved, it is too early yet to judge. At least, participants tried to do something.

Question Moniz

Moniz, Kaltenborn I think we are still far from the desired goals - at least from the perspective Sauber. And I don't think the teams managed to achieve any tangible savings. The situation is strange in the past year, the world Council of Motorsport determined the reduction of expenditures as a key goal, agreed on the principles of budget constraints and counted the FIA in the obligation to implement these principles. Since different groups were distinct solutions. Commands that are not included in the Strategic group - including the us - were asked to present their views on how to achieve the necessary basis and, moreover, to remain competitive. We voiced opinion, but some progress since then have not seen. Personally, I am very interested, as we now intend to enter the FIA, and as will be further regulated the issue of reducing costs.

Question Christian, your opinion

Christian Horner We have long consulted and agreed on measures that next year should allow to reduce costs. The number of tests reduced, they will be held in Europe, reduced time for work in the wind tunnel and calculations using CFD. Note that all options, approved by the Commission of Formula 1, were adopted unanimously. The meeting was attended by representatives of all teams, each had the right to vote against, but it went without comment. We got what we got, and then the main thing is stability.

Question Marco, the situation with the control of costs corresponds to your expectations

Marco Mattiacci First of all, it is quite remarkable that the racers stressed the importance of cost reduction. Yes, we have made some progress. Maybe you need to do more, but I still think that the Formula 1 must be time to think about how to attract the attention of a wide audience, because in this sport considerable potential. The question of reduction of costs should be considered somewhat broader how to make the end product more attractive for sponsors. We are actively looking for potential savings, but I would like at the same time to seek ways of expanding audience.

Question Toto

Toto Wolff we had a lot of meetings dedicated to finding ways to reduce costs. Now there is a situation when some of commands is against economy, while others are for. All participants are in favour reasonable limits, because even the top teams want to keep costs within certain limits. We want to make sure that the Christian does not spend beyond measure, and Christian wants to ensure that Ferrari does not allow yourself too much. General approval is, but the situation is difficult, and to achieve unanimity is quite difficult. Next year tests during the season will be less in a year or even less, the tests will be conducted in Europe is quite reasonable measures we must take to further reduce costs.

Question Franz, do you say

French Toast As noted Christian, we have achieved some reduction of expenses tests will be smaller, they will be conducted exclusively in Europe, at the same time the team will spend less money on aerodynamic tests, moreover, we further plan to discuss different ways of saving. It's a long process, because in this season came into effect the new rules, and the change of regulations always accompanied by an increase in costs. I hope the discussion will continue. Sure, sooner or later we will come to the situation that will satisfy all participants.

Question one More General question. Went a long discussion about the format change of the weekend, adjustments Friday program, the ban of the product. Any initiative you would like to implement in the first place Marco, let's start with you.

Marco Mattiacci Again, I would like a little wider look at the issue of the development of Formula 1. If all depended solely on my will, I would like to see more interaction between the spectators and riders. Formula 1 - is and innovation, and the fun and the audience has significant potential, including from the point of view of income. Other initiatives to reduce costs I fully support, but this is a tactical measures that do not take into account the potential of the championship.

Question Christian

Christian Horner First of all, Formula 1 is a show that is supposed to entertain. In Montreal we saw Formula 1 at its best, we need something like this every weekend. We must give the fans more, to dedicate them to the details of our work. We need more races like the one that was in Montreal, and how to achieve it - this is the question.

Question Franz

French Toast the most Important thing in the Formula 1 - and not to forget - this is fun, and when it comes to format the Friday times, remember that they are important for the organizers of the weekend. We need to think about how to balance speed machines when two cars much faster than the other, and the efficiency of the power plant is located on a different level, it is difficult to achieve interesting races except for the cases when something does not go according to plan. Again, this is only the first year of the new rules. Need to work with the audience, to tell the audience how the new engines, how to interpret the rules - it will improve the interest for the championship.

Question Two silver machine at the head of the peloton - 'm sure Toto, you wouldn't want it to change, but what measures would you have accepted

Toto Wolff the Funny thing is that we started this press conference with questions about cost reduction, and not about sports as such. We went back to Austria on the historic race for a fantastic track, recently we had incredible Grand Prix. I Agree, we were lucky - we dominated, as in previous years was dominated by Red Bull Racing, but we should not belittle its achievements. Can't imagine that in any other sport press conference started with a discussion extremely problematic or negative aspects.

But back to your question. I agree with Marco important shows and interaction with the audience. If I could single out one thing, I would have called for the rejection of the tests. This is not an attempt to keep our advantage, simply tests themselves are not important for the audience, they want to see interesting fight in the framework of the weekend. Can we spend less tests early in the season Probably, but soon in the championship should appear manufacturer of engines, and should continue for a sufficient number of miles.

Some of the participants were willing to sacrifice tests during the season. Indeed, why not reduce their number to zero, but this option is not passed, and you would be surprised to know who advocated the preservation of tests. If all depended on me, I would have completely refused tests during the season.

Question Moniz

Moniz, Kaltenborn I Agree with Toto in that Formula 1 offers an excellent product. And it is absolutely right that we have focused on the people for whom, in fact, this product is made. For commands that fans for companies - clients. We should give them positive emotions, to come to the race with their children - representatives of the next generation - and enjoyed the spectacle, which happens not so often. We had exciting stages happened and on the contrary, have been periods of dominance of one team Formula 1 has already passed through all this, but we're still standing still. We must appeal to the fans and to ensure that their interest in the championship is not quenched. We did not think.

Question Eric

Eric bole I Agree with all. The new rules recently entered into force, during the winter, much has changed. You need to understand what makes the show more spectacular - this will allow you to interact with the fans. Well, to make the fight more dense, you first need to ensure the stability of the regulations.


Question Kate Walker - You talked a lot about working with fans and strengthen the image of Formula 1. At the Red Bull, for example, has its own demonstration team. I would like to know from you how you are working to increase interest in Formula 1 in their country and other countries, who visit out of the race weekend Christian, if you wish, you can also answer.

Christian Horner In this area the Red Bull is very active. We have a demo team that visits different countries and cities, where the Formula 1 never appeared - this year such places will be twenty-five. We constantly interact with our fans in social networks them more than eight million issued by various videos on individual provisions of the regulation or the process itself built machine. We work with fans, and their number is increasing.

What else did in the Red Bull Returned to Formula 1 in Austria. Great to get home race - after all the effort Dietrich Mateschitz I can feel the enthusiasm with which the Austrians belong to the Formula 1, and to see so many fans.

Question Marco

Marco Mattiacci Sure, you can do even more. In the world of thousands of supporters ' clubs Ferrari, network Facebook watching us twelve million people, but if this approach will adhere to all commands, you will see a synergistic effect, and we can realize the end product of a greater number of consumers. We, of course, there are demonstration team, but nowadays the younger generation is spending more time online, because the work in this direction is very important.

Question Franz, and what to do in Toro Rosso

French Toast Hardly any entity associated with Formula 1, makes for a championship more than Red Bull. As noted Christian, Dietrich Mateschitz has returned to the calendar another European stage - thank you for a fantastic stage and such an amazing infrastructure

Toro Rosso is inextricably linked with Red Bull, next month we will hold a demonstration races in Russia in preparation for the national Grand Prix - Formula 1 aware there is not too good, because we send to him their compatriot, Daniel cveta. In addition, Daniel will be in Moscow next week at a press conference in the framework of the stage of World Series by Renault. In addition, we spend a lot of activities together with sponsors - with CEPSA in Europe, Nova Chemicals in America and Canada. Toro Rosso makes every effort to become closer to the fans and make the Formula 1 more popular.

Question Moniz

Moniz, Kaltenborn State of our team does not allow you to have a demonstration team, but we together with our partners - for example, with Telmex in Latin America - I try to spend as much as possible a variety of events and thereby to support the Formula 1. Hopefully, Mexico ever to host a stage of the championship.

I think we can do more directly under the race weekend. A small team could work together, and fans will benefit if the racers will be actively communicate with them.

Question Eric

Eric bulge Similar response. We are active in social networks, organize various activities, we have our own demonstration team. Last week Jenson visited Russia, took part in the press conference - in General, actions are much the same.

Question Toto

Toto Wolff Our activity on social networks is growing exponentially - some days our page in Facebook collects more than 50,000 "likes". The number of visitors is comparable with the number of visitors to the main page Mercedes - it kind of proves that the audience gradually switched to other information platform, but is it possible to achieve from this platform same financial returns - doubt.

However, from the point of view of work with the audience we do very much. Our demonstration races are held all over the world, Mercedes recently launched a campaign on the Formula 1, the activity of our group in the world motor sport is growing, and it works not only for the team but for the championship as a whole.

Question Kate Walker - In their responses, all of you have mentioned the social network. During the weekend in Montreal holder of the commercial rights expressed the view that social networks durable enough to be of interest to Formula 1. If the holder of the commercial rights opposes social networks, how to enter commands

Marco Mattiacci If you are under the impression that the holder of the commercial rights opposes social networks, there is need to be very careful and to take into account that the championship is a financial model that you may need to transfer to other principles. Not worth it to grab each innovation without careful consideration of the situation. Has an audience that is interested in social networks, but there are those who have this option indifferent. Work continues in the near future we will probably hear some decision, but I have the impression that the holder of the commercial rights categorically against social networks.

Question Moniz want to add something

Moniz, Kaltenborn I'm not aware that the holder of the commercial rights against social networks. We understand that social media is a part of life and cannot be ignored, but the Formula 1 provides an exclusive product, and we must very carefully approach the question of how to allow access to this product in social networks, and how to extract the financial result. There are certain cash flows - if direct them correctly and to achieve equitable income distribution, this will directly affect the other problems we have to deal with today. The processes are interrelated, but in working with similar business mechanisms need to be extremely careful.

Question Toto

Toto Wolff Moniz said a true idea. Formula 1 offers exclusive content, then the holder of the commercial rights should be a long-term strategy on how this content to earn. If you get billions from television broadcasts, in the short term, inevitably lose from switching to a social network, where it is impossible to get any significant income. We stand on the threshold of a new era, on the verge of a possible transition to the digital world, but thus it is necessary to take into account the interests of current partners and to ensure that the business model can be applied in the future.

Question Luke Smith - NBC Sports Marco, during a weekend in Montreal gene Haas for a long time was in the boxes Ferrari. As there are negotiations about deliveries of engines to his team What do you think about their possible debut in 2016

Marco Mattiacci Negotiations continue, because debut in Formula 1 - is always a challenge, it is necessary to be competitive. Probably, the decision will be made in the coming weeks, but the main thing is we got the Americans are interested in investing in the Formula 1. The us economy is the largest in the world, and no matter whether the Haas or someone else - I am glad to welcome the United States in the championship

Question Mikhail Rudoy - Avtodigest Belarus Question for Marco. In difficult moments consulted whether you are with Stefano Domenicali, or make all the decisions yourself

Marco Mattiacci the Main feature of a good Manager is the ability to listen and ask questions. Stefano was an important asset to the team, because I, of course, turn to him in questions and listening to his opinion, but I decide in which direction to move the team.

Question Dieter Rencken - Racing Lines After a year of all meetings of the Commission of Formula 1, consisting of the best minds in the world auto racing, decided to reduce working time in the wind tunnel, to reduce the number of teams and increase the duration of the period of stay of cars in Park closed for 1-2 hours. Besides the discussion of issues of economy continues. This is the maximum that could be done Any savings achieved You are a people business, and should at least provide the order of the numbers.

Christian Horner Dieter, you are ill-informed, since the number of commands is the same. A very interesting topic, you wrote many articles about it, but the cost is one thing, and entertainment another, and should be avoided solutions, able to harm her. When the promoters of the championship and other interested parties were represented all the proposals sounded "Second, let's go". Are you planning to reduce Friday program, but it deprives the organizers ability to sell more tickets.

When in the same room meet people with different interests, see reduced costs, in some cases, can do more harm than good. The decisions taken in the environment that best meet the interests of the sport. Yes, most of them will not allow to save a penny, but we will increase the entertainment of the championship.

Question Moniz

Moniz, Kaltenborn As I said at the beginning of the conference, in my opinion, we have not yet achieved any measurable cost savings. However, we need a broader view of the situation and think about the fans what appears to them the Formula 1 While the image is not the best, and from here and other problems. If you start analyzing, at some point you can reach up costs and to understand why some fans believe that we are wasting our money.

Today the new teams is very difficult to debut in the championship because of the high costs. Even those who stand in the Formula 1 over 20 years it is difficult to establish their presence in the peloton, you need to pay attention to it and see whether something to do with costs. This is the first aspect, and the second - is it possible to do something with entertainment. Ultimately decide everything income if the system is correct, the income received from the fans, and not from the teams - we just spend money. Under this system, all other aspects will automatically return to normal, because the cost is quite reasonable, and sports will receive the necessary diversity. Simply change the approach and look at the situation as a whole and not focus solely on costs.

Question Eric

Eric bulge Nothing to add.

Question And you, Franz

French Toast As I said, change of schedule is always accompanied by growth of costs, and we do not imagine how these costs will be reduced in the longer term. The most expensive element remains the power plant, but when manufacturers will reach certain level and will stop handling, the price will fall, and later will be achieved and savings in aerodynamics. As noted Moniz, we need to achieve a balance of interests and to prevent the shrinking readership. Formula 1 should maintain its high level, and the problems it will not.

Question Ian Parkes - Press Association You said the right things about the necessity of attracting fans, telling about events, but I have not heard a single word about the new solutions, which would allow to increase the involvement of the audience. One of the successful examples of previous years was the forum of fans, implemented the now disbanded FOTA. There is a chance that someone will take over this initiative and will involve all eleven teams, not only former members of FOTA Again, I'm interested in what else you can do, not what you are doing now.

Toto Wolff You are right - it is necessary to consider all the possibilities. During the previous meeting we had a good discussion with participation of the promoter we need to continue this practice and to bring to the process, as proposed by Luca di Montezemolo, the key stakeholders. In addition to the forum of fans, which in itself is not a bad idea, there are many other options in real life or virtual space - you need to evaluate them all.

Marco Mattiacci Digital universe is changing every day, and every day brings new opportunities. As noted Toto and Mr. Montezemolo, we need a working group of representatives of stakeholders, sponsors and teams in which born model of attracting new audiences and will understand what channel of interaction should be used. You can access Twitter, Google - there is something complex, the approach should be balanced, because at these sites are already working other sports Champions League, NBA, etc. you can't just say, OK, let's use the new broadcasting format. Need a clear marketing strategy, allowing all interested parties to receive income, and its development takes time. The process initiated - we start moving in the new direction.

Eric bulge There is no magic solution or some kind of secret. You need to immerse yourself in the process and continue as the discussion in force, and we present a goal, it is necessary to unite individual efforts. You said that there used to be a different forums - perhaps this idea is worth returning in the process of working on the changes.

Question Cristian Nimmervoll - Motorsport Question for members of the top four teams. The previous weekend's 24-hour marathon in Le Mans gathered huge audience - more than in previous years. Do you consider participation in the legendary marathon

Toto Wolff For Mercedes is a difficult question. Previous attempts failed, this is a really serious problem, given the volume of resources required for competitive performance. It is almost level of Formula 1, but, as a driver, I must say that the 24 hours of Le Mans - amazing race To the detriment of family life I was sitting in front of the TV and couldn't look away - so it was amazing at night

Christian Horner what did your wife that you're in the middle of the night watching the race

Toto Wolff I am offended

Christian Horner I have No doubt.

Toto Wolff Exactly. In General, you got me confused, and plans to participate in Le Mans we do not.

Christian Horner I have not followed the race middle of the night, but the marathon was fascinating. This proves how different technologies can provide a rather busy fighting. There were used different motors, and rivalry still got sharp - probably the Formula 1 can something to learn. It was pleasant to observe the steady performance of our old friend Mark Webber - unfortunately, for a couple of hours to finish his team faced problems, but that's another story. Le Mans - spectacular 24-hour race, and the Formula 1 - a completely different event. This sprint, which happens 18/19 once a year, but, of course, you can always retrieve the positive experience from other racing categories.

Marco Mattiacci Ferrari participated in Le Mans and won in its category with the machine Ferrari 458 at number 51 is an astonishing achievement It is interesting to search in other racing series that can be applied in the Formula 1, but we already have nineteen stages worldwide basis in and of itself is not bad. I and my team to focus on the League, stand before me certain tasks, and I can't afford to be distracted by something else.

Eric bulge Not the answer to your question, but the truth is that Le Mans - one single event. I worked there for several years and know how it all works. And I came to the track on Friday to see how things are going. It would be interesting to know how they use their hybrid power-plant - perhaps something to actually be applied in the Formula 1, but in General it is a completely different in character of the race.

Question Silvia arias - Parabrisas There are rumors that next year after the departure of the vehicle safety will be given a start. What do you think

Moniz, Kaltenborn Not so long ago we discussed the issue of the launch of machine safety. I think the one on which we eventually stopped, faithful. Need to focus on necessary adjustments ahead of next season and how they will impact on the audience. Not in a hurry to take any measures in order to change something.

Question Flavio Vanette - Corriere della Sera a Question for Mr. Matteucci. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Luca di Montezemolo has rejected variant of care from Ferrari Formula 1, but if you do not see the desired changes, will consider the possibility of refusal from participation in the championship

Marco Mattiacci I do not want to work with that attitude. I know that the Formula 1 can not do without Ferrari, as Ferrari can not do without the Formula 1. I, myself, our staff and the President is ready to work to ensure that the championship was able to attract a much larger audience, and other scenarios I do not consider.

Q Peter Vamosi - Vas Nepe Kiadoi KFT a Question for all. How do you feel about the proposal Montezemolo on three machines for each team You can find a driver

French Toast we already have eleven teams and twenty-two cars. While in the peloton there are eleven teams, there is no reason to have a third machine.

Moniz, Kaltenborn I Agree with Franz. If the need arises, this is unlikely to be beneficial for the championship, as several teams simply would not be on the starting grid. However, the idea was discussed more than once, perhaps we could use it to enhance the entertainment. I think there are planned, and the availability of a racer would not be a problem candidate we all have enough.

Eric bulge the Idea with a third machine. If commands in the peloton will not be enough, such an option will allow you to fill the places on the starting grid, as far as the riders ' don't worry, they are always there.

Toto Wolff I Agree with the colleagues. Now in the peloton eleven teams, and, hopefully, they will all remain in Formula 1, but history shows that teams come and go. If the number of cars will drop to a critical level, with the third option chassis will allow to fill the places in the peloton, but there can be an interesting discussion about the progress of such an approach, on the invitation of young drivers. The talks on this topic already occurred, it is necessary to have the script for the case of real problems, but as long as the objective is to preserve the current composition of participants.

Christian Horner Nothing to add, the issue is not relevant.

Marco Mattiacci We have always supported with the third option chassis, if the implication was able to sit in the cockpit young racer from another country. From the perspective of entertainment that would be a good option

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2014-06-15 13:34:02

Montezemolo offers commands to gather in Maranello

Montezemolo offers commands to gather in Maranello

In 2008 Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has collected representatives of the teams based in Maranello, to confront the ideas of max Mosley on the limitation of budget - so was established perished Association FOTA. The British magazine Autosport writes that this week Montezemolo was offered by the Bernie Ecclestone and the head of the Fund CVC Donald Mackenzie again to collect the key participants in Maranello to discuss issues relating to the future of Formula 1.

Montezemolo believes that modern Formula 1 neglects the interests of the fans and sponsors, so the teams and FOM, together with representatives of social media and Apple and Google, you need to find a solution corresponding to modern realities. It is expected that this meeting, if it takes place, will be held in early September in the week before the Grand Prix of Italy in Monza.


2014-06-03 13:04:05

Flavio Briatore Team just went crazy

Flavio Briatore Team just went crazy

The former head of Renault Flavio Briatore considers that the refusal of the Association of Teams of Formula 1 FOTA has led to the arbitrariness in the championship."I it seems that now engineers are just experiencing the pleasure of understanding of what can be done for the season to hundreds of varieties spoiler, " said Briatore. - Refusal of the Association led to the arbitrariness in the championship. The teams are out of your mind".

2014-04-16 22:14:03

Top teams and outsiders don't want to hear each other

Top teams and outsiders don't want to hear each other

One of the amendments to the regulations, which many expected this year, is limited budgets teams in 2015 - after several unsuccessful attempts to save, it was planned that in the next season for the restrictions will be followed not by the external auditor, and the FIA.

We wrote that unfortunately outsiders, who after a serious costs of the transition to the new power plant next year hoped to save, strategic working group, composed of representatives of the top teams and having legislative powers, rejected the idea of budget constraints, proposing to cut costs due to the adjustment of the regulations.

may 1, FIA President Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone arrange a meeting with the teams, after which there will be held a regular meeting of the strategic working group, which will be explained ways to reduce costs. In the middle of April Force India, Sauber, Caterham and Marussia appealed to the President of the FIA with concern about the future of the championship. Before the meeting remained one Grand Prix, and China both sides of the top teams and outsiders - remained on the same positions, as if not wanting to hear each other.

The participants of the strategic working group have a stronger status, but also their opponents are ready to use all possible measures of influence on the leadership of the championship.

Deputy head of the Force India Robert Fearnley said in an interview with British magazine Autosport that he considered the situation is unacceptable, "will enriching six teams and depriving of the rights of others to wait that they will be happy82328232we Have a rigid position regarding the strategic working group, and we won't give up on any items. We try to use only constructive criticism, but the current situation shows that the current system is ineffective".

Many called a strategic working group new version of FOTA, but it is obvious that the former unity now is not achieved. The issue of cost reduction will be one of the main topics of the upcoming weekend, and the team is clearly not ready to discuss it among themselves, because the press is one of the instruments of influence on opponents.

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2014-04-06 17:04:02

The FIA formula one without. Version 2.0

The FIA formula one without. Version 2.0

Last time team talk about the organization of alternative championship in 2008, when the FIA President Max Mosley suggested revolutionary measures to reduce costs - then all ended in Association teams Association FOTA and care Mosley.

Now about the division started talking again - according to rumors, Bernie Ecclestone, Red Bull and Ferrari are discussing the possibility of entering a Formula 1 from under the aegis of the FIA, to independently determine the rules - and this triumvirate strong trump cards. Contracts trails and TV companies, the desire to make large gains due to acquisition of large teams of commercial rights CVC, dissatisfaction with the position of the FIA new engines, the sound of which is not satisfied with the promoters.

Boss CVC Donald Mackenzie said it has no plans to sell shares of Formula 1, but experts believe that this is done in order to maintain their high cost. Instead FOTA have a strategic working group, including the Red Bull Racing, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Lotus and Williams, on its meeting the representatives of the FIA not invited by the Federation receives only agreed decisions.

Journalists German Auto Motor und Sport believe that if the team will redeem shares of the Formula 1 CVC, they will try to get rid of the FIA, and from expensive turbo engine. However, the right to the name of the championship belongs to the Federation, but this issue was discussed a few years ago - the story develops in a spiral.

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2014-04-01 11:14:02

New guidelines for the shape of noses and appearance machines

New guidelines for the shape of noses and appearance machines already told you that the FIA took note of the claims about the weird aesthetics of cars of Formula 1 sample 2014, although the artistic aspect was not its direct jurisdiction, has already promised in the future to take certain measures. Maybe in the future the imagination of the designers of the teams will be limited, as now, formally, following the letter of the technical regulations, they are sometimes used questionable, if not to say extremely doubtful engineering solutions.

The problem is not only that kind of nose fairing of some machines do not pleasing to the eye. Recently FIA and promoters of the championship trying to think of something to boost the popularity of Formula 1 from the young generation, as well as the very young audience that the show was really family. But when, as said by the leader of the team Caterham Cyril Abiteboul, nose cars CT05 evokes the characters in the movie «Alien vs Predator», it is not excluded that children can just scared. Perhaps this reassurance, but still such consequences would make sure to avoid.

In our possession was a draft for a curious document, which, on the one hand, there are some preliminary recommendations for teams, what to look for when machines next year, and on the other, shows the influence of such schools of thought, as bionics.

«Aesthetic rate, which, willingly or unwillingly, was taken by some commands Formula 1 in 2014, it is highly doubtful, - stated in the Directive. - Unfortunately, the appearance of machines became an example of what can happen if the process of creating the chassis to let slide. The championship organizers see this and part of their guilt, but who could expect that developers will refuse the sense of proportion

Soon will begin the active phase of preparation to the championship 2015, so I would like to give General guidance, the team will be able to avoid obvious deviations from certain conventional aesthetic guidelines.

If to proceed from the postulate that new is well forgotten old, you can refer to the experience of a team of Jordan now Force India, which has attracted worldwide attention on the turn of the century. This command always differed cheerful character and wit, therefore, working with one of the then their sponsors, she showed real ingenuity. Just then her nose cones machines were stylized under a head of a snake, like a wasp, called Association with a shark.

Please note, all these representatives of fauna can be a model of Aero - and hydrodynamics, which corresponds to the aspirations of the founders of cars of Formula 1. With only one correction in order not to frighten away from the television screen very young fans of Motorsport, you can focus on the more peaceful and nice birds, insects, fish, and other waterfowl. For example, very friendly seems to be the way seals, penguins, sea otters, swallows, Swifts and, at worst, flying fish - series can continue.

At this stage, the Directive has recommendatory character, but is not excluded that in the future in Formula 1, will be established some kind of art Council, which in advance, in a preventive manner, will be approved certain aesthetic solutions that will help to avoid excessively radical solutions. Also it is likely that the Federation may delegate this function to any other authority, for which it seems appropriate to revive the Association of teams of Formula 1 FOTA.

Time will show whether this Directive is implemented, and if so, to what extent, however, no doubt that the document reflects not only on the approximation Formula 1 and other spheres of science and technology, but also about the desire to take into account the socio-cultural context.


2014-03-29 00:24:02

Grand Prix of Malaysia Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of Malaysia Press conference on Friday

Participants Cyril Abiteboul Caterham, Moniz, Kaltenborn Sauber, French Toast Toro Rosso, Graham Loudon Marussia, Federico Gastaldi Lotus, Paul Chambre Pirelli

Question Cyril, can I start with you In the pre-season tests Caterham traveled many miles, but when it came to free-race in Australia, things were not so good - as, however, and today. What is the problem

Cyril Abiteboul We are the first, who surprised by this situation. The tests we were very pleased with how things have been, but it only confirms that a lot still depends on the will of a case. This applies to all machines, chassis, engine, transmission. In the conditions of the amended rules numerous innovations don't give any hint that there's a failure until then, when it really happens - unfortunately, in the course of the season with us this happens more often than on the tests. But we'll see. The team is trying to stay calm and solve problems as they arise. Yes, we can not boast of optimal preparation for this week-end, but in Melbourne we managed to some extent to win back - I hope they will be here, although personally I would not like so try your luck.

Question In Australia, car Kamui had problems with the power plant. Today the situation repeated He had not left the track.

Cyril Abiteboul Yes, a whole range of factors. It all started with the problems in the power plant, continued problems with clutch and gearbox. I would not like to go into details. It comes in many systems, and the fact that modern machines are extremely difficult to maintain, greatly complicate the lives of not only us.

Question Thank You Go to Federico Gastaldi - the new Deputy leader of the team Lotus. Congratulations The first two weekend was for the team is very complicated today, again, was not without problems.

Federico Gastaldi In the first session we had problems with the settings of the motor, and then drive Pastor has failed turbine, we had to change the entire engine. We are actively working with Renault in attempts to find a solution for this weekend and the following races.

Question You - the Deputy leader of the team. What is your role What duties you perform in Enstone, as cooperate with other participants of the championship, with the FIA and FOM

Federico Gastaldi we Have a new Executive Director and the head of the team - Gerard Lopez, and I am responsible for communication with the FIA, FOM, sponsors and partners on the go all of the races on which there is Gerard.

Question Paul, in the second session, some complained of tyre wear. It is the aim of the Pirelli for this year How this affects the nature of races

Paul Chambre Judging from the feedback received from commands and the promoter, the nature of races has not changed. We set ourselves the task to see in race two, in some cases - three pit stop, and to achieve this, the tires have wear, otherwise goal will not be reached.

Besides, it was necessary to minimize the number of fragments waste rubber on the road - however, today the asphalt at first was dirty, so the first session was somewhat crumpled. Increased resource tire - judging by the information available to us, we are on the right path. Of course, this is a new situation for teams and Pirelli, all trying to understand what the real load on a keychain car-tires, and only now are we beginning to see how the teams are starting to really work on efficiency of tyres, as one of the elements of racing strategy.

Question a couple of weeks will be held on the first two days of tests during the season. What are the plans, which points will be given special attention

Paul Chambre We see this season as a transition and would like to finalize the bus for the future. Landmark continuously shifted it is assumed that these machines will progress is twice as fast as last year, and by year-end will play almost four seconds. You need to take this into account when planning their actions, so we try to organize the process in such a way that our products were available at the right time. Will see what happens. Now we see the problems with the number of completed laps with some of the teams, so the tests immediately after the race will be a serious test, but the goals and objectives need to be very real.

Question Moniz with what spirit Sauber starts this season

Moniz, Kaltenborn We start the season with optimism. If you remember, on which positions the team finished last year, you may notice that we added, and the situation does not look positively bad. Of course, we understand that with the correction of the order much this season is absolutely new, but in many areas - particularly in reliability - the team reached the desired level. Not fast enough, but we have already identified key areas and step by step moving forward.

Question How was your day

Moniz, Kaltenborn Very good, engineers fulfilled the planned program. We are not completely satisfied with the pace on the long runs, it will take work. We understand that we can't perform a miracle, but gradually reach the goal.

Question Graham, the new technology has changed the balance of power. Now Marussia more chances to finish in the top ten

Graham Loudon I hope so. We wanted one of two options either the rules were to stay the same, so we can gradually catch up, or change had to be radical. For justified reasons regulations adjusted completely, and it gave us a chance. Taking into account available resources, I think, in winter, the team did very well. However, we were not able to travel a given distance, and we remain in the status of catching-up and trying to understand the behavior of the machine with each go on the track we learn much about its reliability and speed.

Question You came in the championship of the business. A new image of Formula 1 will make it a more attractive product

Graham Loudon that was the plan. In the updated Formula 1 lot of good, but some of the innovations must be properly presented to fans and those who will come to the race, and those who watch them on TV or in social networks. You need to tell them that these machines are laid truly incredible technology. In addition, these machines now glide much stronger racers we have to work more in the cockpit - I hope it will be perceived by fans. Actually, no matter what I think about the opinion sports fans it is important that they think, therefore, need to hear their feedback and to evaluate their understandable and close updated Formula 1.

Question Franz, both machines are in the top ten on the qualification and race in Australia. A similar result in the Toro Rosso failed to achieve during the last years is a good beginning of the season What's the secret

Franz Toast to the Team and drivers worked perfectly in Melbourne. There were some difficulties during the pre-season, but it's good that we were the first customers Renault has left the track for a day of filming, quickly identified the problem and managed to fix them. The basic version of the machine is very good for speed and reliability. Chassis, aerodynamics, all right. In the last few weeks before the event in Melbourne employees Toro Rosso and Renault was at night, based in Faenza work went on around the clock, and in the end we managed to earn points.

Question What do you feel when you see, as an alumnus of your team - Daniel Riccardo - from the first race for the Red Bull Racing is very competitive near another graduate of the Toro Rosso - Sebastian Vettel

Franz Toast I was expecting the speed of Daniel, because he and we had a very quick. I believe he has a bright future in the Red Bull Racing next to Sebastian.


Question Yasmin Abdel-Magid - I have two questions. Being an engineer by profession, I was extremely upset by the fact that in Melbourne to finish reached only fifteen cars - however, many people believed that cannot be reached and one. Why the championship could not celebrate technical breakthrough teams, spoke of you, Graham And the second question as I am only 22 years old, I would like to ask - what measures should be taken by the Formula 1, to attract a younger audience Cyril, there are many questions, could you answer first

Cyril Abiteboul In Formula 1 is sometimes impossible to celebrate the success. It is a community of people that are competing with each other - I'm sure the guys on the podium was happy for its achievements. I had nothing to celebrate because after 28 laps of the race I could return to the UK. Perhaps the Formula 1 lacking an Association - I don't mean FOTA, because it was not fully consistent with my understanding of such structures - in which you can enjoy total success and to solve common problems. This omission, but it is explained by the extremely high competition in our sport, and business in General.

Question Moniz your opinion

Moniz, Kaltenborn I Agree with Cyril. We failed to create a United body, and this is particularly unfortunate now, when the championship has entered a new era, completely different powertrains. For all this the reason to think seriously. We have sophisticated hybrid system which concern the entire consumer market. We are talking about less energy, greater efficiency - that is what we are demonstrating and must demonstrate in Formula 1 the highest level of technologies.

The dissolution FOTA was the right decision, but it is a Wake-up call. If we can't do something together, it's better to do it each independently - this is true provided that the installation and promises are correct. It is in this we need to convince fans - I'm sure that they will be able to understand us, and the championship will be even more interesting.

Question Paul, you have worked with different Championships, what is your opinion Why the Formula 1 was unable to celebrate own breakthrough

Paul Chambre You know how commands work just finished the race, they immediately prepare for the next, they have no holiday, only the next challenge. But that said Moniz about the technology is indeed very important. If to speak about the automotive industry, we work with some representatives of Formula 1 on their road models. Ferrari Environmental and McLaren P1 combine hybrid technology - thus, innovation Formula one beyond the championship, that was one issue when planning such a large-scale change. With time commands, particularly those that are building powertrain will immerse yourself in the process, more and more, and I'm starting to understand these technologies, because they will soon become a part of everyday life. Small turbo engine will become the norm, as hybrids.

As for the young audience, to involve it is always difficult, because the current generation are many opportunities for entertainment. In this regard, it seems to me that we really do very little for riders. Formula 1 is one of those categories of Motorsport, where we could more actively to tell about personality of the athletes and their talents.

An opposite example - NASCAR, where every participant is the star, and on this background it is a shame that we have the best racers in the world, but about themselves as people often know much less. Young people need idols, but the helmet you can't see - perhaps often need to see them in normal circumstances, in a more open atmosphere in which the people could know their simple human side.

Question Federico, you engaged in promotional activities in Argentina. How, in your opinion, the Formula 1 can attract a younger audience

Federico Gastaldi There are lots of opportunities to attract the attention of youth to the Formula 1, you need only to understand what means - those that were not available during the times when I myself participated in the organization of the Grand Prix of Argentina. Now we have access to a vast amount of information, you just need to be paid to the issue of attracting young people more attention.

Question I would Like to hear the opinion Graham on the question of the young audience.

Graham Loudon the Question is interesting and important because we do not want the audience to Formula one was great but the overage. We must capture the attention of young people said Federico, we work in sport, where a lot of information and a lot of young people who are constantly this information exchange. They like to interact and communicate with each other. In addition, Formula 1, there are lots of tools - not only video, but also all sorts of comments, and if you use it the right way, you get a fantastic opportunity to multiply to increase the audience that will be good for the sport in the long term. I hope this sport will take advantage of opportunity.

Question Joe Savart - Grand Prix Special You said that it would be nice to make riders more open. Obviously, the problem is in the heads of teams, which prohibit drivers to show their character. Do you think this statement is true even if you are trying to protect sponsors from careless statements athletes

Franz Toast In the Toro Rosso racers can say whatever they want, we don't show them how to speak with the press. In addition, we have excellent relations with sponsors, and the drivers have always played a very important and positive role, as they receive feedback from our partners. In this plan, all employees Toro Rosso can be happy.

I would like to return to a previous question about the celebration for the whole Formula 1 and the like. The championship is facing the most serious change of regulations in history, and what we saw in Melbourne can be called a good weekend, because to finish got much more cars than expected. In addition, the race itself was interesting. From a technical point of view Formula 1 has reached a very high level, because we now have all that will be fitted to road cars of the future turbo engine, the recovery system. We managed within a short period of time to solve almost all problems teams and manufacturers of engines worked really well.

As for young people, it is possible to involve, if you have a local hero. In the 80-ies I arrived in Germany, there's nobody was interested in Formula 1. Nobody. And then there Schumacher, and since then things began to track the championship. May be judged by the karting tracks - were built in great variety. The same picture can be observed in Poland, when Robert Kubica made his debut in Formula 1. This is the decisive factor need a local hero, and then the youth would be interested in our sport.

Question Moniz, what will be your answer to Joe's opinion that the racers forbid to show their character

Moniz, Kaltenborn of Course, we are not involved in, what else can I say We need to figure out how to involve partners in the personal qualities of a racer - gone are the days when an athlete could simply be invited to lunch or some event. People want to actively communicate with their idols, and teams should be more creative. Of course, sometimes I have to remind riders care - for example, when they besedu Joe - but nothing more.

Question Kate Walker - In continuation of the theme of youth involvement. To what extent is the fact that people can't watch the Formula 1 on youtube and other resources they used to use in everyday life, and all rights to broadcast concentrated in one holder, hinders the growth of the audience

Federico Gastaldi Interesting question Again, you must be careful in what we say to molodeji. If you choose the right tools you mentioned Youtube - the main thing - to create an optimal service to the sport has left an example for young people.

Cyril Abiteboul a Difficult question, right balance between affordability, exclusivity and value. There is an opinion that the exclusivity provides more cost - perhaps it was, but for new channels of information this view is only partly true when such a broad coverage of the content, which in itself will create value. Take a look at Facebook, there's nothing exclusive, but the IPO the company had historical success. You can argue that this is a bubble, bloated from the Internet, but, you know, the Formula 1 would like to have such a «bubble». I think that these examples should pay attention, and lack some of exclusivity should not necessarily mean a lower cost.

Question Dieter Rencken - Racing Lines Jean Todt has expressed the intention to introduce limitations on the expenditures in 2015. This means that all necessary steps should be completed by 30 June that the document was ratified by the world Council of Motorsport. Therefore, you have three months. What progress has been achieved, and what options you would like to see

Graham Loudon Progress there, but it is still difficult to say whether we are on track, or outside of it, because no clear plan. Just need the consent of commands on a similar initiative for the good of sport, and I think that sport is necessary. I optimistically expect that within a specified time something will change and this will benefit Formula 1.

Moniz, Kaltenborn I Can confirm that from our side there is some progress, we are working on documents, and, I think, it is not the intention of only one of the FIA. Team and other stakeholders came together and reached an agreement that in this direction it is necessary to change something. We evaluated different ways, which in itself can be considered a big step, and now gradually moving towards the goal. If all will stick to the agreement reached, next year we will see some control costs.

Franz Toast the Debate continues, and I am sure that sooner or later we will come to any decision to limit costs.

Question Dieter Rencken - Racing Lines What about the second part of the question What figure should be fixed

Cyril Abiteboul Some calculations already made - it all depends on what we want to achieve. The first step with a budget of 200 million has already had the effect is not the official position of Caterham on this issue, but the figure, which has already been mentioned, and might work. Then you need to think about the currency of measurement - about it yet, we are not told, is the reason for the discussion.

Federico Gastaldi Again, the talks continue. You need to come to a common opinion concerning further action.

Paul Chambre This is one of those areas where there can be an ideal solution. Just look at other sports that have tried to adopt the financial control of football, where fixed ratio cost / income - in this case we are talking not only about the cost, but also about the level of income and the ability of teams to generate the necessary budget of their costs. It is a very difficult question for all participants, and I would love to hear their suggestions on the upcoming meeting of the Commission on the Formula 1.

Graham Loudon Dieter, I'm not trying to Dodge the question, but here it is really hard to say about a certain figure. Rather, we are talking about a certain - as noted Cyril and Gender - combination of cost control and mechanism of revenues. Most importantly, what we can learn from other sports - all this is quite realizable. Some still argue that it is extremely difficult or impossible, but personally I think this opinion is unfounded. Formula 1 is faced with the global change of the technical regulations of those that were able to watch my generation, and this process went successfully. In many sports were introduced financial mechanisms that work to a greater or lesser extent, but the main thing - they work. I would like to especially emphasize the mechanisms are working, you can apply them, and nothing is impossible.

Question Joe Savart - Grand Prix Special Formula 1 must be an organization where all the participants are working in the same direction. Is it possible We would like to hear everyone's opinion.

Franz Toast Theoretically everything is possible, but in practice things are different, because there is competition between teams. However, commands, the holder of the commercial rights and the FIA hitherto always been able to find a suitable solution, and this will continue. I believe that all stakeholders can work together.

Moniz, Kaltenborn It is possible, but you need to change the usual view of the situation, then you have questions - whether changes are necessary, or we can find a solution with the same initial factors, but with the more correct order for sport Such an option would be very radical, if it approves all commands you should probably start with small steps to make sure that we know, to what future for Formula one should strive for.

Cyril Abiteboul Now we don't have anything that would unite the interests of all the teams - there is only the spirit of competition. Perhaps if we had a different way of doing business, for example, franchising - the owners of the teams are more or less similar interesting, but again, the question arises whether to move in this direction. Not the fact that Yes.

Federico Gastaldi For sport it would be nice if all acted together.

Paul Chambre Teams, FIA and the commercial rights holder should come together. Everybody wants to see the Formula 1 strong and successful, hence the common aspiration is, and then we will see whether we realise it.

Graham Loudon I hope so. Much depends on what you want different participants of the process,and if all you want to achieve maximum for Formula 1 for the next ten or twenty years, then the answer is simple the only way to do this is to work together.

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Oliver Weingarten Team recognized the usefulness of FOTA

Oliver Weingarten Team recognized the usefulness of FOTA already talked about the dissolution of FOTA, the Association of teams of Formula 1, which lasted five and a half years - from July 2008 to March 2014. Currently its former Secretary General Oliver Weingarten deals with the issues of liquidation of the Association, however, believes that after some time the teams have to regret that such an organization is no more.

Oliver Weingarten «the decision to dissolve the FOTA was the result of the discussion, which was attended by teams-members of the Association. It is clear that in the last few months, the organization has found itself in a difficult financial situation, which impeded its activities. In addition, the team was not able to come to an agreement in the issue of restructuring FOTA, which was required by the changed political and commercial circumstances.

The dissolution of the Association occurred under the influence of two major factors - the lack of agreement among teams and financial problems. Serious influence was also exerted by the release of Red Bull Racing and Ferrari composition of FOTA, and it is hard to deny. Probably, in the paddock believed that the organization has lost its previous significance and function for which in their time were created. Though, in reality, the Association has continued to work on several fronts in the interests of all teams, including those who went out of her.

We are talking about work-related Treaty on the limitation of resources, and on the control of emissions of carbon dioxide in the entire Formula 1, and the forum of fans. The agreement with the tracks on the organization of tests were also achieved thanks FOTA. So even teams that were no longer members of the Association, and still felt positive results of this activity.

But it is no secret that these commands received from the owner of the commercial rights to the offer to sign a profitable bilateral agreements concerning their future in Formula 1. In General, all about the money. But, in my opinion, the fact that FOTA lasted until March 2013 even without membership Ferrari and Red Bull is in itself an achievement.

To be honest, last year, some were surprised when they meet me in the trap You still here But I had a strong ally in the person of Martin Whitmarsh, former Chairman of the Association, who was convinced of the other teams, however, like me, need to continue our work. But now, after the dissolution of FOTA, in fact there will be nobody to work with fans, reaching an agreement with the promoters of races, which each year are put to the commands of the new financial terms. Of course, the team recognized the usefulness of FOTA, therefore, remained in it.

I joined FOTA in the midst of hot debate about controlling costs. I think MW long delayed the decision on this issue, because he feared that it would lead to the aggravation of contradictions between the teams. I was unable to influence it, because at that time I had just started to work. The events developed rapidly, several teams withdrew from the FOTA and soon signed a commercial contract with Bernie Ecclestone. So I had to deal with the real situation, when the Association's budget has already been reduced.

However, FOTA has continued to pursue its activities, especially in those cases when the team was required collective action. So I go off with a whimper, but with a feeling some regret, because the need for such actions remains. The probability of a crisis remains, and there is no doubt. In the nearest future with the team, probably, will not have to worry about the dissolution of FOTA, but as soon as we face another crisis, they soon realize that there is no structure that could quickly solve all questions.»


2014-03-19 17:04:02

Briatore Formula 1 was disrespectful to the fans

Briatore Formula 1 was disrespectful to the fans

The former head of the Benetton Renault Flavio Briatore is unhappy that the machines are slower, and racers can't attack because of the need to save fuel.

Question Flavio, what happened

Flavio Briatore Unable to present such a spectacle as what we saw on Sunday - this means that we do not respect of spectators who paid money to get on the podium or watch the broadcast on TV, forget the past the most beautiful sport in the world. I support the viewers I don't understand why the pilots did not attack, how to consume fuel, and why Champions refused to defend the position. This strange sight, causing some disappointment.

Question the car Manufacturers have supported the transition to the new regulations.

Flavio Briatore Yes, companies have transferred data to the engineers who are indifferent to the fans and entertainment. They created such rules, which is worse not to think. The result was terrible.

Question But in the medium term this Formula 1 will be of great help in the production of serial machines because it meets the requirements of ecology, the environment, and keeps pace with the time.

Flavio Briatore of Course, this is true and immutable principles, but we cannot forget that in the Formula 1, it is important direct competition riders. Today we make heroes behave as accountants. The decision to oblige riders to go at a slower pace contradict common sense. It is all the same what to enter in football rule Champions level Ronaldo could not touch the ball more than ten times in half.

Question Formula 1 became very expensive sport, again started talking about limiting the budget teams.

Flavio Briatore I repeat - this is madness. I can say that when FOTA was led by Luca di Montezemolo, and I was in charge of the commercial issues, we have already faced the question of limitations. Given the current crisis, it is pointless to set the ceiling at the level of 200 million. Just 100 million. Let's not forget that 30 of the teams do not run the risk of not the end of the season.

Question let's talk about fans who didn't like the new Formula 1.

Flavio Briatore If in the near future in Formula 1, nothing will change, the championship will again lose part of the audience. Look at the comments on the Internet, in blogs, on Twitter Grand Prix of Australia did not like. The new Formula 1 appeared too fast machines were not tested. As a result, in the beginning, two world Champions - Vettel and Hamilton dropped out of the fight. This is unacceptable.

Question Nothing to be done. Is there a way to change the course of the race

Flavio Briatore Now we have to cancel the restriction 100 kg of propellant for the race. If the riders can use just 100 kg in the race, no one else will do his best to.

Question In the end, whose fault is it

Flavio Briatore the Trouble is that all power has assumed engineers. They spend more than you can, not paying attention to the limited budget and desires of the public.

I agree with the advent of F1 hybrid technology, but these changes could occur gradually over five years. They occurred at a time, they must be checked and controlled. It creates chaos.

Question What should be the perfect option

Flavio Briatore I'll tell you a strange thing if you take ten best drivers and put them behind the wheel completely identical machines GP2, but painted in the colors of the teams of Formula 1, we get an awesome sight, and all will be happy. I begin to tremble at the thought of the Grand Prix of Malaysia, which will be as dismal, as the race in Australia.

The question is Who will win the race in Malaysia and, probably, the title

Flavio Briatore this year will be dominated by Mercedes. Renault will quickly return to fight, and therefore, Red Bull Racing, driven brilliantly performed Daniel Riccardo. Between them will be Ferrari - at least, we'll be on this hope.

text Tatiana Belsky


2014-03-14 22:54:03

Grand Prix of Australia Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of Australia Press conference on Friday

Participants Christian Horner Red Bull Racing, Eric Bulge McLaren, Claire Williams WilliamsToto Wolff Mercedes, Stefano Domenicali Ferrari, Rob White Renault F1 Sport

Question Interesting first day weekend Let's start with you, Christian. Given the fact on which positions was Red Bull Racing just two weeks ago, you obviously pleased with how this was Friday. As events developed after test completion and prior arrival in Australia

Christian Horner Friday it was exactly, for us this is the first full day of work on the road this season. In winter tests have been many problems, each of them has been carefully documented. Riders are happy to drive a sufficient number of circles and for the first time to really feel the car.

Start encouraging, but more needs to be done. We clearly inferior to Mercedes and Ferrari, gradually begin to understand exactly how much, and by the end of the weekend should get a clearer view. At the same time in Milton Keynes and Viry-Chatillon our staff together with experts Renault do their best. When global change regulations and the incredible complexity of what is now called the power unit, many problems are not surprising.

Question How do you control the situation If to speak about teamwork and employee morale, status four-time Champions and past success facilitate the work, or Vice versa, complicate it

Christian Horner We have no problems neither with teamwork, nor with spirit. Fighting spirit is strong, the team works extremely effectively. Yes, from the point of view of construction and improvements RB10 winter was tough, but the reaction of the team on the difficulty was simply fantastic. We aim at success and internally very strong. Over the last few years the team has achieved a lot, and it cannot be called accidental. As I've said many times, every technical problem will always find a technical solution.

Question Thank You Go to you, Stefano. Christian believes that your team ahead of Red Bull Racing, while Fernando Alonso was the best in the first session and the third to the second. How do you assess the first day weekend for Ferrari, and how different the program, which worked Alonso and Raikkonen

Stefano Domenicali Today was interesting, because we wanted to understand whether it has been possible to resolve the problems we encountered during tests in Bahrain. Not all the troubles are over, and it only confirms, as noted Christian, the complexity of the task. Again, we have to just work on those points that are clear - it is necessary to add, that is a fact.

Of course, the drivers were tested different parts, but this is the standard approach. Today, some commands are not working in full force, someone was apparent problems, but tomorrow the situation may be quite different. If the weather changes, we will again find ourselves in conditions in which we have not yet had an opportunity to work with the new machine is adaptation to a wet road may be a challenge. Importantly, we were able to work out the planned programme, despite some difficulties. Such is life is only the first Friday of a long season.

Question are You satisfied with the current structure of the team Ferrari has updated its technical base, there were personnel changes. This is the command that you wanted

Stefano Domenicali basically, Yes. For the past two years we have done a great job, updated infrastructure - it was absolutely necessary, and now in the new conditions we should work to the maximum. While I'm pleased with how things are going.

Question On the restructuring, we must ask and Claire. Willams has been updated in many aspects - what measures have been taken, what makes you proud

Claire Williams We have done a great job in the calculation to start the new season is not as finished. Measures were undertaken to many, but it is hardly possible to allocate one thing.

The contract on delivery of motors Mercedes has directly affected the competitiveness, the transition Pat Symonds to the post of head of the technical Department played a role, as the emergence of a team Felipe Mass as a partner of Valtteri of Botas. We are confident spent the winter, but this is only the first stage of the championship, we have not carried out qualified, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Question Williams showed the best time on tests in Bahrain and was the second passed distance. What results were brought by today's races

Claire Williams the Day was positive - the engineers are happy with the results. We worked on the usual Friday program, except that in Felipe morning and problems prevented him immediately go back on the track again, we were talking about the problems in the communication system, and not in the machine itself. Valtteri felt quite comfortable, except for some understeer, with which we must cope night, but in General both drivers appreciated the outcome of the session.

Question Eric, fifth and ninth results, plus a considerable number of completed laps. This is just what you were waiting on the first day of an effective competitive work

Eric bole I don't know whether we had specific expectations - rather plans to spend lots of tests, and first of all - to drive enough kilometers and find the settings. I think we can be satisfied, in whole day went as planned, the command worked steadily.

Question are You in a McLaren for several weeks. What changes would you like to spend in a team, how you be independent in making decisions

Eric bulge If to speak about the first part of your question - changes is still in my head, but these plans should not be in the public domain. McLaren is a great team with a rich historical heritage and the best infrastructure in the paddock, many first-class specialists tend to work to the maximum and to return to her proper position. So to say, efforts will be aimed at putting everything together.

The second part of the question As always, we are talking about the team work. The idea is to separate the functions of the head of the team. actually, I already had a similar experience in Lotus. When in the course of the season, we must constantly move from place to place, and on the basis of many aspects require attention, you need to distribute roles and responsibilities. This approach has worked in the past, to work, and now in a McLaren.

Question Toto, Mercedes came to Australia as favourites. Two best results on the softer tyres at a long series of circles advantage over rivals was overwhelming. This is exactly what you expected

Toto Wolff Exactly. The results of the second training we are fully satisfied - as you probably have noticed, the pace and in a short attempt, and a long series of circles was good. Again, you saw how quickly things can change in the first session Lewis had hardly left the track after just pokrova was forced to stop. One minor problem can spoil the qualifications or race.

Question you Have two fast racer and competitive machine. Remembering last year's experience, have you discussed the issues of team tactics

Toto Wolff Yes, we have had discussions on this topic, and open discussion is very important here. Our racers have known each other, they were companions still in the race, and last year's incident in Malaysia was unpleasant for us. We do not want a repeat of something like this, and the conversation turned extremely constructive. The guys not only talented and fast, they are intelligent and are used to fight fairly. We spent several scenarios - I think, there should be no problems.

Question That is, the decision will depend on the circumstances

Toto Wolff Yes.

Question Rob, two teams today drove many circles, while the other two problems arose. Problems Renault before the start of the season described in more detail than, but what would you say about today's results

Rob white the First race weekend is always a challenge, and this season he is causing concern because we are ready not as good as I wanted. Christian rightly noticed that some scripts were first tested only today, and we are pleased to work full program. This is a great achievement.

Question Before the weekend in Melbourne you rarely practiced the start procedure, and now machines, equipped with motors, Renault, practically did not work on that aspect. Are you happy with the situation

Rob white Absolutely, and there's nothing wrong. Tests, testing of procedures start always planned on the end of the day, and in some cases we had ahead of time to minimize the program. But worry not. Of course, we try to determine the optimal settings to ensure good dynamics start because it was an important moment of the race - all the commands it understands. Again, while we are far from the desired shape, our task is to quickly recoup.

Question Christian, a brief comment - are you satisfied with the start procedure

Christian Horner This is the least of our problems. Sometimes we had not left the track, not to mention the procedure. But we still hope to start Sunday's race, so we need a solid start.


Q mark Fogarty - The Age Claire and gentlemen, the reaction to the sound of engines was, to put it mildly, is discouraging. You hear that sound on the tests don't you think that Formula 1 is an obvious problem How, in your opinion, will react fans

Claire Williams Personally I like the sound of these motors, I like the Formula 1 and love to see the cars speeding on the highway. I think the fans will quickly get used to the new sound. For several decades have been so many changes - you will quickly forget how sounded old engines. Fans want to see interesting race, and if we can ensure that all problems and disputes will disappear by themselves.

Toto Wolff If you like the sound of motors, let's go back to 10 - or 12-cylinder engines and forgetting about the hybrid powertrain. But this is the most modern technologies, and this way is the automotive industry. Compactness and minimalism become imperative, and you just need to accept the fact that the concept has changed. After a couple of races new machine will go faster than last year's, we get used to the sound of the engines, and next year you won't notice any difference.

Stefano Domenicali I Think Claire and Toto famously described the situation.

Question Flavio Vanette - Corriere della Sera Stefano, you concerned about the problems faced today Kimi, or you are more satisfied with the results Fernando

Stefano Domenicali I should always think about the negative aspects or, figuratively speaking, to draw attention to the fact that the glass is half empty. Of course, we must make sure that all problems are not only faced Kimi - were eliminated as soon as possible, because the competition is very sharp and very little time. For me the main thing is to get rid of trouble, and with racers problems do not have. Fernando and Kimi able to cope most effectively, but the team has a lot of work ahead.

Question Stuart Codling - F1 Racing Eric, rear spoiler your car a new logo of the sponsor - the truth, not the fact that this will significantly increase the number of fans of the team. Could you explain the importance of this agreement, and to shed light on the situation with the choice of the title sponsor Recently Ron Dennis said that the name of a new partner McLaren will be named after a few races - you are close to signing a contract

Eric bulge Good news - we have a new sponsor, and we are glad to welcome you among our partners Asos - online-store of fashionable clothes and accessories, operating in 234 countries of the world. This is a very large company, and we are glad to cooperate with it.

As for the second question, we hope very soon to announce a new title sponsor. We do not want to hurry up with the news before would settle all moments, but they will be settled at the right time.

Q Dan Knutson - Auto Action Stefano, three questions about your motor. What are the specific problems that need to be addressed Given the homologation what measures you can take to finalize the power unit Finally, how do you assess the Ferrari engine from the competitors

Stefano Domenicali we Need to be patient and see how things will go. Success is measured in points, and first of all we should work on the reliability of the motor, because now it is not clear, is it enough, or rather, on the background of rivals it is obviously not enough.

As for improvements in the whole, we need to act very carefully, because it is absolutely wrong to single-minded focus on one engine. Need to work on the machine in General, over the balance between the characteristics of the engine, with a capacity of electrical components and the efficiency of the chassis, and then we will see where it will lead.

I've seen a lot of variants of arrangement of forces, but I think we should not give them a lot of value. Words are forgotten quickly, and we need to be very careful. Ferrari good basis, we must build on it, to progress and to earn points, which ultimately determines the position in the championship.

Question Ted Kravitz - Sky Sports Christian, today, Daniel drove more than half the distance, and Sebastian - almost 100 for two sessions. You first pass such number of circles Does this mean that on Sunday, your team will be able to start in full confidence, that the machine will pass all 58 circles In the first session we saw signs of overheating in the lower part of the left side of the pontoon on the machine Sebastian.

Christian Horner Today Sebastian drove a third of the distance, which he managed to pass over all winter testing, and Daniel is almost the whole distance of the race. Great news for all our people and guys from Renault I hope this is a good start on the weekend, because Sunday is just important to get to the finish, which in itself is a difficult task. We have learned several important lessons, collected a lot of information for analysis, for the riders, it was the first real opportunity to work fully with the machine without any hitches, and engineers - the first chance to focus on settings. Actually, something similar we hoped to see at the first pre-season tests, but did not work. Now we need to win.

Question Dieter Rencken - Racing Lines, is a Question to all, including Rob, as this can affect the results of Renault in General. Since our last meeting in Brazil in Formula 1, it was decided to charge double points in the final race, which, as a rule, is the most spectacular in the season. Because contributions from commands and the cost of superlicense for racers largely depend on the results, what do you think about the idea to charge double points in the last three races Moreover, now sound ideas to give glasses and for positions in qualifying - what is your opinion

Rob white My opinion can be considered as a bystander. As a sports fan, I am sure, that in the case of a scoring system for the purpose of optimization, and Formula 1 has a fantastic ability to make the best of circumstances. Again, I am not a supporter of the steps that are difficult to explain, and if the situation becomes too confusing, I will not like.

Toto Wolff Good idea with double glasses When the decision was made, we paid him little attention, because it is not considered this question is essential. It is clear to all that we have to support the commercial rights holder, and if the number of television audience falls, the need to respond. Yes, we got the reaction of the fans, it was not as expected, and we respect their opinions. But since then nothing has changed, in the final race will be played double points will see what will happen next year.

Claire Williams My answer is the same as the answer Toto.

Q Andrea cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport Stefano, yesterday the President of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo has published a letter to the fans. Could you clarify some points - for example, the part in which he writes about the possible problems that may be caused by gaps in the rules What is the message of all the letters

Stefano Domenicali First, I am not the President of Ferrari, and you know it. I think, our leader wished to send a letter to all the fans of the team before the start of the first weekend of the season, as he does every year, and in this letter he noted the challenge that we have of the new rules. This is a challenge for the FIA, since they are to ensure close monitoring to see that everyone acted in the bylaws. In addition, for the President a letter - a way to be closer to the fans, because you know how much he cares for the Formula 1.

Q Heikki Cult - Turun Sanomat Stefano, if it will rain tomorrow, this will help your racers in the fight for top positions with representatives of Mercedes

Stefano Domenicali Good question, but the answer is simple - I don't know, we'll see.

Question will Buxton - NBCSN a Question for everyone. There are rumors that there is an intention to conduct tests in Malaysia next week. This option looks strange - if you heard about it, and if so, would support it

Christian Horner Indeed, the unexpected turn. I first heard about it, and if it's true, we won't go into Malaysia.

Eric bole I'm nothing about it heard.

Question Silvia arias - Parabrisas Mr. bulge, I would like to know your opinion about Federico Gastaldi, the new Deputy leader of the team Lotus. Today you wished him luck.

Eric bulge Yes, I wished him good luck, but some opinions I have, because now it is not my business.

Question Dieter Rencken - Racing Lines What changes you would like to see the limitations on expenditures

Christian Horner Sorry, what was the question About limitations or changes Forget about the term «cost containment», let's focus on savings, as all of us here wish all teams operated economically. We strive to reduce the dependence between cost and competitiveness, it is the common aspiration, but how to achieve this - the question is more complex. Here begins a discussion on the limitations, however, as it seems to me to understand the causes of the current level of spending and to work directly on these reasons.

Eric bole I Think Ron Dennis said that he does not support the idea of limiting costs - again, these are only words. Of course, it stands for cost reduction. Competitive spirit and the desire to be competitive are the essence of any kind of sports especially Formula 1 and we only need to define the borders and to do so that we technically could not spend too much. You need to set goals that are acceptable and accessible to all participants.

Toto Wolff May, Stefano wants to say something

Stefano Domenicali In my opinion, Christian and Eric clearly explained the situation, I have nothing to add. We always talk about the same things.

Question Dieter Rencken - Racing Lines But there is no progress, hence the question - what movement are you waiting for

Stefano Domenicali Progress will not be forced to wait, because we are discussing possible measures in the framework of the strategic group. Sure, you know how it is working. I think we will inform you about everything already, when all the moments will be settled, and now it's easier not to go into details.

Question is it True that the planned measures can be applied in 2015 year

Stefano Domenicali Absolutely.

Christian Horner we seem to have done a huge work to reduce spending on the eve of the season, times new power unit cost 25 more expensive

Q Chris Lynes - AP Rob, could you tell us about the problems faced by clients Renault They are purely individual, or have in common Do you have a reference point from which the engines will work on the originally proposed level This race in Malaysia, Bahrain, China, or one of the European stages

Rob white If you look at the problems faced by our clients, the first thing you say that we are far behind its internal schedule. Secondly, regardless of the level of competitiveness of any of the commands, is unacceptable for us to arrive at the first race so unprepared, because we did not have time to work out all the necessary scripts.

If to speak about the sources of the problems, we remain confident that the constituent elements of the power unit in order, and we know what the thermal efficiency to be expected of a good turbo. The rules strictly define the characteristics of the electrical components, and to be competitive, our product must comply with them. The difficulty is to transfer energy turbines to the tire contact patch with the road, and we still can't do it quite effectively.

Well, here we return to the rules. To achieve the desired speed, the new machines have to be faster than its predecessors at much smaller amount of fuel. There are many other factors, and bring them together in one car, moreover, make it meet the requirements of the racer, it's not the same thing, a simple search of problems. Sure, the set of factors is the same for all our clients, and I have nothing to say about some of the specific differences between different machines. We are actively working with our partners to tackle our current problems and it will help solve a number of other questions, we will only be happy.

Question will Buxton - NBCSN Ceased its existence the Association FOTA teams. How disappointed by this fact those of you who were members of FOTA And those who never was why the idea of the Association not worked for you If everything around us is constantly talking about the need to reduce costs, the importance of unity of command for the progress of sport

Claire Williams Williams was part of FOTA, and we are extremely disappointed that the Association ceased to exist. Yes, since the Foundation, its objectives have changed due to various reasons, but for our sports important is that the team will work together on common problems. Need a platform for discussion, and it will FOTA, or something else, Williams c will be happy to join, but while we are part of the policy of the group and these are quite satisfied.

Eric bulge McLaren was actively involved in the Affairs of FOTA. It is a shame that Association, but this was expected. It was established in other conditions when in the paddock was a lot of car manufacturers, and, moreover, there were several years. There were some differences of opinion, and all ended as expected. As noted Clare, the main thing is to maintain a constructive dialogue between the teams to collaborate on the existing problems.

Toto Wolff FOTA had to represent the interests of all teams, but over time this problem has lost its relevance. The team gradually left the band, and in the end it all boiled down to the question - either remain in FOTA, or FOTA ceases.

Stefano Domenicali FOTA was created in a specific period of time when it was necessary to unite all the commands. Then the championship could go a different way, but year after year the situation has changed, and it is for this reason a couple of years ago we decided to withdraw from the Association, because they believed that in the new conditions it was no longer a prerequisite for efficient interaction. Yes, the team should agree to discuss various issues, because we all participants of one action, but we should also understand that the participants are not equal. Again, all we worry about business, about the good of the sport, and you need to look into the future based on new forms of cooperation - for example, within the framework of the group - and there to make the right decisions for the whole Formula 1.

Christian Horner Stefano very rightly said. At the moment of creation the FOTA had very specific tasks it was a period of uncertainty in many aspects related to the entire Formula 1, then came the crisis of 2008, and then FOTA has succeeded in reducing costs, and the team worked under very difficult conditions. Then aim of the Association was changed-it has reason to pay attention to how you manage your own team, and tried to impose control. This is not the work of the Association, and here the inevitable conflict when teams try to prescribe in rules, how to spend money and so on. So Red Bull Racing withdrew from the FOTA around the same time that Ferrari we just have questioned the correctness of the chosen approach. It is not surprising that after several years the Association has not become at all.

Translation Valery Kartashev


2014-03-14 10:04:02

John Booth I'm in love with Formula 1

John Booth I'm in love with Formula 1

In an exclusive interview the head of the teams that made John Booth spoke about the expectations before the season started and their relationship to the Formula 1.

Question After test completion, the representatives of some of the teams said that the season begins for them "too early". So whether it's for Marussia

John Booth I Think we are about on par with the rest, with most of the other teams. If to not take in calculation team with engines of Mercedes, no one can be sure that I am really ready for the season. I would say that we are OK. Let's not 100, but we are not bad.

Question How would you describe tested

John Booth it was important For us to arrive at the first session at Jerez. We missed the first two days, however, to bring the car and go first kilometers were very helpful. Although at first glance the car passed not so a lot of laps, we received a large amount of useful information. For a team of 200 people we coped very well.

The car had to be built under the new rules, it is a new concept, a completely new chassis. Time to bring the car at first tests of this is incredible. I am proud that we have managed to do this. At the same time I can't deny that we worked for two days less than many of our competitors. Two days - two days. This is not affected. The first session in Bahrain was very difficult - and for many other people. But since then much has changed.

Question Especially impressive were the last days.

John Booth Yes. Frankly, we were very pleased with the speed of the machine. About the reliability still have questions.

Question Now you concentrate more on the race pace than in qualifying

John Booth Certainly. I think everything else is working in the same direction. Now the main task for most - to make sure that the machine is able to finish.

Question nevertheless, if to speak about speed, it all looks more or less positively. Especially, if you look at the summary Protocol of the final session.

John Booth Yes. We are very pleased with the speed range. Of course, the final in this matter clarity will come only on Saturday, but we think that we managed to build a machine that is much closer to the opponents than last year. We are very pleased with how the relationship with Ferrari, with the new supplier of engines, transmissions, the whole power plant. So, I think we should be a step closer to others in comparison with the last year.

Question Can we call Sauber guide for you They use the same engines, you have the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the chassis, based including on their performance.

John Booth Yes. Will be interesting to see where we are regarding Sauber. There are almost 400 employees, we have 200 - almost twice less. We have less resources, but it means that we are smarter than dispose of them.

Question Many say that the finish line in Australia - guarantee points. Do you also think so

John Booth Yes.

Question How many cars are, in your opinion, will finish

John Booth In one circle the race will finish, probably four to six cars. Classified to be about twelve. Hardly more.

Question what feelings do you personally wait for the new season At the paddock there are different moods someone excited and waiting with anticipation for the first race, someone on the contrary, believes that the Formula one makes a step into the unknown.

John Booth a step into the unknown - that in itself is exciting, isn't it If to speak about my feelings I like what is happening. We have always been very close team, but now, faced with a new challenge, we rallied even stronger.

Question has Stopped the existence of FOTA. How big is the loss

John Booth It's a loss. Great idea, it would be great if it was realized in the form in which it was conceived, but the team failed to agree. Each team is in several different situation from the other. Different conditions are suitable for them, too, in different degrees, and it is very difficult to get people to sacrifice the interests of the team for the sake of interests of a group of commands.

Question Starts on the fifth season for the team. About five years ago Manor has applied for participation in the Formula 1. If you knew all that I know now, would you dare to take this step

John Booth Yes. There can be no doubt. For me personally this was a deliberate choice. I needed a new challenge. And in the end, if the race in your blood, then the Formula 1 - is the place where you want to be. I can't say that I miss the youth series. We have a team GP3, I still like to watch the races, but I'm more interested in Formula 1. Business much more, the team is much more responsibility. It's just a different scale. I will never regret about this decision. I'm in love with Formula 1.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-02-28 16:14:02

Association FOTA disbanded

Association FOTA disbanded

Association FOTA was organized in the summer of 2008, when the teams defend their interests in the struggle with FIA President max, proposed a radical reform of the Formula 1. On the initiative of the Ferrari team leaders met in Maranello, the first President of FOTA was Luca di Montezemolo, but when the target was achieved, and Mosley resigned, Ferrari one of the first left the Association.

After that, each year there were talks that the days of Association numbered States diminished, and today in history FOTA set point.

on 28 February 2014 FOTA disbanded due to the fact that its members have overestimated their claims against the background of the changed political and economic situation in the Formula 1», - is said in a short statement on the official website of the Association.

text Dmitry Bukharov


2014-02-25 21:04:02

FOTA can change the format, name and

FOTA can change the format, name and

The General Secretary of the FOTA Oliver would like to change the format of the Association of the Formula 1 teams in the hope that the informal Association of participants of the championship may be more viable structure corresponding to the changed situation.

According to the German Motorsport Total, sent out to all members of the Association confidential letter, which refers to the change in the format of the organization and reduction of the size of membership dues.

In particular, it is proposed to convert FOTA in informal Association under another name and with different functions, the list of which includes the organization of the official test, activities in the sphere of PR, meetings with supporters and representatives of business circles, and so on.

According to , the Association Council shall include representatives of all 11 teams of Formula 1, despite the fact that elect the President from among the heads of teams now there is no necessity, but can be reduced membership fees to 50-60 thousand Euro. already told about the extremely difficult situation, first of all, economic, which was FOTA. You can add, that as of the end of February, only four teams of the remaining seven members of FOTA have made contributions for the year of 2014. It also remains the question of the President of the Association Martin Whitmarsh, carrying out this function lately, formally remains at the post of the head of McLaren, if you believe the information on its official website, but actually all the work already manages Eric , the newly appointed racing Director. Therefore, it is unclear who can lead the FOTA in the future, and on what conditions.

About the reaction of the commands on the proposals Oliver while also unknown.


2014-02-15 14:04:02

FOTA on the verge of collapse

FOTA on the verge of collapse

The Association of the Formula 1 teams FOTA financial problems, contradictions between the teams exacerbated, and time to resolve the situation remains very little.

As writes The London newspaper The Daily Telegraph, FOTA was on the verge of collapse, including due to the fact that the Association was left without its main ideologist and leader, as Martin Whitmarsh, who is its Chairman, actually removed from the leadership of the McLaren team.

According to the newspaper, FOTA is experiencing serious financial problems, the teams failed to reach a consensus on the issue of statutory powers and functions of the Association, and by the end of this month, its members need to decide whether the organization's future.

Whitmarsh served as Chairman since December 2009, and in recent years his Deputy was Eric , the former head of Lotus F1, now received the post racing Director of McLaren. It is expected that give up this «volunteer» to exit the leadership of FOTA. How you can understand the commands sent to the draft new Statute of the Association, but the probability of achievement of the agreement is small.

The Daily Telegraph quotes the words of Oliver , Secretary General of FOTA, who said «I can confirm that the team discussed the issue of the potential restructuring of the Association and its future and the further involvement of the commands are not members of FOTA, who in the last 12 months were able to feel the benefits associated with the organization».

However, after withdrawal from the Association of teams such as Ferrari and Red Bull, she cannot perform tasks that initially put before her. In recent years, FOTA worked less complex and controversial issues, in particular, organization of forums fans solved with the leadership of the circuit in improving the infrastructure in the tracks, and also on specific issues negotiated with Pirelli.

«Unfortunately, we lost an opportunity of joint actions aimed at reaching agreement with the owner of the commercial rights is a fact,» admitted Bob , Deputy head of the Force India. However, according to him, all is not lost, and that the hope of returning Ferrari and Red Bull Racing in the organization remains.

Currently the FOTA also not part of Toro Rosso and Sauber.

Executive Director of the Marussia Graham convinced that it would be a pity if the Association ceases to exist «In my opinion, would be a pity if you cease to be a forum where the teams can discuss various problems. The teams have common goals. Of course, we have much in common. We all work on one and the same rules are competing on the same routes. If such a structure is effective, it can play a very important role. However, if the ultimate goal of some teams - economic survival, and other product promotion, you agree to difficult.


2013-06-27 17:54:03

Chilton Home race is a significant event for any driver

Chilton Home race is a significant event for any driver

Max Chilton - one of the most consistent riders among the biathletes, the best result of the British remains 14th position in the Grand Prix of Monaco, but he hopes in the best of circumstances earn their first points.

Q Max, your impressions of the meeting with the fans under the auspices of the FOTA

Max Chilton This is a great opportunity to understand what they expect from us. Some supporters asked very interesting questions - I think we feats, sometimes you have to think over them. Such meetings provide an opportunity to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. Some fans no opportunity of coming to the race, but they can easily get on a forum FOTA. This is an excellent event.

Question Ahead Of The British Grand Prix. What do you expect from the race

Max Chilton I'm very excited about. My debut race came at the Grand Prix of Australia - is an unforgettable experience, but homemade race is a very important event for any driver, especially when it comes to the British Grand Prix. Silverstone - great track, there's always a lot of viewers, regardless of the weather. The majority of them support of the British racing drivers, and this year we are four. Their support motivates me.

Question Obviously, you have felt such support, speaking in GP2, but I guess in Formula 1, it should be felt much more.

Max Chilton Yeah. Perhaps viewers more closely watching performances of British drivers in Formula 1, than in the youth series. I wish success to all the Brits this weekend, since the show on the home track delivers special feelings, regardless of whether you are flying an car GP3, GP2 or Formula 1.

Question are You satisfied with how is your season Feel progress

Max Chilton Of Course. I managed to finish all seven races, and occupy 14-th position in Monaco is a great result. Then I outrank Guido van der garde, on the penultimate lap, and this is key, because it determines the position of the team in the Cup of designers. While we can't fight for points, so it is important to finish ahead of the Caterham. It was a really good weekend.

Question is it possible to earn points during the season or you are focusing on the position in the Cup of designers

Max Chilton Our main goal is the tenth line in the Cup of designers, but it would be great to earn points, although we need the luck. If not for the problem, we can finish in the top ten in last year's Grand Prix of Brazil. The machine has a good potential, but to finish in the top ten we need challenges from opponents.

text Tatiana Belskaya


2013-06-27 14:14:02

Sam Michael "We fully support the decision of the FIA"

Sam Michael

Before the British Grand Prix sports Director of McLaren Sam Michael answered several questions ESPN F1 during a traditional meeting with the fans, organized FOTA.

Question FOTA Fan Forum - an extremely important event for the Formula 1.

Sam Michael Yes, this is a fantastic opportunity to communicate with those who create this sport. The fans have the unique chance to ask us questions. I think it makes everything that surrounds Formula 1 and more humane. We work in a unique industry, and I am glad that we did again take part in this meeting.

Question After the meeting FOTA you go to Silverstone. McLaren continues to work on the news, despite the problems during the season. What do you expect from the race

Sam Michael Until we were able to achieve results that count. McLaren will fight for leadership and victory, but the machine does not allow us to do this. The team is working to solve the problems, paying special attention to engineering aspects. We should constantly analyze the data and look for the opportunity to win.

Question You know the security, but what do you think about Sergio You are happy with how it works in difficult conditions

Sam Michael due to a lack Of competitive machine about it difficult to judge, but in this situation, you can learn better racer. When the pilot can't win and has struggled for the last position in the top ten, he better disclosed, but the team has otherwise perform your job, look for new compromises in the settings and tactics.

Sergio spent several interesting race, we saw that he is talented and is not afraid to put serious goals. Sometimes it creates problems for some rivals, but is involved in the fight and very competitive. Sergio well demonstrated. He is a good companion for security Button.

Question this week in the Red Bull Racing and Ferrari were dissatisfied with the punishment Mercedes tests for Pirelli. Took a position McLaren in this matter

Sam Michael We fully support the decision by the FIA. I have been in Formula 1, but this is the first time when the situation considered the FIA international Tribunal.

The Tribunal consists of a group of lawyers who, unlike us, are not involved in sports and objectively consider all the circumstances, so you need to trust their decision. If not, then who will control the sport I fully respect the decision of the Tribunal.

text Tatiana Belskaya


2013-06-27 13:54:02

Riccardo Daniel I should surpass the achievement companion

Riccardo Daniel I should surpass the achievement companion

Riccardo Daniel is considered to be one of the contenders for the position of Mark Webber in the Red Bull Racing. On Wednesday, during a meeting FOTA with the fans, the pilot Toro Rosso, still unaware of the decision Webber withdraw from Formula 1, said that should surpass the result of running mate Jean-Eric shown in Canada, to remind of himself.

Riccardo Daniel «After several unsuccessful race for me it is very important to achieve good results in the upcoming weekend. I must do this to me, not to forget. Now I try not to think about the next season, focusing on the current situation. My main goal is to prove to everyone that I can show higher results than in previous races.

At all stages I try my best. Sixth place Jean-Eric in Canada was the best result for the team over the past few years - I respect this achievement, but for me it's new landmark, and I will do everything to beat him».


2013-06-27 13:04:03

Claire Williams We do not oppose tests during the season

Claire Williams We do not oppose tests during the season

In Williams traditionally objected to the return of tests during the season, believing that this will lead to a significant increase in costs, but in the aftermath of this year's talks with other teams about the modalities of the tests in the season 2014 position has changed.

The FOTA meeting with fans in London, Deputy head of the Williams Claire Williams stated that it is not against the return of tests during the season, but added that they should be under strict control to ensure equal conditions for everyone.

Claire Williams «We are not against the return of tests during the season, but their implementation should be under the full control. We are an independent team, we have no budget comparable with the budget of such large teams, Red Bull and Mercedes. However, several test days during the season will be useful for us. We welcome the opportunity to bring the car to the track to work on modernization».


2013-06-21 19:04:02

Charles Peak about their fans and new cars Renault

Charles Peak about their fans and new cars Renault

After the Grand Prix of Canada ended for Charles Peak not so well, as expected in a team racer Caterham spent a few days in France, testing new cars Renault in the unusual situation.

Charles Peak, «actually the race weekend starts on Wednesday - then most of the riders are busy in some cases. In Canada, we together with Nico Rosberg, Paul di and Roman participated in the meeting with fans, organized FOTA. We badly need the support of the fans although the racers are for the team and for myself, in fact, we're doing it for them.

The meeting was held in downtown Montreal, there were about 500 fans. We signed autographs and took pictures, and then went on stage to answer questions in English and French. The audience also got the opportunity to ask questions.

I like to communicate with fans outside the track and before this weekend. This weekend should follow the rigid schedule, and my head is spinning a lot of thoughts about briefings, work with sponsors, not to mention the driving. In the end, you have less time communicating with the fans, strive special effort to come to the track. That's why I got pleasure from a meeting with them in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the days of the race weekend in Montreal were shooting a new film "X-Men the last Days of the future, so Caterham invited to race more of the actors, and I met with Michael , James and Nicholas Holt. They were all very friendly people, but I was surprised that they have already arrived at the race before and knew the format of the race weekend. They were glad the invitation of the team, it was nice to meet them and talk. Honestly, I160 I have not seen all the series of "X-Men", but I like movies about superheroes. Last time I went to see the movie "Iron man 3 in 3D - it was great

Last weekend was not a race, so I was invited in the suburbs of Paris in Saint-Quentin, to test a new electric car Renault Twizy Way and Twizy RSF1. That day we went to the Twizy in the escort team around city hall, where there was organized a special ceremony for the winners of the contest. Many people wanted to see what happens, therefore, all accompanied by an excellent atmosphere. Must be the show lasted two or three hours, and then I stopped in the technical center of Renault in to spend a few races and photographed against the background of a special model RSF1.

Those who have not heard about this machine, I'll explain what this Twizy using technologies Formula 1, in particular KERS, which increases the power of the engine, the front and rear and slicks It's great, and I feel fortunate to pilot such a concept car.

That's all my classes this week. The next stage - after the second Malaysia home race for Caterham, namely Grand Prix at Silverstone, which will be held on 30 June. We all hope to take revenge for the failure in Montreal».


2013-06-14 18:34:02

MW the Decision about the tests is a reasonable compromise

MW the Decision about the tests is a reasonable compromise

The head of McLaren, and the President of FOTA Martin Whitmarsh not once objected to the return of tests during the season. The team learned how to work with machines without additional tests, developing innovations on computers with CFD and in the wind tunnel and testing them during the free-race Grand Prix.

But there were other opinions - in Pirelli, Ferrari and actively lobbied the issue of the return of tests, and next year the teams will hold their four times during the season. Whitmarsh believes that the negotiations on this matter in Monaco and Canada have allowed to find the best compromise.

MW «Always looking for the best balance, I supported the ban on tests during the season, as a number of other restrictions, but the decision to carry out the tests on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday after Grand Prix on European routes seems to me a reasonable compromise.

We agreed to reduce the test program due to aerodynamic tests on the line, demonstration heats and young driver test. Personally I enjoyed working on the tests, I think, the racers will also be satisfied with the opportunity to spend more time with engineers. This solution satisfies the majority of the teams, but we should seek additional opportunities to reduce the cost of the smaller teams, who have very difficult.

In previous years we had separate trucks for tests and races, separate racing and test teams, but for now this will not work, although when the calendar, which includes 21 Grand Prix, the teams will be very difficult. Compete in Formula 1 is not getting any easier, but we hope that the high level of adrenaline will help us withstand this test.»


2013-06-09 17:14:03

MW All would like to start early tests

MW All would like to start early tests

In Montreal, the team received preliminary version of the calendar for season 2014, which starts in Bahrain and until includes 21 Grand Prix. Revised schedule of pre-season tests - some of them will also be held in Bahrain, which will allow to evaluate efficiency of new cars, engines and tires in warmer environments. The head of McLaren, and the President of FOTA Martin Whitmarsh commented on the situation.

MW «I Think you know that the manufacturers of engines and the team would begin tests earlier than this year. The idea of holding the first tests in mid-January in Jerez meets these requirements, and in terms of logistics it is convenient. Then there will be a short break, during which you can fix your problems, and new tests already in the middle East. Such a scenario like everything, and I am sure that it will be approved.

Next year we should carry out stages of the new circuits in Russia and new Jersey-both countries are very important for us. I do not know whether in the calendar all the other stages, but 21 Grand Prix is too much. This year we are 19 races in the past there were 20 teams becomes all the more difficult.»


2013-06-06 19:04:02

FOTA will meet with the fans in London

FOTA will meet with the fans in London

Association FOTA teams continues the cycle of meetings with the fans. Yesterday riders were able to communicate with the fans in Montreal, a similar meeting on July, 25th in London will be held in front of the stage at Silverstone .

Location and the participants specified. To participate, please apply on the official website of FOTA.


2013-05-31 15:54:03

MW the Commands necessary cooperation

MW the Commands necessary cooperation

After a few teams left FOTA, the influence of the Association has declined significantly, but the head of McLaren, and the President of FOTA Martin Whitmarsh believes that the team must work together to control costs and ensure the future of the sport.

MW «In our work team should proceed from the available means, but now they are not able to control costs. In the world of business successful companies are trying to optimize their costs and maximize revenues, but it seems to me that we are not effectively working in each of these areas. Even teams, not make a profit, spend huge amounts of money is a fundamental mistake that will threaten their viability.

I think we can make progress only if the will to cooperate, not to argue about this. Need to get together and understand how to make our sport better, faster and more successful. Unfortunately, such cooperation does not exist currently.

Formula 1 is a fantastic sport with great potential. Bernie Ecclestone has done a great job commercialization of the championship race were a great show, we have devoted fans and advanced technology, after the economic crisis began to have new sponsors. The future looks very promising, positive dynamics is, but we know that if we establish a productive cooperation of all participants of Formula 1, the championship will do even more successful».


2013-05-28 22:24:03

MW the "Formula 1 has created problems for yourself"

MW the

The transition to 2014 costly Formula 1. Several teams have already expressed concern over the high cost of new engines and Renault promised to go on financial concessions to its customers. However, according to the head of McLaren, and the President of FOTA Martin , the entry into force of the new regulation will adversely affect the economic situation in the championship.

«Frankly, I think it is too late to change anything, quoted by Martin site of the American TV channel ESPN. - We missed the chance, and the problem is that the automakers have spent and continue to spend a lot of money for revision turbo engine. Engineers now have tremendous freedom and try to use it. The new rules were written by engineers, and now they try to implement them in practice, but this requires a lot of money.

I am sure that manufacturers there are the budgets, it is inevitable, because they've got their business they need to recoup their costs. Formula 1 has a problem, and I doubt that we will be able to quickly solve them.

We had the opportunity to change the engine as follows to reduce its working capacity, make it a turbo, use direct fuel injection and a large number of advanced semiconductor solutions. We had to develop more stringent requirements for some of these systems, and not to create one of the most open of technical regulations of Formula 1 in a long time.

We allowed create rules that they would be interested. I'm sure they liked them, but all of this requires significant financial cost that now all become aware. Although I said a lot about this, this isn't a huge problem for McLaren, but I think the other teams may have difficulty».