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2018-01-13 15:44:04

Markelov may become a reserve pilot of Renault

Markelov may become a reserve pilot of Renault

Managers Artem Markelov are in talks with Renault team regarding the contract backup pilot.Last season, Marcus played in Formula 2, won 5 races and became the Vice-champion, losing only to Charles LeClair, which this year makes its debut in Formula 1 in the Sauber. If Artem is going to get a contract with Renault, it is not excluded that the Russian will take part in several Friday practice.By the way, the canadian champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve, who loves to criticize as his compatriot lance Stroll, Daniil Kvyat, saying that Russia has a good pilot Artem Markelov.Last year Renault reserve driver Sergey Sirotkin, who is expected to become a combat pilot Williams.

2018-01-10 10:44:02

Jacques Villeneuve continues to give advice to Mercedes

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that the Mercedes team must change pilots.Recall that Valtteri Bottas is only a one-year contract with Mercedes in 2018.Jacques Villeneuve "Mercedes winning just because they have the best technique, but it can only be used by Lewis. Bottas is not able to achieve the most in every race. I said that Bottas is the second number. Now I will repeat that this is his maximum. The team needs new blood. They have Wehrlein. I would place Mercedes took this guy. He is fast, young and hungry.

2018-01-09 10:04:03

Lance Stroll Villeneuve always unhappy

Pilot Williams, the canadian lance Stroll has stated that his compatriot Jacques Villeneuve are always unhappy in their comments.Lance Stroll "In any case, his comments are always negative. He never supported me in every sense of the word. He sees only the negative. Even a podium in Baku was not a positive in his eyes".

2018-01-05 13:34:03

Jacques Villeneuve Bottas only "number two"

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes Valtteri Bottas second in the Mercedes.Jacques Villeneuve "the Mercedes Team won, because they still have the best engine, but only Hamilton was able to take advantage of it. The performance Bottas was just awkward.He's a solid number two, not more. I would rather chose the Wehrlein.Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen, too, is the "number two". But this is much better than Finn Bottas".

2017-12-27 16:34:03

Jacques Villeneuve criticized Valtteri Bottas

Champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve criticized Valtteri Bottas. According to the canadian, the Finn does not correspond to the level of Mercedes.Jacques Villeneuve "the Results of Bottas disappointed me. He was a regular pilot number two.Ferrari work better with the pilots, and Kimi Raikkonen can always cover up for Sebastian Vettel. The bottom should take his example".

2017-12-12 15:54:03

Robert Kubica Before and after the accident

Robert Kubica Before and after the accident

Robert Kubica's life was divided into two parts before and after the unfortunate accident in early 2011. But now he claims a place in Williams, and we decided to recall the development of career Polish pilot.2006 2005 Kubica with a huge advantage won the World series by Renault, for which he received a reward in the form of test driving the French Formula 1 race car. Many of the teams drew attention to Robert, but the first contract test pilot for 21-year-old pole has signed with BMW-Sauber. He trusted the tests and Friday practice, during which he showed good results. All went to the fact that in the season of 2007, Kubica will become a combat pilot of this team.However, the debut took place in 2006 when leader of the BMW-Sauber Jacques Villeneuve fell out with the leadership and left the team. In the first race in Hungary Robert ahead in qualifying experienced partner nick Heidfeld finished seventh, but from-for underweight and was disqualified. But a month later, at the Grand Prix of Italy in Monza, Kubica climbed to the third step of the podium.

2017-12-09 13:44:07

Sebastian Vettel the Speed of Lewis no doubt

Sebastian Vettel the Speed of Lewis no doubt

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel said that Lewis Hamilton is considered the fastest pilot modern Formula 1.Sebastian Vettel "Yeah, definitely. There is no doubt in his ability and his speed. It is very fast, and he does not make many mistakes.Jacques Villeneuve has said that Michael Schumacher was the best and the most difficult to fight an opponent. In that case, if you are struggling with the best, rise to the next level.I now agree with the criticism that poured on me years earlier. But today I became wiser and more experienced. I can be better".

2017-11-20 12:24:03

Jacques Villeneuve continues to pin lance Stroll

The canadian season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve continues his criticism of the national and pilot lance Williams Stroll, but now does it with great humor.Jacques Villeneuve "Yeah, Stroll, he's super fast, very talented. A couple of times when I saw him on the track during the year, remained impressed by his attitude and his speed.Remember the last race in Brazil, where on the same machines, Stroll in a circle behind your partner. Oh yeah, he has an excuse. Something happened to his tire".

2017-11-18 10:14:03

Jacques Villeneuve does not believe in the return of Kubica

Champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve has questioned the ability of Robert Kubica successfully return to Formula 1 next year.Jacques Villeneuve "we are Talking not only about the upcoming tests, when he will have to get out of the car with a set of Halo that is already difficult enough for a guy.How about the start of the race, when he will have to sharply deviate from other machines I doubt he can do it with one hand. From my own experience I know that it is almost impossible.I think the FIA need to think carefully about whether to allow the race pilot with an injury or not. He can initiate accidents. Kubica himself also need to think carefully about whether he wants this.It is not about playing cards, he is responsible to his colleagues. The same applies to Williams. If there is a serious accident, the responsibility will be very great."Informed negatively about the idea of the return of Kubica spoke ex-pilot Williams Juan Pablo Montoya and former technical Director of the British team Patrick head.

2017-11-18 09:54:03

Lance Stroll was evaluated at 8.5

Lance Stroll was evaluated at 8.5

The Williams driver lance Stroll evaluates their performances this season at 8.5 points on a 10-point system.Actually, the 19-year-old rookie was heavily criticised this year, including from the mouth of his countryman, the season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve, who believes that lance is worthy of a place in the championship.Lance Stroll "in Evaluating the season, I must say that was a very difficult time. Especially in the beginning. You had some great times. I was on the podium, I was on the starting lineup.There is always the opportunity for improvement. So it's not 10 points. I would say that are on 8.5. We had a really good season, I earned a lot of points. But 9 points themselves will not put.I often had no luck in qualifying, but in other areas I can certainly improve and progress. I'm sure a better pilot, but it takes time and experience. This was only my first season.I do not focus on what is said or written about me. I don't read Newspapers and don't listen to criticism. It is important to keep your head cool.I'm young, this is my first season. I have won every Formula 1. I proved to myself and the world that can win races and Championships. It's just the new job and the new series. I need to adapt and grow".

2017-10-09 14:14:03

Jacques Villeneuve Kimi Raikkonen is now in better shape

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that Kimi Raikkonen now finds at the peak of his racing form.Jacques Villeneuve "Kimi just a little unlucky, but at times he was faster than Vettel.Just don't always have it. Either he is very quick in qualifying, either very quick in the race. However, he proved that he can be as fast and good as Vettel. It's the perfect combination.I don't think we've seen the best of Kimi. It seems that every time he flies better than ever in his career".

2017-09-21 15:54:03

Jacques Villeneuve the Honda Engines will destroy Toro Rosso

Champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve criticized the decision Toro Rosso to switch to Honda engines, abandoned by team McLaren.Jacques Villeneuve "McLaren is pleased that Honda refused, so I don't understand the Toro Rosso. Have they not seen what has happened in the last three years Maybe now they will have more money thanks to the cooperation with Honda. But if you take the money and then lose speed, then two years later pay for that mistake twice. It's all the same what to collect the rent-drivers, who in two years will simply destroy your team".

2017-09-19 16:44:04

Charlie whiting Argentina can return in 2019

Charlie whiting Argentina can return in 2019

The F1 channel in Latin America reports that race Director FIA's Charlie whiting recently checked out the old route to Buenos Aires. The last Grand Prix was held there in 1998.Charlie whiting "I was there and wrote a report on what needs to be done. Now it depends on promoters. Like any track that did not take Formula 1 for 20 years, it needs refinement.The main thing is to make the route more attractive and faster than in the 1990-ies. If they can do all that in 2019, we can be there for the race.The existing track in Buenos Aires has accepted the Formula-1 in 1995-1998 Two race was won by Damon hill, one Jacques Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher.

2017-09-07 13:54:03

Jacques Villeneuve Kvyat doesn't deserve a place in Formula 1

Champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve criticized Daniil Kvyat. The canadian believes that the Russian pilot doesn't deserve a place in Formula-1.Jacques Villeneuve "Daniil Kvyat is good started his career in Formula 1, but then if rested on the wall. Don't understand what happened when he moved to Red Bull. He spent two or three good races, with much risk. He was initially lucky, but it can't last forever. In the end, it was removed from Red Bull, and it was a blow from which he never recovered.Now Kvyat is far behind Sainz, while he often makes stupid mistakes. All his penalties are stupid. He's not progressing, he told us the same level as in the first race behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso.Wonder if Kvyat's career will be over soon. Might keep it just because they need a pilot from Russia. But it's clear that Kvyat doesn't deserve a place in Formula-1. If they need a Russian driver, you should pay attention to Artem Markelov".

2017-09-06 10:24:03

Jacques Villeneuve I know too well the Honda

Jacques Villeneuve I know too well the Honda

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve has said that Honda will not be able to be successful in Formula 1.Jacques Villeneuve "McLaren is a good racing team, but Honda. I too know them well. I don't think they will be successful, and Fernando needs to win. With Honda he has no chance. McLaren-Renault will be much successful Union than McLaren-Honda".In 2000-2003, Villeneuve went out for the team BAR, which had a factory supported Honda. During this time Jacques only twice made it to the podium.

2017-09-04 12:54:03

Jacques Villeneuve Work on the catwalk It's not for me

Jacques Villeneuve Work on the catwalk It's not for me

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve said that he is not going to interview on the podium after the race.Jacques Villeneuve "When you receive such an invitation, it means that you have nothing better to do, you are not a pilot. But I'm not retired, I'm still chasing.This work I will leave to others. It's just not for me".

2017-07-25 13:54:03

Jacques Villeneuve has confirmed the rift with Williams

Jacques Villeneuve has confirmed the rift with Williams

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve has confirmed that he has closed the access to the Williams motorhome.Jacques Villeneuve "I am not paid for praises of young beginners. I just expressed my opinion. But before Baku, they informed me that they no longer want me in the team. I replied that I never insisted on it. More I won't be there".The feud continued after Baku, when Williams tweeted a picture of Villeneuve on the podium, comparing it with a breakthrough 18-year-old Strolla. Villeneuve was asked to take my picture, but Williams refused to do so.Jacques Villeneuve "first, it was an advertising photo for Lucky Strike. Second, why insult me, and then to use my picture"Villeneuve played for Williams in 1996-1998, won 11 races and was the champion in 1997.

2017-07-19 15:24:03

Williams will not be allowed to imagine Jacques Villeneuve

Williams has forbidden his champion Jacques Villeneuve to appear in their pits during the Grand Prix because of the constant criticism of lance Stroll.Claire Williams, Deputy team principal "Jacques talks too much in the press. Don't want to comment on that. Let's just say that lance will answer his criticism is not words, but results on the track".Recall that Villeneuve played for Williams in 1996-1998, and in the season 1997 he became the champion. At the moment Jacques is the last champion Williams.

2017-07-11 10:44:06

Williams is fighting off attacks by Jacques Villeneuve

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that lance Stroll undeservedly received the privilege to participate in private tests.Jacques Villeneuve "It's not fair to the other pilots, because he's the only one who received this privilege due to their money."We will remind, 18-summer Stroll held private tests in Austin shortly before his first podium in Baku.Deputy head Williams Claire Williams "we Have no information on whether this practice of private tests continue in the future. I do not think that these tests we have to be open. We are not obliged to invite fans to such tests and read about them in the press.The purpose is to simply familiarize yourself with the track and the nuances of flying. So the pilot without anyone or anything".

2017-07-06 11:34:06

Jacques Villeneuve I refuse to apologize to Strolla

Jacques Villeneuve I refuse to apologize to Strolla

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve said that he is not going to apologize for their criticism before lance Strolla who achieved podium places in Azerbaijan.Jacques Villeneuve "I criticized him early in the season because of its results. It's very simple.Why should I praise him My role is to report facts, not to protect the pilot. When you are constantly behind his teammate, then brilliant you can't. Why are people offended about this It's true.In Canada he was not very fast, but he managed to show up in Baku. With his shoulders now fell a huge stone pressure. But that does not erase his bad results to Montreal, so I don't regret what I said. Yes, it was a pitiful performance in its execution".Recall that Jacques Villeneuve in his debut season fought for the title until the last race.

2017-06-16 13:44:04

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still not good enough

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still not good enough

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that Stoffel Vandorn not yet ready for Formula 1.Jacques Villeneuve "His performances are disappointing. He was never ahead of Alonso. And if he beats Alonso, then it cannot be called a great or even good enough for Formula 1.When I debuted in 1996, it immediately began to fight with Damon hill became champion. I managed to get Williams on pole position in his first Grand Prix.In Formula 1 must be plank, high plank for pilots-beginners".However, another ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that such criticism is unfair.Martin Brandl "the First six races nothing to say. You need to give the guy time, he is still young, and to criticize it unfairly, because he has no good cars. I continue to believe in Stoffele, and I am sure that McLaren, too, will soon add".

2017-06-15 10:44:03

Jacques Villeneuve lashed out at his countryman

Jacques Villeneuve lashed out at his countryman

The canadian season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that only through his father, lance Stroll is in Formula 1.Jacques Villeneuve "In the past we were dealing with guys who were so passionate that you were willing to risk their lives. Dads really want to see their sons in Formula 1 because it's safe here, and the talent is not as important as before. In Formula 1 are safer than in the motorcycle racing and skiing. Lance Stroll is a bright representative of this situation".

2017-06-12 21:14:03

Jacques Villeneuve Vettel is the most complete pilot

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that Sebastian Vettel is ready to win the title in 2017.Jacques Villeneuve "Why Because he has no weaknesses, and, it seems, at the moment the Ferrari also has no weaknesses. Vettel is the full pilot at the moment.And we need in Formula 1 engines V8, V10 or V12. V6 should be discarded in a landfill. Formula 1 should be an extreme sport and gladiators. I'm not surprised that sometimes people start to get bored. Without good sound it turns out the show is weak".

2017-06-03 00:34:04

Jacques Villeneuve I don't regret that lost BAR

Jacques Villeneuve I don't regret that lost BAR

The champion of the season 1996 and the former co-owner of the BAR Jacques Villeneuve admitted that does not regret the missed team, which later became Mercedes.Jacques Villeneuve "I invested all your money. I have not received any return on their investment. But it was worth it.Nice to see that during the transaction BAR has become a powerful Mercedes team".

2017-05-07 11:54:03

Jacques Villeneuve I was surprised by Ferrari

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve admitted that Ferrari surprised him this year.Jacques Villeneuve "I admit I was surprised by the level of performance of the Scuderia. I did not expect that they are capable of such. But at the same time, I'm weary work of Bottas. I don't think that Valtteri will be able psychologically to withstand the fight for the title. It is a difficult path. But the situation in the championship is getting more interesting".

2017-04-23 12:14:02

Jacques Villeneuve Alonso proves that he is a true champion

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve considers that the performance of Fernando Alonso in Indy 500 champion emphasizes its traits.Jacques Villeneuve "I have already said that what he's doing, shows that he is a real pilot, champion. Well, you only need to listen to what other pilots say about his decision.I heard Nico Hulkenberg and Romain Grosjean expressed their opinions about what makes Alonso. Hulkenberg said it was dangerous, that he will not do that ever that he made at Le Mans, because it's not as dangerous.It sounds like an excuse. I think there are two classes of pilots either you Alonso, you - Rosberg and Hulkenberg is Rosberg".

2017-03-24 11:14:05

Jacques Villeneuve I'm betting on Hamilton

Jacques Villeneuve I'm betting on Hamilton

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve said he was confident in the victory of Lewis Hamilton in the fight for the title.Jacques Villeneuve "If you judge all pilots, Lewis Hamilton is now the fastest in pure speed. I think that he will win the championship. After the departure of Nico Rosberg no one else to fight him.I just don't like the way he puts himself, as delivers the society. He imagines himself the star of TV screens, considering just the surrounding rabble. So pupils behave, no more.Valtteri Bottas - the average pilot. It may well be, so bad. But he must win in the Mercedes. Else to expect from him is impossible".

2017-03-14 10:44:05

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still have a chance

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still have a chance

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that Stoffele of Vandorn still have a chance to continue his career, even despite the terrible state of Affairs at McLaren.Jacques Villeneuve "Stoffel is now difficult, but all is not lost. He can only try to beat Fernando Alonso. In any case, it is better to be in a McLaren than to sit at home and do nothing.He is a professional pilot who does not need to bring money to the team - this is a rare occurrence these days. He should feel happy. He also works alongside a talented person can count. How it will compete against Fernando Alonso, will determine its value.Vandorn have a great chance that should not be missed".

2017-03-13 11:14:05

Jacques Villeneuve I'm a big fan of the new Formula 1

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve admitted that he really like the look of modern Formula 1.Jacques Villeneuve "what I've seen so far, just great. Firstly, the cars look great. Now they are large - this is the correct Formula 1. The tyres also made an impression on me.Before the pilots could not attack because of the rubber, but now we can see how they aggressively attack the track, not thinking about tires".